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"Papa loves alllll."
— Festor Nile

Festor is a devout follower of Chaos and a sorceress of Nurgle. She is known to only wish to spread the 'joys' of her master's work by spreading death and decay across the galaxy. However, she is not mentally unstable and she is known to be quite willing to work with the other forces of Chaos to bring about the fall of the Imperium.


Festor is a normally sized woman, and slightly stout. She possesses normal dark brunette hair and her eyes are naturally blue. However, one of her chaos mutations is that her right eye glows with a bright putrid green illumination. Her other mutations is that she possesses a Nurgleate horn on the top of her forhead, and two tentacles protruding out of her back. This combined with the rancid stench she possesses and the trail of slime that she is covered is brings about a very unappealing appearance, even towards other heretics. However, Festor is a hardy built woman and she wields a Nurglate plague scythe, (not necessarily a Manreaper).


Festor was born on the planet Dradanska shortly after the 13th Black Crusade.It is believed that during a raid on the planet by cultists her parents became cultists themselves and sought to raise her into the service of Chaos. Apparently they knew that that under the Imperium her psychic capabilities would lead to her demise more than likely. Thus they decided to give their psychic adept offspring to Chaos to allow her to be able to be spared from the Imperium by sending her offworld. She was converted to Chaos Undivided and taken off world to be trained as a sorceress. Eventually however her chaotic alignment shifted towards Nurgle as she fell ill when she was preforming sorcery.Through dealing with the pain of her affliction, and by practicing Nurglate sorcery she was able to save her own life, at the cost of mutation.


Festor is a very dry witty woman and often comes across as intellectual, but also dark humored.While she is often seen as slow to response and coughing as she appears sickly, she is actually quite energetic for a Nurgle cultist and in combat the last thing anyone wants to do is underestimate her. She is a very decisive and direct as well, often she ignores social interactions for the most direct actions.

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