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The different branches of the military forces of the Imperium distribute medals and awards of all sorts to their members for bravery, dedication to the Imperial cause, or the simple act of being shot and living to talk about it (amongst others). Some of them are universal while others are specific to a certain branch of the Imperium's military forces or specific to a certain sector, planet, regiment, navy wing or battlegroup.

(Please note that this thread deals only with awards for non-Space Marine combatants.)

Imperial Guard

Universal Imperial Guard awards and medals.

  • Imperatoris Protectus (Bronze): For soldiers wounded once in battle. Not awarded posthumously.
  • Imperatoris Protectus (Silver): For soldiers wounded twice in battle. Not awarded posthumously.
  • Imperatoris Protectus (Gold): For soldiers wounded three times in battle. Not awarded posthumously.
  • Imperatoris Protectus (Gold with crossed swords): Veterans wounded four or more times carry this insignia. Not awarded posthumously.

Infantry regiments

All awards granted for infantry, light infantry and heavy infantry regiments.

  • Infantry Assault Ribbon: Awarded to a soldier who participates in (and survives) three assaults on enemy positions. Considered of little value by veterans.

Drop Regiments

Rough Rider Regiments

All awards for Cavalry and Rough Rider regiments, none are awarded posthumously.

  • Golden Lance: awarded to riders for acts above and beyond the call of duty
  • Golden Lance 2nd class:- earned for a second act of valor, the medal bears the image of a pair of lances crossed over a kite shield.
  • Ferrum Equus- awarded for acts of remarkable horsemanship in battle.

Armored and mechanised regiments

All awards granted for armored and mechanised regiments.

  • Emperor's Hammer: Tank commanders who have shown particular skill in their line of duty are honoured with the 'Emperor's Hammer' insignia.

Imperial Navy

Navy Fleets

  • Crossed Sabers Medallion- awarded for leading a successful boarding action.
  • Custos Stellarum awarded for being wounded in a successful boarding action either defending or attacking.

Navy Wings

All awards granted for smaller-than-escort craft squadrons.

  • Winged Skull (Single Skull): Commemorates the pilot's tenth victory.
  • Winged Skull (Double Skull): Twenty enemies have fallen at the hands of this skilled ace.
  • Winged Skull (Triple Skull): After downing thirty enemy space- or aircraft, it is clear that this man carries the Emperor's blessings.

Warzone-specific medals

Regiment-specific medals

Hald System

  • Iron Cross (1st; 2nd and 3rd Class): Awarded for acts of courage in the line of duty.
  • Knight's Cross: Awarded for acts of extraordinary valour and dedication beyond what is required in face of the enemy. The bearer of the Cross will have the honour to wear the prefix 'Knight' before his or her original title (For example 'Knight Captain' or 'Knight Sergeant').

Medici Imperial Guard

  • The Order of the Holy Eyes- named for St. Phygia's hateful look toward the monsters on Medici this award is given to any unit that has won 20 victories against Orks- often given to entire Brigades.
  • Custodem Vitae awarded to anyone who saved the life of a superior officer- a small plaque worn on the same chain as dogtags bearing an Aquila and a shield.

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