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Ketuck is a world in the Eastern Fringe, a member planet of the Eastern Union a Federation of Eastern Fringe worlds joined together for their own protection. Ketuck is one world with a particularly turbulent history.


Ketuck is a mountainous world, cut up by thousands of rivers, large and small. The people there are scattered across the thousands of river valleys, leading to an independent parochial attitude prevalent among the Ketuckians.


Ketuck was split in 200.M37 by the Eastern Union Civil War: the Planetary Governor sided with the rebels, while the planetary legislature remained loyal. Ketuck was rocked by a bitter civil war-within-a-civil war as partisans and soldiers of both sides struggled for control of the world.

By 201.M37 the loyalists had control, but partisans warfare continued, along with several rebel raids that invaded the world, but never succeeded in wresting control from the Union.

Still, the war left cracks in Ketuck's government and social structure that stand to this day.


A Civilized World, Ketuck is not dominated by any particular economy, except perhap substistence farming: a generally poor world, most people of Ketuck raise their own food. But the scattered industry Ketuck supports is well-supported by the ready availability of hydro power.

Ketuck Rifle

Ketuck was the first world to produce the eponymous Ketuck Rifle, a powerful rifel used for hunting, and in demand as a sniper rifle for the Union Army.


Ketuck supports several regiments of Ketuck Sharpshooters, light infantry and snipers well-versed in backcountry warfare.

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