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Imperial Centurions
Imperial Knights
An Imperial Centurion marine

War Cry:

"We March With Fury!"


Gold, White and Grey

Successors of:

Imperial Fists


Stone Fists, Blue Phoenix, Paladin Legion, Reapers of Faith, Children of Mocar, Dark Riders, Golden Hammers, Angels of Judgment



Chapter Master:

William the Wise

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The Imperial Centurions are a chapter created during the 6th Founding. They are the arch-rivals of the Knights of Chaos, along with their successors.

History Edit

When the 6th Founding commence, the Imperial Fists, led by Captain Mocar of the 3rd Company, founded a chapter called the Imperial Centurions. One of their closes allies at the time was the Chapter that is now known as the Knights of Chaos. The Knights of Chaos betrayed the Imperial Centurions by attacking their homeworld of Fellon. Only aid from the chapter’s successor chapters came to save them driving off the traitors. Since then the Imperial Centurions have sworn vengeance after the death of their Chapter Master Mocar.

Special UnitsEdit

Imperial Lancers are a special unit in the chapter. They consist of marines on bikes with large lances that are identical to power swords. They are led by a sergeant and usually form tight formations during a charge, only to separate when they near the enemy.

Successor ChaptersEdit

Unlike other chapters who have successors, the Imperial Centurions and their successors share the same sector for recruiting and thus protect it as well.

Stone Fists: A chapter that takes after the Imperial Fists fighting style of siege warfare.

Blue Phoenix: A loyal chapter that uses Air Assaults and possess an odd gene mutation of acquiring durable blue skin.

Paladin Legion: A Chapter that, though not as loyal to their founders, do use the same skills of close combat during battle, though combine with mid-range weapons too.

Reapers of Faith: Founded by the remains of the 1st Company, this chapter shares the Centurion's anger towards the Knights of Chaos. They like to perform morale attacks against an enemy.

Children of Mocar: A chapter named after the first fallen Chapter Master of the Imperial Centurions. They perform well in tactical strategies and support their parent chapter greatly.

Dark Riders: A ruthless chapter that performs night attacks.

Golden Hammer: A loyal chapter that works well in weaponry and vehicles.

Angels of Judgment: A zealous chapter that harbors hatred towards the Knights of Chaos and like to use drop pod assaults.

Notable MembersEdit

Mocar: The Founder and First Chapter Master of the Imperial Centurions. Was killed by the leader of the Knights of Chaos.

William the Wise: Current Chapter Master

Ravac: Current Chief Librarian

Orion: Captain of the 2nd Company. Famous fo killing an Ork Warboss

Findo: Chief Techmarine

Palo: Sergeant of the 2nd Company.

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