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Secluse of the Callidus Temple, presently serving as a master assassin in the retinue of Lord Inquistor Malleus Skotus.


Early Life

Keirestellie's childhood was plagued by the heresy and violence tearing apart her homeworld of Veliki Rus. She had lost her family and was fighting for survival on the streets of the war ruined capital when she was discovered by Morgaunt, the Callidus Assassin sent to eliminate the Heresiarch. Morgaunt completed her mission and then she took Keirestellie back to the Temple for training.


Keirestellie's personality is more than a little plastic and very responsive to social cues. Intensive training in becoming other people has left her - and everybody else - uncertain of just who Keirestellie is. About the only traits she can claim as purely her own are her love for music and flowers. She likes pottering with her plants, playing her clavichord and dancing precisely because these activities help her to remember the happy child she once was and to imagine the woman she might have become had her world not been destroyed. Her hatred of heresy in all its forms is very personal and focused less on the offense to the God-Emperor then on the collateral damage to innocents such as she once was.


Highly variable thanks to polymorphine. When not working she appears as an extemely shapely redhead with a seductive smile and dangerous green eyes. She likes to show off her figure in sleek body gloves sometimes accessorized with flaring cloaks, low slung sashes or heavy jewelry, and is remarkably graceful in her movments.

Abilities and Traits

Polymophine only goes so far, a Callidus Assassin must also be a skilled actress and mimic. Keirestellie can 'read' body-language like it's printed on a page and has a sensitive ear for accents and turns of phrase that allow her to place people both geographically and socially. To which add acute observational powers amounting to a photographic eye. Less professionally she is an fine clavichord player and is an expert at horticulture nurturing some very rare and lovely flowering plants in her cabin.


Keirestellie has all the standard assassin's toys; skin tight stealth-suit and full head mask with infra-red, amplivisor eye lenses and a a set of of poisoned blades bound to the right thigh. A neural shredder and a phase-sword fitting glovelike over the left hand. She also owns a locked jewelry box full of digital needlers set in rings; explosive ear studs; a displacer bracelet and assorted other disguised devices.


Friends and Allies




"What you see is not what you get"
—Kierestellie's self description
"In my opinion psychopathic tendencies do not contribute to an assassin's efficiency - but there are other schools of thought."
—Keirestellie on assorted colleagues.
"The rings require training to use and I really don't recommend the displacer bracelets, too unpredictable, but help yourself to the explosive ear studs and stickpins."
—Keirestellie offering the contents of her jewelry box to Cassi and Shirin.