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The Hive Fleet Mynos is extragalactic Hive Fleet of Tyranids that first entered the galaxy in 813 M.41. Their bio-ship fleet is currently located in the Segmentum Pacificus, where their numbers grow at an alarming rate.


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The Hive Fleet Mynos was first encountered on the Paradise World of Minotari, where they immediately began a bloody takeover of the planet. The Imperial forces sent to the planet were astonished to see a fleet of bio-ships which made quick work of them in a matter of seconds. In honor of the fallen warriors who died fighting the Hive Fleet, they were christened the Mynos, which meant "cursed" in the native tongue of the planet.

Immediately afterwards the Hive Fleet Mynos began to slowly expand their territory in the Segmentum Pacificus. Although not much is known about them, it can be known that a certain ++DATA MISSING++ experiments were too much for them to bear, therefore resulting in his untimely execution.

++DATA MISSING++ Loyalists continued to keep the Hive Fleet at bay, although they knew they would never win against such a deadly force. Due to the growing size of the Hive Fleet, the Loyalist Chapters ++DATA MISSING++ sent to the sector in order to end the Tyrannic threat once and for all.


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Notable Engangements

Current State




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