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The Knights of the Anvil, also know as the Anvilars, are one of the Hell Warder Chapters - a quintumvirate of five Space Marine Chapters - tasked to defend the Imperium against Chaos incursions from the 'Hellgates', the dual warp storms in the Segmentum Solar which are uncomfortably close to Holy Terra. The Anvilars the only one Chapter out of the five whose presence in Sector Occident Prime predates the first Hell Crusade.



Neither the Founding nor the Progenitor of the Anvilars are known, they are first recorded as taking part in the second pacification of Ara Pacis c. 100.M34. Their homeworld at that time was Fortitudus in the Ara Pacis sub-sector.

The First Hell Crusade

The Second Hell Crusade

The Third Hell Crusade

Current State of the Chapter

The Anvilar's Fortress monastery stands on the sandstone cliffs above Ecteban, capital of Achaemenia. The Chapter Master does not directly rule the planet but the hereditary governor does so under his eye and with his advice and consent.

Chapter Organisation

Chapter Beliefs

Combat Doctrine

Favored Weapons/Tactics

Anvilar combat doctrine boils down to victory through superior firepower.They favor thunder hammers and storm shields as melee weapons and flamers and meltas as ranged weapons. Anvilars have an unusually high percentage of Terminator brethren and heavy weapons squads in accordance with their preferred tactics of massed firepower followed up by devastating charges by terminator armored squads against the shattered defenses to mop up whatever resistance is left.

Chapter Gene-Seed

Chapter Fleet

Notable Members

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

Chapter Badge



Chapter Culture

The Anvilars have been powerfully influenced by the culture of Achaemenia especially by it's pre-Imperial Religion - the Cult of the Flame - which suitably modified has been ruled an acceptable variant of the Imperial Creed. The central ritual, that of purification by fire, fit in well with the traditions the Anvilars brought with them of cleansing ordeals by fire before changes in status; from neophyte to initiate, from Scout to full Battle Brother, promotions in rank, and so forth.

The Hammer and Anvil sigil of the Chapter reflects their skill as artificers as well as their favored combat tactics. Battle Brothers are encouraged to replace the arms issued to them with weapons of their own design and making as soon as they have learned sufficient skill from the Chapter's dedicated Techmarines to do so.




"Not another Chapter with a fire obsession!"
St. Athaliah the Flame


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