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The Kor'tael sept is a newly founded Tau frontier world. It is currently being protected by the the Oresh'uan Sept as of its slow construction, and being in a dangerous location. Soon after it's founding, the world has fallen under the grip of the Necrus IV Tombworld in a series of almost instant ground wars and bombardments. It is a feat in itself that the world is still alive, even though the entire fire caste on the planet has been trained, if it weren't for Oresh'uan's protection, this planet would have been wiped clean.


The world was made a fully fledged Sept shortly before Hive Fleet Erebus had attacked Oresh'uan. It was discovered by a Nicassar scouting party, and impressed by the world's hospitable conditions, and it's location of strategic importance, reported the find back to Ethereals on T'au. It wasn't long before the first Tau ships landed on it's mushy soil, and after some cities sprang up, the new citizens of the sept had already been given the reputation as "Fast growers".


The world's Tau citizens have been recognised for their quick adaptability to even the most complex situations, and their ability to quickly do what the situation desires, true to their reputation among other worlds. The fire caste of the world use a special version of Kauyon, surrounding their opponents with complex traps such as multiple flankings and even driving them towards dead ends such as steep cliff faces and ocean shores.


The Fire caste's uniform serves as a part camouflage, part ceremonial. The soft armour is brown, the same colour of the world's soil, while their armour is Purple, symbolising quick and strong growth. The sept stipe and weapons of the sept are bone white, which is supposed to bring luck.