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The Iron Sons are an Adeptus Astartes chapter founded in the 22nd Founding. Their predecessors are the Imperial Fists, making their Primarch Rogal Dorn.


482.M38: The Hadean Campaign

In the middle of the 38th millennium, the Iron Sons were called on to defend Subsector Hadea from invading Orks. Their navy managed to defeat many Ork ships, but even more managed to make landfall. The 3rd company of the Iron Sons was already deployed, and set up the initial resistance against the greenskin horde. The 5th company soon deployed to aid in the defense. The captain of the 3rd company quickly sent his most capable soldiers in to make surgical strikes against Ork strongpoints. Leading the charge was Eramean Adenus. He lead the strike team valiantly, and succeeded in most of the missions on which he was sent.

The tactics he used utilised scouts as a silent vanguard for his forces, covertly sabotaging the Orks' strongpoints and vehicles. This weakened the Ork forces considerably, making the following battles far easier for the main Iron Sons force, despite the fact that the Orks still had more numbers than the marines. Adenus counteracted this by utilising assault marines, some equipped with standard melee weaponry, others with ranged weaponry. The main force, mainly consisting of tactical and devastator marines, led the Orks into a valley. On the ridges, the assault marines were stationed. They quickly jumped behind the Ork force, making the Orks have to fight the marines on two fronts. In addition to this, there were devastators deployed on the ridges, who opened fire on the orks from above. Despite the fact that the Marines were outnumbered 3 to 1, the tactics utilised and the lengths to which the marines went to prepare for the battle gave them the advantage, since the Orks didn't fight in an equally organised or efficient manner.


The Iron Sons are successors of the Imperial Fists, and have inherited all the peculiarities of their geneseed.

A mutation that has happened in the Iron Sons geneseed is that the eye-colour of those who have received the full implants changes from their natural eye colour to either red, orange, yellow, or lime. Beyond that, their geneseed is no different than that of the Imperial Fists.

Combat Doctrine

The Iron Sons follow the Codex Astartes in terms of combat doctrine and organisation, though will defy it if the circumstances of the battle calls for it.

They are obsessed with efficiency, and as such will utilise tactics that eliminate their foe as quickly as possible, and with the least casualties possible.



The Iron Sons are mainly supplied by the Forge World Sideris. The power armour produced there is mainly mark VII power armour with an armoured collar, akin to that on the mark VIII power armour. As such, most of the Iron Sons have armoured collars on their power armour.

Since the Iron Sons are obsessed with efficiency, they always use well-maintained and modern equipment. They always use the best kind of armour, weaponry, vehicles, etc. that they can get their hands on. As such, they have very few relics in their armoury. Most of the relics that they come across are sent to either the Imperial Fists, or to one of their successors. The few relics that the Iron Sons do possess are all extremely well-maintained, and are usually not incredibly old. They have a single suit of Mk. III armour, which is used exclusively for ceremonial purposes. Even so, it has been restored to be as close to brand new as possible.


The few relics the Iron Sons have include:

  • Mk. III Iron Power Armour

Used exclusively for ceremonial purposes, it was still restored as best as possible, and is also extremely well-maintained. When not in use, it stands on display within the Ouranos.

  • Unknown pattern Power Sword

The only relic belonging to the Iron Sons that is used regularly in battle. The pattern is unknown, but it is estimated to date back to in between M32 and M34. It is shaped slightly similarly to a cutlass. It is currently used by Phaedrus Antioch.

Notable Iron Sons

  • Evander Athanatus - Chapter Master
  • Phaedrus Antioch - 2nd Company Captain
  • Straton Amadeus - Chaplain
  • Kassander Machiphus - Techmarine
  • Eramean Adenus
  • Drakon Alcaeus - Tactical Marine Sergeant
  • Alexios Ischyrus - Devastator Marine Sergeant
  • Zephyros Arcturus - Assault Marine Sergeant
  • Artemios Siopil - Scout Sergeant


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