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Groshnak is an average sized Ork standing around 5 and a half feet. He is an average Ork in every way except he has creative genius, well by Ork standards at least. He is quite seclusive unless in the heat of a waagh. The only one who will dare order him around is his warboss ghazghkull Thraka, or his general Warlord Killklaw of the Goff Clan. His greatest invention yet is a Squiggoth with the top half of a Stompa on top. Groshnak is an Ork who seems strange by ork standards; but is really a creative genius and has made many great things. His personal transport is a bike but it has some modifications which make it a very powerful Ork vehicle. The modifications include his 6 barreled cannon.


  1. A Squiggoth with the top half of an Ork Stompa on top of it instead of the Passenger Transport Carriage.
  2. A new fuel source which makes the Ork Trukks or Bikes go faster, and for longer.
  3. A new cannon which has 6 barrels. Each barrel can fire a different ammunition. It is called Groshnak Deff Cannon. (named by Run4urLife!)

Fighting preferences

Groshnak prefers to be mounted on his bike while fighting and his preferred close combat weapon is a Power Klaw. His sidearm is a customized slugga with 3 barrels and Choppa stuck to the bottom like a bayonet. He doesn't wear the colours of his clan and he prefers to live by himself out of the Ork settlements.

Current activites

Groshnak and his soldiers the deff riders have stolen a space marine battleship named the flaming fist of redemption. His is being hunted by the jackal and has fought him on 2 occasions the first being on the ship in the escape from the system and the second being on a space hulk the orks were using with was later destroyed by melta charges set to the reactors of the engines the orks were using to direct the Space Hulk. His exact location is unknown but he was last seen near the armageddon system and the ship is heading for a the tau empire on the eastern fringe.