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"The Hive Storm is merciless. A monster with a never ending hunger. We dwell here on the edge of the Galaxy, alone. Terra doesn't care; I doubt they even know we exist. We gather against the coming darkness, our temporariness a fact of life. For in the end, the Hive Storm swallows everything."
— Anonymous

Caught in the tidal pull of a super massive black hole, the Galoric Sector, or Hive Storm Region is a spiral system cluster in the far south-west of Segmentum Oscurus. Containing little native life, the soul indigenous species being the sadistic Tuho, the sector is home to many Imperial colonies and multitudes of Orkish planetoids and orbitals clinging to life in the asteroid fields of the sectors outer reaches. Further coreward the terrain becomes ever more erratic, as unchecked warp storms clash with subsonic meteor showers, blasting the few habitable zones with a near constant rain of debris. The sectors three tiny stars, little more than cold, dwindling torch specks, are surrounded by dozens of planets and moons, allowing for many colonies and stations; and though many have been lost in the gloom ridden history of the Hive Storm, many more have survived to become isolated, impoverished settlements. The one exception being the bright Intohimo System, which became a shining paradise in the separation of the void darkness, before its fall in the late 41st Millennium during the sector-wide conflict of the Intohimoan War. 

Major Events

Unknown Date - First Habitation / The War of the Skylight

M25 - Mechanicum Influence

M30 - The Lost Ones

M38 - Imperial Discovery

The historical records of the Imperium are rich with half filled files and unfinished reports regarding Landfall expeditions which failed to seed colonies, or those which fell victim to void scavengers. In most cases these sorry tales are remembered only as expense accounts in data storage or short, undrafted expedition manifests left to gather dust in the endless labyrinth of Archivus Terra. But some are remembered still  as a painful lesson to those involved as to the dangers of the untamed galactic wilderness that may forever lay beyond the reach of civilized hands. One such case is in that of the Hive Storm Region, or "Galoric Sector" as it was named by the Imperial rogue trader Daen Galor

Celebrated as one of the most far reaching star trawlers of his time, Daen Galor's announcement in late M38 of his intentions to chart the central northern dark space of Segmentum Obscurus was met with excitement and applaud, as prior to the 38th Millennium no Imperial expedition has managed to penetrate further north than the Carcharaus Void Plains and its warp raging surrounds. Surely a man as experienced as Galor, with his unparalleled skills in warp-tyde navigation was the perfect master mind for an adventure as dangerous and uncertain as this one. The Hive Storm, he vowed would remain uncharted no longer, and with prideful ceremony he made on his way. 

M39 - Intohimo

M40 - The Carcharaus Shift

Celestial Bodies

The Galoric Sector, due to its close proximity to a black hole, is a relatively small and compact region of space by galactic standards. Where in some places in the universe one could easily travel hundreds of light years in any direction and not hope to come across anything but empty space, in the confines of the Galoric Sector this is not possible at all. In fact it is quite impossible to travel even a few million kilometers without wondering upon some type of celestial map point or another. The Hive Storm itself, being an endless, devouring maw, gathers all within its reach toward it. This results in the region's extremely small size, the black hole's gravitational pull constantly eating up portions of the celestial cluster. 

Due to this, the Hive Storm is prone to sudden and unpredictable changes in gravity, making the few settlements scattered across the sector near inhospitable at the best of times, and thriving colonies impossible. These gravitational fluxes grow ever more prevalent as one travels further inward toward the core. Though these dangers keep the majority of the Human and Ork population camping on the outer edges of the sector, the wily traders and adventurers know of the few (and quite often seasonal) paths into the center of the Storm where it is commonly believed the many strange and wondrous cosmic anomalies create treasures of unprecedented value, and the ruins of dead empires and abandoned colonies are free to be picked over. 

(List ordered by proximity to the Hive Storm)

Drifters Grave

Main Article: Drifters Grave

"Like a coiled cosmic serpent, the Hive Storm spins in its slow, cold dance. As the dance continues, all things are drawn in; dust, gas, rock, light. The children of Terra, and their homes are consumed, Leaving nothing but shattered remains. Like bubbles circling the plug hole, here they drift in a slowly decaying stability waiting for the end. What lies there in that place is claimed by none, and sought by those of the adventurous breed who believe the few meager treasures that may be found are worth their lives for the attempt. "
— Khy Chaigren, Terran Scholar; Notes on the Imperial Borderlands.

Drone Conglomeratio​n

Main Article: Drone Conglomeration 

"Dis iz ow'z place! Da stompin' groundz for da godz! Gork da great smashed it in'ta rubble, an' Mork da mighty builded it back up for da boyz! Dem Oomies fink day own da place, but we showed 'em! Doze purple Beakies woz great fun, to bad day all dedd!"
— Warboss Flash Kan-Fing, Big-King of GrimRokk

Tide Stones

Main Article: Tide Stones 

"The stream that runs into the dark; the River Styx. The Tide Stones are the ruins that sweep swiftly into the Drifters Grave. Its source, the universe. Its mouth, never reaching the sea. "
— Tryc Haven, of the Silver Wanderers

Intohimo System

Main Article: Intohimo System 

"Once a great metropolis of light and music, amid a darkness of wreck and ruin. But as all things must fade, the bastion of Intohimo fell; its ever-brightness diminished in the rage of the Passion War."
— Khy Chaigren, Terran Scholar; Notes on the Imperial Borderlands.

Gloom of Loss

Main Article: Gloom of Loss 

"Of all the horrors to be witnessed while sailing the gauntlet of the Hive Storm, the most dreaded of all is the fabled "Gloom of Loss", a heart of pulsing warp energy that is said to harbour devils with in."
— Unknown

Minor Celestial Bodies

Main Article : Minor Celestial Bodies of the Galoric Sector

Factions and Orginisations

Full list of the major and minor factions within the Galoric Sector, both pre and post Intohimoan War.


  • Cadon Assault Core - The Imperial Guard Regiment from the Forge Moon of Cadon. Armed and Equipped by the Cadon Mechanicus.
  • Cult of the Twisting sun - Remnants of the original Mechanicum expeditionary fleet to colonize the Galoric Sector during Humanities golden age.
  • House Galoric - An impoverished but ancient Rogue Trader house. The descendants of Daen Galor, the Sector's founder.
  • Intohimoan State Trust - The ruling parliament of Galoric sector lords. Based on Intohimo Secondus.
  • Iron Shade Crafting - A cadet branch of the Cadon Mechanicum. Heavy ship builders. 
  • Knights of Twinstar - A newly founded Space Marine Chapter assigned as liaison to the Intohimoan State Trust. Destroyed during the Intohimoan War.
  • Task Force Galoric - An Inquisitorial conclave of Ordo Heriticus assigned to the Intohimoan System.
  • Whisper Dragons - Given control of the remains of the Galoric Sector in the wake of the Intohimoan War. Currently based on Twinstar.


  • Salthenix's Must Eaters - Militia cores formed during the Intohimoan War to battle the Imperial forces.
  • Void Sirens - Nefarious traitor legionaries of the III Legion ,dedicated to Slaanesh. Architects of the Intohimoan Uprising.


  • Bluu Moonz - Orkish traders. 
  • Da GrimRokkz - Main Orkish power in the Galoric Sector.
  • Rusty Squigz - The Greatest of the "Squig Tribez". Led by Mek Boss NazGobb, a well known Orkish hero.
Other Xeno Factions
  • Cult of the Witness - Genestealer Cult. Fought during the Battle of Veron. 
  • Tuho - Cave dwelling, vampiric xenos. A common threat to space fairers through out the sector.

Minor Political and Cultral Factions

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