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Originally a member of the Blood Ravens chapter Ganter has served as a Knight of the Watch for the past two hundred or so years and is a far famed champion of that Chapter.


Early Life

A mystery even to Ganter. He remembers being the youngest of ten, a seventh son, and living on a farm in rolling, partially wooded countryside - which doesn't sound like any of the Blood Raven's usual recruiting planets. It was in any case a very long time ago. He treasures the memories but he is a Space Marine now and feels no urg to uncover his roots.


A gentle giant with a mischievous sense of humor and knack for relating to ordinary people (possibly thanks to those treasured childhood memories). Like many Blood Ravens he is a picker-up of unconsidered trifles.


For an eight foot post human he can be surprisingly unintimidating - at least when out of armor. As a Knight of the Watch he wears a black robe under a white hooded tabard and a blood red mantle. His armor as an errantus of the Watch is bone white save for the gauntlet, vambrace and pauldron of the left arm which is gilded and the pauldron ensigned with the icon of the Watch. 

Ganter also owns a set of unpainted gray ceremite carapace armor and a gray body glove and long coat to wear with it when he goes undercover. You wouldn't think a Space Marine could do undercover but Ganter manages, usually passing himself off as a Catachan.

Abilities and Traits

In addition to his formidable battle prowess Ganter excells as a small unit strategist and tactitian. He is useful to Lord Skotus as an analyst as well as combat leader and warrior.

Equipment and Weapons

Ganter Bay

Tactical Armor and weapons

Ganter owns a set of terminator armor but usually wears his ancient Mark 6 tactical armor along with the vestments of the Watch. His armory of weapons include powerfist, a relic sword Kaliburnus, and a storm-bolter. He sometimes carries a storm-shield which he uses to protect his companions.


Friends and Allies