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The only Forgeworld within the Arr-Ell Subsector, and the Dragontooth Nebula Imperial annex. Jovia is a lone Forgeworld with a history wrought with betrayal, imperialistic ambitions, and technological discovery. Surrounded by rival factions, and expanding xeno armies, Jovia's first claim to fame is the Forgeworld's far-traveling military forces and weapons, while the planet's second claim it the planet's expertise with the control of Ionic participial flows, allowing the world a mastery of Lightning weapons technology, energy conveyance, and the production of las-weaponry with more impact power in every shot.

Planetary Culture

Forgeworld Jovia holds a special hold over the Golden Worlds of the Arr-Ell Subsector, as the planet is situated in the center of the most secure and stable Warp Route in or out of the systems Jovia's own culture has been influenced by the vast wealth of materials passing through the Forgeworld, allowing the planetary citizenry leisures not commonly found on many world. The planet's position also means that the labors and tech-priests traveling from Jovia to the Golden Worlds hold a cultural influence much more noticeable then the typical influence exhibited by other Forgeworlds. Often regions outside Mechanicum controlled districts in the Golden Worlds will strive to imitate the culture of Jovia, though few meet with notable success.

Laborer Culture

While specific cultural aspects are significantly more muted within the Mechanicum, by the standards of the Cult Mechanicus Jovia has a flourishing and idiosyncratic culture. Amongst the planet's laborers a vast variety of pastimes have become popular such as a game known as Omnissian Gambit, or Tavili, as well as games and sports such as wrestling, marksmanship and Mind Interface based challenges such as the popular Logic Challenges, and Machine Spirit dares. Despite the Cult Mechanicus seeking to reduce such infringements upon the Machine Spirits of the world, the Mind interface and Machine Spirit Dare games continue to be popular. As of 002.M40 the punishment for competing in MIU games on Jovia has been raised to twenty lashes with a shock-maul, while the corruption, defilement, or destruction of a Machine spirit results in a death sentence of the entire family of the responsible heretek.

The Laborors of the world are also easily identified through their near unique form of dress, perhaps in a form of emulation of the chosen form of dress of their Cult Mechanicus superiors the laborers of the world choose to dawn clothing with red as the primary color. The usual Jovian laborer garb is a unique attire capable of being easily stripped down into a simple functional uniform easily while working within the Manufactorums of the Mechanicus. However outside the Manufactorums the typical Jovian attire consists of long robing which covers most the flesh, protecting from the planet's toxic environment, and includes a long Niqab turban known locally as a Talvan which serves to contain the wearers rebreather. The most common materials for this attire are cheep but durable synthetic fibers, often woven in intricate patterns giving an illusion of a higher value than the material is actually worth.

As labor in the Manufactorums is often dangerous work the locals have taken to living in large extended family units with relations as much as four times removed living in the same habitation structure and each house having it's own designated "Home Arbite" ensuring peace and adherence to Mechanicum law within the household. This system ensures that even after a fatality within the familial unit the family itself can still be maintained and new generations are still tended to. For the Mechanicum these Family units make administrating the laborers simpler as the entire family of suspected hereteks are watched, and typically interactions outside the family are limited to those the laborer works alongside or the individuals who supply the family with the needed supplies for living.

Mechanicum Cultural deviations

Outside the Jovian Laborers and the typical Mechanicum cultural standards the Forgeworld's Cult Mechanicus Elite exhibit several minor unique deviations and quirks differentiating them from the Cult Mechanicus members of other Forgeworlds. Firstly is the Forgeworld's Mechanicum's particular praise of the Mathematical sciences and Astrography to an extent far exceeding most Forgeworlds. Across Jovia many large observatories and mathematical Cogitator are constructed by Tech-priests seeking to further their skills in these fields of study, even priests who do not specialize in Mathematical studies or Astrography take a keen interest in the fields and generally Priests with greater skill in these fields find superior favor from amongst their peers.

The next most notable deviation of the Jovian Cult Mechanicus is the local Priesthood's pride in their own personal libraries. Each priest will often boast of and possess entire cogitators filled with vast amounts of data which each keep in their location of residence, while the Priesthood itself maintains a massive Cathedral-like structure dedicated solely to the store of data. This structure is referred to as the Ultima Librarium, and is quite possibly the most heavily guarded structure on the planet. While the possession of a personal Library is a sign of great stature and pride amongst the Jovia Mechanicum, the loss of even a portion of a library is a mark of shame, while false or outdated information in a library is often meet with embarrassment.

Jovian interpretation of the three forms of the Machine God

While there are many widely debated tennants of the religious beliefs of the Cult Mechanicus, Jovia holds to it's own standards for faith in the Machine God. While unpopular these tenants have both served Jovia well and have made them a number of bitter foes within the Mechanicum itself. First of these ideals is that the Machine God should solely be praised by the Jovians, the idea of physical mediums and physical shrines seems weak to the Jovians and they uphold that once the Machine-god descends their world will be uplifted due to their vast hoard of knowledge as opposed to the many shrines dedicated to the machine god's creations.

Secondly Jovia refrains from acknowledging the God-Emperor as the Omnissiah. As the Cult Mechanicum and the true Crux Mechanicus has not come to pass they uphold the slight suggestion that the Emperor was simply the great prophet and herald of the true Omnissiah and as such his warnings and guidance should be headed but viewed as nothing more than the word of a human prophet and not the word of the Machine-god himself. This put Jovia at further odds with the Ecclesiarchy than the rest of the Mechanicus and has lead to several minor wars.

Lastly the Tech-priests of Jovia hold a strong connection to the form of the Machine-god known as the Motive Force. They praise and uphold this form of Deus Machina claiming that it is the Motive force which drives their society and who guides the ambitions of their Arch-Magi. Despite their reverence of the Motive Force and the Jovian extensive study and use of energy based weaponry, the Jovians stand at strange odds with the famed Electropriests where one sect of the electro-priests syphon energy away from the unworthy and the other overwhelms the foes of the imperium with the Motive Force's energy. The Jovians claim that the energy of the Machine God is simply to be used and commanded. Jovian's feel that the power of the Motive Force is a valued commodity and to be taken or used only as necessary or seen fit by the Machine God.

Planetary Regions

Originating from a planet of diverse Eco-spheres but low material value Jovia seemed a strange choice for the Adeptus Machanicus to claim as a Forgeworld. Unseen by most who knew of the Mechanicum's claim to Jovia was that the world lay on some of the most stable Warp routes to and from the Arr-Ell Mining worlds known as the Golden Worlds as each of these mining worlds were excessively rich in the resources necessary for providing to Imperial manufacturing.

So situated, Jovia's surface and nearly all the planet's available space has been entirely dedicated to either manufactorums or to Navel docking. The planet's under-sphere becoming known for utilizing the world's natural magma flows for forging heat and waste disposal, the surface of the world completely lost to conveyor systems and ship tethers, while the minimum comfortable living area is provided to satisfy the needs of the planet's necessary organic component, the laborers.

Under-sphere Manufactorums

Underground factory by molybdenumgp03

The most dangerous of Jovia's Manufactorums are the Under-sphere Manufactorums of the planet. Originally constructed beneath volcanic mountain ranges, but eventually expanding into a planet spanning network of factories, the Under-sphere Manufactorums were designed with the calculated intent to utilize the superheated stone of the planet's core to create a natural and easily maintained forge. Massive factories cling to the planet's crust in massive man-made caverns hanging high above Mechanicum regulated magma flows.

These factories use special tubes to pump the molten stone up and through the the manufactorum's forgeworks allowing the planet's labor workers to melt raw materials and reshape and refine them into deceives and raw resources of significantly greater value.Within the Under-sphere Manufactorums the majority of Jovia's raw materials are processed and shaped into the initial parts the rest of the planet will eventually use for their mass manufacturing.

Work in the Under-Sphere is incredibly dangerous and even amongst the Jovian Artisan Tech-priests the work is considered dangerous. Laborers are required to wear modified and heat resistant Talvans at all times while working along with thickly layered protective gear. Despite strict safety regulations and countless precautions put in place by the Mechanicum unexpected eruptions and Laborer accidents result in nearly one hundred Laborer fatalities per month within each factory.

While the Artisan Tech-priests typically suffer so many as an estimated twenty fatalities planet wide each month. Despite the cost in life, however, the Under-Sphere Manufactorums maintain the highest output of any section of the Forgeworld and account for nearly one half of the planet's manufacturing capability and half the planet's income.

The Factory-Scape

The majority of Jovia's surface is covered by the sprawling Factory-scape, the Factory-scape is a extensive mix of Jovian Manufactorum, economically placed Habitation blocks, and rapid transportation railways, and occasionally paths for free flowing material transports. From this near endless stretch of factories comes the majority of Jovia's completed products, including the drill materials needed in the mining worlds known as the Golden Worlds of Arr-Ell, various vehicles, and the construction of the grand projects of the Cult Mechanicus on Jovia. Completed works range from daily tools to complex Cogitators and Archeotech created from STC's kept safe within the most secure Vaults of Jovia.

From and Within the Planet's Factory-scape the vast majority of the planetary population lives, works, and dies. Each laborer is a simple Cog in a much greater Machine rapidly producing the Imperium's means for living and waging war. Out from the Factory-Scape's Manufactorum flows a constant stream of completed products ranging from the standard M36 Lasgun to much rarer weapons produced in such quantity they seem commonplace to the laberors of Jovia.

The majority of the Factory-Scape is dominated by vast rows of assembly lines, each completing a work begun in the Under-Sphere Manufactorums. Off of these assembly lines the completed products are stored away in massive storage units which are then loaded into rapid transmit railways and sent towards whichever region of the planet they are next needed at. Laborers and supplies needed for maintaining the assembly lines possess separate, lower priority transportation railways, which are linked to free flowing roadways allowing them to efficiently move from their task stations without disrupting the holy work of the Manufactorums. This effective network of transit systems, effective energy use, and swift manufacturing of even complex devices make the Jovian Laborers some of the most technically adept and efficient of the Imperium's menial citizenry.

The Eastern Pole Naval Tethers

Industrial by jamajurabaev

Featuring an unusual trait of housing Magnetic poles located on the rotating surface of the planet, Jovia's rotation is influenced by both poles slowly exerting magnetic force around the surface of the planet towards the other. This pulling force makes the launching of vessels from the planetary surface the most economic when done from the planet's poles. While both planetary poles serve as major naval tethers, only the Eastern Pole's naval tethers are particularly notable as these Naval Tethers are reserved to link solely with vessels of a militaristic or exploratory nature.

As Jovia often supplies for imperial military actions and, even more commonly, provides for and launches mechanicum expeditions. These expeditions seeking to expand the resources of the Cult Mechanicus or to acquire more technological marvels to stow away within Jovia's Ultima Librarium, the Eastern Pole's naval Tethers are constantly in motion with supply vessels transporting materials to waiting fleets at all times.

For the Jovian Laborers within the Eastern Naval Tethers the sight of Astra Militarum, or Skitarii marching into giant dropships and taking off to never be seen again is a common sight. Often the Eastern Tethers Laborers will end up housing small armies from various Fortress worlds as Regiment's of the Imperial Guard await ship transfers or for their vessels to be restocked or repaired. As such these Laborers have the most extraterrestrial contact with the galaxy at large and by the standards of the rest of the Jovian people, their cult mechanicus masters included, are the most abnormal and suspect of the Laborer population.

The Ionic Generators

Full Power by unfor54k3n

Archeotech discovered by Jovia's Tech-priests while on a Exploritor mission on a dead planet, the Ionic Generators of Forgeworld Jovia are the most powerful reactors within several sectors from the world. Cycling super dense air in rapidly rotating cylinder structures, then super-heating the structures spark the condensed air into plasma, funneling the plasma in a unconfirmed process the Jovians are somehow able to use the plasma to both power and turn electromagnetically sustained and shielded super turbines. These turbines then generate intense amounts of energy which the Admech then pull away from the generator with electro-conductive strike points. these strike points then absorb the excess energy from the Generators, as power in the form of a Electric bolt flows wirelessly from the generator to the strike points.

From the Ionic Generators nearly all the needed power supply for Jovia is provided. Each of the planet's generators provide enough energy to run an entire Hive-world. However for the Jovian Cult Mechanicum the Ionic Generators are not enough. The STC designs behind the Ionic generators are complex but extensive enough to allow the Cult Mechanicus to not only create the Ionic Generators but to also allow the Tech-priests to base much of the Planet's technology from secrets they learn from the Ionic generators.

Ultima Librarium

Balor cityscape by blueroguevyse-d6dfrta

The greatest project ever undertaken by the Laborers of Jovia in the service of the Omnissiah was undoubtedly the creation of the Ultima Librarium. A project spanning over three centuries and absorbing all of the planet's spare resources, even in a time of plenty, and consuming four billion lives, the Ultima Librarium is the prize of Forgeworld Jovia. Constructed to house the full extent of the gathered knowledge of Jovia, from simple sensor readings to STC templates, the Ultima Librarium is a temple fortress boasting security and defenses that have never been penetrated deeply enough to access the Librarium's data stores. Daily tens of trillions of data packets are uploaded into the memory of the Librarium while hundreds of Tech-Adepts strive alongside hundreds of thousands of security Machine spirits to ensure that all Data stored within the Librarium is pure within the sight of the Omnissiah.

On a hourly basis millions of Tech-priests, from all points across Jovia, request access to the Librarium's data seeking to confirm facts, or to research new knowledge. Without the sheer amount of stored knowledge in the Librarium, coupled with it's accessibility, many of Jovia's rivals claim that the world would fall into anarchy and disrepair within months. In response to such claims the Jovian Cult Mechanicus has laid their own claims stating that the Librarium has been so thoroughly constructed that only the destruction of the planet could see the library destroyed.

Government and Military


Varying from the typical system of rule of a Forgeworld, the Forgeworld Jovia is commanded by four distinct power bases. Each of these four powers, including the Fabricator General, balance one anothers power making the rule of Jovia a complex of interdependent system.

Fabricator General

The highest ranked individual of Jovia, much like with all Forgeworlds is the planet's Fabricator General. Chosen for their experience as a Archmagos upon the Forgeworld from amongst the Congress of Archmagi by the calculations of the Council of Magos Logis, the Fabricator General of Jovia serves as the official Imperial governor of the Forgeworld and is permitted nearly unrestricted access to the data-stores of the Ultima Librarium. To be the Fabricator General of Jovia is to hold the greatest power of all the Archmagi of Jovia, commanding the vast Manufacorum reserved only for the command of the Fabricator General, as well as assigning fiefs of various Forges to the magi of the planet.

Officially the Fabricator General of Jovia also commands the planetary Taghmata, and is able to direct the planet's skitarii, Titan's, and other weapons as needed. However the Congress of Archmagi check this power often with their command of their own forges and each forge's own private legions. Despite this the militaristic command of each Fabricator General to have assumed control of Jovia has proven a significant threat to their enemies. When not acting as part of the the imperial war effort, the Fabricator General is expected to collaborate with the Council of Magos Logis to plan the future of Jovia's production and scientific advancement. In particular the Fabricator General is expected to serve as a in-between, balancing the reclusive and secretive nature of the Ultima Librarium Lexmechanics, and the desires of the planetary magi to expand upon the Mechanicum's holy mission to gain knowledge in the name of the Omnissiah.

Council of Magos Logis

By some considered to be the true ruling body of Jovia, the council of Magos Logis was devised to allow Jovia's mechanicum to take advantage of the calculative powers of the planet's various arthriticly dedicated Cogitators, and highly talented Logis adepts to plot cumulative long and short term goals which would allow the planet to maximize it's productivity, resource influx, and most importantly ensure the growth of Jovia's power base.

The Council of Magos Logis holds a unique power base on Jovia as their calculations often predict the planet's exact needs long before even the other Mechanicum members realize the planet's need. As such the Council of Magos Logis continuously make slight adjustments to the planet's directives, changing resource regulations, production deadlines, and making supply orders as they see is needed. However as the majority of the information needed to make the most accurate predictions possible is contained within the Ultima Librarium and kept securely out of the hands of others by the Ultima Librarium Lexmechanics the Council of Magos Logis must rely heavily on the Fabricator General to supply them with the information needed. As such the Council of Magos Logis often consider selecting a Fabricator General who favors sharing information with them preferable when the time to elect a new Fabricator General arrives, however the Lexmechanics often oppose such thinking.

The Ultima Librarium Lexmechanics

Ultima Librarium-Recovered
While not officially a part of the Governing forces of Forgeworld Jovia, the Lexmechanics of the Ultima Librarium possess a frightening hold over the Librarium's data, even possessing an army of Skitarii and Secutors to keep intruders from accessing the Librarium's data. Therefore to make accurate predictions and to enact plans with the highest probability of success one needs the permission of the Ultima Librarium's Lexmechanics to access the vital data. For the Congress of Archmagi and the Council of Magos Logis the easiest path to do this is to seek out the Fabricator General of Jovia asking him to access the Librarium in their behalf as the Fabricator General is permitted nearly unlimited access to the Librarium's database.

This arrangement grants the Fabricator General of Jovia a position of leverage over the congress of Archmagi and the Council of Magos Logis which can only be countered by the Ultima librarium's Lexmechanics themselves. This in turn brings Archmagi and members of the Magos Logis to the Lexmechanics seeking the favor of the Lexmechanics both to access the Librarium's secrets themselves, or to cause the Lexmechanics to utilize their authority to keep the Fabricator General in check.

The Congress of Archmagi

Council of magos

Formed of all the Archmagi of the Forgeworld, the Congress of Archmagi is the collection of all the most powerful Magi of Jovia. Each Archmagos in the Congress possesses several large forges on the planet, vast libraries of personal knowledge, and their own armies of Timarli Skitarii. The Congress of Archmagi officially control the largest collection of the Forgeworld's Manufactorum, and a large enough force of Skitarii to keep the Fabricator General from ever attempting to use his position to remove their influence.

For their part in governing the Forgeworld the Congress of Archmagi combine their resources and together determine what their Forges should collectively produce, as well as calling for military actions against Hereteks, heathen worlds, and for Exploritor missions to be sent out. The congress of Archmagi also head the Jovian quest for Knowledge, each Archmagos possessing centuries of experience and continuously seeking to expand both their own and the Forgewrold's vast knowledge. Particularly the Archmagi of the Congress seek to acquire new STCs to further the power of their own forges, and Jovia as a whole.


Jovian Skitarii Legions


A Jovian Skitarii

The base military force of Forgeworld Jovia, the Jovian Skitarii Legions are answerable to a variety of forges and masters. Each Legion of Skitarii is armed with a variety of weapons and equipment depending on the resources of the master of a legion and the legion's mission. Each Jovian Skitarii Legion possesses it's own recruitment method and with oaths of loyalty to particular Jovian forges, and it's own supply base. The Skitarii of Forgeworld Jovia amongst their mechanicus allies hold a reputation of utilizing extensive quantities of powerful energy weapons capable of felling much larger opponents. In particular the Jovian Skitarii are known to use Lightning weapons which are relatively unknown to those outside the Mechanicum's Forges.

In combat the Jovian Skitarii are known for advancing to close distance with their enemies. The Jovians lack of long ranged heavy weaponry force Jovian Skitarii to reduce the distance between themselves and the enemy to street-fighting ranges before they may use their weaponry to the fullest effect. As such Jovian Skitarii are also noted as wearing additional layers of armour and extensive Subdermal armour which Skitarii of other worlds do not typically possess. Jovian Skitarii also posses more close combat training subroutines than the more versatile Skitarii of other worlds relying on their armour and skill at arms as opposed to overwhelming support weaponry.

Kapikulu Skitarii

The primary Skitarii force of Forgeworld Jovia, the Kapikulu Skitarii are answerable only to the Fabricator General of Jovia and benefit from the Fabricator General's personal favor. These Skitarii are drawn from the Laborers tied directly to a Forge-city owned by the Fabricator General and typically supplied by that same Forge. As the primary Skitarii forces of the Forgeworld, the Kapikulu are seen on any world Jovia chooses to invade acting out the Omnissiah's wrath against the heathens and hereteks of whichever planet they stand upon. Often when the Kapikulu Skitarii march on foreign lands they are feared as their reputation means they've come to entirely remove all traces of their enemies existence.

As the favored warriors of the Fabricator General and supplied by his forge, the Kapikulu Skitarii are equipped with weaponry, armor and supporting gear only surpassed by the Akinci Skitarii. Skitarii Rangers of the Kapikulu are typically armed with Jovia's unique Hotshot Volleyguns in addition to their more traditional Galvanic Rifles, Luminen Grenades, and a reserve taser prod while more advanced Alpha Rangers Skitarii of the Kapikulu are granted use of Lightning guns, Arc-pistols, and Arc Mauls. While Vanguard Kapikulu keep to the standard Radium Carbine, some amongst their ranks granted Arc-Carbines from the Fabricator's Forges, While Vanguard Alphas beginning with Rad-Shot Cannons might prove themselves worthy of Lightning Guns, Jovian Rending Blades, or even Arc-Shielding. The Kapikulu Skitarii are also awarded command of the Forgeworld's more advanced vehicles, ranging from Rhinos with Portable Lightning Cannon's mounted above, to extensively modified heavily armoured Dragoon and Ironstrider walker, to Onager Dunecrawlers with Vehicle grade Lightning Cannons.

Timarli Skitarii

The Skitarii legions of the Magos lords of Jovia are referred to as the Timarli Skitarii. Compared to the Kapikulu Skitarii of the Fabricator General the Timarli skitarii are far less standardized, as each magos must provide for them with his own resources. The method of recruitment for the Timarli Skitarii also varies, while the most common method is simply to draw from the Laborers of a patron's Forge, vat-grown Skitarii and candidates taken from defeated populations are also commonly employed. Due to the variety of possible recruitment methods and a less certain supply base the training between the Timarli Skitarii of the various forges of Jovia differs significantly from legion to legion, while the Timarli of the Congress of Archmagi form the only sense of standardization between the various legions.

While the training and supply of the various legions fluctuates from legion to legion, the Congress of Archmagi from a standard for those outside of Jovia's internal politics to judge the most populous portion of the Forgeworld's skitarii by. Commonly the Vanguard Skitarii of the Timarli are armed primarily with a Jovia pattern Hotshot lasguns serving as a supporting weapon to puncture armour while Radium Carbines wither down traditional enemies. Timarli Alphas typically utilize more traditional Arc-pistols and Taser Mauls. All Timarli Vanguards are also granted Luminen grenades. Skitarii Rangers of the Timarli are typically armed with traditional Galvanic Rifles, while some are given Jovia Pattern Multi-las weapons, to support the advance of their allies. Alphas of the Timarli Rangers are often gifted with Hotshot Volleyguns, Arc-Carbines, or Arc-pistol and Taser Prod combinations. Timarli Skitarii legions are supported by standard Mechanicum war constructs.

Akıncı Skitarii


One of the Akinci Skitarii, patrolling the outer walls of the Ultima Librarium

Undoubtedly the most elite Skitarii of Forgeworld Jovia are the Akinci Skitarii of the Ultima Librarium. Each of the Akinci Skitarii serve solely to protect the Ultima Librarium from intrusion and are equipped with advanced technology and even archeotech weaponry produced from hidden forges deep within the Ultima Librarium. It is believed that the entirety of the Akinci are manufactured from Vat-chambers deep within the Ultima Librarium, trained with hypno-conditioning, and modified until each is a warrior perfectly loyal to the Ultima Librarium. Combined with the extensive defenses of the Ultima Librarium itself the Akinci Skitarii are such a force that the Council of Magos Logis calculate that it would take the entirety of the Forgeworld's military resources to lay siege to and claim the Librarium.

Even the lowest of the Akinci Skitarii's Vanguard Skitarii is armed with a Arc-Carbine, Arc-Mauls, Arch-shield and Luminen Grenades. While Alpha Akinci Vanguard are equipped with Lightning Guns, and Jovian Rending Blades, a type of large chain-sword featuring a power field. Akinci Rangers march to war Wielding Radium Jezzails, Arc-rifles and a reserve Arch-Maul. Alphas of the Akinci Rangers often wield Thunder Rifles a unique long ranged weapon of Jovia which brings the electric might of the Omnissiah down on invaders from a great distance. This Combination of weaponry makes the Akinci Skitarii a threat to even the most elite of Space Marines in combat, while the Cogitator and Servitor operated defenses of the Ultima Librarium force enemies to close with the Akinci Skitarii or be destroyed by the Librarium's defenses.

Sipahi Skitarii

The final Skitarii forces of Jovia are the Sipahi Skitarii of the Forgeworld's fleet. Drawn exclusively from the Bondsmen of the vessels of the Jovian fleet, the Sipahi Skitarii serve aboard the warships of Jovian fleet as 'mariners' and as security to the Naval Tethers of Forgeworld Jovia. As these Skitarii are more likely to encounter and lose their equipment to foreign forces the Sipahi Skitarii are equipped with less sorely lost weapon variants. While the equipment of the Sipahi is typically considered inferior to the equipment of even Timarli, the Sipahi Skitarii counter this with extensive training particularly in the battlefield roles their legions will be expected to fulfill, coupled with a extensive array of areal support units.

The standard Sipahi Skitarii Ranger or Vanguard is armed with only the weaponry typical of their classes but with the addition of a heavy boarding shield with a weapons firing slot and a single chainsword. Expected to gain significant results from using these weapons Sipahi Vanguard Skitarii often become master duelists with their chainblade, and squads of Sipahi Skitarii Rangers turn ship corridors into halls of death with precisely coordinated fire. Alphas of the Sipahi Skitarii are armed with Hotshot Volleyguns and taser Lances and are expected to achieve far greater results than their lessers, this often turns Alphas of the Sipahi into glory seeking veterans capable of fighting their way through some of the most foul of the Omnissiah's enemies with skill alone.

Legio Titanica Vulcanus

Legio Titanica Vulcanus, the Titan Legion born of the forges of Forgeworld Jovia is the great wrath of Jovia's Fabricator General made into the form of Mechanized Wargods tearing down the fortresses of Jovia's enemies. Legio Titanica Vulcanus is a moderately younger Legion by the standard by which Titan Legions are judged, however it is the pride of Jovia which supplies these machines with care and attention rivaling that given by the Forgeworlds of any other Titan Legion. With such devotion to their Titans jovia has even granted the Legion access to some of the Forgeworld's truest relics weapons specifically designed for the titans in the Ultima Librarium's hidden forge, from one of the Forgeworld's most treasured STCs.


The main Titans used by Legio Vulcanus are Reaver Battle Titans. The versatility of the Reaver Titan's armaments, relative speed, and armor makes these Titans preferable to the the Jovian forces as opposed to their lighter, faster Warhound cousins. The Reavers of Jovia are often equipped with weaponry which favors volume of fire over sheer power, reserving the role for single high powered blast weaponry for Reavers also equipped to engage Xeno and Traitor Titans in close combat. There are twelve Reaver Titans, ready to serve the Legio Vulcanus whenever the Legion is called upon

Far less popular in the Legio Vulcanus are the Warhound Titans which serve as the scouts and urban warriors of Legio Vulcanus. Often armed only with weaponry dedicated to engaging Vehicles and infantry the Warhound Titans of Legio Vulcanus are considered unworthy of engaging against other titans and are left to serve as a support role for the Legion's larger titans. There are only six of the unpopular Warhound titans in the entire Legion.

The Six Warlord titans of Legio Vulcanus are the pride of both Jovia and Legio Vulcanus. As the greatest pride of the Forgeworld, the Jovian Cult Mechanicus has seen it fit to equip the titans with weapons produced in the world's more secure and sacred forge, while also granting the Titans use of Weapons considered Archeotech even by the ancient standards of the Titan Legions. Where these six titans stand they carry the pride of Jovia with each step of their mighty frames.

Knight House Metis

Bound to Jovia by treaties as old as the Forgeworld itself, the Knight House Metis hail from the second moon of the mining world Metis, closest Imperial world to the Jovia system. Knight House Metis is treated as a extension of the Forgeworld's Skitarii and often the Knights are used as a heavy support for the Skitarii using their weapons to cover the advancing servants of the Omnissiah. This role is one that Knight-house Metis dutifully accepts, proudly lording their power over the weak enemies of their Mechanicum masters. However it is in singular combat the Knight pilots of House Metis truly pride themselves in, dueling against enemy war-machines and striding through the ranks of enemy champions alone.

Knights of House Metis are similar to knights of most other houses. With similar construction and maintenance as the Knights of other Forgeworlds, Jovia permits it's Knights a degree of freedom to serve under other Imperial Lords during times of plenty for the world or when the needs of the Imperium are so great the Lords of Jovia can not ignore the pleas for aid. However only when serving Jovia's interests do the knights of House Metis receive the most care and technological upgrades to weapons, such as the Cerastus knight lancer's shock lance which in the service of Jovia receives modifications which allow the Lance to throw lightning further than the standard Shock Lance.

Secutor Divisio Templarum

Often refereed to as Siege Engineers or War Savants outside of the Mechanicum, Secutors are the priets within the Mechanicum who have fully dedicated themselves to the art of conducting war against the enemies of the Omnissiah and the Imperium. These priests on Jovia have formed the Divisio Templarum a separate branch of the Jovian military answering to, but holding no deep loyalties towards, all the branches of the Jovian Government. The Secutor Divisio Templarum serve in all the battlefronts of the Forgeworld, offering their expertise easily to the lords of Jovia, the Secutor Divisio Templarum engage with all enemies of the Omnissiah gathering more experience and intelligence than any other branch of the Jovian military.

Secutors of the Divisio Templarum do not follow a standardized code of arms, each Secutor arms himself with what he calculates will prove the most effective for any given situation though it is common for the tech-priests to arm themselves with Phospher weapons, Thunder-Rifles, or Eradication beamers. As such Secutors are primarily identifiable by the markings of their Divisio and Ranking, or simply by the difference between them and the Skitarii and servitors about them. On the battlefields the Secutors are often leading or coordinating the most precise defenses and destructive assaults of the Jovian armies, transforming regions of combat through a combination of precise calculations and a logical understanding of human and xeno psychology and tactical preferences.

Often these priests would go to battle surrounded by Servitors armed with Jovia's specialised Arc-weapons, Thunder Rifles and cannons, Phospher Blasters and even Rad-shot cannons. As the Servitors utalized by the Sector Divisio Templarum are often armed with some of the most advanced gear these priests can acquire these units are often protected by Jovia's Arc-shielding technology. Through the Arc-shielding of Jovia's servitors the Divisio Templarum also form a shield about themselves of immense electrical energy.

Technology and Production

Standard Production Models

The bulk of production of Forgeworld Jovia is primarily based with universal model weaponry such as the M36 lasgun, the standardized Dilling equipment vital to the mining operations of the Golden Worlds or Arr-Ell, or the standard Sentinel and Chimera vehicle frames necessary for the Imperial Guard to wage their never-ending wars. However like all Forgeworlds Jovia has a number of non-standard weapon patterns they take pride in having developed, particularly as the effectiveness of the Jovia pattern weaponry speaks volumes about the superiority of it's manufacture.

Radium Carbines

Due to Jovian manufactoring practices and the sheer size of the Jovian Skitarii legions Radium Carbines are produced en mass on Jovia. Reputable for their lethal radiation and horrific effects on both the wielder and those about him, Radium Carbines produced on Jovia are manufactured by low value servitors and death-sentenced prisoners using the rad-wastes produced by major Jovian manufactorum. This process usually leads to death ratio of nearly two deceased prisoners or Servitors for every rifle produced. However the Magi of Jovia always press to continue their wars against the enemies of the Omnissiah and against their rivals, and as such more Carbines are always desired.


The most commonly produced and famed Arc-weapon series produced by the Mechanicum, Arc-Rifles unleash short bursts of lightning which fry the synapses of a victims brain, or overcharge the processors of a warmachine. As Jovia's mastery of Ionicly charged weapons is considered to be amongst the best in the galaxy, Jovia often produces a significant number of the weapon, arming squads of Skitarii Rangers with the weapons and even using them as trade materials. Often there are full assembly lines dedicated to the production of Arc-Rifles on Jovia, though their arts are often kept secret from those outside the Magi of Jovia.

Jovian Pattern Arc-Carbine

ARC Assault Rifle

Similar to the Arc-Rifle but developed in a far more compact form and intended for Vanguard to use against enemy vehicles at the unit's optimal range. While the technology to make compact Arc-Carbines is limited primarily to Jovia and the Jovian Skitarii, the Jovian Fabricator General distributes the weapon widely amongst the Kapikulu Skitarii's Vanguard. By decree only the Forges of the Fabricator General are allowed to produce Arc-Carbines, as the weapon is a sign of Jovia's superiority in the field of Ionicly charged weaponry over it's rivals. In battle the weapons are recorded as displaying an high compatibility rate with the rapid advance tactics preferred by Vanguard units, allowing the weapon to easily disable initial enemy armour while the Vanguard forces continue their forward momentum.

Galvanic Rifles

The main-line rifle of the Skitarii Rangers across the Galaxy. Galvanic Rifles hail all the way back to the earliest days of the Cult Mechanicus, and have precisely eliminated threats to the priesthood ever sense. Firing Servitor-rounds fulled with Electrical potential energy, upon contact with the target rounds from a Galvanic Rifle release their pent up energy in a flash of light. Jovian Manufactorum producing the rounds and actual Galvanic Rifles work ceaselessly as Jovia provides for a great many legions of Skitarii Rangers, and several other military forces besides. Jovia also prides themselves on the fact their Galvanic Rifles are each considered high quality works even despite the sheer quantity they produce.

Jovia Pattern Hotshot Lasgun

Hellgun concept by mrmao-d6c7pex

Benefiting from Jovia's possession of unique energy weapon focused STCs, the Jovian Forges developed new ways to improve upon the energy transfer of the standard Hotshot lasgun. Considered much Rarer outside of Jovia than the standard Hotshot Lasgun, in exchange for a increased heat-buildup in the weapon itself, the Jovia Pattern Hotshot Lasgun possesses significantly more power than the standard Hotshot Lasgun often felling heavily armored and incredibly durable targets with only a few shots. As such the Jovia Pattern Hotshot had been nicknamed the 'Astartes Feller' by the Imperial Guard who have been issued this variant of Hotshot, as with a few well aimed rounds can near instantly drop even a Space Marine. While the weapon retains the relative short range of other Hotshot Lasguns, the sheer power of the weapon makes it's design worth the effort to acquire according to many of the weapons owners.

Jovia Pattern Hotsot Volleygun

Of a similar condition as the more common Jovia Hotshot Lasgun, the Jovia Pattern Hotshot Volleygun is a larger variant of the Hotshot lasgun which allows the welder to fire a greater quantity of fire over longer distances to superior effect. In effect for the Jovian Skitarii this places the Jovia pattern Hotshot Volleygun in a position of serving as both a main rifle and as a supporting weapon for the shorter ranged Hotshots. Outside of Jovia the Jovia Hotshot Vollygun is a highly sought but seldom seen model of Volleygun. Holding a reputation of tearing through both power armor and Traitor Astartes inside, the Jovia Volleygun is known to scythe through the Imperium's enemies with greater ease than the weapon's counterparts setting itself and those elite who wield it apart on the fields of battle.

Jovia Pattern Multi-las

Utilizing the secrets learned from the STCs Jovia had acquired, and in turn tested upon the popular Jovia Hotshot Lasgun, the Jovian adeptus Mechanicus turned the science they had developed towards the Multilaser weapon system. Primarily focused on drastically increasing the weapon's armour perpetration, the Jovian Multilaser weapon system eventually was upgraded until the Jovian Multilaser had nearly as much penetrative power as the Hotshot Lasgun, however to produce the weapon system became more difficult and again the Jovian's could not find a way to fully deal with the weapon's new heat buildup.

Jovian Boarding Shield

Sm boarding assault shield 3

Designed primarily for the Sipahi Skitarii using the same template as the Boarding Shields used by the Adeptus Astartes. The Jovian Boarding Shield is a Masterwork of the Armour smiths of the Jovian Forges, particularly the forges belonging to the Fabricator General which provide for the Sipahi Skitarii. Each Shield weighs only five kilograms but is as thick and dense as the counterparts used by the olden Astartes Legions. This masterwork is due to Jovia's mathematical affluence and the Technological boons from the Forgeworld's Ionic Generators, the energy streams allowing the Jovian forges to create lighter, denser materials.

Luminen Grenade

Uniquely developed in mass quantity on Jovia the Luminen Grenade stores a immense electrical charge and after several seconds of the activation ritual of the grenade will release the built up charge in a singular multi-directional blast. This energy discharge functions similarly to the blast of a Standard issue frag grenade, but with the additional benefit of typically stunning survivors of the blast. Luminen Grenades are also unique as grenades as they are reuseable, with a single luminen generator a Luminen grenade can be charged precisely as needed on the field up to three uses, after those three uses the Luminen Grenade's circuitry dissolves rendering the device useless.

Taser Weapons

Mass produced on Jovia due to the planet's mastery of the electrical arts. Taser Weapons are powered by Hyperdynamo capacitors, and store an incredible amount of potential energy. A solid strike will cause their energy to be discharged in a scorching blast, severely wounding the victim. The energy is then once more collected by the Electrotheif prongs at the weapon's tip allowing it to quickly build a charge once again, Jovian Taser Weapons are notable for the unique build of the Electrotheif prongs on their Taser Weapons as they can collect power at a accelerated rate when compared to other patterns.

Taser Prods when gifted to the Skitarii forces of Jovia are designed to run off the Skitarii's own Luminen generator, this allows for a more lightweight sub-pattern to be used and reduces the threat of power failure in the weapon, however these Taser Prods are perhaps more delicate than the versions manufactured for use by non-skitarii. The standard Taser Prods shipped out from Jovia to the wider galaxy requires it's own power source and uses weighted chambers near the tip and at the handle of the Prod to store power, these weighted chambers increase the weight of the weapon and add additional bulk to the weapons entire frame.

Jovian Pattern Arc-Maul

Drawn from the standard Maul design the Jovian Arc-Maul hollows the interior of the Mace, loading a weighty electrical discharger into the core of the Maul while the head is of a conductive material. The Jovian Arc-Maul is manufactured with a precise balance, allowing the wielder to swing the weapon about with ease, while the mace head has serrated edges that sheer through the armour of foes allowing the weapon to dig deep before the discharger triggers unleashing several amps of power into the target. Without the electrical discharge of the Jovian Arc-Maul, the weapon itself though cutting though armour with ease, is considered inferior to other mauls due to the reduced weight of the weapon. The Luminen Lances wielded by Jovia's Skitarii are noted for being installed directly into the Skitarii allowing the weapon to discharge greater amperage into their targets.

Jupiter Lance Battery

A specialized series of Lance Weapons designed to strike in conjunction with one another, the Jupiter Lance Battery produced by Jovia is primarily designed that every lance in the Battery will strike precisely the same location increasing the power of the lance strike naturally. In addition to the simple design feature, the Jupiter Lance weapons are all also designed to carry one of two particular charges, when these energy waves connect they collide and build up energy in one massive reserve in space until that charge is released along the path set by the two lances. When this charge buildup, taking only a couple of seconds to reach critical mass, is completed it throws itself along the path the Lance beamed had created sending thousands to amps of ionized plasmic energy into the hull of it's victim vessel.

Jovian Archeotech

Derived from a series of STC's specific to Jovia, all Jovian archeotech designed items are closely guarded secrets unlikely to end up in the possession of anyone outside the Jovian Cult Mechanicus. Jovian Archeotech constructs are prized by the Mechanicum for their effectiveness, and in particular Jovia's ionization technology has been deemed amongst the most advanced in the entirety of the Imperium.

Jovian Lightning Gun

The Jovian Lightning Gun is a possible later model STC of the Lightning Guns used in the Golden Age of humanity as the weapon is lighter, more accurate and possessing a longer maximum range. However the energy draw of the weapon is noted, by the Skitarii who wield these weapons, to be significantly more than the Lightning gun records maintained by the Jovians. Despite the power draw of the weapon Jovian forces find the Lightning gun to be an excellent assault weapon melting through the thickest of armours to deal damage which is crippling to flesh and blood targets.

Thunder Rifle

Developed with Technology similar to the Lightning Gun, the Thunder Rifle is a longer ranged and more accurate variant of the Lightning gun capable of sheering through the armor and bio-engineered toughness of a space marine. However unlike the lighter Jovian Lightning guns, the Thunder Rifle requires time to build to it's full potential, meaning that while the weapon can be fired quickly with less power the Thunder Rifle requires a period of time before it may fire on a target to maximum effect. Another technological detriment is the delicacy of the Thunder Rifle is that the weapon is built typically with delicate machinery making it possible to render the weapon useless with minimal effort by the user.

Rad-Shot Cannon

Heavy, short ranged and entirely devastating to all but the most heavily armoured of foes. The Rad-Shot Cannon is a single large Tubed device which requires extensive shielding for the user to properly use. While heavy and short ranged the Rad-Shot Cannon fires waves of radiation which are nearly perceivable by the naked eye. each Radioactive wave within seconds of contact with a unfortunate target render the targets organic components destroyed as the Autolysis effect degrades tissue into a foaming substance. Only the must durable and heavily armoured foes survive direct sustained fire from the Rad-Shot Cannon.

Thunder Cannon

A large variant take on the Lightning Cannon which reduced the weapon's size and range drastically, the Thunder Cannon is scaled to a proper size to be mounted on a Onager Dunecrawler chassis. The Dunecrawler mounted Thunder Cannon transforms the tank into a devastating shock unit capable of penetrating the armour of most vehicles, killing the crew within with devastating electrical discharges which also disrupt of destroy the vehicle's systems. However the immense value of the Thunder Cannon and the weapon's limited range mean that any Onager chassis equipped with the weapon would also require support and additional shielding to ensure the vehicle would reach it's target.

Lightning Lance

The rarest and most guarded Archeotech produced on Jovia, the Lightning Lance is a Titan Grade weapon specifically produced for use by Warlord titan's of the Volcanus Legion. The Lightning Lance is a high powered ionized beam which is followed by a massive surge which unleashes a series of clustered lightning strikes. These strikes each individually is enough to melt the armour of a Leman Russ and render the vehicle inoperable, in a mass they can overwhelm the shielding of most Titans and even cause system wide damage to the Titan's electronics. However the Lightning Lance requires a built charge from the Titan's reactor Core to be dumped into the weapon and the weapon possesses a shorter range than most Titan grade weaponry. None the less the Lightning Lance is considered a Titan killer by most Princepts of the Volcanus Legion, and the Warlord Princepts are proud to don the weapon on their Titan.

Jovian Rending Blade

Derived from a STC found deep within a dead world, Jovian Rending Blades are large, heavy two handed Chain-swords built to balance the blade's weight near perfectly and prevent the hum of the blade from vibrating the weapon. The most unique facet of this weapon design is the pulsing power-field of the blade, this allows the sword to clash with power-swords and strike as if it was a power-sword itself. Due to the uniqueness of the Jovian Rending Blade and the care put behind every model, each blade produced is a masterpiece of Mechanicus smithery. Daily dozens of the blades are produced on Jovia either to be integrated with the Skitarii forces of the Forgeworld, or to be shipped out into the Imperium to be used by the master swordsmen of Noble Houses, Imperial Crusaders, the Ecclesiarchy and even Space Marine Chapters.


An unique shield design originating only from Jovia, the Arc-Shield uses a small Cogitator and advanced sensor suite to preempt incoming projectiles and high energy masses, unleashing high voltage power waves to disrupt, destroy or prematurely detonate incoming attacks. This design allows the Arc-Shield to be tailored specifically to allow attacks unlikely to penetrate the wearers armour pass through, saving power for when the shielding system is needed. This system also can be used as a weapon against targets in close combat and is adjustable allowing it to even counterstrike against melee weapons, however while able to be tailored to situations the Arc-shield system is imperfect and certain weapons are able to bypass the system. Such examples of weaponry bypassing the Arch-shield typically involve long-las weapons or hotshot lasguns as the cogitator mistakes the hot-shot for a regular las-shot.




First identified by terraform vessels of the Golden Era Human empire, the near lifeless rock which was to become Forgeworld Jovia would, like many worlds of that long forgotten age remained a unnoticed and lost within the data vaults of Mars. Due to the ever present demand of supply the Imperium holds, the Dragontooth Nebula was explored and found to be rich in materials that could be used to fuel the Imperium's wars. As Imperial Frontiersmen began to encroach upon the borders of the Dragontooth Nebula, an Exploritor fleet was launched containing the full sum of the Admech's astrographical knowledge of the region. While incomplete the Astrograph charts quickly lead the Exploritor fleet towards the Arr-Ell wall, and the rich worlds beyond. Sensing opportunity the Arch-Magos Kutbeddin quickly found the largest of the wall's several small gateways, and discovering Jovia in the most ancient of the records quickly descended upon the world declaring it property of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Planetary Development

Within only two years billions of Mechanicus Menials flooded Jovia, with their sacrifice those two years saw to the construction of Jovia's first forges, and soon the world began to explode into construction and grand projects as the initial miners of the Golden Worlds of Arr-Ell found themselves dependent on the forgeworld's supply. As the trade with the Golden worlds flooded Jovia with resources, Fabricator General Kutbeddin turned his attentions back towards the Exploritor mission of exploring the Dragontooth Nebula. Granting authority to the Archmagos each taking residence on Jovia, as well as granting powers to the Magos Logis so they can oversee the development of Jovia, Fabricator General Kutbeddin began exploring the Dragontooth Nebula. While Forges rose and were constructed under the crust of the planet, Kutbeddin only returned to Jovia twice within a century.

The Archmagos of Jovia while the Fabricator General was away assumed power over the world, forming a ruling Council. However opposed to the Archmagos were the Magi of the Mago Logis who had been given official powers by the absent Fabricator General. While armed conflict did not come of these disagreements both the Archmagi and the Magos Logis of Jovia began a scramble for power, both factions establishing both unofficial and officially recognized power and claims over Jovia. The first civil wars of Jovia would not be between the Mago Logis and the Archmagi, instead the world's first civil wars would be sparked by the return of Fabricator General Kutbeddin with a treasure trove of STC templates from regions unknown.

The Fist Jovian Civil War

The first Jovian Civil War, the greatest of the many, many wars ever fought between the Magos elite of the world. The first Jovian Civil war was sparked between the power seeking Archmagi of Jovia when the planet's first Fabricator General returned with the STC templates for the Jovian Lightning weapons. When the Fabricator General returned he openly began distributing the designs among the Archmagi, expecting the archmagi to begin using the templates to further the glory of Jovia and the Machine Cult.

Unexpectedly for the Fabricator General, though well within the expectations of the Mago Logis, the Archmagi of the world saw the technology as a means to further their own planetary power and within months of the technology's distribution the Skitarii of Jovia, holding no true loyalties to the Fabricator General, began battling one another within the Forgeworld's Manufactorum. Fabricator General Kutbeddin waited for three months, hoping that through negotiations and time the conflict would end and he would then be able to re-assume total control of his world. On the fourth month Kutbeddin realized that sorrowfully the Archmagi would have to be defeated if he were ever to re-assume control of his world.

With the calculations of the Magos Logis supporting him, Fabricator General Kutbedden quickly and secretly rose an army that would match the combined might off the warring Archmagi. With a sudden, forceful surprise strike the Fabricator General's Skitarii suddenly took the Under-sphere manufactorum, securing a route into every major forge and placing themselves in a position to threaten all the Archmagi in a single night. In a move that then surprised even the Magos Logis, the Fabricator General then ordered his Skitarii on a series of destructive strikes disabling the Archmagi's ability to produce technology, and entirely leveling an entire forge. After this the Fabricator General declared his supremacy and ordered the construction of the Ultima Librarium, a place where all of Jovia's secrets would be stored out of the reach of the infighting Magi. As the Ultima Librarum's construction began the First Jovian Civil war came to a end.

However the effects of the war linger, bitter rivalries between Forges persist and Magi work ceaselessly to acquire the secrets locked away within the Ultima Librarium. The Council of Magos Logis, betrayed by Fabricator Kutbeddin's sudden maneuver, bitterly seek a way to undermine the powers of the Ultima Librarium. While Jovia itself is host to several armies of Skitarii effectively turning the world into a fortress world for the vast numbers of the armed elite guards of the Omnissiah that walk it's surface. Fabricator General's after Kutbeddin all are allowed access to the deepest secrets of this war, the original STC templates that had sparked the war, all of the records of Kutbeddein's negotiations and plots, and most deeply sealed away of all, the source from where those STCs had come from.

The Era of Imperial Expansionism

It was not until the halfway through the 38th millennium that Imperial expansion into the Dragontooth Nebula had truly begun in earnest. However with the groundwork laid by several Imperial Frontier worlds, Rogue Traders, and by the workings of Forgeworld Jovia, when the Imperium began to move into the Region they moved in force. With Jovia's Ultima Librarium completed, the forge found itself seen as a the crimson jewel of the undeveloped Imperial expansion, it's resources highly sought after, and the planet's excess of Skitarii in high demand as the new Imperial border worlds came into contact with new xeno species and ever increasing resistance.

Sensing opportunity Archmagi Iskender, Ays'e, and Andreyus of the Council of Archmagi joined their Skitarii into an alliance. This was the first alliance of Forges since the first Jovian Civil war, and claiming a small fleet of vessels sent their united forces to battle against the foes of the Imperium in the stead of the Imperial Guard or Adeptus Astartes. In return the trio of Archmagi would demand tithes of resources to be delivered to their forges on Jovia.

With trade primarily focused through the Forges of Archmagi Iskender, Ays'e, and Andreyus, the balance of power within the Congress of Archmagi was swiftly disrupted. Magi across Jovia sensing the change quickly began to forge new alliances and began to disregard and end old alliances as was convenient. Swiftly tensions began to build within the Forgeworks between those aligned with the trio, and those aligned against.

Fabricator General Kutbedden and the Council of Magos Logis, however, were content to watch and refused to intervene. While the three Archmagi reached for ever greater power both on and off of Jovia, agents of Kutbedden and the Council entered the councils of many worlds across the Dragontooth Nebula, forming agreements between noble families and the Fabricator General many of which would not come to light until much further in the future. Also Skitarii warriors of the Fabricator General united secretly with Rogue Traders providing military force to the Traders and allowing agents of the Fabricator General to steal and whisk away even more archeotech secrets to be secured and studied in the Fabricator's Ultima Librarium. As everything began to work in such Favor of the Fabricator General, many Remembrancers suspect that it was the Fabricator General and the Council of Mago Logis who allowed Archmagi Iskender, Ays'e, and Andreyus to form their alliance and drive Jovia to that exact point in it's history, with the intention of profiting from the disturbances the three Archmagi were the source of.


The Second Jovian Civil War

While not as immense and destructive as the First Jovian Civil war, the Second Civil War lasted much longer and created a dividing line across the world which would last for centuries. In a sudden and, as the Council of Mago Logis claim, unforeseen move the Archmagi and Magi aligned against the rising power of the allied Archmagi Iskender, Ays'e, and Andreyus unleashed the Skitarii forces of their Forges against the three Archmagi.

In a single rotation every Manufactorum belonging to the three was under siege, and in a movement of political cunning the forces aligned against the three undermined the support of several militaristic prominent magi stripping the three of further support. For days the manufactorums of Iskender, Ays'e, and Andreyus were alone and significantly outnumbered. Meanwhile the Three archmagi themselves desperately plead with their allies, the Fabricator General, the Magos Logis, and even the growing powers of the Lexmechanics of the Ultima Librarium.

Eventually the allies of the three joined the conflict their Skitarii engaging against the forces the aligned Magi. Even while another war began upon his world Fabricator General Kutbedden did nothing, instead sealing himself away in the dark vaults of the Ultima Librarium, while the Magi Logis abstained from the conflict, the Forges granted them benefiting from the severe drop of productivity from the warring Forges.

For nearly a year Jovia became a divided battleground, the Forges of the, now named, Triad alliance holding strong against the constant pressures of the Aligned forces. However across the Dragontooth Nebula this year of warfare had harmed the Imperium immensely, worlds expecting Jovian Skitarii to supplement their warriors in war found themselves alone, and supplies that were in constant demand from the Forgeworld were now running short.

To reduce the damages done, the Fabricator dedicated nearly all of his own Skitarii to support the Imperium's expansion, while the forges and Laberors granted to the Council of Magos Logis worked ceaselessly to provide what they could. Meanwhile the treaties and agreements formed by the warring Magi with Governors of other worlds were cast aside and forgotten, while the year long war between Jovia's Archmagi had come to a stalemate. However this would change drastically as Archmagos Iskender would speak secretly to the Council of Magos Logis following the sudden assassination of Achmagos Andreyus.

Archmagos Iskender would bring the power of the Magos Logis to the side of the Triad Alliance or he would doom the Triad trying. While the Triad struggled with the newest turn of the war following Archmagos Andreyus' death, Archmagos Iskender spent days looked in debate with the Magi Logis arguing for the case of granting the Triad the power to claim victory. Meanwhile Archmagos Ays'e, who was perhaps closest to Andreyus of the three, secluded herself in the Ultima Librarium, what transpired within left unknown.

Despite their lack of leadership the Triad Alliance withstood the assaults of the Aligned Forges, and following another month of warfare Ays'e would return from the Ultima Librarium bearing new secrets to improve the Triad's Skitarii, while Archmagos Iskender would return with the forces of the Magos Logis, fresh Skitarii, powerful calculatory powers, and the Council themselves serving as replacement for Archmagos Andreyus. Within two short months the Aligned Forges were forced into retreat, and the Council of Magos Logis directed the Triad forces attentions upon a new prize.

The Battle of the Ultima Librarium

Considered the pivotal point in Jovian history by many Remembrancers, with the Aligned Forges on the precipice of defeat the Council of Magos Logis used their immense influence over the Triad Alliance towards the recently completed Ultima Librarium. Inside the Librarium lay the technological secrets gathered by Fabricator General Kutbedden, nearly unguarded as the Skitarii the Fabricator General promised to the Ultima Librarium were spread across the Dragontooth Nebula.

Tempted by the prospect of possessing all of the Fabricator General's secrets Archmagos Iskender directed the might of the Triad Alliance towards the Librarium, declaring his intent to have the Council of Magos Logis declare him the next Fabricator General. As the Triad moved towards the boundaries of the Ultima Librarum the Aligned Forges split, the more opportunistic and defeated of their Magos joined behind Iskender, the Magos Logis and Ays'e, while those most loyal and unbroken rallied their forces towards the Librarium to the defense of Fabricator General Kutbedden's creation.

As the Triad began to press in on the Librarium and the remnants of the Aligned Forges raced towards the Librarium, their chances of success becoming ever more slim, both forces were caught surprised by the appearance of Skitarii forces bearing the markings of the Librarium itself in the stead of allegiance to a Forge. These were the first of the Akinci Skitarii of the Librarium, who fought with Archeotech weaponry few of the Skitarii of the triad forces possessed, and a ferocity of a zealot. Within the first few hours of the battle hundreds of Skitarii were lost, while the doors of the Librarium remained sealed. Soon the Magos Logis found it reasonable to lay siege to the Librarium and Iskender prepared his forces for the long battle.

For two months more the forces of the Triad would attack the Librarium, while Fabricator Ganeral Kutbedden remained missing. However even as the Siege pressed on, the Kapikulu Skitarii loyal to the Fabricator General began to return and gathered in the Fabricator's Forges. Sensing the threat Iskender pressed his forces offensive against the librarium harder, while Ays'e gathered the forces most loyal to the Triad, and Iskender's claim to the position of Fabricator General, to stand guard against the Kapikulu Skitarii.

With the rate of attrition it would only be days before the Triad forces could penetrate deep enough into the Librarium to break the Akinci Skitarii. Then in a feat never again repeated in Jovian history, Ays'e rose her forces against the Triad, her Praetorian's striking against the command of the Triad while her lesser forces struck coincideingly with the Kapikulu Skitarii sallying forth from the Forges of the Fabricator General. Revealing records that showed that Fabricator General Kutbedden had declared her his successor and was to resign at the end of the Second Jovian Civil war, Archmagos Ays'e and her forces broke the rear-guard of the Triad and threw the less loyal forces of the Triad into disarray.

After days of conflict Ays'e captured Iskender and ordered the Archmagos executed, while the Council of Magos Logis underwent a sudden shift and several of their members who had been recorded directly interacting with the 'traitor' were purged while the Council declared it's loyalties to the new Fabricator General. With the end of the war, Fabricator General Kutbedden resigned his position surrendering all but a single Forge to the new Fabricator General. Fabricator General Ays'e declared the Akinci Skitarii a independent force bound only to the Librarium and it's defense, while placing new militaristic restrictions on the powers of the Council of Magos Logis, each of which the Council deemed 'mathematically sound'.

After a series of purges to remove the last of the Triad's influence over Jovia and forming the system by which Jovia is currently balanced, Fabricator General Ays'e took full command of Jovia and began a new series of economic, political, and militaristic movements to further increase the forgeworld's power and prestige within the Dragontooth Nebula.

Expansionary Era

Following the period of reorganization after the Second Jovian Civil War, Fabricator General Ays'e turned her attentions again to the worlds outside the Arr-Ell sub-sector. Quickly reforming the treaties and alliances created during the period of Fabricator General Kutbedden's rule. Most important was the formation of Fabricator General Ays'e's alliance with the Ecclesiarchy of Athenna and the Torch-worlds within the Dragontooth Nebula, with Jovian weaponry and Skitarii support Frateris Militia Zealots and Sister's of Battle from the Cindered Rose Covenant quickly began a new War of Faith against the species trading with the Border worlds of the Imperial territories of the Sea.

United the Adeptus Ministorum and Jovia exterminated many species while driving others back from Imperial space. Such a union of forces eventually was challenged by the Adeptus Terra, however until that time the Ecclesiarchy was free bound the souls of a dozen worlds to their teachings with the Jovians at their side, while Jovia lay claim to the tithes of material from those very same worlds.

While the Expansionary Era was coming towards a close the beginnings of the Wars of Cleansing were already well in root. While the Jovians pressed forwards with mechanical precision, the Ecclesiarchy took to educating those humans conquered or immigrated into the new worlds, in the ways of Imperial Creed. This was meet by resistance from the frontiersmen, as standard procedure for such resistance, both the Ecclesiarchy and the Jovian's meet such resistance with violent purging. However the Adeptus Terra, urged onwards by several minor and major trade houses meet the actions of the two forces with reproach and sent a flotilla of vessels to defend the settlers of the Imperium's border worlds, sparking the Wars of Cleansing.

The Wars of Cleansing

Sparked from the appearance of several flotilla of Warships carrying Astra Militarum given the mission of providing protection to the border world settlers harried by the joint efforts of the Ecclesiarchy and Jovia's Skitarii. The Wars of Cleansing were a Imperial Civil war both confusing and with troubling implication. The Border world settlers had staunchly refused the variant of the Imperial Creed taught by the Torchworld preachers and in response the Ecclesiarchy had begun a series of violent purges, finding the faithless and putting them to the stake, all while apathetic Jovian Skitarii watched executing those who resisted. It was Jovian apathy which lead to the loss of several thousand lives, With fleets from the Adeptus Terra arrayed against them most assumed that Jovia and the Torch-world forces of the Ecclesiarchy would withdraw or cease their activities. Instead the Jovians remained at post ready to continue their wars of expansion, and encouraged thus the Frateris Militia continued their persecution of the settlers.

The response from the Adeptus Terra was swift, Imperial Guard and Navy forces engaged in a series of defensive raids in an attempt to stun the Ecclesiarchal and Jovian forces. The intent of the maneuver was to attempt to force the joint forces back to the negotiations table where Imperial Authority could reign the two forces back into line, the result however was a series of provocative and bloody exchanges which promoted the fanatical Frateris Militia to openly assault the settlers. Soon fanatical zealots and Skitarii clashed against Imperial Guardsmen and defensive militias across several worlds. For three years these wars would persist, while Ecclesiarchal preachers demanded that the minor trade houses 'perpetuating the war for personal gain' be executed for heresy, the trade houses demanded that the Mechanicum and Ecclesiarchy in the region be pacified for the sake of humanity, and soldiers fought bloody and pointless battles on the Border-worlds.

In the end the Wars of Cleansing were effectively ended by the Jovians, detecting a decrease of the trade vital to their world and frustrated by the constant battles and loss of vessels, the Congress of Archmagi demanded a end to the draining of resources the Wars had brought. Pulled between the Jovian bonds to their Ecclesiarch allies, and the need to see to the prosperity of her own world Fabricator General Ays'e eventually relented. With a single transmission the Fabricator General ordered all Skitarii off of Jovia to return to their Forges. Months later the Frateris Militia were broken by the better trained and equipped Astra Militarum and the Ecclesiarchy were forced to cede defeat and pay repercussions for the war, while Jovia safe from the Imperial recourse were allowed to simply leave the war with not but a single apology.

The Jovian War of Faith

Held in official records as the Jovian War of Faith but noted on Jovia as being the first Jovian-Torch worlds War, The Jovian War of Faith was a conflict seeded by Jovia's apathy and evasion of blame from the Wars of Cleansing, and brought to bear fruit by the Hands of Inquisitor Marcellus. Inquisitor Marcellus, a steadfast ally of the Ecclesiarchy, had abruptly entered into orbit over Jovia with a moderately sized and well armed pilgrimage fleet filled with Frateris Militia, warriors provided by various death cults, and most importantly at the head of the fleet, a cruiser filled with the Sisters of Battle belonging to the Order of the Cindered Rose. With Inquisitorial authority Marcellus brought both himself and his fanatical army down onto the surface of Jovia where he declared that Jovia's first 'hunt of the heretekal' had begun. Immediately the Inquisitor began to vandalize and invade the territories of the planet's various Magos and orders, the domiciles and libraries of Magi and Archmagi alike we're turned into barracks for the militia while Administratum agents, and tech-priests from distant worlds scoured through the workings and records of each Archmagos and magos. Using the harshest standards possible Inquisitor Marcellus's brutish followers uncovered whatever evidence of even minor infractions they could and housing mock courts would have the Inquisitor declare the Magos guilty of heresy against the God Emperor and sentenced to death. Outraged the Jovian Magi began to show increasing resistance, while Fabricator General Ays'e used her contacts to send a plea to Holy Mars, and used her servents to discover the source of the fanatics Inquisitor Marcellus had used against her world.

The building resentment and outrage of the Jovians reached fervor point when Inquisitor Marcellus insisted he and his entire retinue would be allowed into the inner most chambers of the Ultima Librarium. Immediately Fabricator General Ays'e and the Librarium Lexmechanics refused the Inquisitor, stating that he would need the authorization of the Fabricator General of Mars to access the inner most Chambers of Jovia's Librarium. In response the Inquisitor declared the Fabricator General relieved of her position, his aid as the new Fabricator General, and the Librarium Lexmechanics disbanded. Inquisitor Marcellus then gathered the entirety of his forces and began to move upon the Ultima Librarium. Several hundred Adeptus Sororitas, tens of thousands of Frateris Militia all packed into armored and unarmored transports descended upon the Ultima Librarium marking the beginning of the Second Battle for the Librarium in Jovian history.

While the Fabricator General had be unceremoniously declared demoted from her position, and the Lexmechanics claimed disbanded by the sweeping commands of the Inquisitor, messages of reassurance from Mars had already reach the Jovians and certain of their position, Ays'e and the Lexmachanics prepared their forces to withstand the coming assault. Several thousand Skitarii took to the Librarium's defense along with half the Knight House Metis. When Inquisitor Marcellus arrived with his army and the other half of Knight House Metis under his command to claim the Librarium, a phalanx of Akinci Skitarii stood I'm their path. At the lead of the Skitarii, a Secutor of the Divisio Templarum, flanked by two House Mortis Knights. After a short exchange brtween the Inquisitor and the Secutor the battle began, fanatics threw themselves into the ranks of Skitarii often with detonation packs intending to take the defenders of the Adeptus Mechanicus with them. Within hours the Skitarii were forced back into the Librarium but the defenses held and the Ecclesiarchy's fanatics did not enter. For weeks the two sides clashed fiercely and seemingly without end, and both factions would have by thr battles end have lived tales of great cruelty and of great sacrifice. The end of the battle would be inconclusive, however, even as the forces of the Ecclesiarch, now aided by orbital bombardment, began to enter the Librarium the Black Ships of the Inquisition appeared over Jovia calling Inquisitor Marcellus to stand trial for abuses in power and possible heresy. Alongside the ships of the inquisition a Exploritor Fleet readied to engage the Ecclesiarchy fleet. By the week's en Ays'e would be returned to her position as Fabricator General and the Ecclesiarchy forces sent away. The true damage of the attacks though had already set in on Jovia however, many Forges were crippled, secrets of the planet had been stolen, and from then on Jovia and the Torch-worlds of the Dragontooth Nebula would hate one another with a passion.


The Age of Ambitions

Following the devastation brought upon Jovia's Magi by Inquisitor Marcellus, Jovia underwent a period of upheaval. With so many high ranking Magi either imprisoned or killed the lesser Magi and remaining Arch-Magi began to seek to expand their powers or to raise to take the open positions left by one of their fallen predecessors. Within the age of Ambitions lesser wars broke out between dozens of Forges on Jovia, while flotillas of Jovian Exploritor-vessels lashed out at targets of opportunity and sought to expand their masters power. Jovia bordered on anarchy and only the tyrannical rule of Fabricator General Ays'e kept the planet from descending into heresy and madness. However the Age of ambitions still scars Jovia and built towards a war which would devastate the Imperials within the Dragontooth Nebula.

Across the Imperial territories in the Dragontooth Nebula, Jovian diplomats and agents worked endlessly, binding the economies of several worlds to Jovia's influence and resources, while simultaneously gathering every byte of information they could concerning the activities of the Torch-Worlds, the standings of the Administratum and the often ignored Rogue Traders. For those outside of Jovia this was a period of virtual prosperity as the Jovians began to lavishly gift all but the Imperial Shrine worlds great pieces of technology and acting with a leniency towards the activities of their peoples. Only the Preachings of the Priests from the Torch-worlds held any negative connotation towards the actions of the Jovians, while Jovian influenced Governors and lords began to sing the praises of the Forgeworld and tried to influence the Administratum to favorably side with the Omnissiahs servants in many pursuits.

It was also in this time that the Fabricator General Ays'e traveled to the Imperial Sub-sector capital, while there the Fabricator General delivered a number of minor speeches concerning maters of loyalty to the Imperium and prioritizing the well of the Emperor and the needs of humanity over the needs and desires of the few. While on the Capital the Fabricator General also engaged in a number of private communications with the Sector Governor and spoke personally with the heads of a half-dozen Rogue Trader Houses. While some from the Ecclesiarchy shouted claims of suspicious behavior from the leader of Jovia, they were widely ignored in favor of the blessings the Jovian forges were gifting to the Imperial worlds. Two years after the Fabricator General's visit to the Sector Capital an Jovian War-Fleet appeared over their first planet of the Torch-worlds.

War of the Burnt Torch

The first world the Jovian Fleet darkened the skies of the world known as Hecet, it was a relatively small world compared to the other shrine worlds making up the Torch-worlds. When the Knights of House Metis descended upon the world alongside several legions of Kapikulu, Timarli, and Sipahi Skitarii the people of Hecet felt particularly small. Within hours of the Jovian Fleet's appearance Fabricator General Ays'e stood before the ruling Cardinals of Hecet and levied forty-eight accusations of Tech-Heresy against the planet, seven additional accounts of Tech-Heresy originating from the Torchworlds in their entirety as well as a singular accusation of treason against the servants of the Omnissiah. In responce the Cardinals claimed the Fabricator's claims were unfounded, her actions unjust at best and treason at worst, and claimed the Emperor's amnesty against the Fabricator's baseless claims. The Jovian response was immediate. Within seven hours nine-hundred-seventy million of the planet's estimated eight billion devout imperial citizens had been killed. Only from the Temple of Black petals, and the Shrine City of Kaiser Halten did the rapidly moving Jovian forces find worthwhile resistance, as fanatical zealots defended the shrine city with a swath of arms appropriated from the local temples while the lone Temple of Black Petals was defended by Adeptus Sororitas. After two months of fighting the Jovians left Hecet, only one billion survivors remained.

Even as the Jovian's first fleet left Hecet's orbit their second, larger, fleet appeared over the Shrine world Coeus. Already knowledgeable of the initiation of the war the fleet lead by Archmagos Enmakar of the Secutor Divisio Templarum, recently gifted a position amongst the Congress of Archmagi by Ays'e, sent Jovia's newest great weapons down upon the planet's surface. Titans defended by Akinci Skitarii, and supported by Timarli Skitarii marched against the Shine/Hive world's population destroying everything they came across. However the Magi Logis who had calculated the necessary resources and time-tables had failed to properly account for the fanaticism of the shrineworld's residents, caught in a tide of fanatics the Jovian forces warring on Coeus would become bogged down, trapped on that world for six months. Meanwhile similar would take place for Fabricator Ays'e forces on the next world she would strike, the Shrine-fortress World of Themis. On Themis defenses which statistically would have fallen much sooner instead held longer than calculated due to the passionate defense put forth by the locals. However both Coeus and Themis would burn in the wrath of the Omnissiah's servants leaving less then twenty percent of the two world's population surviving. Both world did buy the Ecclesiarchy time to prepare in their frantic defenses, word was sent to the Sector Governor, those Jovian preparation had ensured he would act too late to help, while a war of faith was declared and quickly thousands to millions of pilgrim soldiers began their journey towards the Shrine-worlds as temple smitheries produced the arms necessary to fight off the invading Cult Mechanicus.

Recognizing the growing fleet of ships rapidly amassing against them, Fabricator General Ays'e decided to launch the decisive strike against the Torchworlds. With orders relayed through the Noonsphere network, both fleets of Jovia's invasion force jumped into the warp, their destination Athenna Cardinal world of the Torchworlds and center of the Ecclesiarchy's power in the Dragontooth Nebula. After a week of Warp travel the Jovian fleets and the pilgrim fleets over Athenna would light up the void in combat, While Jovian Skitarii and war-machines would slowly and with destructive purpose descend upon the the burning heart of the Torchworlds.

Athenna Campaign

Eight months after the War had begun Athenna's skies were darkened as drop-ships descended on mass into a designated staging ground. Disembarking from each vessel were the Kapikulu Skitarii of the Fabricator General herself, alongside the Akinci Skitarii as they guarded the secrets of the Jovian Titans. Within hours of the Jovian War Expedition had established themselves on planet's surface within a wooded region known as the great white wood, however the radiation of the Jovian army would kill the land and within a few short years it would be renamed the Red desert. As the battle for Athenna's space was raged in space, Titans of the Legio Volcanus descended upon the hives of Athenna, legions of Skitarii warriors marching at their feet. The Jovians had miscalculated the ability and fanaticism of Athenna's populus and by the end of the first week of battle the Jovians would be out-flanked and facing a virtual sea of enemy combatants lead by highly disciplined Adeptus Sororitas.

The most famed region of conflict in the invasion would be later known as the Dust Heights for the Flora killed by Jovian radiation and Ash created by sanctified flamers. Here Athennen fanatics hard pressed the Jovian Skitarii to hold against their assaults, a great many Ecclesiarch martyrs and heroes were created on the Heights while the Jovians encountered a legend made reality as a Alpha-Primus known as "The Stormstrider" mysteriously appeared before them and lead a devastating counter-offensive against the Ecclesiarchy forces. While heroes rose and died amongst the infantry Jovian Titans and Dunecrawlers lay waste to the Ecclesiarchy hives. By the end of the Campaign nearly three separate hives had been completely laid to waste leaving hundreds of millions of the Emperor's Devoted displaced.

While the surface war burned and scarred the world below the Jovian fleet burned through the defensive fleet of the Ecclesiarchy, within three weeks the Jovian War Expedition had destroyed the Athennan fleet and stood uncontested over the planet ready to bring their weapons to bear against the remaining hives of the cardinal world. However before the Jovian's could begin to unleash their full wrath against the Ecclesiarch the rest of the pilgrimage vessels of the Torchworlds arrived and stood ready to clash with the Jovians. The scene was set for what would have been the decisive clash between the Jovians and the Torchworlds, but before the two forces could unleash their might against one another yet another fleet appeared. Sent by the Sector Governor the Imperial Navy intervened in the conflict and forced both sides to withdraw. The Administratum then called for Fabricator General Ays'e to stand trail before them, holding her solely responsible for the actions of the Jovians and allowing the rest of Jovia to return to their Forgeworld freely. No Ecclesiarchy were forced to stand before the Administratum as every suspect they named had died in the conflict between the two sides. The fate of Fabricator General Ays'e is unknown as all details concerning her trial have been sealed by the Inquisition.

Election of the Third Fabricator General of Jovia

With their Fabriator General taken into custody by the administratum Jovia quickly slipped into an uncertain state. The brewing anarchy was quickly averted however as a Noonsphere transmission reached the planet. The Council of Magos Logis were charged by Fabricator General Ays'e to select from amongst the Congress of Archmagi, her successor, who would then be tried by Lexmechanics of the Ultima Librarium. With the proper data-signatures there was no question if this message had come from their Fabricator General, and thusly the Council of Magos Logis began considering the best candidate for the replacement of Fabricator General Ays'e. While many of their number considered electing an easily controlled Fabricator General, the knowledge that the Lexmechanics of the Librarium would contest this and withhold the Libarium's inner most secrets prevented this course of action. Instead the Council of Mago Logis needed to select an acceptable individual who would eventually supply them with the secrets of the Librarium.

While there were many possible candidates amongst the Congress of Archmagi few filled the needs of the Council. After nearly four months of deliberation the Council of Magos Logis came to a conclusion. Archmagos Enmakar was considered as close to a war hero as one could be on Jovia, he was also favored by the former Fabricator General, new to the Congress of Archmagi and most importantly unconcerned with the political struggle between the Magos Logis and the Lexmechanics. Thus so with a great fanfare and display recorded and sent to the seats of Imperial power throughout the Dragontooth Nebula, the Council of Magos Logis publicly announced Archmagos Enmakar as Fabricator General and called the blessings of the Omnissiah upon his rule. Within four days after their announcement the Lexmechanics presented the Fabricator General from atop the Ultima Librarium declaring his authority and claiming the spirit of Jovia accepted his rule, by the end of the month every Archmagos on the planet had made some public declaration of Loyalty. Meanwhile across the Dragontooth Nebula, enemies of Jovia, particularly within the reeling Torchworlds watched with a mixture of hate and a sense of opportunity.


The Resurgence Expedition

Swiftly after his ascent into the position of Fabricator General, Enmakar planned to launch the Jovians into a new War Expedition. With one great stroke the new Fabricator General planned to display that Jovia's might was retained ever after the loss of Fabricator General Ays'e, as well as both affirming the Forgeworld's Commitment to both the Imperium and the Dragontooth Nebula, and to attain new data for Jovia. Enmakar planned to send Jovia's forces against a recently located world, the world was infested with a new unidentified species and the Fabricator General planned to purge the xenos before their presence could harm the faithful of the Omnissiah. Before the launch of the Expedition Enmakar put forth a display of Jovia's ever present might. The Fabricator General ordered that all of the Skitarii of each legion joining the Expedition would parade before him as he surveyed them from atop a raised dais, all before an array of Pict-recorders which would then transmit the footage to the capitals of every Imperial world in the Dragontooth Nebula. As intended, the recording frightened many Nobles, seeing Jovia launching a new war with such force almost Immediately after their last was more than disheartening to those set against the Forgeworld's dominion. While the Ecclesiarchy, enraged and embarrassed by their Mechanicum counterpart, immediately condemned the act saying that the Jovian's were posturing and threatening towards treason, however they were promptly ignored by most and those who would listen were not in position to stop the Forgeworld's actions.

With the might of several legions of Skitarii and many Titan maniples aboard the Jovian fleet, Fabricator General Enmakar launched the War expedition. The fleet, after precise calculations and receiving new inloads about the recently discovered xenos, dove into the warp and set on their way to the outer worlds of this new xeno empire. Forewarned of the xenos mysteriously taking over the vessels assigned to watch over their territory, Fabricator Enmakar prepared for fierce combat against the species now labeled and identified as the Quil'midas.

Once the War-Expeditionary Fleet had emerged from Warp travel, the Jovian's found themselves faced by a small flotilla of xeno warships with the assigned observation vessel, repurposed by the xenos taint, serving as the flagship of the defense. The combat between the two fleets while fierce and leaving several vessels of the Mechanicum Fleet wounded. To a sewage the enraged machines Fabricator General Enmakar sent down now fewer than four legions of his Skitarii accompanied by a pair of Reaver Battle Titans to begin the process of bloodily enacting vengeance against the xenos. What meet the Skitarii was a blaspheme of the greatest order, convincing the Mechanicum that the world's purge was absolutely necessary. An vile mixture of mechanical and organic contingent fused by foul corrupting xeno-biology defying the very laws of nature stood before the Skitarii while the world's contaminated life worked unitedly for the mindless purpose of serving dark masters. Without any form of delay the mechanicum forces set to destroying the xenos and their infection controlled servants. Over the course of the initial weeks massed fire and radioactive bombardment purged the oncoming warhoasts of the xenos as the Mechanicum's greatest war engines were slowly moved to the planet surface and prepared for their task of destroying the vast cities of the xenos.

The combat would culminate into a final desperate battle, the xeno Quil'midas could not allow the War-Engines of the Jovian Mechanicus forces to destroy the centerpiece of this world's civilization, not with reinforcement still so far away. While the mechanicum outnumbered and now slowly coming to the realization of the dangers posed by infection by the Quil'midas were now under pressure to quickly end this war and to return to the invaded Jovia to help drive out the Barbaric forces of Chaos. Even Fabricator General Enmakar took to the battlefield to hasten the Mechanicum's victory. With the full hoards of the Quil'midas gathered against them, and the overwhelming technological might of the Mechanicum prepared, Enmakar ordered the initiation of the final battle. The clash between the two forces was the unleashing of unbelievable powers against one another, one side hosting swaths of infected and stolen warriors and weaponry, the other home to technological prowess beyond the understanding of most. The conflict, though at it's end was decisively in the favor of the victors, was for several intense hours capable of swinging to either sides favor. In the end it was Enmakar battling against the Quil'midas leader, the Precursor, and subsequent victory which lead the mechanicum forces to overwhelm the xenos and to lay waste to the central hive of the xeno race. With biological samples, technological relics, and a vast database of combat records the Jovian warfleet, battered but undefeated, quickly made to return to Jovia to force out another invading threat.

The War of the First Storm

It was in the year 334M39 that Jovia suffered its first assault by the forces of Chaos, and surely it was one of the most devastating tastes of such evil. The forces of the Storm Draugar Warband, led by the Draugar Lords, the Dreadnought Nazath the Unbroken and Sorcerer Herrod Boundsoul, and supported by the Chaos Titan Legion Legio Ferrox, assaulted the world without warning. Nazath led his Fourth Storm, known as the Iron Ones alongside Herrod's Sixth Storm, the Warptide, in their savage assault of Forgeworld Jovia. Herrod Boundsoul, one of the most powerful Sorcerers within the Storm Draugar, sought the great secrets of the Ultima Librairum, believing there to be arcane knowledge regarding the nature of the Warp deep within the vast data vaults. Nazath the Unbroken, meanwhile, being the more practical of the duo, sought to pillage the more mundane resources of the Forgeworld.

Following the warbands victory of over the Jovian defense fleet, the Storm Draugar and their Titan support made planetfall with limited casualties, Herrod utilizing dark magiks to shroud the incoming drop ships and pods with a near planet wide miasma of darkness. The great forgeworld now infiltrated, the Storm Draugar captured great swaths of the main forgescape nearby the Ultima Librarium, forming a great beachead with the support of their titan allies.

Though the invaders were met with considerable resistance, certain delays and logistic conflicts arose, essentially rendering Jovia's defenders flat footed for a critical moment. Most crippling of these was the sudden requisition and redeployment of several battle groups of Skitarii to the Ultima Librarium as opposed to supporting the front within the nearby factory scape. To this day, the Lexmechanics of the Librarium deny all involvement in these apparently "corrupted" commands.

Most disconcerting was the absence of Legio Vulcanus, which was currently supporting Jovian forces abroad in the Resurgence Expansion. This allowed Legio Ferrox to move essentially unmolested through the Forgeworlds urban centers, free to train their weapons on both military and civilian targets alike with murderous abandon.

When the time came to finally besiege the Lirbarium, Herrod and his Storm were supported by the vast forces of Legio Ferrox, the walls hammered with terrible ordinance and its outermost defenders laid low. Meanwhile, Nazath and his men covered Herrod's bold siege, mounting armored assaults on any incoming reinforcements and raiding various areas of the forge world for loot and plunder. Nazaths bloody advances into the forgeworld eventually lead him to the great Ionic Generators. Here, in presence of these great machines, Nazath plotted great tech heresy. On his orders, several generators were severely damaged, with most going offline to preserve what few components remained. He then instructed his men to gather up as many components and data slates from the generator control rooms as possible, trying to steal the secrets of the Ionic Generators construction. His forces eventually recovered data fragments of the STC, found within the various cogitators scattered throughout the generator control rooms. These were maintenance rituals meant only for the eyes of the trusted generatorum Tech-Priests, but with the abilities of the heretek back on Lupercal's Folly, it was enough to possibly reverse engineer such systems from the data at hand. With his prize secured and his targets destroyed, Nazath moved to continue his raids across the surrounding forgescape, plundering a great deal of arms and other invaluable resources.

Meanwhile, the defenses of the Ultima Librarium were being sorely tested, the walls and gates pounded relentlessly via Titan grade arms and mighty siege cannons. Thankfully, the Librarium was a fortress without equal within the whole Sector, and with its back up generators, easily weathered the destruction of the Ionic Generators. Herrod Boundsoul, however, had many means at his disposal. Calling upon the fell powers of the Warp, the Draugar Lord of the Sixth Storm summoned the infamous Daemon Prince Seddrinth the Gifted to the field of battle with a Nurglite host of Daemons. The Daemons of Nurgle, gifted with warp-flesh withstood much of the fire cast forth by the Skitarii defenders of the Librarium allowing the Draugar to force entry.

While the Draugar were able to enter into the Librarium the staunch defense of the Lexmechanics and their Akinci Skitarii were able to force the Draugar out from the Libarium before they were able to attain anything more than tempting hints of hidden data. After days of fighting within the Librarium's outer chambers the Draugar withdrew, and faced with the prospects of a returning Jovian warfleet Herrod ordered his forces to hastily retreat, even leaving a few of their brothers behind to be captured by the vengeful tech-priests.

The age of Reconstruction

Following the Jovian victory over their Chaotic invaders, Fabricator General Enmakar was faced with the daunting task of rebuilding what had been destroyed by the rampaging Titans of the Traitors. To combat this task would require that the Fabricator General would have to display immense economic mastery. Enmakar would have to sustain the planet's Tithe while still bringing in more materials and menials to work on the reconstruction. At the same time of the invasion the Jovian's rival in the Dragontooth Nebula, the Torchworlds, sensing weakness from their enemies began to viciously expand their influence, driving Jovian diplomats out of many Imperial courts, often at the point of a sword.

Seeing that the atmosphere of the Imperial annex was against him Enmakar ceased any displays of might and instead focused himself on slowly rebuilding his circle of allies among the nobility of the Imperial worlds. To display Jovia's vast wealth he began to release samples of their technology, rifles which performed superior to any standardized Imperial model, and allowing outsiders to make use through his priests the immense data withheld by the Jovians. While the benefit of such benevolence seemed non-existent Enmakar was certain that given time his actions would again secure Jovia's place within the Dragontooth Nebula and once again remove the Torchworlds from their seat of supremacy.

While their Fabricator General attempted to slowly undermine the power of the Torchworlds, many within Jovia began to seek to expand their own positions by any means possible. Many lords turned their attentions to the region of space known as the Trade Belt. Magi of Jovia used their private forces and even Skitarii in a manner similar to mercenaries, selling the use of their advanced forces for oaths or supplies. During this era, a former subordinate of Enmakar became increasingly active and launching independent wars throughout the Dragontooth Nebula. Known as the Crusader, Dominus Shalmanizar of the Divisio Secutor Templarum waged a series of wars across the Nebula with only a minimal force of Skitarii and several few Servitors. Despite their few numbers the weapons of Dominus Shalmanizar were used to such effect that the nobles of the sector began equating the Dominus' name with Victory.

However the growing fame of Dominus Shalmanizar proved to be counter-productive to the goals of Fabricator General Enmakar. The Dominus' many victories undermined the sense of superiority Enmakar attempted to establish in those he traded with, while the fame of Dominus Shalmanizar drew attentions to the military might of Jovia needlessly. Already working their new angle the Torchworlds had built a campaign of propaganda against the Jovian's using Dominus Shalmanizar as a centerpiece for their propaganda. To rectify this Fabricator General Enmakar ordered Dominus Shalmanizar on a series of long distance War Expeditions to collect necessary data for the Ultima Librarium from regions far across the galaxy.

Imperial Civil Strife

While Enmakar worked to undermine the growing popularity of the Torchworlds, unknown to all in the Imperium, Chaos worked to undermine the faith of the loyalists and to further divide their forces. As Skitarii grade weaponry was given as gifts to Imperial lords, these weapons quickly found their way into the hands of Heretical Theives and Chaos sympathizers. After several decades of carefully working the rivalries of the Jovians and the Torchworld Priesthood, the forces of chaos attempted to throw the Imperial annex into disarray. With a well planned assassination and false evidence they accused the Jovians of slaughtering several high ranking Torchworld Cardinals, and simultainiously provoked Imperial citizens into assaulting the Mechanicum consulate in the Torchworlds, with a Apostate at the lead.

The Heretic's plan was to throw the Imperium into a civil war through the Mechanicum and Ministorum, however Enmakar and the Ecclesiarch of the Torchworld Athenna, along with the Sector Governor elected to meet and host negotiations before the outbreak of war. To counter this development the Cultists launched an series of staged assaults on both the Ecclesiarchy and the Ministorum as the two factions meet diplomaticly. As expected the minor leaders of both sides set to war with one another. While the Ecclesiarchy and Admech had agreed to hunt the true source of the anarchy unitedly, the minor lords of both factions set to war with one another, slowing the investigation and wasting hundreds to thousands of soldiers in pointless conflicts.

As the Anarchy spread the power of the Chaos Cultists was revealed to the Inquisition and immediately orders were distributed to the Mechanicum and the Ecclesiarchy to launch a united assault against the traitors. For it's part Jovia assigned Dominus Shalmanizar to command the Mechanicum forces. Against the unified might of both Jovia and the Torchworlds the heretics could not stand and the battle was of little note outside that for the first time in over a century the forces of Jovia and the Torchworlds were united upon a battlefield against a foe.

Age of Reconciliation

Following the Strife caused by the heretics, the Imperial lords of the Dragoontooth Nebula decided that the Jovia-Torchworld tensions were a point of weakness and decreed that they would put all effort into easing the tensions between the two factions. The higher nobility of the Nebula decided that even at the cost of lining the pockets of the two factions they would encourage the two factions to cooperate. While both sides refused to reject their rivalry entirely the temptation of further resources and benefits from the rest of the Nebula was too much to reject.

For decades combined forces from both the Torchworlds and Jovia reluctantly stood united against various foes and in defense of various noble bastions for tactically minute reasons. During this time the Magi of Jovia and the Cults of the Torchworlds were forced to fight side by side for joint reward. These joint rewards forced the two to cooperate and form agreements before the battles, many of these agreements were decided in borderline hostile discussions between the two factions.

While the tensions between Jovia and the Torchworlds never were reduced to the point of coexistence or cooperation, the two sides had finally been cooled enough that they both would no longer pursue the destruction of the other, unless their lords ordered them so. For the time, Fabricator General Enmakar felt this agreement best allowed Jovia to prepare for the future, expand their power, and hopefully gain a new position over the Torchworlds which would allow them to eventually break the Ecclesiarchy power in the Nebula.


The Battle of Long Walk

Nearing the final days of M39 the fame of Dominus Shalmanizar had reached it's greatest heights and many Magi of the Jovian elite had concluded that Shalmanizar might become key to being considered for becoming the next Fabricator General should the position become available. To further their goals many Magi elected to pay special tribute to Shalmanizar in attempts to gain his allegiance should they engage another Magos. Some, however, elected to try and out preform Shalmanizar, attempting to best Shalmanizar's successes was by this time a common but often futile practice. This fever to attempt to best the Dominus from the Secutor Divisio Templarum reached it's logical conclusion when Magos Im'vapo declared war against Dominus Shalmanizar.

Magos Im'vapo easily had immediate command of a full legion of Skitarii where Dominus Shalmanizar only commanded a limited force of battle Servitors and a few Kastellan robots from the safe holdings of the Secutar Templarum. Dominus Shalmanizar gathered the entirety of his force outside the palace of a prominent visiting Rogue Trader, while Dominus Shalmanizar socialized Magos Im'vapo gathered the entirety of his forces and prepared to assault the Dominus position. Before Magos Im'vapo could gather the last of his forces and launch his assault, Dominus Shalmanizar suddenly announced a 'walk' he was taking and invited all those present at the social function to join him.

With an intrigued but cautious crowd following him, Shalmanizar began to calmly and unarmed march towards the territory of Magos Im'vapo. As Shalmanizar began his march, his forces began their assault. The mighty Kastellans emerged from where the Dominus had the units waiting, and with support of the Servitors began to strike Magos Im'vapo's holdings from deep within the assembly lines of the Magos own manufactorums. With quickly spreading havoc in the least secured portions of his holdings, Im'vapo was forced to divert forces to combat the sudden appearance of forces devoted to Dominus Shalmanizar. However this soon gave Shalmanizar's tertiary forces the open avenues of assault they had been waiting for, and soon small units of Breacher Battle Servitors began to assault and disrupt the supply routes of Im'vapo's skitarii. To combat this threat Im'vapo was forced to divert further forces and to begin redirecting his forces supplies through secure passages. Quickly the situation had become a blight on the Magos with two tactical moves Shalmanizar had effectively reduced his effective forces for the main battle by half, as he was bound to protect his manufactorums and to prevent the loss of his own territories integrity.

However Shalmanizar was virtually unprotected, the only risk being the presence of the imperial lords and their escorts, each explicitly neutral in this conflict, being caught in the exchange of fire. Sensing his opportunity Im'povo launched his assault against Shalmanizar. Im'povo's forces were virtually uncontested until they came within range of Shalmanizar, then forces the Dominus had following from the shadows attacked. Breacher Battle-Servitors with Arc-shields began to filter between the Dominus and the approaching foe, While a half dozen Kastelan Robots and a number of supporting Destroyer Servitors directly engaged Im'povo's forces. Im'povo found his forces trapped directly engaging the stronger and more enduring servitor and robot forces of Shalmanizar in a head-on confrontation. With the presence of the neutral Imperial nobles and their escorts cautiously staying well behind Shalmanizar, or far to his sides, Im'povo was unable to flank the Dominus position, and the few forces the Dominus had were proving to be well more than enough to overpower the Skitarii forces of Im'povo. Despite a fierce battle, by the time Shalmanizar had reached the gates of Im'povo's manufactorum, the Magos was forced to concede.

The Final Expedition of Dominus Shalmanizar

At a loss for how to deal with the rising popularity of Dominus Shalmanizar, and how to ultimately remove the hindrance the seemingly growing ambitions of the Dominus which were further delaying the Fabricator General's plans to rebuild Jovia's power over the Dragontooth Nebula, Enmakar elected to sent the Dominus on a Crusade on the furthest end of the galaxy available. With the declaration of another crusade into the territory known as the Biraka Clanhold Fabricator Enmakar found the opening he was searching for. With powerful command protocols the Fabricator General of Jovia, whom all the Cult Mechanicus in the Dragontooth Nebula answered to, commanded Dominus Shalmanizar to partake in the crusade. With the command Enmakar also armed Shalmanizar with a blade of blessed make, a Jovian Rending Blade of such mastery the weapon could reportably cut through the Close Combat Weapons of Titans.. With only an allotment of one Legion of Jovia's Skitarii, from the Fabricator General's own Kapikulu Skitarii, and the minimum additional support units the Dominus calculated himself needing, Dominus Shalmanizar left Jovia to cross the Ultima Segmentum to join in the 100M40 imperial Crusade against the Biraka.

With a Flotilla of only two Warships, a legion of Skitarii and precisely one hundred Kataphron battle servitors, Dominus Shalmanizar traveled across the length of the Ultima Segmentium to join the assembling Imperial Crusade. Once joined Dominus Shalmanizar took arms alongside four other Imperial vessels assigned to strike upon the designated left flank of the Biraka. United alongside the Imperial Navy and several regiments of Imperial guard the force thrust into the Biraka territory, with great initial success, Shalmanizar could easily decipher the plans and mental dispositions of his xeno enemies and his advice was quickly adapted as strategy. However against the Biraka the rest of the Imperial Fleet was woefully unprepared.

Due to Astropathic miscommunication Shalmanizar's force was ordered to launch deeper into the Biraka Clanhold by commanders thinking that Shalmanizar's forces were behind and should move up to support the Imperial mainline, instead of already being too far ahead of the Imperial Forces to both be supported or to provide any form of support. Alone and without support it was not until Shalmanizar and the forces he was assigned to were too dedicated to withdraw, once the Dominus came realize the extent of the errors in the Imperial command. With his forces already engaged, and their only route back quickly closing, Shalmanizar calculated that the only way for the majority of the forces necessary for the Imperium's ultimate victory to escape would be for he and his forces to remain behind, drawing the Biraka back away from their quickly closing escape route. In a single daring Warp-jump Shalmanizar launched his two vessels deep into the Clanhold's territory reaching the race's homeworld. The jump and his two ships sudden appearance stunned the Biraka ship commanders for only just enough time that roughly over half the Dominus allied floatila could escape.

The Dominus Final Siege

Now over the homeworld of the Biraka, outnumbered, and hopelessly outgunned. Dominus Shalmanizar calculated the most effective offensive in his history. The first stage of this offensive began with void maneuvering and space combat as Shalmanizar raced his vessel towards the Biraka homeworld in what appeared to be an attempt to crash into the planet in a suicide run. As the battle raged about his vessel, the Dominus worked quickly. Nearing the Biraka homeworld the Dominus flagship was destroyed the ship broke into fragments and streaked into the surface of the planet, something the Biraka allowed, safe deep in their subterranean caverns. As the Clanhold's forces, confident in victory but urged to caution by their commanders, emerged to secure the last of the remains of the vessel and to kill those who escaped the ship's destruction. Instead they found a small army, all armed with the best weaponry available to them, and waiting for the Biraka to show them the openings to their civilization.

Once inside the tunnels and caverns in which the Biraka had first grown into a sentient species, the Mechanicum forces quickly set to work. Using hundreds of Servo-skulls Shalmanizar began to map out the network of tunnels the Biraka used, while the Mechanicum's own drilling machines set to work creating new passages for the Mechanicum to move through. While the Biraka were masters of subterranean warfare, the Dominus' Battleservitors armed with Plasma Culverin's and cognis flamers turned tunnels into torrents of lethal star-fire, while the Skitarii armed with boarding shields, Arc-Carbines and chainswords formed steadfast walls against the Biraka warriors.

In a desperate push, filled with sudden course corrections and reroutes all calculated with a precision and skill beyond a flesh-bound human's capability Shalmanizar's drastically outnumbered forces lead the Biraka on a desperate chase as the Biraka's sapping forces and the Mechanicum's tunneling machines created more passages from cavern from cavern. Until at last the Biraka had virtually cornered the Dominus and his forces, trapped against a pocket of magma the Dominus would be incapable of escape with forces of the Biraka closing from all sides.

Shalmanizar's Hellfire

As the Biraka closed around Dominus' position Shalmanizar prepared for his final confrontation with the insectoid race. Bringing a force of Skitarii and Servitor's about himself the Dominus from Jovia calculated which of the lower tunnels was likely the entry tunnel from which the Biraka command would most likely be operating from and launched his own attack with the intent of killing the Biraka commanders. Immediately Shalmanizar's offensive was meet with stiff resistance, and the Biraka soon began tunneling into and flooding Shalmanizar's position with troops. Certain of their victory Biraka commanders entered into the tunnels with their elite troops with the intent of capturing the Mechanicum Adept.

With confirmation of the presence of the Biraka command, and everything in place for the Dominus' final strike, Shalmanizar delivered the order and his drilling devices surged into the magma vain. With a surge of superheated stone and metals the magma flow near instantly consumed the final fortifications Shalmanizar had constructed, and well before either force was able to escape the fury of nature the flow had consumed both sides. Following the passages built by Shalmanizar the great magma flow quickly found access to a number of key tributaries and quickly began to consume the Biraka's on world trade.

In unconfirmed supposition it is thought that the Biraka's release tunnels designed for instances such as this failed due to the presence of Scicarian Infiltraitors and small forces of skitarii and servo-skulls. These forces were most likely released early in the battle and once Shalmanizar unleashed the magma current initiated their assaults sealing the Biraka runoff tunnels and attacking communication centers which would have warned of the impending danger. However for Imperial records only the moments up until Shalmanizar unleashed the magma tide are confirmed.


The Great Tragedy

Following the loss of Dominus Shalmanizar the forces of Jovia were seen as if they were in a weakened state, this perception of the Jovian military state allowed Fabricator-General Enmakar to proceed with his political aspirations. With cleaver maneuvers and generous bribes, the Fabricator-General secured a trade dominance over most of the Dragontooth Nebula. With the Jovian's again in a position of power and the power of the Torchworlds again rivaling the Jovians, the Sector Governor feared that the two factions would once again come to battle with one another again.

Calling upon Dominus Shalmanizar and upon the Arch-Cardinal of the Torchworlds, the Sector Governor summoned both into a meeting aboard his personal vessel. There the leaders of the two factions and the Sector governor would work out a new treaty between the Jovians and the Torchworlds. Even among the Archmagi of Jovia, long holding grudges against the Torchworlds, this meeting was viewed with hope for a most stable Dragontooth Nebula. With great fanfare both the Arch-Cardinal and Fabricator-General boarded the Governor's vessel.

What happened mere hours after both had boarded the ship is still under speculation, and the accusations between Jovian and Torchworld supporters still are commonly levied. Without warning a Warp Rift opened within the confines of the vessel, one large enough to nearly sheer the ship in two. Those not immediately slain by either the sudden decompression of most of the ship, or the unnatural energies pouring from the rift soon found themselves assailed by the unnatural denizens of the warp. Despite strike teams from both Torchworld Cathedral ships, Jovian Exploritor vessels, and Imperial Navy battleships being rapidly deployed onto the wounded vessel, the surge of Daemonic forces was too much to be driven back. The forces of the Imperium could only confirm that the three most powerful leaders of the region had indeed been slain by the monsters of the warp before moving to eradicate all sign of the Warp Rift.

The Period of Re-consolidation

Following shortly after the tragic attack against the Imperial governor, and the other two most significant leaders in the Dragontooth Nebula, Jovia was in disarray. Without their Fabricator-General the Jovians were divided, half of the Archmagi were quickly vying for the position of the next Fabricator-General, while the others hastily prepared to engage with the quickly mobilizing Torchworld forces. Both the Jovians and the Torchworlders blamed the other faction for the events on the governor's vessel and were ready to go to war.

Without a leader able to coordinate the Archmagi appropriately Jovia would quickly be torn apart from within, while the Skitarii and zealots of the Torchworlds would be unleashed among the Imperial worlds of the sector destroying the Imperium's hold on the region. Spurred on by the rapidly deteriorating situation, and the impending conflict the Council of Magos Logis realized that their decision for the next Fabricator-General would have to be an individual not suited to their own needs but instead one able to reign in all the Archmagi and placate the Torchworld zealotry.

Of all the probable candidates for the position of Fabricator-General of Jovia, only Achmagos Al-Amir was both fitted to possibly staving off the looming conflict, or engaging in wartime functions with high probabilities of success. Al-Amir was also noted as having successfully increased his holdings as a Archmagos by five fold under the reign of Fabricator-General Enmakar. With all the calculations and projections for the possibility of Al-Amir completed the Council of Magos Logis, put forward Archmagos Al-Amir as the next Fabricator-General.

The Rise of Fabricator-General Al-Amir

Hastily the Council of Magos Logis collected Al-Amir and sent their selection for Fabricator-General to the Ultima Librarium to be confirmed. Without the Fabricator-General's immediate action the forces of Jovia and the Torchworlds would clash. Upon reaching the Ultima Librarium Al-Amir was rushed through the traditions and swiftly granted the access codes reserved for the Fabricator-General. Within hours of being selected Al-Amir became Jovia's fourth Fabricator-General.

With all due haste, the new Fabricator General sent codes with orders to withdraw any Mechanicum forces. All Skitarii and War-engines were to be placed outside the effective striking distance of the Torchworlds forces. From there Jovia could see the intent of the Ecclesiarchy forces. While there was much initial resistance, all of the Archmagi shocked at the Council of Magos Logis haste, and decision eventually relented and acknowledged their new Fabricator-General's authority.

Much to the relief of the Jovians soon after their forces withdrew the Torchworld forces also withdrew. However, the ultimate risk to the sector was far from over. Shortly after the two factions avoided conflict, traitor forces invaded the Dragontooth Nebula. The strike of the Chaos forces was well coordinated, and precise. At the center of the Chaos forces was a Warband of the Word Bearers. The Traitor Astartes had coordinated their forces well, and though the Torchworlds and Jovia had not engaged each-other the loyalists, due to their suspicion of each-other, were now locked in positions allowing the Chaos forces to divide them and to strike with abandon at the beginning of the invasion.

The War of Darkness

A conflict spanning nearly the entirety of the Dragontooth Nebula. While the conflict spanned a decade and consumed millions of lives, for the Jovians and their Torchworld rivals the war was especially fierce. Initially caught unprepared to fight against the forces of Chaos, and with so much mistrust of the other neither side could cooperate, both Jovia and the Torchworlds were quickly forced into retreat by the heretics.

On Jovia the sudden appearance of Chaos forces in the Dragontooth Nebula, and their own forces failure to hold the Chaos advance, stirred a frenzy among the Archmagi and many openly questioned their new Fabricator-General. Along with the rest of the Imperial forces, the Jovians were ill prepared for an invasion of the Arch-Enemy, and Fabricator-General Al-Amir was aware of this. Without a new influx of technology or forces the Jovians would overwhelmed as they were gradually being cut off from the rest of the Imperial forces.

While Jovia struggled to hold the Chaotic forces and their Warp allies, the magi of Jovia scrambled to find anything to give them advantage over the traitors and their allies. As the Magi strained to maintain any advantage possible, a lone Magos turned his attentions away from the war effort to complete his own preparations. In the third year of the war, as Jovia was pressured by the traitors, Magos Fahim approached the Fabricator-General with an unique offer. Unveiling a newly completed Ordinatus, and a fresh legion of Skitarii that the Magos had completed in secret, and offering the entirety of these forces along with his withheld Skitarii to the service of the Fabricator-General in the war, Fahim only requested that he be elevated to the rank of Archmagos. Realizing the value of the forces offered to him, Al-Amir accepted.

With Fahim's forces and Ordinatus, the Jovians launched a new surge against the Forces of Chaos. However after initial progress the Jovian forces were trapped in deadlock with the Chaos forces. This stalemate would be costly, and coincidentally would ruin some of Fahim's new rivals among the Archmagi. With the forces of Jovia locking their forces into a stalemate the Warriors of Chaos were ultimately defeated by the Imperial forces. Much to the dismay of the Jovians after the war they would learn that the Torchworlds had launched the decisive offensive, earning immense respect from the rest of the Dragontooth Nebula's leadership.

The New Age

After the War of Darkness, Jovia finally had time to reorganize and recuperate. The Jovian forces had been depleted, and the wealth of resources the Jovians prided themselves had run low. For some Archmagi of Jovia these were irrecoverable losses. In this time, many aspiring magos sought to advance their own power, while the world slowly worked to return to it's former state of glory. As power within Jovia shifted, and as magi struggled to reclaim the tributes their forges needed to remain functional the borders of the world were slowly being redrawn.

Despite their original misgivings, the Magi of Jovia now recognized the full capability of Fabricator-General Al-Amir. Al-Amir had not only successfully brought his Forgeworld into line, won a war with the Arch-Enemy, but the Fabricator-General had also been the first to bring his forges back into full production following the war. Meanwhile, Archmagos Fahim had easily absorbed new territory into his control taking advantage the instability after the war. By the time Fahim's territory had stopped expanding, the new Archmagos had easily become one of the ten most powerful Magi of Jovia.

Tidings of War

Early in the second half of the second half of thse fortieth millenium Al-Amir learns of a growing threat to the Dragontooth Nebula. A Orkish Waaaagh had mysteriously changed its course and was heading for the Nebula. Sensing a threat to the Jovian material sypply base the Fabricator-General decided to warn the Imperial Governor. With little option the Governor turns to Jovia and the Torchworlds. Together the two factors are tasked to prepare the Nebula's defenses as the Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum forces belonging to the Nebula had already been stretched thin by constant and numerous conflicts.

Given sanction to prepare for the oncoming ork threat with little restraint, Al-Amir grants Archmagos Fahim command of the Jovian preparations for the Orkish Waaagh. While preparing Fahim proves exceptionally shrewd when dealing with the Ecclesiarchy of the Torchworlds. Together the two forces laid out the Imperium's defenses against the oncoming hoard.


Notable Jovians

Fabricator General Kutbedden

Responsible for the Discovery of Jovia and the planet's first Fabricator General, Kutbedden was a explorer who interested himself more with the gathering of new information and learning the secrets of the universe then with the governance of Jovia. For nearly two hundred years he abandond the rule of the developing Forgeworld and instead explored deep into the Dragontooth Nebula, collecting great secrets he then would lock away into the Ultima Librarium after the first Jovian Civil war. Until the second Jovian Civil war Kutbedden would maintain a alliance of convenience with the Council of Magos Logis, both sides trying to politically outmaneuver the other. Some suppose the greatest act as Fabricator General Kutbedden made, beside the formation of the Ultima Librarium was to allow Archmagos Ays'e to become fabricator General.

Fabricator General Ays'e

The history of Ays'e, Second Fabricator General of Jovia is steeped in war. Her notable appearance in Jovian history originally as being a part of a alliance of three Archmagi who had decided to take advantage of the expanding imperial holdings in the Dragontooth Nebula to improve the wealth and influence of their Forges. Ays'e would become wrapped in the second Jovian Civil war, Her allies either killed or becoming a mouthpiece to the Council of Magos Logis. Secretly siding with Fabricator General Kutbedden, Ays'e succeeded the Fabricator General without her former allies becoming aware and then in a coupe destroyed her former rebellious allies and violently purging the Forgeworld of traitors. Militarily backed expansion would mark her reign over Jovia until an Inquisitor, backed by the Torchworlds, would virtually invade Jovia. After driving the Inquisitor and his army out of Jovia Ays'e would set her sights on vengence, leading to a tremendus war with the Torchworlds, her detainment by the Administratum, and her succession by Enmakar.

Alpha-Primus Anyne "Stormstrider"

Also known as "The Myth made Steel", Alpha-Primus Anyne is a mystery to nearly every Jovian. Earliest records of Alpha-Primus Anyne place the Skitarii as battling amongst the Kapikulu Skitarii of Fabricator General Kutbedden, however records of Alpha-Primus Anyne before his major involvement in the Athenna Campaign are scarce and fragmented. All known data of the appearance and behaviors of the Alpha-Primus can be summarized in the following. First Alpha-Primus Anyne always appears as a Skitarii Ranger in battle-worn garments, almost always with the cohort indicating markings of his robes torn away, and wielding a Galvanic Rifle, Arc-Maul and a Arc-Carbine as reserve. It has been noted that Alpha-Primus Anyne has not only surpassed the point of Crux Mechanicus but is possibly more than eighty percent machine.

The appearance of the "Stormstrider" is always sudden and mysterious, the datastreams will inexplicably display a Skitarii with Anyne's identification on the battlefield, often at a point just behind the Skitarii main-line. Upon appearance Anyne will mysteriously supersede the command authorities of the Adept or Magos placed in command of the data-tethers of the Skitarii. Then "The Myth made Steel" will begin sending data-packets to individual Skitarii units, often these Data-packets will increase the combat capability of the Skitarii to their maximum, with just his presence the silent Skitarii can turn desperate defenses into vicious counter assaults, and allow stalled offensives to gain traction. It has also been noted that the "Stromstrider" himself, always at the center of the battle, is more than a able combatant, noted once by a Eldar as being a probable match for even a Exarch.

Fabricator-General Enmakar

Successor to Fabricator-General Ays'e, once a powerful figure of the Secutor Divisio Templarum, and the ruler of Jovia during the Age of Reconciliation. Shortly after taking the throne over Jovia after being selected by the Council of Magos Logis, Fabricator-General Enmakar launched the Resurgence Campaign, a war by the Jovians against a newly developing race of xenos, one which was shortly followed and coincidenced with the first invasion of Jovia by chaos forces. Enmakar's reign as Fabricator-General is noted in the records of Jovia as being the period where Jovian Politics were the most stable, and his rule and military achievements in this era are also noted for being overshadowed by Dominus Shalmanizar.

Enmakar's rule is famed for being considered benevolent by those outside of Jovia while firm-handed upon the constantly competing Arch-Magi of Jovia itself. This carefully crafted image allowed Enmakar to dissuade potential political opponents in the ruling courts of the Dragontooth Nebula, while vying for the greatest material gain for Jovia. Because of this image, and Jovia's near forced status of peaceful goodwill towards the other imperial factions, Enmakar's rule is also famed as the 'Social Height' of the Jovian Magi, many calculating highly efficient gatherings with Imperial personage of note so as to achieve further benefit from trade agreements and treaties. Enmakar himself maintained an separate body built solely for the purpose of interacting with, and entertaining his mortal guests.

Dominus Shalmanizar

Considered by many to be the most significant military mind to have ever commanded the forces of Jovia, Dominus Shalmanizar lead a many Jovian forces to victory over the course of his life. During the Age of Reconciliation Dominus Shalmanizar's aggressive politics, constant military campaigning and popularity made the Dominus a threat to the political plans of Fabricator-General Enmakar. Due to Shalmanizar's poor relationship with the Fabricator-General of Jovia, Dominus Shalmanizar often found himself challenged by upstart magos, and would eventually be sent on a war expedition to the territories of the Biraka Clanhold, where the Dominus would eventually meet his end.

Fabricator-General Al-Amir

(more to come)

Archmagos Fahim

(more to come)

Political Standings

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Adeptus Mechanicus

Forgeworld Jovia is a part of the Adeptus Mechanicus and is subject to the rulings and edicts of Holy Mars. Owing Tribute to Mars, Jovia ensures that extensive amounts of data and holy munitions are sent forth into the Imperium in the name of Mars, However as the sole Forgeworld of it's region Jovia enjoys freedoms typically not found on many Forgeworlds. Jovia's own convoluted and extensive system of rule prevents it from following the paths of other Forgeworlds lost to tech-heresy. Mars watches Jovia closely for signs of tech-heresy while Jovia jealously guards it's fortune and secrets to prevent the rise of a rival power in the Dragontooth Nebula.

Adeptus Ministorum

A long standing political and religious enemy of the Cult Mechanicus are the zealous preachers of the Imperial Cult. Jovia harbors particular distrust for the Adeptus Ministorum as they are one of the only adepta capable of claiming to rival the Forgeworld's claim to dominance over the many valuable worlds of the Dragontooth Nebula. As with such a rivalry the Adeptus Mechanicus of Jovia instruct their followers to always hold the preachers of the Imperial Creed suspect and to be prepared for betrayal or to engage in conflict with them at a moment's notice. Following the Adeptus Ministorum's great betrayal of Jovia it is more a question of 'when' rather than 'if' the two organizations will come to war against each other in the Dragontooth Nebula.

Adeptus Terra

As the Adeptus that makes up the bulk of the Imperium the relation between Jovia and the Adeptus Terra is one of mutual benefit tilted in Jovia's favor. Throughout it's history Jovia has contributed heavily to the military might and expansive efforts of the Adeptus Terra in the Dragontooth Nebula, expecting in return extensive tribute to the wealth and resources of the Forgeworld so that it might continue to produce the needed materials for the Imperium. Often separate Magos and Archmagos of Jovia will form separate individual treaties and agreements with minor portions of the Adeptus Terra in attempt to further their own goals, these ambitious agendas further bring wealth and glory to Jovia but are firmly balanced against the power of the Fabricator General, the Council of Magos Logis, the Ultima Librarium and the Congress of Archmagi.


Delivered by Jovians

"Jovia, in such a short time it has developed so far. One would not be in error to make the metaphorical association to claim the world was the Red jewel in the crown that is the Golden Worlds of Arr-Ell. Let us see how brightly it shines with my newest gift."
—Fabricator General Kutbeddin shortly before returning to Jovia sparking the first Jovian Civil War.
"They despise us and envy our wealth and power. They pressure us with illogical requests and demand our destruction. They fear our response, let us unleash our wrath upon them and test their resolve. "
—Fabricator General Ays'e of Forgeworld Jovia

Uttered by Outsiders

"Ahh, the great Ultima Librarium, so full of knowledge... So full of power. Truly a structure worthy of its contents... Begin the assault, show them the power of the knowledge they so readily forbid."
—Draugar Lord Herrod Boundsoul's famously uttered words prior to unleashing a charge of Maulerfiends and Chaos Titans upon the gates of the Ultima Librarium
"I take it you don't accept Librarium cards?"
Echo, in regards to the Ultima Librarium

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