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Gorskull's Ead Unterz


Gorskull the Destroyer


Borel Cluster (Segmentum Tempestus)


Estimated at 30,000+ Boyz


Predominantly Goff's


Grey and Red


Gorskull's Ead Unterz is a sizable Ork Tribe located on the world of M-11 in the Borel Cluster in the Segmentum Tempestus. They belong predominantly to the Goff's Clan and are therefore amongst the biggest and agressive of the Ork Species. In recent Years they have been fighting a brutal war against the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter as Gorskull look's to expand his Empire beyond the Borel Cluster.


The exact history of Gorskull and his tribe is relatively unknown, the Borel Cluster being a near unexplored

Colour Scheme of Gorskull's Ead Unterz

area of space. That there were Orks in the Cluster was believed to be a certainty but none in the Imperium quite knew the scale of the Ork forces and were wholly unprepared when they sent an explorer fleet into the Cluster in 993.M.41. Appearing above M-11 the signs were good, the world seemed to be a verdent world perfect for colonizing, arrogantly believing that any Xenos species present would be easily beaten they landed their equipment and Imperial Guard escorts and began the nessecery steps to colonize the world when they were assaulted by waves of Orks who poured out of underground tunnels. The Imperial Forces were overwelmed by the speed and ferocity of the attack and were destroyed almost to a man, only the Magos of the expedition survived by quickly teleporting back to the Orbiting Fleet only to discover they too were under attack by dozens of Kroozers who had hidden in the asteroid field that surrounded the World, what was left of the fleet fled back into Imperial Space. It was clear to all that they had been ambushed and that a significant threat had appeared. The Magos also reported that the Orks displayed a leval of cunning and understanding of strategy above what Orks are believed capable of. Gorskull himself was identified by Pict Captures taken during the Battle.

As is expected from the Imperium a retribution fleet was dispatched to deal with this new Ork threat,  2 Companies of Astartes from the Salamanders were sent. They arrived at M-11 not long after and immediatly launched an Assault on the World where they were soon engaged by the same massive horde that had assaulted the explorer fleet but Astartes are a far different foe than human troops and skitarri and the Orks were driven back in disarray. Gorskull himself was badly wounded when he engaged the Captain of the Salamanders in combat, unable to find a way past the Astartes Commanders Storm Shield or Terminator Armour he was finally defeated when his skull was Pulped the Captains Power Fist. With their leader defeated and presumed dead the Orks broke and fled back to their undergound base, Lord Titus ordered an immediate attack into the tunnels but this was never carried out as the Astartes force recieved word from orbit that a second Tyranid Hive Fleet had appeared and all avaliable Imperial Forces were to assist immediatly and believing that without their Leader the Orks would be disrupted for some time they returned to orbit and made course for Hive Fleet Kraken.

The Orks as is normal returned to infighting as rival Warbosses fourght for control and it looked like the Orks would tear themselves apart in brutal fighting but Gorskull was not dead and he awoke determined to regain control of his Tribe. He 'perseuded' a skilled Mek and Mad Doc to rebuild his shattered body with whatever the Mek saw fit to use and when Gorskull left the Workshop he was an even more hulking figure with a Cybork body, Mega Armour, a steel Plate in his Skull and a Gigantic new Power Klaw he set about regaining control. Arriving at the fighting grounds he immediatley set about his task by killing all of his rival Warbosses in quick succession and with their leader's defeated the remaing Nobz pleged alliegience once more.

Battle Tactics

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