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Justicar Gogor is a experienced warrior of the Grey Knights Chapter of Space Marines who has served diligently for nearly five centuries. While he is officially a member of the second brotherhood he has recently been assigned as a member of Inquisitor [Name Redacted] team which is currently investigating multiple Chaos and Daemon incursions and cults in Segmentum Tempestus and the western reaches of space.


Gogor was born 120. M34 on a random hive world in some unsuspecting sector in the vast Imperium. His parents were killed by gangers when he was two and was taken to the orphanage. By age 5 he showed psychic abilities that were picked up by a Black Ship taking the young child it was first thought he'd become a protégé to a Inquisitor however he was snatched up by the Ordo Malleus and sentenced to a childhood of the best education and fitness training. By age 10 he could run the average fitness test for guardsmen faster then most. He was smart and his psychic abilities were controlled and he could understand them. At age 15 he started the transition of child to Adeptus Astartes.

Upon completion of this his name was replaced by the name of a Greater Daemon of Khorne Gogor. Gogor was banished back to the warp on the year of his new names carrier by a squad of Grey Knights that ironically the Grey Knight Gogor would be assigned to as a fully fledged battle brother.

As a Battle Brother he learnt the ways lf using the halberd as if it was a extension of his own arm he quickly became a valuable member usually taking point in situations and battles.

Boarding of Shadow of Nurgle

The Shadow of Nurgle was a Imperial Navy cruiser that was boarded by a splinter group of the traitor Death Guard marines many years prior to this action. The Shadow of Nurgle was damaged in combat and was hiding from Imperial Forces in an asteroid field. The first plan was to destroy the ship but it was then revealed this would not be possible as a daemon of Nurgle had possessed the machine spirit and with it the ship could take more punishment.

So the ship was blocked from leaving and the Grey Knights were called in who boarded the vessel to banish the daemon and/or destroy the ship. The chapter sent four squads of marines and a Terminator squad under Brother Captain Neograth.