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The Golden Legion is a Space Marine Successor Chapter created in the Third Founding. Originally created from a section of the original Imperial Fists that split into several other Chapters, the Golden Legion fights in the name of the Throne and all who serve the Throne as one of the Emperor’s finest Space Marine Chapters. Founded by Sargantanas Eligron, they in reality are a ruthless Chapter with questionable motives, although on a surface level they are a shining example of the Emperor’s finest. Though their actions may be suspect, no Inquisitor has had the gall to investigate one of the most powerful political and military oriented Chapters in all of the Imperium to date. The Golden Legion, although an effective Chapter in many ways, has since fallen into arrogance over the millenia.

M.31: Founding and Early Days

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After the treachery of Horus and the Traitor Legions at the dawns of the Crusade, when the Imperial Fists split into different Chapters such as the Black Templars and the current Chapter known as the Imperial Fists, another Chapter was created from some of the finest Space Marines in the entire Imperium and Empire in the 31st Millennium. Led by an influential Imperial Fist who went by the name of Sargantanas Eligron and his ambitious lieutenant Anelace Azazel, this new group of old comrades would transform from a normal Space Marine split-off in the Third Founding to one of the greatest Chapters the Imperium had ever known on a propaganda level. However, before the Golden Legion’s rise to success traces its fame to humble, ironically prideful beginnings.

Originally, the Golden Legion was so full of prideful members that they had a hard time choosing a planet they could call their own. Two sides emerged with different planets in mind; wise Sargantanas and his supporters wanting a planet known as Nazareth, an idealistic planet reminiscent of Earth, with wide blue oceans and rolling green plains, and Sargantanas’ foremost lieutenant, the ambitious Anelace Azazel and his supporters, wanting the fortress world of Cora Doulas, with its forbidding terrain and ageless fortifications and strategic fortresses. Eventually, the Golden Legion united on taking the planet of Nazareth, on account of its being reminiscent of old Earth; a place they could all call home. Immigrating to the planet, the Golden Legion established the planet as a capital home world for their Chapter, creating several cities for civilian settlers, military bases for the Imperial Guard to establish a presence, and of course training academies and the small, magnificent city for the Golden Legion, known as Athens. Dozens of officials of Administratum also appeared, doing something unheard of with other Chapters; making propaganda for the Imperium's countless billions of armies and forces.

The first few years went by without much incident on Nazareth for the Golden Legion; propaganda here, defend planet there, all in between establishing and solidifying a presence on Nazareth. However, it would become apparent that two years of establishing a presence and no combat for the Golden Legion had made them rather lax in their duty to the Imperium, and they viewed the Imperial Guard and the civilians of Nazareth with growing enmity and annoyance. Their code of conduct and honor grew lax, and as time went on evidence surfaced that the Golden Legion internally was not the propaganda Chapter that it had been made up to be by the Inquisition. The first major warzone the Golden Legion was sent to would be the dirtiest war in moral terms ever fought by any Golden Legionnaire. It was Cora Doulas, one of the original planets considered for habitation. Sent by the Empire to control the situation, the Golden Legion quickly found that the war could not be won. The Imperial Guard already stationed was being virtually overrun at every turn by hordes of endless orks endlessly smashing the Guard’s tiny perimeter at the end of a series of fortifications, and it was obvious to the Golden Legion’s area commander Anelace Azazel with his morally ambiguous common sense and cleverness that it would be better to avoid the fight altogether, return to orbit, trick the Imperial Fleet Commander by telling him the Imperial Guard was overrun completely, and raze the planet from orbit. Telling the Imperial Commissar-Colonel on the ground that they would return from the fleet with more Space Marines to turn the tide, Azazel quickly evacuated his Space Marines after only a few weeks battle, tricked the Imperial Fleet Commander, and completely razed the planet from orbit with the numerous fleets opposite the orc fleet on orbit opposite the other side of the planet. The Imperial Guardsmen, still numbering several dozen thousand, perished as the fleet burned their entire area, along with the enemy orc brigades fighting them, as did the numerous nomad refugees seeking refuge in their former ravaged home.

This marked the beginning of a series of questionable victories for the Golden Legion, although they did actually crush enemy numbers with fighting occasionally. Morality became the least amongst Azazel’s concerns as he slowly usurped power from an aging Sargantanas, who had basically relegated his status to that of an Elder along with other senior Golden Legionnaires. As Azazel grew in power, so did the Golden Legion’s skewed morality concept, which Azazel described as “winning by any means necessary.” To the others, this meant nothing; they were Space Marines, and they followed orders to the letter. Morality’s skewed sense in the Golden Legion even became a Tenet at the behest of Azazel to his Elders, chief among them Sargantanas. The Inquisition took a blind eye to the Golden Legion’s actions, many of which the Inquisition investigated because of inconsistencies in action reports; of course, these were thrown out the window. Who would ever try to arrest Space Marines, much less one of the “Propaganda-Perfect” Chapters? No one would dare. The Golden Legion would continue its antics, all the while its own Elders oblivious to what was happening.

Twenty years after the founding of the Golden Legion, Anelace Azazel formally took control of the Golden Legion in another ruse, spreading suspicion that Sargantanas and the other Elders had been tainted by the Warp. Holding so much influence, it was all too easy for Azazel, who in theory seemed almost tainted himself, to initiate a take-over underneath a surface level that claimed righteousness in the name of the Emperor to weed out traitors. His plan into effect, Azazel and his dumb-struck Space Marine followers cast out the Elders, since it was forbidden in the Tenets to kill another member, lest the punishment be death. With Sargantanas out of the picture and Sargantanas’ few remaining followers firmly on a leash of stupidity and ignorance, Azazel assumed complete control, installing his own young followers into the Elders Council and completely taking control of the Golden Legion. The Golden Legion was now a paradox of shades; the shining example of the Throne’s Chapters, and an underlying web of deceit and control that battled with the easiest means possible.

M.32: The Nazarene Campaign, the Second War of Cora Doulas, and Battles of Note

Sometime in M32 after the Golden Legion had consolidated itself, seers and oracles, all of them associated members of the Golden Legion, began sensing the presence of the Warp and Chaos coming. Of course, Azazel was doubtful. Nazareth had since become a military world; a tale of two cities, splitting with both the civilian areas, and the military bases and Athens, the magnificent, albeit small, city of the Golden Legion. In it's prime, Azazel saw the Golden Legion as invincible, destroyers of Chaos and Guardians of the Throne, on a par to compete with the Adeptus Custodes. Who would try to destroy and invade one of the most well protected planets in Imperial Space, much less the home world of a Space Marine Chapter and countless Imperial Guard units? The Emperor's Children, that's who. Rumors that the traitor legion were surfacing for another run at their brothers in the Imperium became legion in numbers. Of course, Azazel saw this as complete rubbish, and refused to prepare for the inevitable; the desolation and razing of his home world planet. None the less, the Emperor's Children Legion came, fresh from an inter-traitor war inside the Eye of Terror. Numerous warbands in numbers far greater than the Golden Legion came, supported by thousands of thousands of slave warriors supplied with crude daemon weapons of all sorts. The fleet above Nazareth, having been reduced to a small size because of the large amount of Space Marines away at the time, was annihilated as the Emperor's Children, led by their daemonic possessed commanders, led the massive attack on the planet, intent on the complete obliteration of their former comrades in arms.

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In the first few hours, dozens of cities and Imperial Guard regiments were reduced to dust and blood, and the planet reeked of burning flesh and crushed bones. The Golden Legion, most of their brothers away on missions for the Imperium, were all but powerless to stop the numerous slave warriors and their rulers, the Emperor's Children, as they burned the planet for weeks on end. Struggling to maintain contact with the other Golden Legionnaires off planet and the few Imperial Guard units still remaining, Azazel finally consolidated his forces after suffering of his grievous mistake, regrouping them in the magnificent fortress city of Athens, with it's numerous golden buildings and silver and marble statues and foundations, all created by the Golden Legion. By this time, Nazareth had become a barren wasteland on almost fifty percent of it's surface, having been razed by the Emperor's Children. Frantically, a distress signal was sent as the Golden Legion and it's few remaining Imperial Guard units prepared for inevitable. Imperial Fleets, hundreds of light-years away, were helpless as the city of Athens became a place of siege and of death and destruction. The city's numerous magnificent structures were reduced to rubble as urban combat, which the Golden Legion excelled at, decimated the numerous slave warriors and a good number of Emperor's Children. However, it was obvious the battle was lost from the beginning. Azazel and his men, low on supplies and ammunition, eventually did a sound strategic decision, and escaped aboard their few fleet ships on the ground, abandoning the Imperial Guard and the city of Athens to it's fate, as well as the cracked earthen planet of Nazareth. Having no qualms about leaving the Imperial Guard, Azazel's heart rang out to having failed his Emperor in saving a Chapter's home world; his home world, formerly home to thousands upon thousands, and most importantly, the Golden Legion. With no place to go, Azazel led his fleet away, broken and self-degraded, gathering the dozens or so Golden Legionnaires away on missions, and headed for a new planet, one with strategy in mind: Cora Doulas, the sights of dozens of wars, a former choice for habitation, and a fortress world all the same. Seizing the planet in the middle of the war, the Space Marines assisted the Imperial forces in the area, as well as another Space Marine Chapter, in removing the Blood Pact from the planet.

The war lasted for several years, and was bloody, tiring, and gruesome. The Golden Legion slowly became more and more tired of fighting on the planet for decades on end, never tiring to fight on for another planet they could call their own. Few Golden Legionnaires fell before the Chaos-worshiping before the horde, yet it took it's toll on the loyal Chapter. Continents were razed, Imperial Guardsmen and Blood Pact Warriors fell by the hundreds, and the Golden Legion, at the end of each day, would stand at the top of the hill, waving Power Swords and Banners, with mounds of corpses at their feet and spent ammunition casings spread around them. The Golden Legion continued to toil away at the enemy, with Imperial Guardsmen at their backs and hordes of friendly tanks and artillery. Eventually, the Golden Legion had eradicated the Blood Pact threat from Cora Doulas, with small pockets remaining. With the threat eradicated, the Golden Legion seized a new world; one not of rolling green plains and monuments to excess, but of intimidating fortresses and deadly fortifications of all types. Quickly putting their Blood Pact prisoners and the local populace sects who had supported them to work, the Golden Legion set about creating a marble-white castle, like something out of fantasy legends. However, this castle would not be anything of the like. It would be several miles longs, with bunkers, and massive walls and turrets and all sorts of fortifications. The process, taking several dozen years and costing countless prisoners their lives, would create a new fortress so spectacular in might that it would rival the former golden city of Athens. The city fortress would be named Sparta, as a tribute to a Golden Legion city that had been destroyed during it's earliest days by the Alpha Legion in a different, albeit still massive surprise attack. Although Athens was made for propaganda and military purposes, Sparta became the opposite; a giant, hulking, military-minded fortress, teeming with Imperial Guardsmen and the Golden Legion's numerous Brother-Knights, Captains, Apothecaries, Chaplains, and other numerous Golden Legion affiliates and Legionnaires. The Golden Legion had repeated it's cycle; karma had come to bite it in the ass, and now it had been forced again to rise to an apex that had tirelessly been achieved before in Nazareth, in the magnificent golden city of Athens.

Some other famous Battles of Note other than these and the Black Crusades include the Genocides at Mecca. Once a beautiful city on Nazareth, Mecca was decimated when the Emperor's Children invaded. In what can be called one of the few notes of pleasure for the Golden Legion during the Nazarene Campaign, Mecca became the site of two massacres. The first was of hundreds of civilians; the second, of several hundred Emperor's Children Space Marines. Ambushing the latter in a very rare offensive moment during the campaign, the Golden Legion consider this an actual massacre rather than a battle. Ambushing the Emperor's Children as they passed through a pivotal point in the city, the Golden Legion used mass flamers, dreadnoughts, and other heavy duty equipment all in one massive attack, gambling everything to slow down the enemy. The attack worked; when the remains were stripped of their equipment, several hundred burned, tainted corpses remained, branded with an excommunicate symbol on their toasted necks. Other major attacks during the 32nd Millennium include the Siege, Cairn's Fortress, and Block Three-Oh-Four, all of which hold massive places of honor in the Golden Legion's history.

M.34: The 4th Black Crusade

The Thirty-fourth Millennium has large historical significance in the Golden Legion's history as it would take a large part in the 4th Black Crusade. As Abbadon the Despoiler landed his forces on El'Phanor and attacked the Citadel of Kromarch, the Golden Legion's forces were for the most part already fighting in neighboring systems. As news reached the Golden Legion, the High Elder Jeros Sbare was the first to hear, having been leading a Crusade personally at the time. Calling for the mobilization of all Golden Legionnaires currently in active duty near his region, Jeros organized a major part of the counter-attack that would take place against the Chaos forces. Jeros, coordinating all of the Chapters to be involved with fighting alongside Imperial Forces, made planetfall with several other Chapters as the Citadel fell to invaders. Although the city fell, it allowed for more time to coordinate friendly forces; most importantly, the Adeptus Astartes. Regrouping with the original Imperial Forces on the planet, Jeros and the Golden Legion, along with those unknown Chapters, utterly crushed Abbadon's forces, smashing into their ranks and white-washing the enemy from the face of the planet. Although the planet was declared dead because of the Chaos taint that had destroyed it, the Golden Legion was proclaimed heroes alongside their other fellow Astartes and the Imperial Guard that had stopped Abbadon's drive towards Terra. Jeros Sbare promptly proceeded to raze the planet completely to ensure that nothing lived on it, then headed home ward with his victorious Chapter. The Golden Legion is rewarded by the High Lords of Terra with another public news commendation, as were the Imperial Guard forces and other Chapters involved, who also received special commendation.

M. 35: Cairn's Fortress

In the Thirty-Fifth Millennium, an extremely important battle of note took place between the Iron Warriors and several Chapters in the Naples system, on the planetary world of Naples VI, a former fortress world. Attacking in 500.M35, the Iron Warriors were quick to overrun the world with superior weaponry and tactics, virtually crushing the Imperial Guard Regiment, whose numbers could not save them from annihilation. The Iron Warriors swiftly seized the Imperial seat of power, Cairn's Fortress, and set up shop for what they expected to be a new world for them to pillage and raze. This was not to be true. In the following month, a mixed Chapter task force and several massive Imperial Guard regiments combined into a battle task-force attacked the Iron Warriors held planet from it's sister planet, Naples III. Almost the entire Iron Warriors fleet was either destroyed or forced to retreat from their positions in orbit, leaving the many Iron Warriors on the ground to fend for themselves.

The Golden Legion, along with the Novamarines, the Lamenters, and the Imperial Fists, sent four companies each to the ground via dropships and drop pods, while the Imperial Guard deployed their massive numbers to deal with the daemons and cultists now running amok in an organized fashion all over Naples VI, as well as to support the Chapters in attacking the amassed Iron Warriors in Cairn's Fortress, the formerly Imperial-held Citadel. Attacking in force, almost 50% of the Lamenter's company strength was eradicated by Iron Warriors precision fire and sheer "bad luck" in being near the fore-front of the first attack. It would be proven that the defenders would be more than hard to remove. Cairn's Iron Warrior defenders proved to make their position most difficult to assault, with hundreds of guardsmen corpses piled upon one another in various poses on the ground. Regrouping, the Imperials re-organized and re-thought out their strategy; this time, the Imperial Fists set to work preparing to soften up the enemy's walls and defenses. After serious artillery bombardment and air-strikes, along with much needed vehicular support, the Chapters struck again, this time with the Novamarines at the forefront. The attack again failed, with the Iron Warriors not giving up an inch of ground without bloodshed, although the very front gate of the Citadel was breached, with the Novamarines who broke forward repulsed by heavy anti-personnel fire.

Eventually, the Golden Legion was left to the job of finally putting an end to the siege, which had dragged on for little over several weeks. Time was running out, as reports were showing that warp storms were errupting at the edge of the system. The war had to end now and the theater had to come to a close. Finally, preparing for what was to be a final, epic attack on Cairn's Fortress, the Chapters were ready. At the break of dawn, the Golden Legion and the Imperial Fists, with the sun at their backs shining upon their righteous armor, charged across ten miles of open, corpse-filled killing ground, supported with covering fire and tank support by a massive scale. This single attack would last seven days, with the Golden Legion, the Imperial Fists, and what remained of the Novamarines and Lamenters eventually reaching the gap in an understrengthed manner. With the Imperial Guard following up behind them, the Golden Legion, as well as the entire task-force of Companies, broke inside, attacked the defenders, and proceeded to be massacred by the Iron Warriors, who poured fire into the breach as the attackers broke inside. The Imperial Guard, directly behind them, broke ranks and retreated at the sight of the various astartes trying to escape the choke-point. The attack was a complete and utter failure, not to mention an Imperial embarrassment. Of the Golden Legion's four companies present, only two in number would return, with the rest's gene-seed unharvested and needing to be replaced. The entire Imperial Guard, which was already on the defensive against massive numbers of the turned populace and daemonic armies, also withdrew. Following this, Naples VI was the subject of an Exterminatus order, and cyclonic torpedos literally tore the planet in two.

Ultimately, the Cairn's Fortress incident failed to destroy the Golden Legion's arrogance and sense of massive, powerful pride. Following Naples VI's subsequent destruction, the Golden Legion set about rebuilding it's shattered companies, taking the next six years to train replacements, re-stock gene-seed, and repair and regain the munitions, vehicles, and other equipment they had lost on Naples VI.

M. 36: The Uranios Incident

The Thirty-sixth Millennium spells the Golden Legion's few years of xenos hunting. Given a direct order by the Ecclesiarchy and High Lords of Terra, the Golden Legion goes on a genocidal Crusade to remove the increasingly difficult Ork attacks originating all over Imperial space. The commander of Gold Forty-One, Kirke Hitcher, takes his unit and another unknown unit and heads for planets in a sector known as Uranio, which contains several systems under Imperial control which have sent distress signals. Once he realizes that the system is hopelessly overrun, Kirke automatically and systematically begins a purging and cleansing of each of the planets, massacring Orks and humans alike in the name of the Emperor for hundreds of years. When an Inquisitor comes of his own accord to investigate the Golden Legion's activites, Kirke welcomes him aboard his ship, then strikes him down in cold blood. Having committed an evil deed, Kirke orders the razing and destruction of every single planet and system in the Uranio sector, causing the massed genocide of trillions untold. Ground operations only continue when orbital bombardment fails to produce and continue results. Golden Legionnaires set fire to hundreds of cities. It should be noted that the Golden Legion's attached Imperial Guard forces are not present at this time. Imperial Navy support staff are tricked into thinking that they are targeting Chaos forces on a massive scale, and Kirke declares victory at the loss of several worlds. However, it doesn't matter, as the Golden Legion has won yet another victorious battle. How the Golden Legion pulled off such a feat without being discovered by the Inquisition is unfeasible. It is known, however, that Kirke's actions caused his and all his men's systematic execution, an exception to the Tenets. The Golden Legion does believe in victory no matter the cost, but Kirke's actions prove most sickening, even to the Elders Council.

The Black Crusades and California Zero-Nine's disappearance/corruption

The Golden Legion has the distinction of fighting in every single Black Crusade with the exception of 7th and 10th Black Crusades, where both the Blood Angels and Iron Hands suffered heavy defeats during their heroic fighting, much to the dismay of the Golden Legion and all of the other Loyalist Chapters. The Golden Legion also fought during the Gothic War, or 12th Black Crusade, with distinction commended even by some of the High Lords of Terra, most likely for the Golden Legion's propaganda value, if not their skills and services in combat to the Imperium. However many enemies and Chaos Space Marines the Golden Legion killed however, was not enough to prevent the capture and destruction of the remaining known Blackstone Fortresses, which either fell prey to Abbadon's guns or to his crews. Still, the Golden Legion continued to fight on with a heavy ferocity in their will, although they knew that every time a Black Crusade took place, Space Marines were bound to die (the Golden Legion did not care for civilians or Imperial Guard).


In the year 999.M41, Abbadon the Despoiler had again reunited the forces of Chaos for another run at the Cadian Gate, the area of peace and calm before the Eye of Terror. At around the time that Abbadon began his crazed attack, the Golden Legion had been consolidating. Of course, news of the attack on Cadian space reached the Golden Legion just as the combat began. With other Space Marine Chapters, the majority of the Golden Legion, almost six Cohorts, left with Admiral Quarren's traveling fleet, leaving four companies behind to maintain the undermanned fortress city of Sparta. At the onset of the battle, the Golden Legion was amongst the first on the ground, along with numerous Imperial Guard Regiments and other Chapters. What devastation the Golden Legion came upon could not be any worse. The situation on Cadia was one of despair, although in space and air, the Imperium had dominated the battlefield. The same, however, could not be said in useless bravado for the ground situation. Legion in number, the forces of Chaos under Abbadon the Despoiler ravaged the planet, nearly seizing 75% of it's surface and ravaging much more with their careless evil. Immediately deployed to the battle field, the Golden Legion fought alongside numerous Chapters, such as the Grey Knights and Dark Angels, in attempting to fight a losing battle. However, it could not be helped. Outnumbered by the thousands, the Golden Legion was forced back time and time again after killing and maiming thousands of enemies, often going through large amounts of ammunition and losing a few Brothers at each battle from the Chaso Traitor Space Marines who fought in Legions against them.


Eventually, the tides had turned for the Imperium's favor. Countless Chaos fleet ships wavered and fell under the increased pressure of both Battle Group Solar and Battle Group Gothic, and support in the form of new reinforcements, tanks, artillery, and supplies aided the Golden Legion greatly. Taking the lead amongst the numerous Loyalist Chapters, the Golden Legion began to move on the offensive, although having suffered heart-wrenching losses at the hands of Abbadon and his Black Legionnaires, the opposites of the Golden Legionnaires and all they stood for. The fighting vicious, the bloodshed gruesome; it made no difference to the Golden Legion. Led by the Emperor's guiding hand, the Golden Legion continued to smash away, crushing all opposition before finally stopping when the line had become too thin. How the tables had turned; with Abbadon's army cornered and their fleet destroyed, the Golden Legion began to put into action the most crazed offensive ever devised by a Space Marine Chapter, although large parts of Cadia remained under Chaos control. With continual reinforcements flowing, half of the Golden Legion's deployed companies on Cadia withdrew to help with other situations in Imperial space, leaving some of their Brothers to continue serving with distinction.

Around the same time as the 13th Black Crusade, the Gold Rush unit, known as California Zero-Nine was sent over Nazareth with several other fleet ships to stop a new Chaos attempt at seizing the burned and cracked world. As the fleet reached the relatively few Chaos ships, it became known that these bore the markings of the Emperor's Children, sworn enemies and rivals of the Golden Legion. Their Chaplain giving the order, California Zero-Nine pursued one of the remaining ships in the relatively short battle as they fled through Imperial Space, entering the Eye of Terror. The band of eleven, now known as the Lost, entered after them; most likely, this was a trap. Although they would resurface later on, this particular unit of Californians would not be the same as they had been when they disappeared. Their minds would return tainted by chaos, and with the Chaos Gods blessing, they would return, their feral nature gone, their bodies enhanced, and their hunger for their former comrades and the Emperor increased with a ferocity and zeal unknown in any Chaos Space Marine.

M.41: The Battle for Soren Primus

This section is based on the actions of the role-play Forum:The Fires of Heaven, which was not quite ever finished.

Some time in M.41, this battle's exact date is uncertain because it is not clarified in Imperial records. Soren Primus had beena verdant, peaceful world until this time, and for the most part the Imperial Governor had ruled with a benevolent, albeit strict iron fist. When plague began spread across the planet and infect the populace, the Governor sent out a distress call to the Segmentum Command for help with dealing with the infestation which was now spreading across his planet; alone, his PDF could not stop the tide, and there were no Imperial Guard Regiments on hand at the time, as the Soren 41st Infantry Regiment had been away on call to other systems for a different campaign. Normally, the situation would not have called for detachments from two different Space Marine Chapters, two Imperial Guard Regiments, and two sizable fleets to deal with a routine plague, but all was not as it appeared. The Golden Legion, arriving in force, was not at Soren Primus to stop the infestation, but rather investigate the planet by order of the High Lords of Terra, whose reason for the order was unknown, although it is now known by a select few that this was in fact a xenos relic which was intended to be destroyed.

As the Golden Legion was made aware of the presence of Alistair and the Black Legion's 3rd Grand Company, they quickly descended to the surface in major force, setting up an Imperial base in a ruined, ravaged city that would be the sight of the planet's single, most important battle. As Ferox Baldur, Kaldrin, and members of Gold Two headed for the planetary capital to bring the Steel Fists into submission, the Black Legion came into position just as they had returned. The entire, massive base-camp city, which housed two Imperial Guard Regiments as well as two companies from the Golden Legion, was caught completely unaware as they hurried to construct and consolidate themselves in a fortified position. The enemy attacked from within and without, and as Chaos forces attacked from a worm-hole in the center of the city, cultists and large numbers of chaos peons attacked from the outside, causing a double siege as the Imperial defenders were forced to fight on multiple fronts. Kaldrin was defeated in single combat by Alistair before being found unconscious by the Steel Fists, whose timely rescue force was the only thing that allowed the Imperial forces to break out from the death trap. Ferox Baldur arrived, but was caught unaware by both Alistair and another of his Chaos lackeys, Savark Von Andranas, and was quickly defeated in an unhonorful manner as he dropped down from his Valkyrie gunship. Captain Hiro was also near defeated before the arrival of a C'tan, the Betrayer, and his Necron forces forced Hiro to escape, where he and the remaining Golden Legion Astartes were withdrawn with numerous Imperial Guardsmen. The remainder were slaughtered by the Necron onslaught, and in the ensuing aftermath Soren Primus was bombarded from orbit by order of Exterminatus to prevent the spread of both the plague and the Necron land forces.

Overall, it was an embarrassment for the Imperium's military forces. Notable causalities include Ferox Baldur, Old Pylori, a venerable dreadnought from the Great Crusade who had been brought out of stasis, and an entire company-size of Golden Legion deaths. Imperial Guard fatalities are listed at rates of over 90%, and were subsequently not cataloged for fear of panic if made public. It is known, however, that all of the civilian population and the Soren Primus PDF died in the wake of the panic-filled call for Exterminatus.

M.41: Currently

Several years after Azazel had disposed of the Elders Council and created the puppet rulers cadre in its place, he was killed in action on one of many numerous campaigns to liberate the fortress world of Jago from the Blood Pact. Having groomed a successor out of his many followers’ gene seeds, a line of Azazel’s corrupt, “righteous” Space Marines have ruled ever since his and his subsequent successor’s death. The corrupt virtues that Azazel instilled in a once noble Chapter have guided the Golden Legion ever since his seizure of the Elders Council, although there are some with quiet doubts of the so-called Tenets of the Space Marine Chapter. The Golden Legion is currently split into several groups on different planetary warzones, their skewed moral tactics guiding them to victory no matter what the cost. The current leader is a Space Marine known as Astaran Ironhide, the current High Elder, complete with a skewed version of his code and morality. The Golden Legion still has it's headquarters at Cora Doulas, and about half of it's Space Marines are still fighting the ongoing 13th Black Crusade ground war at Cadia, having support from other Chapters and Admiral Quarren's fleet. The other half have split to either Cora Doulas and home-ward or to other parts of Imperial space to help with the eternal fight. Right now, the Golden Legion is considered an extremely powerful Chapter both politically and militarily in the Imperium. They continue to enforce the Emperor and Terra's will at the forefront of the Astartes Adeptus Chapters.

Tenets and Creeds

1. All shall obey the Elders Council. The Elders Council is the supreme authority on Nazareth and in the Golden Legion, and none shall dis-obey its commands and orders, lest they commit treason against the Emperor’s favored. The Elders Council speaks for the Emperor on Nazareth and in the Golden Legion, and as such commands nobility and respect from every civilian, Imperial Guardsman, Planetary Defense Force Soldier, and Golden Legionnaire.

2. All Golden Legionnaires shall use any means necessary at their disposal in view of morality to fight for the Emperor’s will. His word immobile be done, whether it be by the deaths of ten-thousand Guardsmen or Orks, lest treason be committed. His will be done. Long Live the Throne, no matter what the cost!

3. Should any Space Marine of the Golden Legion kill another Brother with the full intent of killing him willfully, he shall be banished to the Warp and the Eye of Terror to pay for his crimes. As well, should any Brother be deemed tainted by the Warp, he too, shall be banished to the Warp and the Eye of Terror. Our Chapter is pure; let us keep it that way for all times to come.

Golden Legion Battle Litany

Let the enemies of the Imperium hear our golden blades and our blood thirsty rifles! Let them cower in fear at the sight of the golden banners flying in the midst, of the endless roars and blood-lusting screams of defiance! Let them know the Emperor’s Hand is outstretched to them, and that it is by no means defiable! Let them tremble at the sight of the giants they walk against! Let them see our crests and know that they fight against the finest; we are the Golden Legion!

Important Members

  • Anelace Azazel was the former apprentice and men-tee of Sargantanas. A former young Imperial Fist newly inducted at the time of the Horus Heresy, Azazel was one of the lucky few newer Space Marines to be inducted into Sargantanas' new Chapter, just one of many. Very ambitious for his age, Azazel became Sargantanas' right-hand man, doing all of his missions on the front lines, such as the morally skewed mission at Cora Doulas, the fortress world that had originally been considered as an adopted home world. Very ambitious and clever, Azazel created suspicions that Sargantanas and his council had been tainted by the Warp. Forcefully casting them out, Azazel created a new council, amended the Tenets to make it so that any means necessary could be used in the name of the Throne, and set up his gene-seed as the line of successors for future generations along with his installed council members.
  • Gregor Cervax is one of the newest Elders on the Council, yet one of the oldest Space Marines in the entire Chapter. Although not quite the rival of Ferox Baldur, Gregor is easily one of the most experienced in the entire Chapter. He is a master swordsman, and has lead many a unit to glorious spoils in the name of Terra and Emperor. Gregor Cervax is a resolute, steadfast Space Marine, and it should be noted that he won't take bullshit from anyone. Cervax has been compared to Rogal Dorn before; a realist and cautious, but prone to bouts of valiance and bravery. Gregor is in charge of all operations Chapter-wide, as well as maintaning order on the Chapter's various worlds and military bases. Gregor hates life as a "desk clerk", and there are rumors that he plans to return to the front, maybe to fight alongside his counter-part, Ferox Baldur.
  • Astaran Ironhide is the current Chapter Master and High Elder of the Golden Legion. A hardline believer in his predecessors' politics, Astaran believes in the Tenets and the Throne as if he were a Company Chaplain. His skewed morality tells him that winning no matter the cost is always worth it, so long as it does not involve the deliberate taking of an Imperial Space Marine's life. Astaran is a headstrong, bold Space Marine who rules the Golden Legion with an iron fist that can only come from the authority of the Emperor's Hand itself. Astaran, having witnessed the destruction of numerous worlds at the hands of the Warp and Chaos, is committed fully and completely to the Imperium and fighting and destroying it's enemies. His devotion and loyalty cannot afford otherwise, and if need be, he would give his life and those of all the Golden Legion a thousand times ten over again just to see the Emperor live in the material world once again and address his faithful warriors. He is the embodiment of the ideal Golden Legionnaire.
  • Ferox Baldur was a grizzled, scarred Golden Legionnaire. One of the oldest since it's creation, Ferox had been around since who knows how long. Ferox had seem so much combat that he had reached his final stages of mental awareness; any older, and he may have broken from mental decay, although by normal human standards he was still fairly intelligent. Ferox had watched the various wars against Chaos come and go, as with the Elders switching out and the repeated process of watching Brothers die in combat. Ferox considered himself one of the lucky ones. He wasn't trying to be a hero or survive, for that matter; his purpose was to fight, and he considered himself cursed for having lived this long. Ferox was a senior Elder on the Council with heavy influence, but still did active field duty, having served with mild distinction in the Black Crusades and the Gothic War. Ferox wasn't some crazed former hotshot with exceptional combat skills; he was just a washed up Space Marine with a Power Sword on a mission from the Emperor. In the Elders Council, Ferox held the Elder title of Field Marshal. During the battle for Soren Primus, Ferox was killed almost instantaneously by Alistair and Savark Von Andranas. His dismembered body was recovered after the battle. Captain Hiro has since succeeded him as the Cohort's commander.
  • Kaldrin is the newest addition to the Golden Legion. Just fresh from augmentation and basic training, Kaldrin is a fresh young Space Marine who plans to enjoy prolonged life and deadly combat to the fullest. He looks towards Ferox as his mentor, almost as Azazel felt towards Sargantanas before his secret espionage. Kaldrin serves as Ferox's aide on the field, and as a member of Ferox's personal body-guard unit, Gold Two, so Ferox can groom the boy as a successor so that when he does finally die, Kaldrin will be well-groomed as a chosen heir to his position and well-suited to take his place. Kaldrin is light-hearted and humorous, much to the dismay of the Chapter Master and High Elder, Astaran Ironhide. Kaldrin is a bit naive, and Ferox has had to save him in battle more than once because of his foolish bravado.

Disgraced Members

  • Sargantanas Eligron was a former Imperial Fist Space Marine who became the founding father of the Golden Legion Space Marine Chapter. He was the original Space Marine who conscripted the many former Imperial Fists into the Golden Legion in it's earliest days. A wise Space Marine of many battles in the Crusade, Sargantanas fought against Horus in the war against the Traitor Legions, then as stated subsequently created the Golden Legion. In his oldest days as the Golden Legion's High Elder, Sargantanas was an old coot, a shell of his former self, oblivious to everything around him as Anelace Azazel, his former young apprentice, took control of the entire Chapter. Sargantanas was percieved as tainted by the Warp, and he and the old council were cast out from Nazareth, with Azazel, his former men-tee installing a new councill with himself as High Elder of the Chapter.
  • Kirke Hitchter was the leader of the M.36 generation Gold Forty-One. Tainted by the Warp, Kirke was responsible for the deaths of untold trillions and several dozen dead worlds. After failing at rebellion, he and his loyal troops were captured on Cora Doulas, stripped of their weapons and equipment, and promptly executed, one of the few exception to the Tenets. Following this, Kirke and all of his men's records of existence were complete erased from Golden Legion archives.


The Golden Legion, which is not exactly a Codex adherent Chapter, is organized into ten Cohorts. Each Cohort has an standard number of Space Marines; about 100 Golden Legionnaires for each Cohort. All of the Golden Legion's Cohorts usually a respective number designation, semblance of the Golden Legion's militarily minded, corrupt society. At any given time, only five of these Cohort may be in active service at any time; the other five are either on Cora Doulas or aboard ships in the Golden Legion's Fleet, above the planet, keeping watch amongst the Imperial crews and living aboard the ships; usually, there are also squads of Space Marines at Chapter Keeps. These Cohorts are constantly switching roles and positions.

At the top of each Cohort is a Captain, who takes the place of a commander in the Golden Legion. He leads the Golden Legion in a rigid, military life-style filled with constant training, combat and prayer that fall into a strict schedule. Underneath these Captains are Guardians, a fancy term for Company Champions who serve at the Captain's side. Underneath these are yet again more specialized roles such as the various Librarians, Apothecaries, and Techmarines, although their ranks are superseded by squad commanders. Underneath this are yet the rank and file Golden Legionnaires, who serve in twenty-two man squads that add up to twenty-five assault squads in each Company. Generally, there are six combat-ready Cohorts at any time, with two Reserve Companies and two Cohorts comprised of Scouts, which tries to follow the Codex Astartes layout in some form. There is not any major diversifying in ranks besides the renaming of Company Champions to Guardians, and some other minor title changes.


  • High Elder/ Chapter Master: The High Elder basically assumes the role of Chapter Master. He is the leader of the Elders Council, as well as the commander of the Golden Legion. He rules every aspect of the Golden Legion, from it's members to it's missions, and answers only to the High Lords of Terra. Tradition has passed down from the former High Elder to the next and so forth for several millennia that the High Elder shall never accept an order except from the High Lords, a Primarch (impossible), or the Emperor himself.
  • Elder: These four Elders are the ruling body that assists in running the Golden Legion and seeing that it reaches it's full potential. Each Elder is responsible for three companies, and issues direct orders to them. This effectively breaks up the Chapter into separate units, although each Company maintains their own designation number and call name. If the High Elder is akin to the Emperor, the Elders are the High Elder's Primarchs, although less in number. They could also be compared to the Mournival of the Luna Wolves. There are four Elder titles; Brigadier, High Priest, Oracle, and Legatus.
  • Brigadier: The Brigadier is essentially the staff commander at home. He is responsible for the deployment of Golden Legion squads and companies across the universe, as well as making sure that the Chapter in battle-readiness at all times. He also is responsible for basic administrative duties and governs the Bespin Segmentum alongside a host of various officials that represent the Imperial Administratum and Imperial Guard. Generally, this is an older Space Marine who may be no longer fit for open battle or front-line combat.
  • High Priest: The High Priest is essentially the highest ranked Chaplain. He oversees all Chaplains in training on a regular basis, and is responsible for directing the actions of California Zero-Nine. He is also the main leader of the warrior/prayer cult at the center of the Golden Legion, and leads all spiritual and pure aspects of the Space Marine Chapter. Generally, he can be found on Cora Doulas, the Golden Legion homeworld.
  • Oracle: The Oracle is the Chief Librarian in the Golden Legion. He is responsible for training new Librarians, as well as identifying potential candidates who have psychic powers and thus can be classified as possible pskyer choices. He holds a small amount of power, but is usually not involved in the more military and political aspects of his Chapter.
  • Legatus: The Legatus is the field commander of the Golden Legion, being an opposite to the Brigadier. He leads from the front like a Commissar would, and holds the highest rank aside from High Elder, to whom he is the most senior advisor. Usually, the Legatus is a very veteran, senior Space Marine who has served in numerous Crusades and battles.
  • Captain: The Commanders of each Golden Company. They command with an fearsome prowess in battle and with respectable statutes off the field. Each Captain commands his troops as if they were his sons, and he is responsible for their success or failure, as well as their lives. He is hand-picked by the Elders Council, and generally is egotistical in nature because of the way the Golden Legion shows itself; in this case, as the Emperor's Finest. Not all captains act as cohort commanders; some instead double as the Guardians of their company.
  • Guardian: The various Champions of the Cohorts, these men are the Golden Legion's finest; they represent the best the Golden Legion has to offer in service to his Emperor. They are typically armed with stylized, heavily modified personal equipment, and are extremely skilled warriors, being veterans of many wars over the courses of their lives. They sometimes act as drill instructors or speakers to the Initiates going through basic training and indoctrination.
  • Centurion: Lower than Guardians in rank, these space marines take the place of Brother-Sergeants and are responsible for leading individual squads of Golden Legionnaires, usually ten, into battle and out of it, involving prayer, bonding, training, and other activities. These are usually the most veteran of each Company, having gone through countless battles and trials in the name of the Emperor. They are the shining example of who a Golden Legionnaire should be.
  • Golden Legionnaire: The rank and file Space Marines of the Golden Legion. They are the finest the Imperium has to offer; years of training and years of battle have honed their skills. Deadly and efficient, these men are deployed all across Imperial space to fight for the Emperor against the forces of Chaos and other threats. They fight with a variety of weapons, and their skills and numbers are endless. They fight with a ferocity unmatched in other Chapters and send fear spiraling into the hearts of their enemies. They are the Golden Legion.

Special Ranks and Designations

  • Gold Rusher: Gold Rushers are members of California Zero-Nine, the unit that holds the few in number Golden Legionnaires who have been afflicted with Gold Rush, a special, rare mutation in the Golden Legion. These men are treated with honor and respect before being sent to their deaths on the most dangerous of missions, which spell suicide in their descriptions. These men hope to die before they go completely feral; otherwise, they will be exiled from the Golden Legion into the Warp.
  • Rookie: This is a special designation given to every new member. It is not a real rank or title, but rather an accepted term for welcoming new Brothers into the fold of the Golden Legion. Due to being Space Marines, these Rookies usually make it past their first couple dangerous missions. And since their the Golden Legion, they tend to survive alot longer than the newer members of other Chapters.
  • Cleric: These are essentially the Chaplains of the Golden Legion. However, there are a few noticeable differences in appearance. Clerics have their Skull-shaped helmets made of golden metal, and their armor, rather than black, is a steel color with golden patches throughout in an organized pattern. Clerics often go into battle directly. leading units alongside the Captains of each Company with a zealous attitude.
  • Ward: These are the Librarian Psykers of the Golden Legion. There are generally three Wards in each Company, which is technically pushing the limits alot. Although Rogal Dorn distrusted psykers, primarily due to Chaos turning a powerful Psyker-Primarch, the Golden Legion has since accepted the useful psychic abilities with which the Wards use in battle, such as electrokinesis and pyrokinesis amongst other abilities.
  • Engineer: The various Techmarines of the Golden Legions, Engineers are responsible for the maintaining of vehicles, weapons, and equipment. In the Golden Legion, they also serve to work with electronics, technician work, and other mechanical and electrical tasks. They are usually identified by the strange apparatus on the back of their power armor, but also have a large white stripe running the length of their abdomen underneath the Imperial Aquila.

Company Organization

  • Veteran 1st Cohort: Known as Gold Two. Acts as light infantry company and mobile strike force w/ several veteran terminator squads. Commanding officer is Senior Elder and 1st Captain Ferox Baldur. XO is Captain Takeo Hiro.
  • Veteran 2nd Cohort: Known as Gold Forty-One. Acts as light infantry company and mobile strike force w/ several veteran terminator squads; conjoined to Gold Two as coalition unit. Also comprised of devastator and tactical squads. Command officer is 2nd Captain/Elder Lucifuge Grek. XO is Guardian Derek Utaer.
  • 3rd Cohort: Known as Gold Three-Seventy-Five w/ The Order of Nazareth. Acts as elite stationary defensive force of home world. Comprised of veteran terminator and devastator terminator squads. Commanding officer is 3rd Captain Skau O'Brien. XO is Guardian Alfred Romolos.
  • 4th Cohort: Known simply as 4th Cohort, has not received number designation. Acts as heavy drop assault and blitzkrieg unit. Comprised of assault squads and devastator squads. Commanding officer is Captain Eos Anitop. XO is Guardian Jacob Irthe.
  • 5th Cohort: Known simply as 5th Cohort, has not received number designation. Acts as light infantry company and mobile strike force. Comprised of tactical squads and devastator squads. Commanding officer is Captain Saul Ruah. XO is Guardian Benedict the Third.
  • 6th Cohort: Known as Gold Fifty-Seven. Acts as mechanized assault force and heavy fire-power support unit. Commanding officer is 6th Captain Kred Gorgon. XO is Centurion Malak Acheron.
  • 7th Cohort: Known simply as 7th Cohort, has not received number designation. Acts as light infantry company and mobile strike force. Comprised of tactical squads and devastator squads. Commanding officer is Captain Wes Morel. XO is Guardian Sargon of Pacifica.
  • 8th Cohort: Known simply as 8th Cohort, has not received number designation. Acts as heavy drop assault and blitzkrieg unit. Comprised of assault squads and devastator squads. CO is Captain Limas White. XO is Guardian Oglethorpe Chappel.
  • 9th and 10th Cohorts: Known simply as 9th and 10th Cohorts, have not received number designations. Act as scout and reconnaissance companies. Comprised of bike squads; space marine rookies use carapace armor.

Astartes/Imperial Fleet Strength

The Golden Legion maintains three battle-barges, all of them modified to increase either weapons or troop capacity, along with a series of strike cruisers and small ships to complete their large fleet. Each vessel is complete with Imperial Navy security and ship personnel, although the extra security is the last thing a Space Marine ship needs. Strike Cruisers are more commonly used for small missions, although occasionally the Battle-Barges may leave Cora Doulas' orbit to head out on high-profile missions. There is also an Imperial Navy task force attached to the Golden Legion's Chapter task force, which has a medium number of ships. At any given time, 80% of these ships are docked at either the moon of Orion or in orbit above Cora Doulas. Generally, both the Chapter Task Force and Imperial Navy Task Force have non-standard layouts. Together, these form Strike Force Saturn. Strike Force Saturn contains several large ships, as well as several cruisers, frigates, escort ships, and other various space fighters and support ships.

Strike Force Saturn

Golden Legion Chapter Task Force:

  • Battle Barge: Sparta's Thunder
  • Battle Barge: Light of Nazareth
  • Battle Barge: Bane of Nazareth
  • Strike Cruiser: City of Athens
  • Strike Cruiser: Dorn's Gaze
  • Strike Cruiser: Arcturus
  • Strike Cruiser: Orion
  • Strike Cruiser: Zeus
  • Strike Cruiser: Shanghai
  • Strike Cruiser: Golden Ember
  • Strike Cruiser: Golden Lotus
  • Strike Cruiser: Petronella
  • Strike Cruiser: Nazarene Might
  • Strike Cruiser: Primarch's Power
  • Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Space Ships

Imperial Navy Task Force:

  • Retribution Class Battleship: Glory of Luna
  • Emperor Class Battleship: Defender of the Realm
  • Emperor Class Battleship: Milky Way
  • Overlord Class Battle Cruiser: Evangelical Might
  • Armageddon Class Battle Cruiser: The Vatican
  • Armageddon Class Battle Cruiser: Delta Gamma
  • Armageddon Class Battle Cruiser: Holy Terra
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: God's Will
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: Khorne's Bane
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: Home Slice
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: God-Emperor
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: Terran Glory
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: Emperor's Hand
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: Corvus
  • Lunar Class Cruiser: Chaos Defeated
  • Several Dauntless Class Light Cruisers
  • Adjoining Escort Ships and Light Space Ships

Imperial Guard and Collegia Titanica Auxiliaries

The Golden Legion, even if it is an extremely powerful Chapter in combat, does not fight alone. The Chapter makes use of several Imperial Guard Regiments with which to fight alongside them in campaigns for which they are required and/or not tied down in their own agendas. Although doctrine teaches these Space Marines that the Imperial Guard is very inferior to them, and rightly so, the Golden Legion has fought many a battle where, if there had not been support from Imperial Guardsmen, the situation may have gotten a bit hairy and difficult to handle. There are several Imperial Guard Regiments that fight alongside the Golden Legion. Two of these are originally from Nazareth, and as such get a little more respect than the randomly attached other three units. Like the Golden Legion, these Imperial Guard units are equipped with state of the art equipment, predominantly Cadian and Martian, and generally use ballistic weapons, following the traits of the Space Marines.

  • Nazarene 21st Shock Battalion
  • Nazarene 396th Shock Battalion
  • Hrone 7th Scouts Regiment
  • Cora Doulian 67th Mechanized Regiment
  • 1st Bespin Brigadiers (Bespin 1st Enforcer Battalion)

The Golden Legion is also in very good relations with the Collegia Titanica, and as such has earned the right and distinction of several titans having campaigned with them since the 37th Millennium. It is rumored that the Golden Legion's Elders Council made an ancient pact with the Collegia Titanica, but this is just rumor fluff floating around. The Monoliths, known formally as Legio XVI, are the only Titan Legion with a number designation. They are wholly comprised of around fifty Titans, and have been around since before the Horus Heresy, making them one of the oldest Legions besides the Fire Wasps. Currently, only ten of the Monolith's Titans have ever campaigned with the Golden Legion. This is a list of the Titans that commonly serve with the Golden Legion. Currently, the Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan Red Winter is campaigning with the Chapter.

List of Legio XVI Titans that campaign regularly with the Golden Legion:

  • Ex Infernae: Emperor: Mars Pattern Imperator Class Titan
  • Emperor's Gaze: Emperor: Mars Pattern Warmonger Class Titan
  • Kaliban's Sun: Warlord Battle Titan
  • Sol: Warlord Battle Titan
  • The Wolf of Mars: Warlord Battle Titan
  • Sooth Slayer: Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan
  • Forgotten Hero: Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan
  • Red Winter: Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan
  • The Unforgiver: Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan - Wolf Class
  • Reverence: Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan - Wolf Class

Distinguished Units and Other Units

  • Gold Two is the personal company and unit of Ferox Baldur, the senior Elder on the council that rules the Golden Legion. They are all seasoned veterans, although some of them have been replaced by others that had just joined the ranks of the Space Marines. This unit was all but wiped out when the Imperial Palace was attacked, although they fought valiantly in the fifty-five day siege of the Palace. Gold Two, although not named as such at the time, was an Imperial Fist unit, and was among the Space Marines teleported to Horus' war-barge to fight in the Emperor's name and take the initiative. Gold Two also took part in the Great Scouring, fighting on worlds such as Isstvan V, the sight of a heroic, yet tragic Space Marine massacre. Gold Two has all resources they can ever need at their disposal; this includes Mk8 Errant-pattern Power Armor, although many still the Mk7 Aquila-pattern, with the older veterans still even using their heavily modified Mk4 Maximus-pattern Power Armor from the age of Horus. Gold Forty-One is adjoined to Gold Two. In Chapter organization, Gold Two takes the place of First Company.
  • Gold Forty-One is a standard Chapter Company, as well as the largest. It is adjoined with Gold Two as a joint-strike offensive force, and is the most ruthless of all the Companies. It's members have no regard for human-life other than Space Marines and superior officers and officials, and they border on a deadly efficiency only known in the Traitor Legions that have aligned themselves with Chaos and the Eye of Terror. Gold Forty-One's command structure is adjoined with that of Gold Two; this means that Ferox commands both Companies, as well as power on a par to rival the Chapter Master and High Elder, Astaran Ironhide. Gold Forty-One is fiercely loyal to Ferox Baldur, just as Gold Two is. Both companies' Space Marines would jump off a mile high bridge if Ferox said it would please him. Gold Forty-One is the only Company besides Gold Two to be mobilized at all times, at the behest of the Elders, who wish not to see a repeat of Nazareth. In Chapter organization, Gold Forty-One takes the place of Second Company, although it is technically commanded by the same officers of Gold Two.
  • Gold Three-Seventy-Five w/ The Order of Nazareth is a special unit inside Sparta that maintains the fortress as it's protectors and guardians. This unit of Space Marines is also directly responsible for protecting the Elders Council and the Chapter Master/ High Elder, Astaran Ironhide. This unit comprises some of the most elite Space Marines in the entire Golden Legion outside of Gold Two and Gold Forty-One, and it is the only static Company; it rarely, if ever foes on missions outside of Cora Doulas besides putting down rebellions and warring with Chaos remnants on the Golden Legion's home world. Gold Three-Seventy-Five is comprised of only the most fanatical and zealous Space Marines in the Golden Legion. Amongst Gold Three-Seventy-Five are the Order of Nazareth, members of the Golden Legion who fought at Nazareth when it was razed by the Emperor's Children and their disgusting daemon spawn legions. The Order of Nazareth stand ever vigilant at Sparta's walls, their vigil a common reminder that foolishness no longer has a place in the Golden Legion. In Chapter organization, Gold Three-Seventy-Five takes the place of Third Company, and is under the personal control of the Chapter Master/ High Elder and Elders Council.
  • Gold Fifty-Seven is the mechanized branch of the Golden Legion. Complete with it's own non-combat support staff, the members of Gold Fifty-Seven are extremely proficient with all transports and vehicles currently in use by the Imperium. Although this can be said for every Golden Legionnaire, these men have been especially selected for excelling in vehicular combat and duty or during basic training and indoctrination. They generally use Land Raider Redeemers and Terminus Ultras, Razorbacks, and various Dreadnoughts and walkers of all types. Being one of the picture poster units that double as veteran strike forces, these Golden Legionnaires get access to top grade equipment just like their infantry counterparts. Gold Fifty-Seven has appeared in several propaganda posters using Land Raider Terminus Ultras, a testament to their importance to the Imperium as part of the Golden Legion.
  • California Zero-Nine is the small unit that, much like the Blood Angel's Death Company, has been afflicted with an incurable Chapter mutation; in this case, "Gold Rush." While their sanity remains, these men are sent as Shock Troops on suicidal missions. They are held in the highest esteem that one can be respected with in the Golden Legion. For California Zero-Nine and the rest of the Chapter, it is imperative that these men die in battle, for it goes against the Tenets that they be killed by their own Brothers. California Zero-Nine is a very small unit, since the mutation only affects one in every one-hundred Golden Legionnaires. California Zero-Nine has become comprised of many different Brothers throughout the centuries and millenia. Their names are held in the records in honor of their sacrifices and in recognition of their fates. Their deeds are also recorded, as if their lives, unlike standard Golden Legionnaires. All the members of California Zero-Nine are indoctrinated as soon as their symptoms become apparent, and they usually die within the first few weeks of their draftment into California Zero-Nine. The most recent unit that has gone under the name disappeared after pursuing a Chaos Space Marine ship into the Eye of Terror during a space battle over Nazareth, the Golden Legion's former home world. Eventually, they would re-surface, but not as the Golden Legion had remembered them.

Disgraced Units

  • The Lost were a Gold Rush afflicted group of Golden Legionnaires that pursued a Chaos Space Marine ship into the Eye of Terror at the behest of their Chaplain, knowing it to be a suicide mission. Disappearing for almost a decade, this particular California Zero-Nine unit came back... as Chaos Space Marines serving Khorne in the form of a warband. Their Chaplain missing, it was obvious that they had betrayed the Golden Legion, tainted by Chaos and the Warp. Their feral symptoms gone and their mutations enhanced, the small warband comprised of giants by Space Marine standards terrorized planets in the name of Khorne until they were finally brought down by mutiny, with an addition of pressure by the Golden Legion. The warband self-destructed, and all information in the Golden Legion's archives on these Space Marines were erased at the behest of the High Lords of Terran, speaking for the Emperor himself. With the removal of their records, the only rememberance that the Lost received is amongst the Space Marines who once served with them, the forces of Chaos and the High Lords of Terra. It is rumored that maybe one of the Lost survived their last battle, but this has been dismissed by the Legionnaires as speculation.
  • The Uranios Detachment from M.36 was directly responsible for the deaths of untold trillions, several dozen dead worlds, and the deliberate murder of an Inquisitor. Led by the former commander of Gold Forty-One, a Space Marine by the name of Kirke Hitcher, these Space Marines were obviously corrupted by Chaos. Although they did complete their mission in removing the massive Ork invasions in the Uranios Sector, they also committed human genocide on a scale to rival that of twelve dozen Isstvan massacres. Following his return to the Fortress-Monastery, Kirke was ratted out by several Golden Legionnaires, Chaplains, and Librarians. Subsequently, Kirke and his loyal men attempted rebellion, which was immediately neutralized. Following this, they were captured, stripped of their weapons and equipment, and promptly executed in secret, for the Golden Legion could not bear to stand the fact that some of their own members were tainted. After this, all records of the Uranios Detachment were expunged from records in the Golden Legion archives.


As with all Space Marine Chapters, the Golden Legion has developed a few distinct mutations only found in it's gene-seed. These are very strange mutations, as with all other mutations known amongst the Space Marine Chapters loyal to the Imperium. However, the Golden Legion is one of the most mutation-diverse Chapters in the Space Marine Legions, boasting several minor mutations. Generally, Golden Legionnaires are not just golden in their armor color. Their skin has become a tainted golden hew, light in color and shining with direct contact in the sun of any system. Golden Legionnaires also have slight golden brown eyes, another testament to their skin deformation. A Golden Legionnaire's skin also contains increased amounts of melanin and is highly resistant to UV Photons, although preventing sunburn or not having a lot of sunlight absorption isn't a major advantage or weakness respectively on the battlefield. The Golden Legion's Space Marines also generally have brown hair conversion once the gene-seed has taken place in new recruits. As such, it seems that, except for a select few cases, almost every Golden Legionnaire has brown hair, and apart from their faces, could be mistaken for a clone. Others simply opt for different styles of hair, or go for the "Bald is beautiful" look. However, since the buzz and crew cut is popular, it is hard to mistake Brother from Brother. Another object of note is that the Golden Legion, like it's mother Legion and Chapter, the Imperial Fists, has the lost the ability to spit corrosive acid.

The Golden Legion, besides these mutations, also has one major mutation. Much like other Chapters, the Golden Legion has a very rare condition that affects very few of it's members. Called "Gold Rush," it affects one in every one-hundred Golden Legionnaires. The condition causes the Legionnaire to become feral, losing all sanity. His ability to speak slowly disappears, and his mind goes down the flusher eventually. However, the affected Legionnaire's muscles grow in size and strength, and his skeleton becomes as hard as adamantium. His face becomes gaunt, the skin wrapping around his face and shaping in the exact form of his skull, giving him an appearance akin to a Pharaoh's golden casket, except in the shape of a skull. In this way, these Space Marines become golden mummies, essentially, appearing as hulking, undead forms of themselves. Their pain unbearable, these Space Marines, much like the Death Company of the Blood Angels, are formed into a single unit, albeit much smaller than the size of the Death Company. This group, known as California Zero-Nine, is sent into battle repeatedly as shock troopers, hoping that they may die in service to the Imperium while they can still think coherent thoughts. Symptoms of Gold Rush include nausia, increased golden pigmentation, blackened hair and crisp golden eyes, and inability to create or speak intelligently.

Relations with Other Chapters and Imperial Forces

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  • Steel Fists: Generally, the Golden Legion does not acknowledge non-Dornist Chapters as effective or efficient, seeing themselves and Chapters such as the Black Templars as superior in their right minds. However, Soren Primus and the loss of a few very prominent Golden Legionnaires has softened the Chapter's arrogance a bit, and they have since come to regard the Steel Fists with the respect that they deserve for having played such a pivotal role alongside the Golden Legion during the campaign to seize what is now known as the Angel and to destroy the Black Legion's presence. Since then, the Golden Legion has pledged that, should the Steel Fists require their help, the Golden Legion would make good on it's word to return the favor that had been given to them at Soren Primus.
  • Novamarines:
  • Blood Angels:
  • Ultrmarines: With both Chapters being major poster-boys and political Chapters, the Golden Legion sees the Ultramarines as rivals and vice versa, much to the dismay of their respective Chapter Masters. The Golden Legion does acknowledge the Ultramarines as combat efficient and deadly in battle, although they do blame the Ultrmarines for not having been at Terra sooner, much like the Ultrmarines blame the Imperial Fists, White Scars, and Blood Angels for not being able to protect the Emperor. Because of these reasons, both Chapters hold one another in contempt for their past and in respect for their actions in the line of duty.
  • Black Templars:

Planets and Systems under Golden Legion Control

The Golden Legion, much likes the Ultramarines, controls several system in a region of space, known collectively as the Bespin Sector, in the Eastern Fringes. The capital, of course, is the Golden Legion's home world of Cora Doulas, and there are several Chapter-Keeps spread out on the remaining planets of Bespin. The system, much like Utramar, is constantly under attack by Tau, Tyranids, and other xenos species. These are but to name a few of the planets the Golden Legion holds as either vassal worlds or otherwise.

  • Cora Doulas: This fortress world serves as the Golden Legion's Fortress-Monastery. It a desolate, hardy world with an unknown population. Located in the Eastern Fringes, Cora Doulas has been hit with wars countless times by an advanced indigenous species known as the Krall. These reptilian fighters are constantly being put in submissions by Imperial Forces, who occupy the Krall's magnificent fortresses. The Fortress-Monastery of the Golden Legion here is known as Sparta.
  • Nazareth: Once a proud Golden Legion planet in it's early days, this planet was razed and destroyed in a surprise attack by the Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marine Legion, which caught the Golden Legion with it's pants down. The entire planet, a picture-perfect colony world with a giant population, is now completely devoid of life except for an Imperial Navy task force which monitors Nazareth's nearby moons, most of which are occupied by Chaos forces. Plans are in the way to launch cyclonic torpedos, however. [DESTROYED]
  • Hrone: The location of a Chapter-Keep for the Golden Legion, they draw recruits from this snowy world, known for it's hardy humans and harsh conditions of living. A planet rich in minerals, it also doubles as an arms manufacturing world, and the Golden Legion constantly receives supplies from the arms companies in exchange for protection, since their presence deters invasion from most enemy forces. Hrone has been the Golden Legion's closest thing to a second home.
  • Pacifica: Another location for a Chapter-Keep, this world is typified by violent oceans and high elevated land masses from which the populace lives in constant fear that they will be flooded. The Golden Legion occupies the highest point on the planet, fairly safe from the rolling, deadly oceans. Pacifica has been invaded by Tyranids several times, but it has never fallen due to the presence of the Golden Legion, which more than doubles as the deciding factor in battles.
  • Eclipse: This is yet the third location of a Chapter-Keep. Half of the planet is in eternal darkness, typified by snowless, yet extremely cold rocky peaks and mountains. The dark side of the planet is occupied by Crawlers, deadly indigenous six-legged arachnids that are constantly probing the border, which is eternally guarded by Imperial Guard Regiments that have beaten off what could be called several large organized attacks. This is the Golden Legion's second largest source of arms and ammunition for their Crusades.
  • Orion: The moon of the planet Eclipse, this is a major naval base owned by the Golden Legion and it's affiliate Imperial Guard and Fleet forces. Bristling with defenses and ships of all types, this base is also occupied by numerous other Imperial Forces and Space Marine Chapters that are constantly arriving and leaving to stage offensives or counter-attacks. There is a Chapter-Keep located near the center of the major naval base clusters; however, no recruiting takes place as Orion is strictly military.

Medals and Honors

  • Golden Seal: The highest honor a Golden Legionnaire can earn. This medal is awarded for going far beyond what the call of duty requires, persevering in the face of overwhelming odds, or saving numerous lives and risking oneself in a deadly situation. Very few Golden Legionnaires have earned this medal, and only one unit, Gold Two, has earned it as a unit citation and honor. It is extremely rare, and is usually awarded in a post-humous state.
  • Golden Cross: The second highest honor given to Golden Legionnaire, this has signified that the Space Marine in question has served with notable and honorable distinction. He has killed more corrupted brothers than his comrades could ever hope to decimate. He has shown that he is devoted to his Emperor, and has signified through his actions that he is, in both name and body, a Golden Legionnaire.
  • Helix of Nazareth: This is a service medal dedicated to those who have fought at Nazareth. Although all of those men are now long since dead, these medals have been passed down to Space Marines who have shown exemplary service to the Golden Legion in some way, shape or form. There are approximately seven of these medals, with four of them lost to rogue traders who looted battlefields. Being rare, they fetch a high price. The Golden Legion has since tried to regain these medals back for their archives.
  • Azazel's Helm: The power armor helmet originally worn by Anelace Azazel, this Mk5 Heresy-pattern helmet is moved every decade to a different company that has shown the most dedication and effective performance in the name of the Emperor. The helmet is one of the most sacred of all objects in the Golden Legion's possession. It still shines brighter than any other Golden Legionnaire's helm, a constant reminder that none have achieved Azazel's level of devotion to the Emperor.
  • Enlightened Core: The Golden Legion's unique version of an Iron Halo, this takes the form of an attached center-piece that latches onto the Imperial Aquila on the chest of a Golden Legionnaire's power armor. Like the Iron Halo, it is awarded for battlefield feats and bravery, and only a few Golden Legionnaires have received this award, past and present. This version of the Iron Halo is an extremely powerful version, more so than the standard space marine Iron Halo.

Combat Doctrine and Equipment

Experts with close and mid-range weapons, the Golden Legion are elitists in ground and urban combat, as well as ship boarding and ship combat. Long-range training is taught, but it is not a specialty of the Golden Legion, nor will it ever be or ever has been. Golden Legionnaires generally avoid Long-range combat styles anyway, since there are much more instances in combat where Golden Legion squads fight up close and personal. CQC combat is an art that Golden Legionnaires have perfected over the years, although with their skewed moral battle tactics they hardly use their proficient skills. Generally, Golden Legionnaires are high above average compared to other Chapters in ground/urban/ship boarding combat, and a bit below average concerning long-range tactics and training. This is very strange, considering that the Imperial Fists, whom the Golden Legion is descended from, preferred long-range combat and siege warfare. Anyhow, it could be said that the Golden Legion is amongst some of the greatest, and powerful, Chapters since the Second Founding.

The Golden Legion prefers and teaches the use of power and chainsaw melee weapons, along with flamers, short swords and various bolt weapons. Golden Legionnaires have a history of using solid weapons that either hit physically or shoot physical projectiles. Las-weapons are frowned upon in the Golden Legion, simply for their flaky reliability and the fact that the weapons previously mentioned have a history of service with the Golden Legion since its creation, although lasweapons are rarely used. Power Swords still remain the universal weapon that signifies the Golden Legion, being used as combat and ceremonial weapons, and every Golden Legionnaire hand crafts his own Power Sword or inherits one from his former gene seed holder, if his weapon was retrieved from the time of his death by an Apothecary or allied Golden Legionnaire.

The Golden Legion uses standard Space Marine Power Armor (several variants), made of ceramite and various metals. Every Golden Legionnaire’s armor is colored stark gold, with a carbon-grey trim that looks like darkened steel. Visor eye slits are colored dark blue, and officers have dark orange slits as to minimize the chance that the enemy may identify leaders amongst the Golden Legion by armor markings, much as many enemies do with Imperial Guard commanders. The Golden Legion’s colors are very reminiscent of the Imperial Fists, the Space Marine Chapter from which the Golden Legion claims its heritage. Armor Insignia includes the Symbol of the Golden Legion, a Power Sword with Terra in front of it's blade, on the pauldrons, with the Imperial Double-Headed Eagle on the front of the armor. Concerning armor variants, standard Golden Legionnaires generally use Mk7 Aquila-pattern Power Armor, but also use other variants, some dating back to the Great Crusade that are in use as "hand me downs." Many Golden Legionnaires commonly use Mk6 Corvus-pattern Power Armor instead of Mk7. The most common appearance is what is called "Golden Legion Configuration Power Armor," which uses various parts from several power armor suits combined. Usually, a long carbon-grey cloak is worn over the front of the armor.

File:Assault Rifle.jpg

Bolter weapons in use among the Golden Legion include the Astartes MkIV Ultima-pattern and the standard .998 Godwyn-pattern Bolter. The most common variant, however, is the Golden Legion-1 Bolter, a custom design created by Golden Legion techmarines in the 37th Millennium, and comes in both heavy bolter and storm bolter variants. The standard GL-1 also has a mounted grenade launcher on it's undercarriage, along with an auxiliary flashlight. Every Golden Legionnaire is heavily encouraged to modify their standard issue Boltgun, with others modifying their own Heavy Bolters and Storm Bolters. Generally, Golden Legionnaires carry Standard Bolt ammunition, Kraken Penetrator ammunition, and Metal Storm Frag ammunition on their person into combat, usually with extra bandoliers. They do not carry any other types of ammunition. Generally, the Golden Legion does not use las-weapons of any type, having a preference to the ballistic weaponry they find so comforting and familiar. However, the Golden Legion does maintain a small stock-pile of lasweapons, in case of one day where their power swords and bolters will be ineffective. The Golden Legion also stockpiles numerous autoguns for use against weaker enemy forces, along with a few stub weapons; namely, stub revolvers. Weapons are generally colored stark white or gold. A standard combat load out for a tactical marine of the Golden Legion generally consists of modified power armor consisting of various parts, a bolter (usually a GL-1 variant), a boltpistol or enlarged stubgun, a short sword, a power sword or chain sword, and six to eight magazines of Standard Bolt ammunition, Kraken Penetrator ammunition, and Metal Storm Frag ammunition, all of which is carried on their backs or in military gear-bags if they are hauling ammunition to the front.

Although the Golden Legion generally acts as a close range infantry strike force, they do maintain a vehicle force, complete with non-combat support staff to service their vehicles, although they do on occasion work on mechanical issues with their transportation. In terms of mechanized skills, all Golden Legionnaires are extremely proficient with all tanks and transports currently in use by the Imperium. The mechanized Gold Fifty-Seven is the vehicular branch of the Golden Legion. They generally use Land Raider Redeemers and Terminus Ultras, Razorbacks, and various Dreadnoughts and walkers. Since the Golden Legion doubles as an excellent strike force and a picture poster unit, these Space Marines also have access to the newest in equipment that the Imperium can cough up.

Generally, Golden Legionnaires exercise close to medium range combat tactics and strategies, with their main specialization being spearhead assaults (a la Luna Wolves) and direct, conventional war-fare. Operating in squads of ten, just like most Chapters, the Golden Legion generally utilizes front-line combat tactics, such as frontal attacks and break-through attempts through center lines, rather than decoy feint maneuvers and flanking attacks. They will drive forward and forward, pushing back the targeted enemy force until every last hostile is dead or neutralized awaiting death. Ambush tactics and more specialized tactics are generally frowned upon, as are long range engagements. Astartes will fight straight up, front and center, considering it more honorable than lightning strikes and other similar types of attacks, etc. With medium range engagements that draw out into prolonged fire fights, the Golden Legion will usually form solid defensive lines and draw out their forward positions in order to focus fire from multiple angles, much like any other imperial military unit. With melee approaching, the Golden Legion tends to fight in an organized manner, forming a phalanx minus the storm shields, drawing power swords, chain-swords, bolt pistols, etc. Usually, at the forefront of the phalanx, there will be higher ranked astartes forming a wedge with their personal guard units.




"They will know your name! Raise your swords in defiance, Golden Legion! Crush our enemies! Spurn their hopes and misguided thoughts of victory! Send them spiraling into the Warp! The Emperor's Hand guides you! Favored sons of the Emperor, fight with me! They will know your name, Astartes! To me!"
—Ferox Baldur, screaming for his men to charge with him during the war on Hrone in M.41.
"My name is Gregor Cervax, son of the Emperor, defender of Humanity, and Astartes of the Imperium. Know this and take it to the grave with you."
Gregor Cervax, right before killing a Word Bearer in close-quarters-combat.
"The only good daemon is a dead daemon."
Kaldrin, on the touchy subject of lesser daemons.
"Courtesy of the Golden Legion, governor."
—A bloodied Kaldrin, tossing the severed head of an Emperor's Children champion at the feet of a horrified planetary governor.
"Some times, I like to pretend I'd rather be an Ultramarine. I always get a good laugh out of that one."
—Captain S'kau O'brien joking around about the Golden Legion's superiority.
"Rule numero uno when facing ten-foot tall daemonic power houses? Make sure your boots are in good condition. That way, you have a slim chance of out-running the traitor bastard once you realize your screwed."
Kaldrin using bitter humor on the subject of his fight with Alistair.
"Fly like Sanguinius, sting like Russ."
—A martial arts drill instructor teaching rookies on boxing.