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"May the Stars guide our paths! To War! To Victory! To Redemption!"
—Legate Daemovar Steelblade before the final battle of the Drendix Crusade

The Hammer Guard are a Codex-Divergent chapter of Adeptus Astartes. They do not know their progenitors or when they were founded, as hard times caused most of the knowledge the Hammer Guard had of themselves to be lost. The Chapter, unknowing of where they originated, believe that they are the loyalist remains of a renegade chapter, which is only strengthened by the suspicion of them by other chapters of Adeptus Astartes and the Inquisition. The Chapter, for as long as it has known, has believed the stars to be deities, and revere them as gods, leading to many chapter practices that, in their eyes, earn the favour of the stars.

The belief in the stars and the suspicion that they originate from traitors has caused the Hammer Guard to become fierce fighters, unwilling to back down in fear that they might lose the favor of the stars or will fail to redeem themselves of their progenitor's failure.


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The Hammer Guard's origins are unknown to the chapter, and any relics or hints as to their origins are of the highest value to them. Their endless hunt for relics as they go from battle to battle has revealed to them that they date back as far as M36, and hint at the chapter being around earlier. There has been no sign of who their progenitor might be, causing the chapter to believe they are the successors of a renegade chapter, and must atone for their sins.

The Golden Age

In the middle of the 37th MIllennium, as the chapter struggled to repair itself after a devastating defeat at the hands of the Night Lords, a hero appeared among the ranks of the chapter. After a disastrous battle that set the chapter down to almost 400 men, Sicanatus Carion was hailed as a hero for his courage. As the years went on he soon became Legate of the 7th company, who were at that time used as a battle company, as they still had most of their company. He lead the company on many glorious crusades, taking great care to not lose brothers while the chapter recovered, and after their previous Guardian was slain two centuries after his promotion to Legate, Carion was chosen by the entire chapter as the new Guardian, despite the fact that he was the 7th company captain, not the 1st. He lead the chapter into a Golden Age, winning many campaigns, while at the forefront of the fighting. During a massive campaign to bring a sector back to the Emperor's Light, the Exalted Defender, as he had been named, was injured by the blade of an Eldar, managing to survive. Despite his wounds, Carion went on to lead the next and final assault on the corrupted hive world of Caedem. There, the chapter would have it's first encounter with the Greater Daemon of Khorne known as Kale'malum, as they found him in the center of the capital spire, surrounded by cultists and Khorne Berserkers. During the ensuing fight, as the already-depleted numbers of the Hammer Guard fought the massive number of heretics and Chaos Space Marines, Carion and the 1st company waged war with the Bloodthirster. It would end with the banishment of Kale'malum, and the deaths of all but 1 of the 1st company, Carion's body having been thrown to the feet of the Praefortis, who would defend the corpse of his Guardian even if it destroyed his sarcophagus. After the battle, the Hammer Guard would let the other crusading chapters and regiments finish the crusade, as they returned to Gabarlos to bury him. The Golden Age was at an end, after 3 centuries of triumph and glory.

The Age of Corruption

At the dawn of the 41st Millennium, long after the chapter had made a name for itself, the Hammer Guard received a distress signal from a hive world near the Maelstrom, requesting urgent support. Upon arrival, the Hammer Guard were greeted by a world besieged by a slaanesh-worshiping warband known as the Warriors of Pleasure. The chapter war for the planet was long and fierce, with many battle brothers being lost, with the 4th company having 3 squads left after the purge was complete. This was not the worst casualty suffered in the campaign. During the final battle, 2nd company legate Geranios Ortev engaged the opposing warmaster in combat, supported by his chaplain Lucious Drios and Sunwielder Kvan Solev. The fight corrupted legate Ortev and Sunwielder Solev, who cut down their fellow brother-chaplain with the warmaster's chainaxe as he realized what had happened. When their fellow battle brothers arrived at their position, what they found was the legate and Sunwielder mourning their fallen chaplain. Geranios and Kvan soon began to corrupt the chapter from the inside, spreading the taint of Chaos like wildfire, until Kvan attempted to corrupt a member of the 7th company, a company so bound by brotherhood that the very thought of betraying their brothers, even for a moment, was considered heresy amongst their ranks. This lead to them reporting to the Guardian of the Imperium and a thorough purge of the Chapter commenced. After this the Chapter was severely undermanned for almost half a century.

Penitent Crusade

The Age of Corruption was a great stain upon the honor of the chapter, and they soon departed to the Eye of Terror to complete a century-long Penitent crusade. Little is known of the events of the Chapter, only that they came out of it a company down and as tight a brotherhood as any could be. Although they were last seen disappearing into the warp, there was a single report of the chapter reappearing out of the Warp to engage the forces of Chaos as they attempted to harm the helpless civilians of a hive world, disappearing back into the warp without a trace once the force of Chaos were destroyed. Chapter Master Zahriel Krakenbane, who's soul was sent back to his star a century later, reported them being gone only three decades, but in realspace it had been a hundred and fifty years. The Ordo Hereticus soon found them waiting, and tested their gene-seed, as well as the chapter brothers itself. They were not found wanting, and had passed every test, deemed uncorrupted. This did not stop the Inquisition, however, and the Hammer Guard have found themselves constantly under the gaze of the Ordo Hereticus since.

The Forsaken's Return

In 981.M41, the 2nd company, lead by Legate Karrova, came to the aide of a small, unnamed Feudal world. As they arrived within the system, their attempts to hail the planet over vox failed, and the company knew they were in for an honorable fight. Praying to the stars as they descended, the company would find no trace of life on the planet. Only after a day of searching did they find a signal, and the ground forces descended on it with haste. What they found at the coordinates of the signal was not survivors, but Chaos Space Marines wearing the same colors as them. They did engaged these strange traitors who, upon seeing them, began to cry out "make those that forget suffer!" As the battle raged on, Karrova and his forces felt a strange feeling wash over them, and a voice in their heads, telling them to stop, and welcome their lost brothers. Shaking it off, Karrova and his forces pressed on, until the voice was so loud in their heads it was clouding their thoughts. They were forced to stop, and soon were approached by a Sorcerer, who spoke in their heads, not in their ears. He told them that they were the company lost in the warp long ago, and that they were abandoned, left behind by their chapter. Alone in the warp, they found the greatest of all the stars, greater than the Emperor. The sorcerer urged them to join their lost brothers, and help them show the Hammer Guard the true stars.

The Forsaken Heresy

Two years after the 2nd company sent their strike force to that unnamed planet, Guardian Stormfury declared that the chapter was nearly at full strength after the Drendix Crusade, and that it had come time to elect a new Legate for the 5th company. He declared that all chapter forces finish their battles and return to the Gabarlos system. As the chapter started arriving, however, Guardian Stormfury gathered 7 of his astartes. These seven were gathered from the companies already in the Gabarlos system and were Legates Cennius Cobius and Azrael Cybus, Evocatus Adlius, Alaris Antonius, Legionnaire Thaddeus, Immune Decimus and Sunwielder Sergius. The 7 to make contact with the Bestonia system, where a scout monastery had been set up to watch over a threat to nearby systems. The monastery had not reported in for almost 2 years, not since the 2nd company had sent one of their tactical squads to man it. The strike team departed immediately aboard the strike cruiser Hammer of Fury.

After their arrival to the Bestonia system, the strike force repeatedly tried to make contact with the scout monastery, to no avail. The team made planetfall, but were forced to land 2 days away from the monastery, as strange weather made landing impossible. Instead, they made their way through the jungle at a rapid pace. What happened over the next two days is unknown only to the brothers who were there, but soon the Hammer of Fury appeared again over the Gabarlos system, now carrying the Solar Warden's Sgiobair Diarmid Warhowl, as well as the body of Cennius Cobius. The Strike Cruiser screamed towards the Vengeance of Sol, hailing the Hammer of Gabarlos, repeating a message in a loop: "Cobius will be avenged. That worthless traitor Decarde will be slain. May the Stars guide our path."

The Strike Cruiser soon began firing upon the Vengeance, in the middle of the fleet. It was at this moment the traitors revealed themselves, as the Battle-Barge, which had seemed to retreat, opened fire upon the Hammer of Gabarlos, as the 2nd and 5th companies aboard it fled to the planet Gabarlos below. Almost immediately, the 3rd and 4th companies followed, as Azrael told them that their brothers had betrayed them, and that the Legate of the 4th, a mentor to him, had been slain. The civil war upon the planet's dead surface lasted a day, as both sides dug in and struck out at each other. During the last hour of conflict a new force arrived to assist the traitors, in the form of the Blade of Sol, a Battle-Barge belonging to the Solar Warden's Serpent company. It launched numerous drop pods towards the planet, filled with traitors and Chaos Space Marines, who had joined their heretical brothers in the fight. Enraged, Diarmid tore himself from the Apothecarion aboard the Hammer of Sol and took a thunderhawk down to the planet, as the final battle began. Brothers such as Adlius report that Decarde Karrova and Azrael Cybus engaged in single combat, letting their built up hatred for each other be released as they tried to obliterate the other. Eventually Decarde knocked Azrael to the ground, and prepared to drive his blade through Azrael's heart, when he was shot in the shoulder by Guardian Stormfury who, living up to his name, brought his honor guard to the surface and unleashed his rage upon the traitors in a violent storm. Decarde, who was stunned by this, was knocked away by Azrael who, retrieving his Thunder Hammer, destroyed Decarde's arm with a single blow. With their leader injured, the traitors began to flee, as the original traitors had 10 millennia ago.

The Hateful Watch

As the traitors fled, the chapter soon followed, chasing their former brothers across the galaxy to the Eye of Terror, where the traitors hid in the warp. In response, Guardian Stormfury had a new monastery be created, where 50 of the chapter's most loyal veterans would be stationed, to watch for the return of the traitors and the dog Decarde. They would be known as the Hateful Guardians, and their service would become known as the Hateful Watch. Along with the creation of the Watch several changes would be made to the chapter, such as the 5th Company and 2nd Company legates having their roles changed, so instead of being the Master of the Watch and Master of Rites they became the Chief Victualler and Master of Marches, their roles being switched with the 7th and 6th Company legates, respectively.

Notable Campaigns

  • Caedem Crusade (930.M37 -- 932.M37) - The first multi-chapter campaign involving the Hammer Guard was the Caedem Crusade, a 3 chapter and 30 regiment crusade to bring the Caedem Sector back to the Emperor's Light, and clear it of the numerous bands of Ork pirates and Chaos cults dotting the sector. Chosen to lead the campaign was Sicanatus Carion of the Hammer Guard, chosen for his tactical skill. The crusade went well, clearing planet after planet in a wave as planet after planet were cleared of Chaos by Space Marines and Guardsmen alike. At the forefront of the fighting was Sicanatus, chosing to lead battles at the front. It ended with the recapture of Caedem, the capital of the sector. As the massive army descended on the planet, it was ambushed by ships belonging to the Word Bearer's legion, as well as anti-aircraft fire from the planet below. As a massive war raged above them, the 3 chapters of Astartes and 25 of the original 30 regiments made it to the surface, the other five stuck in orbit or destroyed with their ships. A bloody war followed as the army cleared hive after hive, destroying and burning any chaos taint they could find. The Hammer Guard charged ahead of their allies to the capital hive spire, hoping to destroy the monster that was the enemy by cutting off it's head. The Hammer Guard accomplished this, but soon departed, leaving the two chapters and 25 regiments to clear the rest of the planet.
  • 8th Black Crusade (999.M37) - Worlds all across Segmentum Obscurus are plagued with Chaos as their citizens are slaughtered in precise numbers and esoteric rituals. The Hammer Guard launch a campaign into the Segmentum in order to aid as many worlds as possible
  • The Defense of Devax (675.M39) - Perhaps as a warning of what was to come for the Hammer Guard, the feral world of Solaritus V, or Devax Victri, came under assault by Orks. Due to it's proximity to their homeworld, the Hammer Guard respond, sending the 3rd and 7th companies to assist the planet, aided by the 1st company's cataphractarii squads. A vicious war is waged as the Hammer Guard desperately try to save as many civilians as they can from the Orks. It would result in a victory, but the planet's already small population was cut in half. The Hammer Guard were then on seen as the "Mighty Guardians" from the "Great One" by the citizens of the planet.
  • The Fall of Gabarlos (476.M40 -- 478.M40) - While all but 3 companies of the Hammer Guard were away on crusades, an Ork WAAAGH! tore through the system of their homeworld, the feral world of Gabarlos. A distress signal could not leave the system until the WAAAGH! had reached Gabarlos. The 6th, 8th and 9th companies were all engaged with the Orks in below while the 3rd company, 7th elite company and 4th company fleets came out of the warp, unknowing of the assault on their homeworld. The fleet was caught unaware but managed to fend off the Ork pirates while the companies deployed to the planet below. Soon they were reinforced by the 1st veteran company, 2nd company, 5th company and 10th company fleets as the whole chapter scrambled to defend their homeworld. The assault was concluded with the retreat of the Hammer Guard off-world as the fleets destroyed the planet from orbit. As their brothers got off-world, the 7th company and Guardian of the Imperium Gabriel Cassiyus fought as many greenskins as they could before they burned with the rest of their homeworld.
  • Space Hulk Justice of Tyrants (920.M40) - One of the greatest defeats for the chapter and one of their greatest shames, the chapter boarded the space hulk known as Justice of Tyrants to be greeted by a massive Ork tribe living on board the Space Hulk. The chapter engaged their foe, not backing down. The Orks had spent their entire life on the space hulk, and have a massive advantage over the Hammer Guard, having knowledge of every corridor aboard the ship. Squads were ambushed and slaughtered, and the chapter was forced to retreat, as even more members of their ranks were slain. In total, five hundred and forty battle brothers were lost before the space hulk was abandoned, and left to drift in space. It took the chapter three decades to recover, and they never forgot. The chapter's intense hatred of Orks was only strengthened aboard the Justice of Tyrants.
  • The Battle of Sahra II (870.M41 -- 870.M41) - The Battle for the desert feral world of Sahra II in the Costellian sub-sector began when a group of cultists, lead by a rogue psyker, summoned a slaaneshi warband of an unknown name onto the planet from the warp. The Planetary Defense Force defending the planet were overwhelmed, and it was all they could do to hold off the Archenemy while a call for help could be made. The Hammer Guard picked up this call for help and sent a force under the command of the recently promoted legate Azrael Cybus, using this as a proving ground. Once they entered the System, Azrael's forces were dropped into the middle of an assault by the warband. They used the element of surprise to drive the warband back. They soon began to crush every attack and gain massive amounts of ground after each skirmish, gaining almost everything that had been lost within weeks. The stronghold of the Warband would be a different story, however. They kept most of their forces back behind a wall of missile turrets, and let out their forces after the armor supporting them had been destroyed. Eventually Azrael's forces destroyed the turrets, and the warband was destroyed completely and utterly, along with any trace of Chaos in the oasis they had made their stronghold, as well as the rest of the planet. The campaign was a success, and the chapter deemed Azrael worthy of being a legate.
  • The Drendix Crusade (977.M41 -- 980.M41) - The Drendix Crusade began when the hive world Drendix sent out an emergency signal after being set upon by two Ork WAAAGH!s, WAAAGH! Bludkrushah and WAAAGH! Warbusta. A crusade force was sent out, lead by 5th company legate Daemovar Steelblade. They were assisted by the light infantry regiment known as the 8th Costellian Raiders and a siege regiment known as the 97th Craketun. The sheer size of the Ork WAAAGH!s forced the Imperial forces into a stalemate, until the Hammer Guard reached out to the Novus Krakens for assistance. With the reinforcements from the Novus Krakens, the crusade force pushed back the green tide until the two space marine chapters could push on towards the main Ork settlements while the Imperial Guard held the line. After pushing on until they were at the doorstep of the Orks, they were assault by the rest of the WAAAGHs, along with the Warbosses themselves. At the cost of many Hammer Guard astartes, including Force Commander Steelblade, WAAAGH! Warbusta was destroyed, it's Warboss slain by Amadeus Daelhardt, a legionnaire marine from the 3rd company. At the same time the Novus Krakens took down WAAAGH! Bludkrushah, burning down the main settlement, along with the Warboss. In honour of the bravery and courage of the Novus Krakens, they have granted the fellow chapter the right to draw recruits from their recruiting grounds.
  • 13th Black Crusade (999.M41) - While the Hateful Guardians continued their Hateful Watch on the eye of Terror, Abaddon the Despoiler would unleash his 13th Black Crusade. Having determined the Forsaken Hammers, their traitorous brothers, had joined the Black Legion, the Hateful Guardians joined the defenders, engaging their brothers in a void battle orbiting Cadia. The Guardians would board the vessel commanded by their brothers, and managing to slay nearly 200 of them before the Guardians were slain to a man, with only a few of the gene-seed being recovered by the Apothecary with them before he fled, to preserve the chapter's future.


Despite the suspicion of being descended from renegades, the Hammer Guard gene-seed has a low rate of mutation, with only about 20% of marines suffering from mutation. Despite this, the inquisition has multiple times asked for the gene-seed to be tested by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Hammer Guard suffers from a mutation of their Melanochrome, causing extremely pale skin and dark eyes, as well as the lack of a sus-an membrane and Betcher's gland.

The Inquisition keeps an eye on the Hammer Guard because of the Age of Corruption, and often send in Grey Knights to monitor the chapter, although the chapter welcomes these mysterious warriors from the Inquisition, seeing their arrival as an opportunity to redeem themselves of their past sins.


The Hammer Guard have no record of their progenitor, as well as most of their origins and early history. This has caused them to speculate on who they came from, and hunt down any relics they can find for clues of their progenitor. After a millennium of searching, however, the Hammer Guard have come to the conclusion that they are the sons of renegades, and must redeem themselves of their sins. Still, many speculate on who their gene-sire is, or was. The Inquisition's repeated demands for their gene-seed to be tested has pointed to their progenitors being renegades, who abandoned the Imperium and joined the Traitor Legions in the eye of terror. Their tactics and lack of two zygotes point in the exact opposite direction, towards the Imperial Fists. The Imperial Fists have made no claims on whether or not the Hammer Guard are their successors, however.

Chapter Recruitment

The Hammer Guard use Sub-Sector Solaritus as their recruiting grounds, as their old homeworld of Gabarlos is among the five worlds in the sub-sector. Aspirants are then sent to the Death World of Karline, where they will spend half a rotation surviving there. This is known as the Trial of Faith, as the only time one could consider safe on Karline is the three to four hours of sunlight the planet receives a day. Those that survive have a newfound appreciation of the sun and stars, and have been pushed to their limits and beyond while on the planet.

Chapter Organization

As the Hammer Guard have no knowledge of their progenitor, they have forged their own set up, taking parts from the Codex Astartes and using it as the base of their structure. Their order of battle has changed over the years, but the chapter remains largely reliant to the Codex in terms of organization, and their command structure has remained the same.

Command Ranks

  • Guardian of the Imperium - The Chapter Master of the Hammer Guard is known as the Guardian of the Imperium, or Guardian.
  • Legate - The equivalent of a Captain, a Legate leads one of the 10 Hammer Guard companies in battle. They are some of the finest warriors in the Chapter, and must prove themselves fit a leadership role before being considered, both as a Decanus and as a temporary Force Commander in the theatre of war
  • Starpriest - Hammer Guard Reclusiarch
  • Star Chaplains - The Chaplaisn of the Hammer Guard, who lead the prayers and rites of each chapter, and uphold the chapter's beliefs on the field of battle
  • Immunes - Hammer Guard Apothecaries
  • Sunwraiths - Hammer Guard librarians
  • Armicustos -Tech Marines

Veteran Ranks

  • Cataphractarii - Hammer Guard Terminators
  • Ballistarius - Hammer Guard Sternguard
  • Princepes - Company champions
  • Paladins - Paladins are the elite units in the 7th company, and are the equivalent of Vanguards. They are veterans of the countless battles, and have mastered every close combat weapon available to the chapter. In combat they serve the roles of Honor Guard, morale boosts and elite warriors, leading the charge. They are often in the thickest of the fighting as they fight alongside the Legate and his command squad, leading the charge or holding the line

Line Formations

  • Decanus - Hammer Guard Sergeants
  • Legionnaire - Hammer Guard Tactical Marines
  • Alaris - Hammer Guard Assault Marines
  • Evocatus - Hammer Guard Devastator Marines. Normally older members of the company
  • Equites - Hammer Guard Bikers
  • Vexillarius - Hammer Guard members given the honor of carrying the company standard
  • Velites - Hammer Guard scouts

Order of Battle

As Previously stated, the Hammer Guard follow the guidelines of the Codex, and consist of 10 companies. Each Company is lead by a tested and proven Legate, who is defended by his Princepe, a veteran Astartes from the company serving as his honor guard. Each company consists of 10 squads, and a Sunwraith, Star Chaplain and Immune are assigned to each company.

The order of battle for the Hammer Guard differs from the Codex in a massive way. The 7th company, which would be a tactical reserve company in most Codex-Compliant chapters, acts as a 2nd veteran company, replacing their Alaris and Evocatus squads with elite Paladin squads, as an honor to the deeds of the 7th company. As a result, the 1st company consists of 6 Ballistarius squads and 4 Cataphractarii. Besides that, the order of battle remains compliant to the Codex Astartes.

The current order of battle of the Hammer Guard Chapter, as of 999.M41, are as follows:

Chapter Command


Hammer Guard Icon 3
Seraphiel Stormfury
Guardian of the Imperium
Chapter Master of the Hammer Guard
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Chapter Banner Bearer)
24 Cataphractarii Honour Guard
1 Land Raider
Chapter Sunwraiths
1,500 Chapter Serfs & Servitors
Armoury Reclusium Apothecarion Librarius Master of the Fleet
Badge Adeptus Mechanicus
Armicustos Tulls Aurelius
Master of the Forge
27 Armicustos (Techmarines)
95 Servitors
52 Battle Tanks (multiple types)
25 Predators
8 Vindicators
9 Whirlwinds
12 Land Raiders
14 Gunships (Stormtalons and Stormravens)
24 Centurion Warsuits
19 Land Speeders
Assault & Attack Bikes
Reclusium Icon
Starpriest (Reclusiarch) Caius Augustus
Master of Sanctity
10 Company Star Chaplains
Apothecary Prime Helix Icon white
Septimus Cato
Immune (Chief Apothecary
12 Immunes (Apothecaries)
Librarius Icon
Quintus Darkblade
Sunlord (Chief Librarian)
5 Sunbenders
9 Sunspeaker
10 Sunwraiths
3 Acolytes (Neophytes)
Legate Usiel Thunderborn
Master of the Fleet
2 Battle Barges
3 Strike Cruisers
6 Escorts
65 Thunderhawk Gunships


Veteran Company Battle Companies
1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company
Legate Ezekiel Kyradexus, Regent
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
4 Cataphractarii (Terminator) Squads
6 Ballistarius (Sternguard) Squads
Legate Ramiel Blackborn, Chief Victualler
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
4 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
3 Evocatus (Devastator) Squads
3 Alaris (Assault) Squads
Legate Azrael Cybus, Master of the Arsenal
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
4 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
3 Evocatus (Devastator) Squads
3 Alaris (Assault) Squads
Legate Usiel Thunderborn, Master of the Fleet
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
4 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
3 Evocatus (Devastator) Squads
3 Alaris (Assault) Squads
Legate Baraqiel Vidiar, Master of Marches
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
4 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
3 Evocatus (Devastator) Squads
3 Alaris (Assault) Squads
Veteran Company Reserve Companies Scout Company
7th Company 6th Company 8th Assault Company 9th Devastator Company 10th Company
Legate Verroctor Morake, Master of the Watch
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
6 Paladin (Vanguard Veteran) Squads
4 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
Legate Lucius Hammerblood, Master of Rites
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
4 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
3 Evocatus (Devastator) Squads
3 Alaris (Assault) Squads
Legate Primus Herma, Lord Executioner
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
2 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
2 Evocatus (Devastator) Squads
6 Alaris (Assault) Squads
Legate Tybellius Cygus, Master of Relics
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
2 Legionnaire (Tactical) Squads
6 Evocatus (Devastator) Squads
2 Alaris (Assault) Squads
Legate Tiberius Grimhammer, Master of the Recruits
Command Squad - Princepes (Chapter Champion), Star Chaplain, Immune, Sunwraith, Vexillarius (Company Banner Bearer)
8 Velites (Scout) Squads
2 Equites (Biker) Squads

Unique Wargear

The Armicustos of the Hammer Guard have developed many new designs for their weaponry and vehicles, and have integrated them into the chapter's Armory

  • Guardian Pattern Thunder Hammer- A pattern only used by the Hammer Guard legates and Cataphractarii, the Guardian pattern thunder hammer generates a slightly large energy field on impact than standard Thunder Hammers, and has combined that with what is known as a promethium tip, causing the impacted area to explode in a ball of fire
  • Hammer Pattern Heavy Bolter- Developed by the Hammer Guard Armicustos after the fall of beloved Gabarlos, this modified version of the Astartes Pattern heavy bolter was specifically designed for defensive siege warfare
  • Predator Defender- A unique type of predator, focusing more on defensive armor than speed. The Hammer Guard use this as their standard type of predator
  • Land Raider Vulcan- A modified version of the Land Raider Ares, it replaces the side-mounted heavy flamers with Hurricane pattern bolters, and replaces the pintle-mounted storm bolters with an assault cannon. The Hammer Guard keep up to 4 of these in their arsenal at one time
  • Mercury Razorback- As the main transport of the Hammer Guard, the Razorback has to be designed to endure the risks of siege warfare. It is longer than normal Razorbacks to carry more troops, and usualy sports an assault cannon or heavy flamer. They act as transports as well as assault vehicles, and when on defense they are often used to ferry troops and supplies to the front and back.

Combat Doctrine

The Hammer Guard do not strictly adhere to the Codex Astartes, changing parts of it to fit their designs. They are capable of executing any type of combat, but excel at one area of particular: Siege Warfare. Their skill at siege warfare nearly rivals the legendary Imperial Fists. They are the immovable object, holding key positions to the last man. On attack, they are an unstoppable force, their training on defensive siege also teaching the weak points of a defense, making them experts on destroying an enemy with key precision and ruthless force. This does not prevent them from excelling at open battle though, and they are just as willing to engage the enemy in the open field rather than urban combat. Urban combat has taught them to excel at boarding actions, as the tight spaces almost feel like home. They take to the field with large amounts of vehicles, valuing the heavy fire support and cover provided by the tanks and armored vehicles with them.

Their belief that they need to redeem themselves does make them willing to sacrifice themselves when falling back would be the better option, however. Squads of Hammer Guard have been lost while the other defenders take up better positions farther down the line, and groups of Hammer Guard have been lost as they refuse to retreat when the assault has failed.

Deathwatch Service

Despite the hostilities between inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus and the Hammer Guard, they have no quarrel with the Ordo Xenos and have a long history of seconding brothers to serve on the Long Watch. These brothers are usually Evocatus Marines, and serve as Devastators while serving in the Deathwatch. Currently Brother-Evocatus Aelius Sunfire is serving the Long Watch, providing his skills as a devastator to the organization.

Notable Astartes

Sicanatus Carion, "the Exalted Defender" -- Hammer Guard figure of legend

"My Honor is the Chapter's Honor, My Faith is the Chapter's Faith, I am the Chapter and the Chapter is me. My Duty is sworn to the Chapter and the Imperium, a duty that I will carry out until I fall."
— Sicanatus Carion, after being elected Guardian of the Imperium

The figure the Hammer Guard revere as their figure of legend in place of a Primarch was a former member of their ranks, a legionnaire and eventual Guardian of the Imperium known as Sicanatus Carion. He was quickly promoted to a legate after the battle of Carnicas VII, when he took up the Thunder Hammer of his fallen legate, Crapheus Kyrys, and defeated newly ascended Daemon Prince who had slain the legate and broken the Hammer Guard's line. As the Daemon Prince lifted the lifeless body of Kyrys and tossed his body away laughing, Carion became enraged at how the Prince treated the body of his brother and took up the legate's hammer and struck the Daemon Prince, using the surprise of the Prince to strike him repeatedly, striking the Daemon with the hammer, preventing it from recovering. The forces around them watched as Carion smashed the Daemon prince to pieces, the newly ascended prince having been defeated due to it's arrogance.

Carion, after bringing the hammer down one final time, turned to his retreating brothers and screaming “FOR CRAPHEUS’S HONOR AND TO REDEEM OUR CHAPTER, TAKE THIS PLANET!” He then charged towards the enemy and his brothers, seeing the courage of a simple legionnaire, joined his charge. They defeated their foe, but during the fight Sicanatus suffered wounds at the hands of Khorne Berserkers, doing what their arrogant leader could not.

Carion lead several campaigns over 2 centuries until he was elected, unanimously, to be the next Guardian of the Imperium. He would lead the chapter for another 3 centuries, and was seen as one of the wisest and strongest of the Hammer Guard. His words are still used as teaching for the Hammer Guard today, although he passed a millennium ago. His Thunder Hammer, The Redeemer, is a holy relic in the Fortress Monastery Hammer of Gabarlos.

Other Notable Hammer Guard

  • The Praefortis - The Praefortis, also known as the Wise or the Ancient, is the Venerable Dreadnought Aelius, who is rumored to be as old as the chapter itself. Indeed, he is one of the oldest members of the chapter, already a dreadnought when the legendary Sicanatus Carion was just an initiate. He is considered as one of the greatest and most revered members of the chapter, along with the Righteous Hammer himself. Despite being armed and combat-ready, he spends his time aboard the Hammer of Gabarlos, providing insight and knowledge to all those that approach him. The only time he serves in combat is when the Guardian himself requests it, as he is considered a living relic of the chapter, one they do not want to lose in combat.
  • Guardian Seraphiel Stormfury - The Current Guardian of the Imperium and one of the oldest members of the chapter, approaching his 559th year. He is a veteran of countless crusades, and a legend among the younger brothers of the chapter. He has lead the Hammer Guard as the Guardian for 3 centuries, learning from the ways of his predecessor and The Exalted Defender to lead his chapter as well as he could. He is regarded as a fearsome warrior, brilliant commander and wise Guardian, upholding the chapter's ideals to the fullest. His mighty thunder hammer, Sol's Fury, is feared by his enemies, as it is said to carry the hatred of a thousand stars, and turn people to ash in seconds. He often uses it in a deadly combination with the storm bolter mounted on his wrist
  • Decarde Karrova - Decarde Karrova is the fourth oldest member of the Hammer Guard, not including the Praefortis. He has lead the 2nd battle company for the better part of 4 centuries, and his campaigns are considered legendary. He is considered throughout the chapter as the next Guardian, should Stormfury ever fall. Now he is infamous, as it was he who lead their brothers to heresy.
  • Verroctor Morake - Easily the second oldest member of the chapter, Verroctor Morake has lead the courageous 7th company for 3 centuries, leading the 3rd for 2 before that. His deeds are legendary, and he is the living embodiment of the ideals of the 7th company.
  • Azrael Cybus - Having only lead the 3rd battle company for a century, Azrael Cybus is the youngest Legate in the Hammer Guard, having only served for 3 centuries. Already he has grown in the chapter, and is responsible for some of the biggest victories in the Chapter's recent campaigns.
  • Sunlord Quintus Darkblade - As an elder member of the chapter, Quintus Darkblade commands much respect among his peers, especially his lower sunwraiths. He is an incredibly gifted and powerful psyker, able to destroy hordes with the power of his mind. He rarely takes to the field anymore, spending his time assisting the Guardian and tending to the chapter's greatest relics.
  • The Centurion - The Centurion is the champion of the 7th company, and wears a set of artificier armor, similar to the Armor of Faith worn by the Emperor's Champion of the Black Templars. He wields a Relic Blade and a storm shield, protecting and serving legate Verroctor Morake. His word can rally companies, and it is said that his prayers can cause those that fight beside him to fight off wounds that would kill them.
  • Vindex Cataphractarii Squad - One of 4 elite Cataphractarii squads in the 1st company, Vindex Squad is a force of extermination, using their storm bolters, assault cannons and heavy flamers to purge all those who stand in their way. Their deeds are written in the many seals on their armor, and they have been partially responsible for some of the chapter's recent victories. The members of Vindex squad are: Sergeant Avitus, Brother Mikael, Brother Ignatus, Brother Rhamiel, Brother Tarkus, Brother Aramus, Brother Thaddeus, Brother Martellus, Brother Cyrus, Brother Gordian

Chapter Fleet

Hammer of Gabarlos

After the fall of their homeworld and the loss of their Fortress Monastery, the Hammer Guard were given a new Fortress Monastery in the form of a massive Battle Barge, known as the Hammer of Gabarlos, in honor of their homeworld. Within this immensely large vessel lies the heart of the Chapter, rebuilt to serve all the same functions as the Fortress Monastery the chapter once called home.

Other Notable Vessels

  • Vengeance of Sol (Battle Barge) (Destroyed)
  • Hammer of the Emperor (Battle Barge)
  • Hammer's Fury (Strike Cruiser)
  • Gabarlos's Vengeance (Strike Cruiser)
  • Carion's Guardian (Strike Cruiser)
  • Guardian of the Hammer (Nova class Frigate)

Chapter Relics

  • The Redeemer

The ancient Thunder Hammer of the great Sicanatus Carion is the most precious relic of the Hammer Guard. It's end still crackles, and the crack that developed in the Hammer's head during the great Guardian's final battle against Kale'malum is still there, carefully preserved. Each Guardian of the Imperium has the right to mark his heraldry on the hammer after he is elected

  • The Book of Redemption

The Book of Redemption holds the names, campaigns, and glories of every battle brother who has fallen in the chapter's service. The chapter holds this ancient tome in the highest regard, believing that once the pages run out, after the final battle-brother has had his name noted down, the chapter will be redeemed of their sins. It is located at the end of the Magna Praetorium, and may only be touched by the Sunlord and Guardian of the Imperium.

  • The Armor of Guardians

An ancient set of Tartaros Tactical Dreadnought Armor, The Armor of Guardians was recovered in the chapter's early days, and it's origins have been lost along with the rest of the chapter's young years. It is worn only by the Guardians who lead the chapter, and it is seen as a great honor to even wear the set. It comes with a wrist mounted storm bolter on the left arm.

  • Hammer Destructor

The Hammer Destructor is the chapter's only Deimos Pattern Predator Destructor. It's machine spirit remains dormant for long periods of time, as it is only awakened to serve at the Guardian's side when he takes to the field. It's hull is covered in scores of marks and damage, which the chapter's Tech Marines praise, seeing that the predator has taken damage that would have annihilated other predators, yet has always remained active, as if blessed by the Omnissiah

Chapter Ethos

Before the events of the Forsaken Heresy, the Hammer Guard believed that the stars were pockets of the afterlife manifested in the real world, and worshiped them. After the Forsaken Heresy when 200 of their brothers fell to the powers of chaos, too devoted in their beliefs to realize what path they were going down, the Hammer Guard began to reform their beliefs, realizing both how dangerous these beliefs were and how wrong they were. This reform was lead by Starpriest Caius Agustus and Guardian Seraphiel Stormfury. Now, the Hammer Guard have begun to worship the Emperor not as a god but as their creator, like many other chapters. Their belief in the stars still remains, but has been changed, as they now see them as beacons guiding the chapter to the path of righteousness and redemption.



The Chapter has a small number of allies among the Imperium. Their past has made the suspicious in the eyes of the Ordo Hereticus, specifically Puritanical Inquisitor Jacob Orlafax, who has monitored them since the Age of Corruption. What allies they do have lie in the Adeptus Astartes of the Novus Krakens, as well as the 8th Costellian regiment of Imperial Guard, who have earned the chapter's favor.


The Chapter has no shortage of enemies, from warbands of Chaos Space Marines to members of the Inquisition. The most notable enemies of the Hammer Guard are the Bloodthirster Kale'malum, multiple Ork tribes, and the aforementioned Inquisitor Orlafax, who has long suspected them of Heresy since the Age of Corruption and their return from their penitent crusade.

Notable Quotes

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By the Hammer Guard

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"To see such a courageous and honorable chapter in so dire a situation yet still able to fight with the might and determination they had is truly inspiring. They are the Imperium's finest indeed."
—Guardian of the Imperium Seraphiel Stormfury, commenting on the Novus Krakens in the Drendix Crusade

About the Hammer Guard

"The Hammer Guard are of such mettle and determination the likes of which I have not seen since Captain Helios was among us. What fortune the Imperium would have if all were so committed."
— Chapter Master Hargus Meltrak of the Novus Krakens, commenting on the Hammer Guard Chapter in the Drendix Crusade
" Stars as gods? Mankind has always looked to the abyss for answers, but it's worrying when it answers. I'll keep an eye on them, but that's nothing new for Astartes"
Inquisitor Jacob Flux on the Hammer Guard's and Solar Wardens' beliefs.


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