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The Gudstompaz Ork Klan are an Ork Klan led by Warlord Grotkicka. They are a very dangerous clan to face in Hand to Hand as they are very experienced with Melee combat as most of them are Orks of the Goffs clan that left and joined the Gudstompaz. There is a very complicated way to become a Gudstompaz Boy. If you are from another Klan and joining (As most of them are,) The eyes are probably different. So they knock the Boyz out and paint their eyes orange hopefully before they wake up.


Combat with a Gudstompaz Boy is most likely very dangerous as most of them are Goffs boyz that joined the Gudstompaz. So it is advised to not get into close combat with a Gudstompa as it is hard to tell if they are Goffs or not. They prefer to use Choppas and Sluggas but they sometimes use Shootas if they fight a close combat focused race such as the Tyranids or another Ork klan.

Background Information

When Grotkicka traveled to Lorn V , long after Gorgutz had left , he saw no one. So he decided to camp on the world with his warband. Until , a few years later , feral Orks were popping up everywhere. So he decided to take all of them in and reintroduce them to Teknology and the Waaagh. By the end of the Millennium , he had a planetwide Waaagh , just like Gorgutz had many millennia ago. He had a great Waaagh and decided to take on the planets. So he kept on traveling and pillaging and looting as Orks do , with Lorn V , as the birth world of the clan known as the Gudstompaz.

Allies and Enemies

Most of the Allies and Enemies of the Gudstompaz are other Ork clans. Some allies are the Deathskulls , the Bad Moons , the Big Choppaz , and the Goffs. But the Gudstompaz have MANY enemies. The Imperium , the Blood Axes , the Evil Sunz , the Footstompaz , the Burna Boyz , the Rok Clawz , the Snakebitez , the Headcrushaz , and the Rokkit Rangaz. As you can see , most of the enemies of the Gudstompaz are other Ork clans. Specifically the ones under control of Warlord Gorgutz 'ead 'unter.

Notable Gudstompaz Boyz n' Nobz

Grotkicka - Warlord and founder of the klan

Bashtoof - Nob and friend of Grotkicka

Krakfase - Ork Boy and the best one at that.

Grazdrad - Goffs boy that joined the Gudstompaz. Boss of the Kommando Regimunt.

Redtoez - Gretchin helper of Grotkicka

Tekstompa - Mekboy and go-to Mekanic for Grotkicka




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Warlord Grotkicka

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