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A list of Fanon stories about the Inquisition. Feel free to add your own, but please do not add or remove any that do not belong to you.





Crossing PathsEdit

A ship drifted through space, lazily idling on the edge of an asteroid field. Anyone could see that this was not a friendly vessel. The outside of the hull was painted with large red stripes, almost as if they were fresh wounds left by the claws of some giant beast. The ship had weaponry pointing out at every possible angle. This ship was meant for fighting, or more importantly for plundering, a true pirate ship... Read More

Chase on Tempest PrimaEdit

The golden colored shuttle landed on the landing pad. The planetary governor stands surrounded by his private guards. The ramp lowered, and the group emerged. In the front was a man clad in ornate golden armor, his coat matching his hat, from which a feather sprung, which oddly seemed to change color every time one looked at it. After him came a grizzled woman, dressed in the black armor of the Inquisition, carrying more weapons than seemed prudent. Next to her walked another woman. She, however, only had one weapon: A staff. And, towering over them all, was a power-armored yellow giant with a massive sword slung over his back and a very ornate bolter hanging by his side... Read More



Through the blurry vision of his eyes he saw the meaning of these words. Its ancient mind looked over the primitive creatures before it, remembering the thousands of years it lived before them. His skin felt the sting of hundreds of needles in his back and his mouth breathed the fire of the earth and the needles were silent. HE WAS THE DREADNOTH!!! THE ANCIENT OF THE AGES!!!

The ruins of what was once a city of beauty lay before him, the might of his power was unmatched and it covered the ruins in the flames of the earth. But yet some of the small creatures stayed in those ruins firing at him with bolts of light. He paid them fire in return, burning them, incinerating them, desecrating them. All was now silent except for his footsteps of power booming in the ruin of the ground, shaking the foundations of the earth.

He felt powerful, more powerful than he had ever had, they had awakened him and now they will pay. He spread more flames burning the cowering creatures in the building they had once lived. These things were no match for him for he was DREADNOTH!!! THE ANCIENT OF THE AGES!!!

Then he noticed a noise coming from the skies, his blurred red eyes saw a flying craft coming down to the earth. His flames did nothing to scare it from the ruins and it came down to him firing bolts of light towards him.


More pain that he had ever had felt in thousands of years, his blood fell to the ground and burned.


He lashed out wildly at the craft with his claws missing and tasting the blackened and burn air. The craft then landed on the ruined ground and opened up to reveal six of the small creatures stepping foot of the blackened ground. He tasted victory in it fiery mouth, he would destroy these primitive small creatures with his unmatched powers.

The craft then lifted back off the blackened ground and fire another bolt of light, but he was ready and the light hit a crumbling building making it smash to the ground. The craft then powered up for another attack but he the mighty Dreadnoth was faster. He slashed at it with his mighty claws leaving it a smoking wreak to add to the pile of ruins.

His blurry eyes then scanned the ruins for the small creatures that escaped the craft; he would punish them from hiding from the mighty Dreadnoth. He then again felt the sensation of tiny needles in his back only to turn around to find nothing but ruins. He felt the tiny needles strike him again, and again, and again.


He roared and cry of rage breathing fire and smoke into the blackened sky making the earth shudder. As if he was a god, the heavens opened and it begun to rain. He then unleashed his rage on the creatures turning two into blackened piles of ashes. The other four ran off into the maze of ruins and Dreanoth followed.


He lumbered forward feeling the crumbing rocks crumble underneath his feet, his blurred eyes scanned the landscape before him seeing nothing but destroyed buildings. His ancient mind wondered where they had gone they had to be crushed. Then the sound of whistling came to his fiery ears, his age old eyes peered into the sky to see a piece of metal plunge to the ground. And then emerged from the wreckage the creatures of iron.

The Deathwatch…

More pieces of metal emerged from the heavens, releasing the metal creatures within. Though his flames were dulled by the rain he was still all powerful and he would squash them as if they were beetles. He lashed out at the creatures with his razor sharp claws tearing them apart in a mixture of blood and steel. Then his blurred ancient eyes set upon another one of the primitive creatures, but it was different. A long cape flowed behind it and it had no metal shell to protect its primitive body, an easy target. He charged forward at the small creature with his feet booming on the ground only to see a flash of blue light destroy it right eye.


Pain exploded all around his ancient eye and it dimed for eternity. Another flash came and hit one of his legs paralysing it making him buckle and fall. And then again he felt the sensation of tiny needles rip up and down his back until it suddenly stopped filling the air with silence. His left eye became aware that the caped figure now stood over his large head. The creature then spoke these words.

“I am of the Ordo xenos and am the word of the emperor… and that word is death”

There was a final flash of light and the Dreadnoth was no more


A large asteroid hit the planet of (/CLASSIFYED/) and out of the stony wreckage a (/CLASSIFYED/) appeared and destroyed the capital and it occupants. All records of this incident have been deleted to avoid discontent from the Imperium and her planets. FOR THE EMPEROR203.219.27.126 06:53, June 7, 2012 (UTC)








Knowledge is PowerEdit

Jericho and his allies arrived on Atosis III. Their goal was simple: discover source of the red(?!) orks on the planet, and destroy it. They landed on top of a large bluff, secluded from the aliens. Danger Aphoran looked out over the ork-covered plains.

"This is so wrong," he said. "Greenskins are supposed to be just that, boss: green." The unease in the mercenary's voice was obvious.

"That's why we're here, Danger," Terrius replied, "We ALL know that they're green. We need to find out what makes them red. Hopefully, the change is only cosmetic." READ MORE





The Order of SlavesEdit

"Run! Their right behind me," yells a young man running through a dark, cramp alley-way in the middle of the rain, as two Adeptus Arbites, only meters away, chase him... Read More





"Pain is righteousness entering the body"
—Sister Ecatarine, Order of the Valorous Heart1

She cowered in fear. In silence.

Heretic. Witch. Monster.

She had been branded with many names. Many weren't true. None of them completely accurate.

But facts are not a priority to the members of the Inquisition. There are many who have been captured on a hunch, tortured on a whim or executed on suspicion, all at the behest of furthering the cause of an Inquisitor. This poor wretch was just another of those unlucky enough to get in the way of an important investigation.

Her heart sank. She could hear them, her jailers and captors, as footsteps echoed throughout the corridor of the ship. She tucked her head into her knees, bracing herself for the worst. Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes, as she winced at the though of what she was about to endure. Her body shook, as she was overwhelmed with primal fear.

She retracted her arms into her chest as she heard the hold door open, her head still buried in her knees. She couldn't face them. She wouldn't.

Two men, each carrying the end of a metal table, entered the room. They threw it down with no grace or eloquence. Another, likely an Interrogator, made his way to the table and set down an array of items upon it. She peeked up from the false safety of her position, and could see that some of they were restraints.

"Servitors," the man barked "bolt the table to the floor"

The two automatons did so, and moved away from the side of the furniture, and began to fasten the table to the panelling on the floor of the hold. Their drills shrieked as they penetrated the flooring, before carefully screwing the bolts into the holes they had created.

She glanced at the branded mark on her arm.


As she did so, she noticed something else. The doorway. And the glowering figure who now permeated it.

"That will be all Alexander," the mysterious figure commanded, "I wish to handle this delicate little matter myself."

"Right away sir," he replied, "the servitors are almost finished."

"Good. Then I can begin on schedule" the cloaked man responded.

He then stared directly at her. His prisoner.

"There is no need to fear me my dear. So long as you have nothing to hide," the Inquisitor spoke in a falsely kind manner, which had a malevolent undertone. "Just tell me what you did to end up here."

She stared back at him, unable to speak. Paralysed with fear.

"Ah well. It was worth a try. I guess we will just need to loosen your tongue through other means," he spoke with a peculiar lament.

She tried to speak. She would do anything to avoid being placed on that table. But she couldn't. Fear had betrayed her. It had restrained her rationality. It had caused her to remain meek.

"Servitors, bring her to the table" he commanded softly.

She remained limp and unfeeling. Despite being curled up, she did not attempt to resist the machinations when they took her. They forcefully straightened out her body before placing her on the table and fastening the restraints to her limbs.

The Inquisitor motioned the servitors away, before approaching the table. He stroked the hair of his subject, and gently rubbed her cheek.

"Alas, such a fair maiden as yourself should be caught up in all of this," he spoke plainly, "I lament it, I truly do."

He began to stare wistfully at her body. His eyes slowly analysing everything, from her emerald eyes to the tips of her white toes. He solemnly grabbed a small knife from the assortment of tools the Interrogator had assembled.

She saw the weapon, and instinctively began to struggle.

"Please refrain from doing that my dear. It will only make it more difficult for you" the Inquisitor whispered. "Now. Why were you situated in the same place as the Cult? That is all I want to know."

She remained silent. She honestly did not know. She did not know why, only how.

The Inquisitor took the blade of the knife and slowly pressed it against his prisoner's cheek.

She surpressed a scream, moaning in distress, as the metal stung her flesh. Fresh blood began to seep from the fresh wound.

But her fear was fading now. She felt something new. A sense of righteousness and clarity. She began to remember how she had ended up there. The people her brother had become involved with. And the debauched acts they indulged in. A smile began to form on her face.

"Miss Liras, I would be rather interested in what all you find to be so amusing" he enquired, while wiping down the blade with a silk cloth.

"I-I can't tell you why... " she said with contempt, "only how... "

"Now we are getting somewhere, Miss Liras," he slyly said.

"It was my brother," Liras quietly spoke, "who delivered me to the Cult"

"Is that so," the Inquisitor noted.

"But I don't know why they needed me," she bluntly stated

"And that is all you know?" the Inquisitor stared down at her face again.

"Yes, sir. That is all," she replied in an instant.

"I do not believe you," he spoke very deliberately, "there is more... I can sense it... "

Liras began to sweat. She did not know how to explain what else she knew, without incriminating herself.

"Well?" he asked.


"Pity, I guess I'll need to be more direct," the Inquisitor stated in a clear cut manner.

She remained silent once more. She tried to think of something. A way she could relay what she knew without appearing to be guilty. But there wasn't one. There was no way out. Either way, she knew her death was inevitable.

"I'm sorry. But you'll just have to kill me, dear Inquisitor," she said righteously, "I'll be with the Emperor that way. I'll be safe from monsters, like the ones I bore witness to in that cult. I'll be safe from people like you."

"It is in my deepest regrets to hear that." he spoke gravely "but I will break you. I will discover all that you know."

A sinister smile began to etch it's way across his face and he slowly drew the knife across body of his unfortunate victim. She shrieked in pain, tears streaming down her face, slowly mixing with the blood that stained her cheek.

"For that is the only way that I'll be able to understand what went wrong with the ritual... The only way I'll be able to help your brother and the other righteous prophets of the glorious Dark Gods... "

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