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"You have fought valiantly Eldar, Let me honor you by showing you the Immortality Heims offers..."
—Erikhas Master of the Frost Wraiths just before sealing a Eldar Farseer in Ice



The Abyss Gazers were a 21st founding chapter and, like all the others, was ill fated from the start. Among the Marines of the Abyss Gazers were those suffering from a mutation called the Affliction which caused the body temperature of the Marines to lower dramatically and cause a cryogenic liquid to pool in their lungs, allowing them to freeze enemies with a breath but leaving them vulnerable to thermal weaponry. unknown to the majority of the Chapter the Afflicted were also vulnerable to the temptations of Chaos and 1 by 1 they fell into the service of the minor Chaos God Heims, a cold entity born of the dread all beings share of the winter. In 601.M37 the afflicted attempted to seize control of the Abyss Gazers fleet but were foiled by the heroic sacrifice of the Chapter Master. Those who survived fled with what Ships they had taken into the Eye of Terror under the command of former 8th Captain Erikhas. Eventually the now traitor Frost Wraiths managed to secure a Homeworld by attacking a small Craftworld, Alinstar, with the full might of their patron behind them, killing the Eldar by turning the once vibrant interior of the Craftworld into a frozen waste.


Capture of Alinstar 602.M37- With the guidance of Heims, Captain Erikhas, leader of the newly formed Warband Frost Wraiths, led his Forces against the Craftworld Alinstar. By launching a surprise attack, hidden by the Chaos Gods power even from the Farseers, the Frost Wraiths were able to breach a section of the Craftworld and successfully deploy their Marines there. Still, even the might of the traitor marines would have aviled little against the full might of the Craftworld had Heims not aided them in battle. Manifesting by possessing Markus, the only Chaplain among the Frost Wraiths, Heims was able unleash his full might from within the Craftworld, freezing the entirety of the Craftworld and killing most of the Eldar within. The Frost Wraiths, led by Erikhas were then able destroy what remained of the Defenders, taking the last Farseer as a trophy by freezing him in Chaos infused ice, the first of many such Trophies


Erikhas the Winter Smith

Erikhas is the leader of the Frost Wraiths and he inspires dread in all who know his name, even Greater Deamons of the Ruinous Powers fear him. A mighty Chaos Champion, he strikes down his foes with his Ancient Power Sword and Storm Bolter with such incredible skill and brutality that he as been known to challenge entire Space Marine squads single handed. Under his command the Frost Wraiths have destroyed Ork WAAAGHs, captured an Eldar Craftworld, and even forced the Primarch Angron to retreat (the last was only possible due to Erikhas's support from nearly 50 of the Marines under his command). It is said that, like a Certain Necron Lord, Erikhas likes to take his mightiest foes as Trophies by freezing them in Chaos-infused ice. His collection is said to have an Eldar Farseer, Ork Warbosses, a Tyranid Hive Tyrant, A Greater Deamon of Khorne and even one of the Grey Knights.

Markus Once-King

Markus, the only Chaplin among the Frost Wraiths, was a host of their Patron God Heims when they took the Craftworld Alinstar. Even Erikhas was surprised when Markus Stirred after Heims left his body. Now the second in command of the Warband Markus is renowned across the warp for 2 things. His incredible durability of both body and soul, (he has been fired upon by a full devastator squad while unarmed and survived killing 2 marines while escaping), and his almost insane obsession. After hosting a Chaos God he now feels weak and frail and will go to almost any length to feel that power once more. Only Erikhas Iron will and great power can exert any degree of control over him.

Cult and Culture

The Frost Wraiths, even fallen to Chaos, are still successors of the Imperial Fists and generally maintain a rather stoic attitude, though they are noticeably more cheerful. They like to maintain a guise that they only partially fell to Chaos and prefer to fight Xenos and Heims biggest rival, Khorn. However, they have no hesitation to kill the forces of the Emperor when it suits their goal.

Favored Tactics

Like their cousins of the Abyss Gazers, they are master of the slow advance. However lacking the Vehicles of the Abyss Gazers, they use sight obscuring tactics such as smoke grenades or even summons blizzards from the warp. In close quarters they prefer to use their cryogenic breath to disable or kill their enemies, though it is less effective against heavily armored foes.


While tough the Marines of the Frost Wraiths are by no means immortal. To replenish their numbers they are forced to kidnap from the Planets controlled by the Imperium. Preferring Icy Deathworld as recruiting grounds, they are rumored to have even kidnapped potential Aspirant from Fenris itself.


as a relatively small warband following a minor Chaos god, the Frost Wraiths have no homeworld within the Eye of Terror. Instead they use a small craftworld captured in the early days of the chapter. Much of the craftworld is completely empty as the Frost Wraiths are too small to fill it.

Hall of Trophys

The former Hall of Seers has been remodeled by Erikhas to house the trophies he takes back from his conquests and raids. In it are contained dozens of mighty warriors frozen in ice, some so rare and magnificent, that Trayzn the Infinite once attacked the Frost Wraiths to try and secure them for his own collection.