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"The currency of the Dark City is the life of lesser beings, and the path to power is through currency. I will not stop until the whole of the galaxy are bleeding, broken, and weeping within the black halls of Commorragh, and we Eldar finally inherit our birthright. Let the gods be my witness in this: I will do it, even if it kills me... or any of you, for that manner."

—(former) Archon Jizai Hellsun

The Kabal of the Screaming Heart is a young and lesser-known Kabal on a meteoric rise to power in the latter half of M41. Founded in late M40 by the Archon Jizai Hellsun as he broke away from the massive Kabal of the Obsidian Rose, it has somehow acquired a large fleet within a short period time and has begun tormenting both Imperial sub-sectors and Tau Septs with alarming frequency.


The young (by Eldar standards) Jizai Hellsun rose to power as a young Trueborn Kabalite Warrior within the ranks of the notorious Kabal of the Obsidian Rose sometime in the middle of 871.M40, a weapons manufacturing powerhouse within the Dark City. Arranging for the death of his Dracon's death in an orchestrated botched raid on an Imperial Guard mining world fortress, the cunning Jizai carefully won over the allegiance of hundreds of the Kabal's Trueborn Warriors and Wyches - bribing, coercing, or swaying his allies using trueborn-supremacy rhetoric.

Having amassed a powerbase large enough to ensure his dominion over a large chunk of Low Commorragh while still evading the attentions of Archon Aestra Khromys, Jizai eventually chose to flee the primary inner wards of Commorragh with all the assets he could carry. Arriving at one of the distant outer realms (though still home to billions amongst dense urban landscape), the new Archon immediately set about killing off or absorbing the petty Kabals in the lower spires of the district of Drzzyndaya while evading the retribution of his former rival Dracons of the Obsidian Rose who had begun to come after him.

Within a decade, Jizai Hellsun had come to dominate the underspires of his adopted home. Having imported many slave-artisans from the legendary workshops of the Kabal of the Obisidan Rose, Jizai's Kabal of the Screaming Heart established many firearms factories and used their products to gain standing with the many Wych Cults and Incubus Sects located all over the outer realms. The cost of loyalty from such esteemed institutions for a Kabal carrying the enmity of such a larger power has been extremely high indeed. The Screaming Heart must constantly engage in piracy to acquire slaves to pay the Incubi and fill the arenas of the Wych Cults. As the prices being asked go up, and with the death of Jizai himself - the various Dracons vying for leadership have begun to obsess over how to out-do each other in their brutal raids to collect the slaves they need as currency, and their raids have grown more and more risky, wild, and violent. Only time will tell how such a story will unfold.

Major Conflicts and Wars

The Battle of Slaver's Gulf (969.M41) - A full third of the Kabal's fleet is ambushed by a huge force of the Ordinators chapter while finishing the final phase of a system-wide slave raid on the Imperial civilized world for Aios. With Jizai caught and killed by the Chapter Master of the Ordinators, Decimus Aurelian, himself - and his entire ground force caught in a storm of Space Marine drop pod forces led by the Ordo Xenos - the leadership of the Kabal is decapitated overnight, and the organization plunges into a vicious cycle of internal warring and unrestricted external resource-raiding. A full half of the remaining Kabal have begun to reap their bloody harvest from Tau Septs along the exterior of the Empire, while the other has been striking all over the Southern Imperium.

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