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The Hellgates

Stellar Body

Dual Warp Rifts


Thermopylae sub-Sector, Sector Occident Prime, Segmentum Solar


The Hellgates are a pair of relatively small warp rifts in the Segmentum Solar. They are however within a 1,000 light years of Holy Terra rendering them an acute threat to the safety of the Imperium.

Chaos Powers of Ashaklun

If you look steadily into the vortex of the Ashaklun Gate, which by the way is not at all advisable, you may catch a glimpse of the deceptively beautiful peacock hued surface of Ruhk, dominion of Xeraz the Exquisite. The roseate aura of warp-energies surrounding the gate enfold numerous systems tainted by Chaos

Xeraz the Exquisite

40k, Chaos, Xeraz

Xeraz is unhappy

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh and the dominant Chaos power in the Sector. The pursuit of power is his greatest pleasure - not that he doesn't have plenty of lesser ones. Xeraz's great height and his honor guard made up of a warband from the Emperor's Children strongly suggests that he was originally a Space Marine of that Traitor Legion. The upper part of his body is sleek and beautiful and richly adorned with gold. The lower half consists of a pair of mighty bull's legs also draped with chains and studded with piercings.


40k, Chaos, Kyrkee


Daemon Princess of Tzeentch. Kyrkee holds the post of chief councillor - and sometime consort - to Xeraz. Their relationship is a constant struggle for dominance using cunning, sensuality and violence - sometimes all at once - which they both seem to thoroughly enjoy. Kyrkee is incredibly ancient predating the Imperium by thirty odd millenia and was once worshipped as a minor goddess of sorcery on primitive Earth. Her face and bust are still those of a beautiful woman but who - other than Xeraz - knows what she is hiding under those abundant feathered robes of hers.

Chaos Warbands of Ashaklun

The Exquisite Guard

Chaos Slaanesh Marine
The personal warband of Xeraz. Formerly Commander Xeraz Xanthos of the 13th Millenial of the Emperor's Children. Physically perfect, pathologically proud and vastly ambitious Xeraz fell without a struggle eagerly embracing the power of Slaanesh and his men followed his example. Unlike many of his fellows Xeraz was able to hold his command together using his personal beauty and magnetism. Since Xeraz' ascension to Daemon Prince the Guard has been led by Lt. Commander Astyanax  who styles himself the Champion of Xeraz.  

Wolves of Gore

Chaos United Marine1
A warband of the Black Legion led by Chaos Champion Symon Gorehanded. They were formerly the proud 11th Company of the Sons of Horus, the 'Cthonian Wolves', and Symon Tempel their noble captain. Tempel was a Terran legionary but he embraced the changes brought by the Cthonian brothers who became his subordinates and was a strong unifying voice in the XVIth. Devoted to Horus Symon was bitterly disappointed by his failure to become one of the Primarch's trusted Mournivals but continued to model himself on Horus in every way leading inevitably to his fall. Symon and his Wolves' only ambition is to avenge the death of their Primarch by destroying the Imperium. 

Lodge of the Black Moon

Chaos United Marine2
This Black Legion warband traces it's origins back to a destroyer squad of the 5th company, Great Crusade Destroyer squads were equipped with ancient and hideous chemical and radiation weapons. The horror which such tainted arms inspired in their fellow Astartes caused them to shun the battle-brothers who wielded them, thus the equality and fellowship of the Warrior Lodge meant more to the Destroyer Marines than their fellows. Chaos Champion Poul Deathwalker, was formerly Sergeant Poul Kerkyon of the Deathwalker Destroyer Squad and a lodge-master.

The Hidden

Chaos Tzeentch Marine3
Followers of Tzeentch the origins of the Hidden are - well - hidden. They are expert infiltrators apparently able to turn invisible at will and possibly even change shape. It has been suggested that they in fact have no physical bodies at all but are merely will and warp-energy. Imperial Savants hyposthesize that the Hidden are descended from the Scout Auxilia of the Thousand Sons who were called 'the Hidden Ones' and used their forbidden powers infiltrate and decieve, reprogramming targets into agents of the fallen Legion. The similarity in name and strategy is obvious.

The Warlocks Unchained

Chaos Tzeentch Marine2
The origins of this warband are uncertain. According to some authorities their ranks are filled by failed and escaped Exorcist neophytes, others claim that they are fallen librarians from many chapters. Possibly both versions are true. It is known that the band is divided into Sorcerors and Daemonhosts who may or may not be under their control. Their leader, known as the Great Beast, for his abhorrent mutations, is rumored to be not merely possessed but living in symbiosis with a Daemon of Tzeentch

The Carrion Crows

Chaos Tzeentch Marine1
This warband, dedicated to Tzeentch, were originally the 8th company of the Loyalist Space Marine Chapter the War Ravens. In the first century M35 the strike cruiser carrying the 8th company was on it's way home from participation in the Repression of Akkad. While still at a considerable distance from the chapter's monastery world of Morrigan in Donorian sector astropathic contact was lost mid-communication presumably due to a sudden warp surge overwhelming the cruiser's geller field. When the cruiser reappeared two centuries later it had been renamed the Carrion Eater and the Chaos marines aboard were calling themselves the Carrion Crows.

Chaos Powers of Nebroel

The alternating fires of a sickly green or orange-red pulsing from this gate indicates the presence of two Daemon worlds within it: The Nurgleite world of Lazar and Kaleel which belongs to followers of Khorne.

The Grossmutter

40k, Chaos, The Grossmutter


Daemon Princess of Nurgle and mistress of Lazar. The Grossmutter's skin is pallid where it isn' t inflamed, her eyes are a watery blue and her kindly smile shows a mouthfull of rotted teeth. For all her lazy, Nurgelite good nature the Grossmutter is not about to let herself be imposed upon by Xeraz who, in her opinion puts on airs and claims an authority he has no right to exercise over his peers among which she counts herself. Her near neighbor, the Khornate Lakkesh, adds her bit to the Grossmutter's annoyances by permitting her bored warriors to attack their neighboring Daemon world if no other target presents itself.


40k, Chaos, Lakkesh


Daemon Princess of Khorne and governor of Kaleel. Lakkesh's origins are uncertain and her appearance gives no clues. She is a blue skinned hominid creature with three red eyes, Multiple arms, usually waving weapons, are constantly sprouting from her trunk and being re-absorbed. She adorns herself with skulls and bones and her disordered mass of hair is stained and matted with blood. As a vassal of Khorne her immediate concern is to appease her demanding master with blood and skulls. If no Imperials are available Lakkesh will not hesitate to raid her neighbors and supposed allies to keep Khorne happy.

Chaos Bands of Nebroel

The Green Death


The Piebald Purge


The Arms of Lakkesh


The Fire Reavers


The Brazen Bulls


Silver Vengeance



"Excuse me, it is my turn to monologue, you will get yours when I finish. Now where was I?"
—Xeraz the Exquisite to Valkyura Warpschild.


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