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"We'z da Beakie Deffwotch Killa' Team Daizy an' we'z gonna' stomp ya' stinkin' zeenos rump! For da Empraaagh!!!"
—Brother-Captain Deffkillshooty of the Deathwatch Kill Team Daisy

Kill Team Daizy is a Deathwatch Kill Team consisting entirely of disguised Orks pretending to be Space Marines. They believe that no one will ever know that they are actually Orks because no one has ever seen an Ork in the Deathwatch before, nor have they ever seen an Ork wearing armor that is painted like or looks like that of the Deathwatch.

Despite their crude and seemingly obvious and unconvincing disguises, nobody seems to have noticed that they are actually Orks yet, not even the Ordo Xenos, let alone the rest of the Inquisition and Imperium. How or why this is so remains a mystery... (more coming soon)

Squad Members

Brother-Captain Deffkillshooty

The Captain who leads the Kill Team... (more coming soon)

Brother-Devastator Nob Zoggem

"Iz time fer fightin' an' chewin' fungus gum, an' I'm all outta' gum."

An egotistic, wisecracking, part-Devastator Nob known for his expertise in explosives... (more coming soon)

Inquisitor Boss

Tactical Sergeant Orkus Marinus

The Tactical Sergeant of the Kill Team. Orkus Marinus is perhaps the least Orky and most Marine-like of them all, and wears a set of Ultramarine Power Armor with the helmet strapped onto the top of his head. Despite not looking like a Deathwatch Marine at all, he still remains unnoticed... (more coming soon)

Garry the Motherfuckin' Servo Skull

(More coming soon)