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The Crested Serpents are a Chapter of Space Marines specializing in jungle warfare.
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Geminar Amarey is a scientist and researcher. The man spends most of his time on Vitam and owns numerous labs across the planet, as well as a large facility within Nidum.

Geminar is probably the leading expert on the ecology of Vitam and has dedicated his life to understanding it's wildlife. Geminar is particularly famous for his numerous works on the Hadracus.


Geminar was born on a Hive World somewhere in Segmentum Solar. After graduating an Imperial Academy, Geminar spent 4 years serving as a a guardsman in the Imperial Guard. He was promoted to the position of Documentarist for his regiment and spent several years recording their battles and actions.

He was then reassigned to work as part of a initiative studying the anatomy of several Tyranid species. After 6 years on the project Geminar's exceptional work was rewarded. He was given the chance to work as an independant researcher. Geminar then spent several years working on various projects. Recording and documenting several events and discoveries.

Geminar was requested by the Crested Serpents to head the team of researcher on Vitam. Geminar started renovating and refitting the ancient facilites on the planet. Geminar has written several tomes on Vitam's ecology.

Although his main library and facilities were based on Vitam, Geminar continued to work on other projects and travelled alongside the Crested Serpents to document some of their battles.


Geminar's specialist topic is biology. He is one of the foremost Imperial biologist, having written countless papers and books on alien species. Geminar is also a keen historian and Documentarist.

Having trained at an Imperia Academy and spent several years serving as a Guardsman, Geminar is also quite competent in combat and knows how to handle a firearm.