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"Brothers, our Enemy boasts about is apparent victory, about how he will slaughter us all! Let him bark all he wants, for the Howls of our friend's shall strike fear into their Black Hearts!"
— Chaplain Davis of the Howling Wolves 3rd Company, at the Battle of Gaxon in the Drake Sub-Sector

The Howling Wolves are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter who were formed in the 11th Founding, 975.M35, with the purpose of stabilising the Imperium's borders during the Nova Terra Interregnum. They are currently deployed wherever they are needed most. It is unknown from whom they drew their gene-seed from.

They had their fortress-monastery based upon the planet of Kailos, a forest-covered Death World located in the Segmentum Pacificus, which was void of all life except for the apex predators that stalked its vast forests. Not long after they had settled, the Chapter encountered a population of wolves that appeared to be descended from the Canis Lupus canine species of Ancient Terra. They were quickly found to be loyal companions when the pack that the Scout Squad who had discovered and saved from, a creature that what would later be called a Tree Stalker, followed the Scouts and helped protect them on their way back to their fortress-monastery that was still being built upon a vast mountain.

Soon the Wolves of Kailos would be incorporated into the Chapter as the Space Wolves had done with the great wolves of Fenris. Each Marine trains a pup from birth, from the time he is a Scout, to full adulthood when he becomes a full Battle-Brother of the Chapter. They interact with each other and fight together, much in the same way as how the Space Wolves and their wolves do with each other.

However, a Chaos Warband known as the 'Blood Wyverns' discovered the still-new Chapter, and proceeded to raze the planet and destroy them, taking any gene-seed, weapons, armour, and vehicles they could loot. The battle lasted for weeks until they were forced to pull back to orbit, and perform an Exterminatus upon their own home world. Though it succeeded in killing the Chaos Space Marines, it left the ravaged world barren and lifeless. Soon they became a fleet-based Chapter, taking the wolves of Kailos with them into battles against both the heretic and alien alike.


The Founding - 975.M35

During the Nova Terra Interregnum in the 35th Millennium, the Imperium needed to create a new force of Astartes to help stabilize its borders and reclaim the Segmentum Pacificus for the Emperor. Amongst these Chapters was the Howling Wolves Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.

The Battle of Balisis - 976.M35

The Chapter Master, Cadius Tectus, oversaw the Arming of his Chapter and waited until it was at full Battle-Strength to begin waging war against the Rebels of the Segmentum Pacificus, in their first battle they were sent to pacify a Hive World known as Balisis along with the Death Korps of Krieg 75th Siege Regiment and the Ultramarines 5th and 7th Companys. The war waged for no more than 2 weeks before it was over, the Loyalists had won with next to no casualties for the Marines, but the same could not be said for the Death Korps as they had all died in the final battle, causing enough of a distraction to allow the Marines to sneak in and destroy the Rebels from behind. After this Campaign, they parted ways with the Ultramarines and headed off deeper into the Segmentum in search of a Chapter Homeworld...

The Discovery of Kailos - 979.M35