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Harald Blodöga is a very peculiar character. A Space Wolf Wolf Guard, he is not bound to any company and act abit like the Salamanders Vulkan He'Stan. Although his goal is not to hunt down relics, he has been sent out to catch the infamous Thousand Son sorcerer Ahzek Ahriman. Harald got his name Blodöga (translation: Bloodeye) from being hit a glancing blow from a thunderhammer, sending his shoulderguard trim hitting his skull around his left eye, giving him a permanent blackeye and a eye filled with blood.


Harald started of as any normal recruit, being recruited from the dead on a field of battle. His act of courage was to have killed one of the mighty sea serpents with a harpoon on a piece of ice in the middle of the ocean.

He distinguished himself as a Bloodclaw, And same as a Grey Hunter. Instead of becoming a part of the Long Fangs, he became a Wolf Guard for his wolf lord (who he was, few remember). He wouldve become the next lord, but he declined the honor, and set out to hunt down the Chaos Space Marine that killed his lord. While he managed to kill the Marine in question, he learned that Ahriman himself had ordered it. He swore to kill Ahriman himself, and replaced his Chainsword with a mighty powerfist, with the words I will ripp him to pieces with my bare hands.

He Left the Space Wolves company he served with, something that enraged the entire chapter, but since then he has always answered the call of duty when his chapter needs him.

Notable Battles

Tharsis XIV: Saw his lord die at the hands of a thousand sons marine

Kalligan: Managed to track down the marine, and killed their entire squad in a blood frenzy. He met Ahriman on this world

Garm: Aided the Space Wolves in the reclamation of the Spear of Russ. Gave up his track of Ahriman for it. He was very upset to have heard it lost, although proud not only that the spear could drive back a Primarch, but also that a Blood Claw did it. It is probobly such that he originaly belonged to Berek Thunderfists company, and that Berek took his place (although it is just speculation. Meerly Ulrik and Logan still remembers for sure)


Fist of the Dragon: His Powerfist. It was made by using sea serpent teeth he killed to make it more personal

Mortis Bolter: A Bolt Pistol reforged from a Thousand Sons bolter.


Over 500 years old, Harald is said to be a grim prescence on the battlefield, but one of the best drinking partners there is. He has emboddied the Space Wolves Anti-Authorian personality, not even staying in his own chapter. He is easy to burst out into song, and his voice can carry through a full dining hall without the use of speakers.