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Gremory Sector, an unusually tranquil jewel of the Pacificus. Home to shining Barstar. An offense to mighty Nurgle, who longed to see it all torn down. His weapon: a breed of cyberdemonic fungi, cultivated using the neck follicles of a Dark Mechanicus Archmagos Skevus Shekelim in order to create the ultimate chaos hacker capable of infecting an army of Necron warriors. The Rust-Breed as they came to be known, poured into the Gunther subsector, where they were met by loyal forces of the Imperium prepared to defend the sector to the death.

Imperial Forces

420th Barstar Imperial Guard

The fearsome armor of the "Blazing Regiment" was vital in halting the initial surge of the Rust-Breed, but the 420th suffered tremendous losses.

1337th Ferragamo Batallion

Jah Marines

These space marines came from parts unknown just as the fortunes of the Imperium were waning. The sight of their green, gold, and red armor and their dreadlocked manes rallied the spirits of the allied forces. Their scouts distinguished themselves with their uncanny ability to fire off quick volleys of their sniper rifles by utilizing a quick scoping technique.

Sinopia Mongooses

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