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The young Commissar currently assigned to Crusher's Own. She has been with them for nearly four years now and has handled being the only woman in that all male regiment with skill and tact.


Early Life

Commissarial Career

The 99th Vengeance is Jael's second assignment. Her first, fresh out of the Schola Progenium, was to the 84th Praetorians and ended prematurely and messily at the battle of Sandwahl Flats where not only her regiment but the entire battle force it was part of was ambushed and massacred by the abhuman natives. Jael was the sole survivor who didn't save herself by fleeing. This traumatic experience, which she'd much prefer to forget, brought her unwanted fame as the 'Heroine of Sandwahl' and her story has spread far beyond the Souda System where the battle took place.



Jael took quite a lot of physical damage at Sandwahl Flats. She lost her right eye and ear and much of the skull surrounding them along with her left arm from the elbow down. The damage to her face has been an especially serious blow, as it would be to any young and pretty woman. Jael frequently says she has no wish to be taken for a Tech-priest thus covers the metal plating that now makes up about a quarter of her skull with black velvet and combs her long fringe over it to conceal it as much as possible. She is less self-conscious about the arm whose augmented replacement is normally covered by her sleeve and gloves anyway.

Contrary to her usual depiction on recruitment posters ect. she does not make a practice of flashing her cleavage nor are her uniforms tailored skin tight. The jabbot of soft red lace is however something of a trademark. And she does wear boot heels that high to give herself some much needed extra height.

Abilities and Traits


The circuitry of Jael's augmentic left arm meshes perfectly with that of her Tang Pattern power glove giving her full tactility as well an unusual delicacy of touch with the weapon. Her sidearms are a relic power sword formerly belonging to the Colonel of the 84th Praetorians and her standard issue laspistol.

Brown Bess

"And I get my own tank - what more can a girl ask?"
—Commissar Jael Holferness

Mars-Alpha pattern Leman Russ command tank assigned to Jael as her personal transport/weapon. It's crew double as her staff; Sergeant Tam Freeling; Driver Jorje Payna; Gunner Ennis Hansteen; and Loader Zack Kokhran.


Friends and Allies