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Halcyon is a Paradise World located in the Sephadollion Sector. A lush, vibrant planet, Halycon is a favoured destination of the high ranking individuals within the Sephadollion Sector as place to unwind and endeavour in more leisurely pursuits.

Climate and Geography

Halycon is a diverse world that caters to a wide range of fauna both native and introduced. The more harmful creatures were drastically culled by settlers but those that survived have been preserved as big game for the political elite to hunt at leisure while the more innocuous species have become featured in local dishes considered to be a delicacy from those outside the system.



According to local historians, the world has been home to human life for close on twenty thousand years. It is said that a great catastrophe struck the world during its infancy as the human population was almost completely wiped out after it was cut of from their ancestors and that it took centuries to rebuild. Imperial historians have attributed this natural disaster to be the sole reason for the preserved state of the natural environment.

Artifacts dating from the Dark Age of Technology have been found in historical digs and the Adeptus Mechanicus has had an invested interest in exploring the planet in the hope of unearthing valuable data. However, this has met with considerable tension as the ruling elite do not want to see their beautiful planet sundered by the machinations of the Machine God.

Strata Depression Incident

At the height of Vitores Tenebras activity within the Sephadollion Sector, a chaos plot was discovered within the bowls of the gargantuan rift valley that forms the Strata Depression. A crack team of acolytes were sent to investigate a recent surge in kidnappings around the Crystal Lakes, whereupon they found that nefarious forces were at work after an attack on the Bagge's lakeside hunting lodge. Delving into the Vitores Strata complex, the investigators unearthed evidence of daemonic rituals and gene heresies. On top of these unsettling discoveries, a sizable barracks, well stocked armoury and live fire exercises seemed to indicate that military forces where being trained to fight against the servants of the God-Emperor stationed on Halcyon.

The investigation officially came to a close after the controlled detonation of several kilograms of high yield explosives aided in the unscheduled demolition of the complex. Rumours that a Keeper of Secrets was summoned during the incident have been thoroughly quashed by the Tenabarite Cabal and their only comment on the matter has been that they successfully retrieved an invaluable source of information on a multitude of Vitores plots.


Generally considered to be decadent by Imperial standards, the population of Halcyon maintain an economy almost entirely reliant upon tourism and service industry for employment beyond a self-sufficient system that makes use of a few traditional land labour roles.


"Sultry nights, sultry ladies and a people who respect the Barstar tradition of making it rain. Truly in the top hundred: A plus plus, would visit again."
Douchard Bagge

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