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Famous Scarlet Skulls who fought at the Assault on Bantax alongside the Blood Angels.


Ixot Cleodis was born on the desert world of Mosmarra, Subsector, Gothic Sector. Mosmarra is a Death World full of giant Sand Dragons, Scorpions and Spiders. The people of Mosmarra are nomadic, traveling from oasis to oasis. Each tribe has a group of warriors called the Dunehounds. The Dunehounds are responsible for the security of the tribes of Mosmarra. Protecting them from the monsters that infest their world.


He was intombed in a dreadnought in the year 982.M35 after suffering massive wounds at the Battle of Burjis.

Personality and Traits

Ixot Cleodis is a loyal, duty bound individual. He does not revel in death nor does he celebrate himself in victory. He is a quiet professional. Humble of himself but fiercly proud of his chapter and batle brothers. He believes in the cause of man, and imbraces all the ways of the Emperor. In his youth he was known as some what of a joker. Over time he has become more reserved, but in the heat of battle his wit has raised the spirits of his comrades and helped break the tention of dire situations.

Skills and Abilities


Tactical Sergeant

Power Fist

Master Crafted Bolt Pistol