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Ganix plague is devastating and uncurable syndrome found by Officio Medicae personnel during the 7th Gregoran Reformation in mid-M37. Ganix Loy, who found the disease, categorised it as a virus but also as a mental state, possibly linked with latent psychic powers of men.

Ganix plague is all but rooted out in 41st Millennium.


The disease developes invidually within each man or woman it might have infected. Apparently some native immunity exists, but 99,983% of those who get infected reach the final stage sooner or later.

What makes the Ganix plague more frightening is that touching an infected will most likely infect you as well. Touch contact with infected, or their body fluids or soil, will get you infected.

Stage I

After being infected, the virus gets into one's organs, usually liver of spleen. The virus may stay in the liver, or spleen, for months reacting in no visible way at all. However, stress and other mental pressure, as well as exposure to the Warp energies, trigger the virus into action.

Usually, during epidemy, this semi-dormant phase lasts week or two. During that time one's skin starts to dry and chip away leaving rough, but barky.

Stage II

If left on its own, the virus spreds rapidly in to other organs such as liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach and intestines. Now the skin is as hard as hard plastic and prevents the infected from sweating. Usually it is too late to cure one if at this stage.

Stage III

After skin gets hard and chippy, the victim begins to suffer from serious constipation. In no time at all the infected turns into bloated thing which seeps the unholy body fluids from the crags in the hard skin.

Stage IV

Also terminal stage. One being infected with Ganix plague loses in the matter of days his ability to walk or move at all. The infected turn highly melancholic and deppressive as soon as their skins begins to turn rough and when their finally bloated bodies begin to make moving hard, they settle down where they are crying black tears. Soon these poor men will die from the toxin levels within them.

After the infecteds' deaths, their bloated bodies tend to crack so the black and highly toxic and infected body fluids seep around the infected.

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