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Early Life

Like all Guardsmen from Krieg, Heinz is disdainful of retreat or surrender, and fights without fear of death. Heinz was assigned to the 261st Death Korps Siege Regiment and fought in the siege of Vraks. In 830.M41, under the command of Colonel Tyborc, the 261st Siege Regiment was assigned the suicidal mission of taking the main gates of the citadel of Vraks of the Apostate Cardinal Xaphen in the first assault. Attacking at three points along the walls after a massive artillery barrage, the 261st sent wave after wave of infantry companies. At the lower gates, remnants of five companies from the first attack wave succeeded in reaching the walls, only to be broken by a counter-attack of Chaos Space Marines and a number of Daemon Engines. Ultimately, the 261st Siege Regiment was destroyed in the fighting and the survivors were folded into three other Death Korps regiments (the 262nd, 263rd and 269th Siege Regiments). Heinz was assigned to the 263rd with the rank of Sgt.

Heinz eventually found himself fighting alongside the Alsatian 85th Grenadier Guard Infantry Regiment, against an orc WAAAGH on the planet , while the campaign was eventually won by the Imperium, the 263rd was utterly destroyed, Heinz was one of ten survivors, and found himself to be the highest rank within his regiment, seeing the bravery and determination of the Alsatians, he requested to merge his men into the Alsatian 85th as a squad known as "Forlorn Hope". After two campaigns, Heinz is now the only survivor of his regiment, and has received multiple Letters of Recommendation from NCO's and Officers alike. Heinz now serves as a Capitaine (Captain) and has been stationed on Alsace to help supervise and train the Alsatian 212th Grenadier Guard Infantry Regiment.

Military Record

  • Served with the 261st Death Korps Siege Regiment as a Cpl during the siege of Vraks in 830.M41.
  • Served with the 263st Death Korps Siege Regiment as a Sgt on unknown planet alongside the Alsatian 85th Grenadier Guard Infantry Regiment
  • Served in the Alsatian 85th Grenadier Guard Infantry Regiment as a Sgt and lead a squad known as "Forlorn Hope" for unspecified amount of time
  • Currently serves as a Capitaine of the Alsatian 212th Grenadier Guard Infantry Regiment

Personality and appearance


Since being recruited into the Alsatian Grenadiers, Heinz has still kept his service issue Military equipment, and has also been given a Pattern 1799 Heavy Cavalry Sabre and an officer's promotion to Capitaine.

  • Lucius Pattern Lasgun - The standard issue Lasgun in service with the regiments of Krieg is the Lucius Pattern Lasgun. Sometimes known as a Hellgun, this "hot-shot" weapon's power pack operates at a higher charge than many other more common patterns of the Lasgun used by other Imperial Guard regiments. This gives the weapon more penetrating power, but drains the power pack after only 25 shots. The weapon is single shot only and has a slower recharge rate than many other Lasguns, however it has been judged by Krieg commanders that the additional stopping power of the Lucius Pattern more than makes up for this. The barrel of the weapon is fitted with distinctive heat sink rings to help dissipate the enormous additional heat this high-powered Lasweapon generates after sustained fire.
  • Pattern 1799 Heavy Cavalry Sabre: The Pattern 1799 Heavy Cavalry Sabre is a sword that has a straight, double-edged blade and a rather large hand guard, covering the knuckles of the hand as well as the thumb and forefinger. Although sabres are typically thought of as single-edged slashing weapons, this variant used by the Horse Grenadiers and Infantry Officer's has a double-edged blade more suitable for thrusting. It is 117 cm long and weighs 1.5 Kg without the scabbard. When not in use it is carried in a scabbard hanging from a shoulder belt known as a baldric or from a waist-mounted sword belt, with slings of differing lengths to permit the scabbard to hang below the rider's waist level. Carved into the length of the sword quotes "Ich Diene" - "I Serve"
  • 6 Lasgun Charge Packs - Charge packs are powerful batteries used almost exclusively by Imperial laser weapons. The charge pack varies depending on the class of the weapon. In all cases, it provides shots equal to the weapon's full clip value.
  • Flak Armour - The most common type of armour used by Imperial Guard forces is Flak Armour, and it is standard-issue combat gear to the countless millions of Imperial Guardsmen who fight on the Emperor's behalf across the galaxy. Many layers of ablative and impact absorbent material go into making each suit, enough to deflect or negate most low-level attacks such as small arms, shrapnel, and proximity blasts. Solid hits from high impact weapons can generally negate it, but given that it is relatively lightweight, cheap to produce, and dependable in most combat situations, many veterans keep using it even when offered something better.
  • Mono Knife - The Mono Knife, a one-handed melee implement, is the ubiquitous back-up weapon for warriors all across the Imperium, be they lowly hive scum or the elite soldiers of a Planetary Governor. Some, such as the Catachan Fighting Knife, are designed for a specific purpose, whilst others are more generic in nature. The Mono Knives utilised by the Death Korps of Krieg are specially fashioned blades with superfine edges that can easily cut through armour and never lose their edge. These knives are carried by all members of the Death Korps as both a bayonet and a field tool.
  • Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Uniform
  • Respirator - A simple breathing mask that covers the nose and mouth or entire face, these offer much better protection than filtration plugs and are used by the troops of the Death Korps in toxic environments or during attacks by chemical or even biological weapons.
  • 4 Empty Sandbags
  • M39 Entrenching Tool
  • 4 Frag Grenades - Frag Grenades use a combustible charge and special fillers of shrapnel fragments which make them potent anti-personnel weapons. Imperial Frag Grenades are roughly the size of a clenched fist and covered with a heavily notched shell, both to increase the shrapnel produced and provide a more secure grip for throwing.
  • 2 Photon Flash Grenades - Photon Flash Grenades detonate like a small star, blinding anyone nearby and bright enough to overload primitive vision protection systems. Anyone within 15 metres of a photon flash grenade when it detonates will be temporarily blinded.
  • 2 Smoke Grenades - Smoke grenades release a dense smoke which only obscures basic eyesight and optical based systems. They do not block detection systems that use heat or other spectral bands outside of normal human eyesight, but are much more widely available and easier to construct.
  • Poor Weather Gear
  • Rucksack
  • Basic Toolkit
  • Mess Kit & Water Canteen
  • 2 week's Rations
  • Blanket & Sleeping Bag
  • Rechargeable Lamp Pack - Sturdy and reliable, glow-globes illuminate many an Imperial paveway and cathedral. Most portable ones are roughly the size of a clenched fist and can shine strong, yellowish light a dozen or so metres in width, lasting roughly five hours before their power pack needs recharging or replacing.
  • Grooming Kit
  • Dog Tags
  • Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer - A standard-issue Imperial text that covers a vast variety of topics, this book is possessed by all members of the Imperial Guard as part of their standard-issue equipment. The Primer is a basic guide that details everything a Guardsman needs to know: principles and regulations of the Imperial Guard, issued arms, attire, apparatus, and equipment, basic battlefield policy and Imperial Guard organisation and structure, elementary battlefield medical instructions, and a detailed guide on the foes of the Imperium. No Guardsman should ever be found without possession of a copy of the Uplifting Primer for the punishment is severe.



"You are all not worthy of standing beside the Emperor in the Afterlife, now prove me wrong!"
—Heinz von Müntefering addressing recruits of the 212th