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The Hellhounds are a Chaos Space Marine Warband of great infamy for they have drowned whole worlds in great episodes of violence and bloodshed. These bloodthirsty marauders and pyromaniacs were once some of the most devout and honored Space Marines in the Imperium, known as the Battle Borne. Now they are nothing but a feral pack of butchers and madmen, burning whole worlds for no greater reason than to sew madness and death in the name of their patron, Khorne.


Born for Battle

The Hellhounds were once members of the Battle Born Space Marine Chapter, who were held in high regard by their fellow White Scar's successors and feared by both traitors and xenos alike. The Battle Born were known for their savagery as many of the Sons of Khan are, but it was the Chapters reputation for their infamous battle rage that made them truly famous.

Baying of the Hounds

Rise of the Blood Hound




Savage and bloodthirsty in the extreme, to call the Hellhounds disorganized is a grave understatement, all signs of order and leadership is lost to a basic pack mentality, not unlike the beasts the Hellhounds have named themselves after. Every waking moment is spent in battle, every second of every day must be spent slaughtering and killing, if for a moment the eons of caked on blood drys on their power armor, Hellhounds will completely lose what little mind they have left. Thus the Warband is a savage and borderline feral one, constantly fighting amongst one another and squabbling not unlike Orks. Yet, like Orks, there remains some form of unity, a basic pack mentality that keeps the Warband from ripping itself apart.


The Warbands fleet is little more than a large cadre of support craft and interceptors, all the better to board enemy craft with. A few large Vengance-Class Cruisers have been noted within the ranks of the fleet.


Sang Sho Khan, The Blood Hound

Savage, bloodthirsty, and utterly psychotic, Sang Sho Khan is a Berzerker to the core and has spilled more blood in the name of the Skull Throne in two hundred years than many Chaos Marines will in their lifetimes. Sang is a brute in every meaning of the word, any honor or humanity having been washed away by a barbaric need to slaughter in the name of Khorne. However, he still bears a predatory cunning and is not to be underestimated. With his Chain Glaive Flesh Hewer and his Juggernaut steed, he dominates the battlefield, crushing, ripping, and tearing all that dares get in his way.

Notable Engagements