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Indwick is a Chaos Space Marine and Black Legionnaire that serves under the Warmaster, Ezekiel Abbadon in the Black Legion. He is a Chaos Havoc squad commander and is a member of Delta Squad, (along with Romulus Maximus, Cerberus Conexus, and Cyrus Daniel). Indwick is the heavy weapons havoc of the group and is usually armed with a heavy Bolter or an auto-cannon. He is the oldest member of the squad, (the youngest being Cyrus) and is a Nurglite convert.


Indwick currently appears as a normal Chaos Space Marine Havoc heavy weapons man within the Black Legion. As such, his armor is painted black and adorned with gold. The Mark of Nurgle is apparent on his left shoulder plate and he is often known to flies that swarm around his armor. Most common weapons seen from his is either a heavy Havoc bolter, or a Auto-cannon on certain missions. 


Indwick is believed to be an former Luna Wolf during the First Founding around the 30th Millennium, during this time it is known that he hails from the Black Legion's old homeworld of Cthonia. Indwick, along with most of the Luna Wolves followed Warmaster Horus into the Heresy and eventually entered into the Black Legion.


Indwick has seen many a battle and has had hundreds, if not thousands of brothers fall before and after the Heresy. As such, he tends to be the stoic of Delta Squad and the one who's seen to much to even want to remember. However, upon converting to Nurgle he has became characteristically cheerful as one would become as a follower of the Plague God.Indwick has calm and laid back demeanor, however one that would be cynical of anything else other than living one more moment to fire his weapon His collected and patient personality often conflicts with Cyrus who was assigned to Delta as a supporting sorcerer, or the grumpiness that is Romulus.


  • Mark of Nurgle
  • Heavy Bolter (Optional Loadout)
  • Auto-canon (Optional Loadout)
  • Blight Grenades (Rare)


  • Indwick was a character previously in the Augurs of the Serpent, and the Alfa Legion. However, this lore is now deemed non-canon by Jaredthefox92.
  • Indwick's character comes from Indwick Von Buzzmark, or a Mobian fly from Jared's Dimensional Wars Sonic fan continuity.
  • Indwick went from being a Assault marine, with his plague sword Putrid, to being a havoc Aspiring Champion, (sergeant.)
  • Indwick is a deleted character who was a Nurgle havoc in Eternal Crusade, he would use an heavy bolter and auto-cannon in this game.
  • Indwick gets his last name from Vlad Tepes of Romania, otherwise known as Vlad the Impaler. However, this name would be more fitting towards his previous role as assault marine when he still used Putrid.
  • Indwick was once a character created by Jaredthefox92 in Eternal Crusade
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