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"As the lord of vultures would be no less bent upon preying upon the flock than any of the minor harpies, it is indispensable to be in a perpetual attitude of defence against his beak and claws."
— Private observations of the current Lord of the Blood Vultures by Rogue Trader-Militant Davros von Richtenberg

Haron Thas is the current Blood Master (Chapter Master) of the savage Blood Vultures Space Marine Chapter. He also serves as the commander of the elite 1st Assault Company ("Blood Company") as its Lord Bloodblade, leadinh a devastating force of ruthless Astartes that are not afraid of anything and that can succeed in almost any situation. His elite company, the 1st Veteran Company, have only ever lost 2 battle-brothers, and are well known for their prestigious skill in close-combat. He trains his company himself, and the other Company Captains are expected to do the same.

Serving as his Chapter's twelfth Blood Master, Haron Thas has garnered a reputation as a ruthless warrior and strategically brilliant commander, leading major actions from the front and earning the respect and admiration of his peers. Recently, he became well known for having led his Chapter to victory in the fight for their home world of Regark against a much larger force of Chaos Space Marines. He is also known for securing many other noteworthy victories that the Blood Vultures have successfully claimed throughout his tenure.


Early Life

Haron was born during the 41st Millennium to a wealthy family that owned a well known trade company. He was not a fan of his family's work and did not care for wealth. He had always wanted to become an Astartes of the Blood Vultures because he believed that it was his destiny. All through his young age he had been training to become a soldier, he would later be recruited by the Space Marines known as the Blood Vultures. From there on, he would fight for the Imperium's cause and reach the esteemed rank of Blood Master of the Blood Vultures Chapter.

A Leaders Story

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Physical Appearance


As befits such a lauded Chapter, Haron Thas bears ancient and powerful relics into battle. These magnificently crafted artefacts encapsulates the honourable legacy of their genetic forebears. They also render Thas all the more deadly in combat:

Vulture's Talon

The Vulture's Talon

  • The Vulture's Talon - The Vulture's Talon is a master-crafted, two-handed power sword said to have been forged by the finest craftsman of the ancient Terrawatt Clan on Terra during the time of the Unification Wars, using a very rare and mysterious metal, and supposedly tempered with the Emperor's own blood. This magnificently crafted artefact encapsulates the legacy of the heroic and noble Blood Angels Legion. When it is activated, the mono-molecular blade of this finely-wrought sword crackles with barely suppressed killing power, said to be able to scythe through the thickest ceramite and plasteel with contemptuous ease. Gifted by the Emperor Himself to the Terran commander of the IX Legion following their inception, the Vulture's Talon was eventually passed down to the first Blood Master of the newly-created Blood Vultures during the Third Founding. This paragon blade became the ritual weapon passed down to each successive Blood Master upon taking command of the Chapter and has reaped countless foes of the Emperor. Currently, Vulture's Talon is currently wielded by Haron Thas.
Vulture's Wrath

Vulture's Wrath

  • Vulture's Wrath - An ancient master-crafted Lightning Claw of unknown origins, it is believed to have been crafted by the Blood Vultures' Progenitors and then gifted to the first Blood Master upon the Chapter's inception. The technology and inner workings which powers this weapon is an utter mystery to the Techmarines of the Chapter. In close combat, the Vulture's Wrath is an all but unmatched weapon, as the unidentified phase-frequency disruption fields imparted to the blades cutting edges prove able to slice through solid matter at a sub-molecular level, parting ceramite and adamantine plate effortlessly and sundering all energy fields and force barriers they encounter.
  • Blood Armour of Haemon - This master-crafted, artificer-wrought power armour is of an unknown pattern, said to be based upon a far older STC pattern from before the Age of Strife. Utilising components of both Mk III and Mk IV patterns, this highly sophisticated battle-plate is rumoured to have been crafted by the Blood Angels' finest artificers in ages past and gifted to the Blood Vultures' first Blood Master upon the Chapter's inception. Void-hardened and possessing unique systems from the Dark Age of Technology, the Blood Armour of Haemon also incorporates a defensive energy field generator designed to project a strong gravitic conversion field around the armour's wearer, protecting him from the most potent weapons on the battlefield.
Vulturis Alis

Vulturis Alis

  • Vulturis Alis - This ancient master-crafted jump pack hearkens back to the bygone era of the Great Crusade. Apocryphal tales speak of the Blood Angels having acquired it during one of their earlier Imperial compliance campaigns when they encountered an unnamed system that had been enslaved by vile xenos. After liberating this system, this ancient relic was gifted to Primarch Sanguinius as a token of esteem by the local Forge World's tech-priests. Vulturis Alis is considerably lighter and less bulky than standard jump packs, while at the same time, possesses a higher thrust-to-mass ratio which allows for slightly longer and higher jumps to be performed. This revered Blood Angels' relic was passed on to the first Blood Master of the Blood Vultures upon the Chapter's inception.
  • Master-Crafted Plasma Pistol


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