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"I've seen dozens of good intentions in this job. I've seen a cultist who turned to Chaos to escape a totalitarian system. He ended up a slave to that which he thought would free him. I've seen Inquisitors think they can fight fire with fire, and they only end up creating a bigger blaze. These good intentions are the easiest road to Chaos. Always be mindful of your means as well as your ends."
—Junius Fabianus

Junius Fabianus is an exceptionally loyal Monodominant Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Malleus.

Early Life

"When in doubt, kill it with fire and say a few prayers over the ashes."
—Junius' philosophy during his time as an acolyte

Junius took care to erase all records of his previous life. According to Imperial Records, Junius was always an Inquisitor.


The Inquisitor Junius was an acolyte to had a simple philosophy: If Junius died, he wasn't Inquisitor material. If he went mad, he wasn't Inquisitor material. If he lacked the moral conviction for the hardest choices, he wasn't Inquisitor material. If he passed all three, he might just have a chance at surviving more than a year as an Inquisitor.

Junius was finally promoted on the death of his Inquisitor, during one notable cleansing of a Chaos cult. While on the world, the cult managed to summon a Bloodthirster during a fight with its leadership. The rest of Junius' superior's retinue was out fighting against the bulk of the cult. Sweeping its axe, the Bloodthirster cut down his superior, turning its back on Junius for just long enough. A precise strike from his blessed Chainsword nearly completely severed its leg and brought it crashing down, shattering both of Junius' legs with its whip. Junius crawled over and retrieved his superior's Psycannon, emptying every single round it had into the Bloodthirster. Even so, the Bloodthirster's death throes managed to strike a glancing blow on Junius twice more with its whip, permanently disfiguring his face and pulping his left arm.

The rest of the retinue found Junius unconscious from blood loss and Junius' superior dead. They took him back to the Inquisitorial ship for medication and to await orders.


Junius stayed in medical bays for several Terra months before he could finally heal. His left arm, however, was permanently destroyed and had to be replaced with a bionic one.

Due to the loss of his mentor, Junius was promoted to status of Inquisitor. He began following the Monodominant philosophy, and joined the Ordo Malleus. For his slaying of a Bloodthirster despite extreme injuries, he was awarded a Daemonhammer. In memory of his mentor, he also appropriated a Psycannon. For many years he plyed the stars.


Records state that Junius had been an Inquisitor for nearly forty years before recieving his promotion. His extreme dedication above and beyond most Inquisitors and his impressive track record impressed just enough Inquisitor Lords to allow him to become one of their ranks. After he moved in rank, he was awarded his own suit of Power Armour, scaled down to be enough to be worn by a non-Space Marine.

Dealings with Chaos

Junius pursues Chaos with a single-minded dedication. To Junius, dying is of lesser importance than succeeding. He is unafraid to use unusual tactics, and he very rarely only has one plan for success. Junius' love of planning and tactics has caused some to accuse him of Tzeentchian affilitation, but Junius has passed all guilt-determining tests, a fact that has caused some of his enemies within the Inquisition even more determined to destroy him.

Junius also despises psykers. Some state that it has the hint of jealousy about it, but Junius firmly holds that his despise of the psyker comes from his knowledge that every use of psychic abilities weakens the fabric of the Materium, and that there is no way for the damage a psyker does to outweigh the good their powers do. For that, he executes them almost immediately after he finds out their existence. Junius has yet to attempt an execution of a Librarian, however.

Notable Allies and Enemies

"Hate me if you will. I get results, not friends."

Junius knows that every Inquisitor makes some allies and some enemies. Some stand out more than others.


Junius believes this man's contacts have left him slightly corrupted. Junius, while he will easily and mostly guiltlessly wipe out a Imperial Guard regiment if they are tainted, may want to ensure there's more Inquisitors around. They're not as renewable as Imperial Guard. To that end, he believes in trying to steer him towards the path of his narrow view of "righteousness", also noting and taking advantage of his numerous contacts - Junius being a man who doesn't make friends easily.
Junius considers this man mad. He is, however, very useful, if a zealot to the extreme Junius won't reach, he finds the man to have been a worthy ally and a kindred soul


Junius believes that once any taint enters a Chapter, the Chapter must be purified by complete extermination and then they may rebuild from gene-seed replicas. As that has not happened to the Prophetic Forgiven, Junius believes the chapter is intrinsically corrupted to the core. He opposes them using all the power an Inquisitor Lord can muster and has twice already lobbied for it's "purification", all without success, garnering only the support of the most hardline extremist Inquisitors like himself.


Junius' retinue changes every few years, as some are driven mad, others are killed and others retire from active service for other reasons.

Active Members

Past Members


"A good Inquisitor has to have three things. One, a weapon. An Inquisitor without a means to defend themself is another term for corpse. Two, a group of highly skilled and loyal Imperial citizens. They're your retinue, and it's their job to die if necessary for the Imperium. Don't grow too attached to them. Three is your seal. The Inquisitor holds one of the highest authorities in the Imperium. Use it as necessary."

Junius carries a wide variety of weapons and armour, which is used as necessary.

  • Daemonhammer
His weapon of choice, this Daemonhammer was the weapon of his trainer and he recieved it after killing the Bloodthirster which was responsible for his fall.
  • Psycannon
Junius doesn't use this often, as its ammunition is hard to get, even for an Inquisitor Lord. As a consequence, he only uses it on high value psykers, as a last resort, or against Daemons.
  • Bolt Pistol
When Junius needs to engage in combat at range, this is his preferred weapon. He keeps Hellfire rounds inside in case of emergency.
  • Light Autopistol
This pistol is light and small enough to fit into a disguise, but Junius mostly uses this weapon and its blessed Inferno rounds for executions.
  • Power Armour
Similar to the type used by Grey Knights, this Power Armour isn't anywhere near as protective, but is far lighter and able to be worn by an unaugumented human. Junius had it custom-fitted to him and him alone. It is also adorned with nearly a dozen purity seals. Junius often claims that the sight of him wearing it is enough to often avoid needing it.



"There's no such thing as an "unacceptable sacrifice"."
"Violence doesn't solve everything, but in a pinch a bullet is worth a thousand words."


"Ask: I will reveal all, I will conceal nothing. Unveil every tool and technique in your arsenal: The greater the torment, the more profound the truth. This one is free though: my god lives and dreams and none who bow at the feet of a corpse or enshrine ignorance can defeat him."
—A captured slave of Ashur-El Artashumara speaks freely, after his unstable fission-kidney fails to overload
"I lost half the 76th to that tricky bastard. No wonder we crap ourselves when he's in the same sector."
—Sergeant Akis of the 76th Delvish Scout Guards
"A man with many admirable qualities which I believe all members of thy Holy Inquisition should possess. Of course, this does not make him a pleasant man but, by Throne, he is one of the finest agents of the Inquisition I have ever come to work with. A true leader of men."
Lorenzo Drasus, in admiration of his fellow Inquisitor
"Certainly, you may consider the Bagge Dynasty at your service, your battlefield solution provider."
Douchard Bagge, resisting the urge to roll his eyes and make a wanking hand gesture.
"He's a melodramatic try-hard who masks his inability to connect with people by deeming everything expendable and saying he's not 'here to make friends'. So really, he's a perfectly typical Inquisitor, not unlike myself a few hundred years ago. It must be nice to still believe in the job. Not as nice as snorting this Stygian Rhino horn though."
Mord Bösewicht von Totenkinder
"Daemon exorcisms, Chaos cult purges, mass witchhunts, the devastation of worlds through Exterminatus just because someone mentioned the words "Dark Gods" in passing...... you must get off on this terribly."
Greyon Autaris
"Any Inquisitor with that kind of turnover in his entourage has a problem."
—Roi Dakaur[src]