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"Holocaust doesn't train soldiers. They train war beasts. No discipline or restraint. The only thing they are good for is mauling your enemies to death. In that they are at least useful."
—Anonymous Imperial Guard Officer

The Holocaust is a large mercenary company located in the blighted Gallican Sector. One of the seven companies that form the Swiftblade Consortium, Holocaust has a black reputation among the worlds of the Sector. Holocaust reputation comes from their notorious brutality. Countless atrocities have bee nattributed to Holocaust over the years, and this has lead many to view the company with caution. However there are always demand for bloody-handed killers, and those that don't mind their savage methods, or even desire them will regularly hire them. Holocaust is famous for having some of the toughest, and most fearless infantry in the Sector. Their mercenaries are strong, aggressive, and often further enhanced with powerful combat stimulants. As such they have some of the best CQC and assualt troops in the sector's arsenal.


Holocaust originated on the infamously brutal planet of Grennel. Grennel is infamous for the atrocious conditions of the lower hive levels, out of control criminal activity and the brutal crack downs that the planet's rulers conduct at the slightest sign of insurrection. The planet's leadership simply did not care about the state of the peasant class as long as the status quo was maintained, and as a result they tended to allow criminals to run rampant as they saw fit within the Lower Hive. The conditions on Grennel were perfect to nurture a particularly savage breed of Gangers, and it is likely amongst these gangers that the Holocaust began.

The Gangers ran the Lower and Underhive of Grennel, and warfare between these vicious factions was constant. However even among the gangs of Grennel the Holocaust were renowned for their butchery. Their reputation for slaughter was enough that even the authorities from the Spire were wary of provoking them. The Holocaust grew in the gun-scarred corridors of Hive Brelk and quickly became more of a small army than a gang.

Soon their skill in combat resulted in others paying them to fight for them. The Holocaust didn't mind as they lived for violence, and the money they made fighting as mercenaries  became far more lucrative than the revenue of their other criminal enterprises. In very short order the Holocaust went from a power Hive Gang to the most feared group of mercenaries in the planet Grennel. Yet their legend would soon grow great during the Grennel Block Rebellion.


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