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"Yes! Truly, the Gods favor me this day!"
—Kaizadon during the conquest of Argirus

Keizadon is a Chaos Champion of The Dark Priesthood, a fanatical devotee of the Dark Gods. Possessing a natural affinity for wielding the energies of the Warp to invigorate himself and his allies, he crusades around the Galaxy, pillaging and destroying in the name of the Ruinous Powers.

Keizadon has in recent years come into the service of the Chaos Lord, Valkyura Warpschild, and serves her with a sternness and zeal matching a knight serving a queen. Though he possesses warp-based magics and the power of a Sorcerer, his main strength is in melee combat. Considering himself a swordsman and warlord as well as a priest, Keizadon is ready and willing to spread destruction.


Birth and Early Life

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Keizadon was born upon the Space Hulk Priesthood starship Messenger of Hate while it was in transit through the Warp. His cultist parents, their names lost to time, were overjoyed to find that their child was born a Psyker. The birth of a member of the Priesthood gifted with such a natural connection to the blessed Aether was a matter of celebration in their minds. As is tradition, there was a night of feasting, worship and sacrifices of the unworthy. Keizadon was baptized in the blood of the sacrifices and he was initiated into the Priesthood.

His first few years of life were spent learning how to wield his powers from the other Psykers around him. His teachers taught him the basics of Sorcery and the perils of making bargains with Daemons, for though they were sacred in nature, the Daemon always sought more souls, and would seek the easiest way to receive them. Given a copy of the Dark Testament to educate his growing mind, Keizadon was nurtured from birth with a fanaticism to the Dark Gods. Taught to him was the simple truth of the Universe: Mankind belongs to the Chaos Gods, and anyone or anything who would deny that is an enemy that must be destroyed.

Like all children born to the Priesthood, his childhood years were filled with trials, combat and military training. He made friends, and soon after sacrificed them upon the altars they built. A constant culling of the weak and predatory weeding out of doubt in the faith ensured that those who survived would be ready for the bleak and grim galaxy they lived in. Keizadon was a fast learner in the art of swordplay, and soon proved himself ready to serve the Priesthood. At the age of 18, he was assigned the role of Preacher: Higher than a mere cultist, but the lowest rank besides the cultist itself. Keizadon accepted this, for the edicts of Tzeentch taught that power came to those who sought only to give power to the Gods, and more importantly, to those willing to work and wait for it.

Servant of the Priesthood

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Keizadon wandered the Galaxy under the alias of a traveling merchant. Going from world to world, he would seed a Chaos Cult based on the Priesthood's doctrine, elect leaders to rule for him, and then leave the world to find another. In this way he could spread the touch of Chaos far and wide. It is unknown what cults he founded, but this area of his life did not last forever.

Over time, Keizadon became more brooding in his work. It was tiresome and repetitive, the foundation of seemingly identical religious groups, only to leave them to their own devices and forever seek other worlds. It was not what he craved. He desired to be a true champion of the Gods, fighting the Long War and conquering cities and worlds.

Enraged by the apparent wasting of his abilities, Keizadon returned to the throne and heart of the Priesthood, and there confronted the Dark Cardinals themselves. The council hardly had time for this preacher. Who was this upstart? How dare he waste the valuable time of those who ruled in the Dark Prophet, Azunar's name?

But they were not as pious for long. Keizadon's speech to the Council was so filled with rage and longing that they were either swayed by it, or more likely found amusement in his rage. The Council gave him an ultimatum: if he could lead an invasion of a world of his choosing, and be successful enough to gain the favor of the Gods, he would be allowed to live out his days as a Chaos Champion. If not, he would return to his role as a preacher.

Keizadon traveled from Daemon World to Daemon World, giving sermons about the coming war and gathering followers. Cultists, mutants, and other followers of Chaos flocked to his banner, eager for war. When he was ready, he charted a course for the world he would burn.


Argirus was a Feral World both before and after the coming of the Emperor's slaves. When the Imperium had brought it into compliance, the indigenous people had a culture developed around the worship of four great Gods - the Chaos Gods in benign guises - and they proved difficult to be persuaded into worshiping the Emperor. Though many of them do, whispers of the Old Faith remained, and many hoped for the coming of a savior who would lead them against the Imperial occupancy.

That savior would soon arrive on the planet in the form of Keizadon. Leading a warband of cultists, mutants and madmen who called themselves the Children of Consecration in honor of The Consecrated, he made landfall upon the planet and lead a campaign of terror and destruction. Screaming sermons of a glorious new era to come, he united the tribes behind him, behind their new king.

After a series of wars and a climactic one on one duel, the Planetarry Governor lay dead at Keizadon's feet and the world was his. A reign of darkness and savagery began as the world was transformed into a altar to the Dark Gods. Sacrifice and depravity spread worldwide under the reign of Keizadon, and all men, women and children on the planet were enslaved to debased rituals and rites.

The Imperium did retaliate. The invasion lasted three months. The forces of Chaos at first managed to hold off the Imperial forces and thin away at them greatly. It was only when the Grey Knights were called in to deal with the rising presence of Daemons. Keizadon was presumed slain by the force sword of a Grey Knight, but had in fact survived, the remainder of his forces escaping into the Warp. This act of wanton destruction had earned him the respect of the Dark Cardinals, and he was allowed to crusade across the Galaxy freely as a Chaos Champion. Thus the Children of Consecration were loosed on the Galaxy.

The Dark Lady

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For a short time the Children of Consecration continued their rampage through the galaxy, pillaging backwater worlds and making a small name for themselves. But after some time even this became boring to the new Chaos Champion. Keizadon believed he was destined for greater, meant to reap greater destruction in the name of the Gods. But he lacked the personal power and military forces to do so. He would need to align himself with a more powerful Chaos Lord. Initially he desired a place in Azunar's warhost, but he heard news of a powerful mortal Chaos Lord, a inspiration to the Priesthood and countless others. He swiftly sought out this figure.

After searching through the Warp, Keizadon found the one known as the Mistress of Slaughter: Valkyura Warpschild. Keizadon had never dreamed a mortal being could accomplish what Valkyura had, and the Warp-King was utterly overwhelmed and captivated by such a divine being, one who had so seamlessly merged with the blessed Aether. Swiftly and without hesitation, the Chaos Champion knelt before the Crimson Daughter and pledged his life and soul to her cause: He would fight, he would die, if she ordered it.

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Personality and Traits

Keizadon is a zealot through and through. He was brought up with the ideals of Azunar and the Priesthood: That the Chaos Gods are the ultimate beings in the Universe, that it is their divine right to rule and dominate the Galaxy, and that Mankind's destiny lies solely with them. To be possessed by a Daemon is, in his mind, a blessed privilege and glorious reward.



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"Rise, child of the gods, rise and let me see your face. Yes... You are pious young one, and strong, stronger than you yet know. You have much to offer the Dark Gods, and they have much yet to offer you. I seek a mortal general, a man of skill and faith, one who would command my faithful throngs and lead them in battle. I would have you do this, Keizadon. You will be my right hand, and lead in my name, in return, I will bestow unto you the most beautiful secrets of the Warp, and instruct you in its most terrible powers."
Valkyura Warpschild as Keizadon commits himself to her service.
"I can't get a clear shot. Depth of obstruction at least fifteen heretics deep. Orders?... Affirmative Captain, I am taking the shot."
—Failed attempt on Keizadons life by Obsidian Blades Astartes.
"Fancy yourself a swordsman do you? Perhaps we should have a sparring match and see just how much of that talk you can back up."
—Erik of the Crusaders Once Crossed

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