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Goffgutz' Rekkin' Barge is a hulking, twisted Orkish warship used by Admiral Goffgutz and his minions to ply the stars in search of worlds to plunder. It is quite unlike many Orkish warships, as it possesses more in common with Imperial ships of the line.

Overview and Design

Goffgutz' Rekkin' Barge is a large, specially designed battleship built for the Ork Warlord, Admiral Goffgutz, based loosely on Imperial Battleship Designs after an incident on the Ork's homeworld involving the Imperial Navy. It is continually being upgraded using the wreckage from several Imperial ships, cut up and refashioned, in typical Orkish manner, into a large warship fit to plunder several worlds at the head of a mighty freebooter fleet, all with Admiral Goffgutz in command.


Technical Specifications

General Overview

Goffgutz' Rekkin' Barge is a large, violent warship, clearly of Orkish design and manufacture, despite it's obvious basing on Imperial Navy vessels. Lying approximately eight-thousand five-hundred metres from prow to stern, it is easily comparable to Imperial battleships in size and weight, exceeding the length of typical Space Marine Battle-barges.


In typical Orkish fashion, Goffgutz' Rekkin' Barge is fitted with a horrendous number of cannons and weapons systems, typically known as "Gunz", and as much fire-power as Admiral Goffgutz can get his hands on.

Ranks of "Gunz" cover the ship, providing substantial(if unpredictable) fire-power in every direction but the rear. Combining these with the vessel's launch bays ensures the Rekkin' Barge is a formidable vessel.

What sets the Rekkin' Barge apart from other ships however is a pair of horrific, barbed spikes mounted on the prow. Similar to torpedoes, these spikes are mounted inside enormous, specially designed cannons, made to launch the spikes out against large ships within range, the "grappling spikes" slicing into the vessel's superstructure until they find a grip, reeling in the prey vessel, and allowing the Orks to board the ship through more conventional means.


While being a clearly Orkish ship in design, "Goffgutz' Rekkin' Barge" does have features taken from Imperial ships that would be classed as "defensive upgrades".

Dominating the prow is a massive, armoured ram, strikingly similar to that found on Imperial Navy Battleships. While classed as a defensive feature by Imperial observers, defending the oncoming Orkish warship from incoming fire, it's true, Orkish nature becomes shockingly apparent when it meets its target, smashing into(and occasionally through) enemy vessels it meets in a characteristic Orkish display of violence. The ram is, fortunately, not as effective as Imperial equivalents due to its ramshackle, typically Orkish nature and construction methods, not that the Rekkaz mind.



"... I want a ship like dat."
— Admiral Goffgutz, remarking on the massive vessels of the Imperial navy, said to be the origin of his "Rekkin' Barge".
"'Ey! I 'eard da boss took teef from a 'hole world of boys fer dis ship!"
—One of the many legends regarding Admiral Goffgutz and his flagship.