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Ferineum Mortis Cohort




90 Battle-Automata Maniples, totaling at 438 Battle-Automata.

Prominent automata models:

  • Castellex-class Automata
  • Vorax-class Automata


  • To continue the expansion of the Imperium of Man
  • To claim new worlds for the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • To exterminate the Xeno races which resist or threaten the rule of the Imperium and the will of the Omnissiah.

Created in the midst of the Great Crusade, the Ferineum Mortis Cohort participated in the subjugation of many worlds and primarily clashed against xeno empires eventually allowing the Priesthood of Mars to claim the world Rikthet which would eventually become the host-world for the cohort's forces. After the Horus Heresy the Cohort would swear to continue the purpose of the Emperor's Crusade putting down xeno empires and expanding the realm of humanity as in their Edict of Eternal War. In war the Cohort is known for their extensive use of direct assault automata combined with heavy fire from flanking Vorax-class automata.

Historica Primera

Founding and the Great Crusade

Founded in the year c.840 of the Thirtieth Millennium and only shortly after the beginning of the Great Crusade, and assigned to the 4th Expeditionary Fleet. The young Ferineum Mortis Cohort joined the Dark Angles Legion as Lion El'Jonson brought the wrath of his fleet and his legion against both the Xeno and the Rebelious. Often the Cohort would act in a truly overzealous manner at this time, exterminating entire populations who had refused the rule of the Emperor. These actions, while deemed efficient by the Cohort, often lead to censure by the Lion and he would often force the machines of the cohort and their overseeing adepts to take on tasks that were both difficult and less glorious than what the rest of the fleet would perform.

However despite the constant censure of the Cohort, the machines and their masters eventually did receive recognition from the Primarch, when they utilized their skills to put down a planet of xeno-worshipers. The worshipers had been granted, and were controlled though, witchery from the Xenos however the mechanical nature of the cohort's automata allowed the machines enough resistance and freedom from the warp-wiles of the enemy to fight deep into the xeno-tainted world's capital eventually laying waste to the population's xeno masters, and slaughtering those closest to them. As such Lion El'Jonson began assigning more battles to the Cohort which pitted their machines against xenos, a tasking the machines and their tech-adepts soon learned they excelled at.

The Horus Heresy

The first the Ferineum Mortis Cohort learned of the Horus Heresy, was not through the calls to arms from the divided Mars, but instead as their Dark Angels allies left them to keep their foothold in the frontier, as the lion had sworn to return and have his Dark Angels finish their extermination of the Zoragons Species. Thus tasked the Ferineum Mortis Cohort began their private crusade against the Zoragon species tracking down worlds held by the Zoragons and exterminating the race, while also reinforcing any world finding itself counter-attacked by the xenos.

Thus it continued for the Ferineum Mortis Cohort for nine years, the cohort's private war with the Zoragons rendering the Cohort nearly oblivious to the happenings of the Horus Heresy, as well as deaf to the calls to rebellion, or to loyally resist being sent out from even Mars itself. However eventually the Ferineum Mortis Cohort did hear the summons from Mars, and abandoning their plans to press in on the final worlds of the Zoragons, raced to the most Holy Sol system to only find that they had arrived too late. Much of Sol laid in ruins, Horus and the Emperor had both been struck down in their final clash, and the Loyalists had set out to see to the end of the traitors. Much of the Cohort's forces were then taken to help reform those that were left of the loyalists forces, and those of the Cohort that still remained were left enraged, they had failed to efficiently bring about the end of a weak and dying race, and their delay of nine years had possibly cost the Cult Mechanicus much.

The Edict of Eternal War

With the Cult Mechanicus firmly in control of Mars once again, and the Traitor Cohorts driven into the Warp by their loyalist counterparts. It seemed the Ferineum Mortis would be folded into a supporting role as the Cohorts whom had participated in the Horus Heresy sought out and destroyed the traitors who dared show themselves outside the Eye of Terror. However the Magos Dominus Salicar Luli finally forwarded a report to the Fabricator General Kane, this report claimed that as the Cohort raced to Sol to throw their lot in with the loyalist's forces the Cohort had witnessed Xenos retreating with the STC stock-pile of Forge-World Rikthet. Immediately the Cohort swore to retake Rikthet and find traces of the xenos whom had stolen the holy STCs. For the entirety of the great Scouring and into the year c.30.M31 the cohort lay siege to the planet along side of the loyal Adeptus Mechanicus, however when the loyalists retook the planet they could find no sign of xeno invasion and most of the planets STCs were found to be corrupted or destroyed by the traitors. The truth was that Magos Dominus Salicar Luli had lied, however with his Cult Mechanicus allies unaware of the deception, he mourned the xenos theft and escape from proper judgement.

With such STCs lost, the Great Scouring ended, and the xenos whom had committed such grave injustice to Rikthet unpunished, Magos Dominus Salicar Luli swore to the loyalists upon Rikthet, and to the Fabricator General Kane, using complex codes or rituals, that his cohort would not cease until they had scoured every corner of the galaxy for the lost STCs, that they would invade every xeno world, conquer every unenlightened, heathen mass of humanity that had yet to join the Imperium of Man, until such a time as they had located each of the 'stolen' STCs. As to prove their commitment to this cause the Ferineum Mortis declared this oath The Edict of Eternal War. With their oaths complete the Cohort set themselves to the task of rebuilding their cohort and preparing their forces to join the Exploritor fleets as part of their Eternal Great Crusade.

The Belastron Wars

Following the failed Sho'Tak Raid the Ferineum Mortis, sought out a means to remain near the ever expanding Tau Empire in hopes of achieving revenge for the disgrace the xeno race placed upon them. Acting in response to the loss of a Exploritor ship within a region of space known as The Belastron Frontier, The Ferineum Mortis had themselves assigned to a fleet of three Adeptus Mechanicus Light Cruisers, these vessels were tasked in finding and bringing death upon the xeno raiders who had assaulted the Exploritor vessel and reclaim sacred technology the inhuman creatures had taken. Since entering the Belastron Frontier the fleet and the Ferineum Mortis have found that the official records concerning the territory had been gravely understated or simply falsified. Xeno and Heathen Empires rule unchecked, while those worlds claiming to be a part of the Imperium are in need of conquest and righteous punishment for their heretical actions. Such zealous punishment and purging were tasks the Cohort was meant for, and not since the Great Crusade had the Ferineum Mortis had such a worthy campaign placed before them.

Thus far the Ferineum Mortis have only launched limited offensives against the various sub-factions of the Frontier. Raids against orkish positions have proven to only encourage the xenos into further acts of hostility, while attacks against the Kvaks and Devorians have provided few results in the Cohort's search for the stolen technology. On many of the Imperial worlds, discouragingly the Cohort has also found itself the aggressor, punishing severe tech-heresy, betrayal and acts of descent through the refusal of offering up tribute to the fleet of the Omnissiah. While these offensives have taken place the Cohort and the Mechanicus Fleet have often intervened stopping armies of heathen empires or the unimportant Kaldinos Heathen empire consistently threatening Imperial holdings on the Frontier. If it wasn't for the trace signs of a Tau Presence in the Frontier it would certainly be that the Cohort would simply desire to leave the Frontier to return with significantly more force, as alone it appears obvious the Cohort will not be able to pacify the entire sector.

Political Foundation

Due to the free-flowing nature born of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort's Edict of Eternal War, the Ferineum Mortis are not a tool solidly bound to a single Forge-world, instead the Cohort passes from Fleet to Fleet, World to World, and Arch-Magos to Arch-Magos. While the services of the Ferineum Mortis are viewed as a favorable boon to any military deployment often allowing a Arch-Magos to avoid committing his own Forge's Cohorts, the Ferineum Mortis are a wandering tool and thus seen suspiciously by the Imperial and Mechanicum Lords who make use of them.

Mechanicum Politics

Within the Cult Mechanicus the Arch-Magos and Forge-Lords of Holy Mars hold the greatest influence over the Ferineum Mortis. As the Cohrot's supplies are granted to the Cohort in exchange for oaths of service and as reward for militaristic exploits, the Ferineum Mortis are particularly driven to success and to seek service amongst the Arch-Magos of the mechanicum. The service of the Ferineum Mortis is, in turn, highly sought by various Arch-Magos as they prepare to launch military campaigns or to send Exploritor Fleets into the stars. The presence of the Ferineum Mortis ensures that the risk of resources to a Arch-Magos is reduced while the might of a Legio Cybernetica Cohort is still committed to a endeavor. In addition the Cohort often brings significantly more experience than what some Forge-world's forces are able to provide, and can easily adjust to most enemies the Mechanicum encounters upon the field of war.

Despite their worth as a tool of war, the Ferineum Mortis are unpopular within the Adeptus Mechanicus. Many view the Cohort with suspicion as the Cohort is not bound to a particular planet, and as the Cohort consistantly travels aboard Exploritor Fleets, seldom with a Arch-Magos present to ensure the purity of the thoughts of the cohort. This has been compounded most recently by the Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca, whom holds unpopular ideals about sharing the teaching of the Mechanicum with those uninitiated, even if these views are meant to expand the Mechanicum itself. In addition to the questions concerning the purity of the Cohort, many Arch-Magos do not view the Cohort favorably outside their service in battle, the demands the cohort makes concerning supplies often tests the limits of technology a Forge-world would be willing to release, and the Cohort could easily change allegiances to a political enemy of the Arch-Magos after their oaths had been fulfilled.

Imperial Politics

Within the realm of Imperial politics the Ferineum Mortis remain relatively unknown, to most Generals of Lords of the Imperium Titans, Adeptus Astartes, and cargo holds full of Imperial Guardsmen are often sought after far more commonly than the scarcely seen War Automata of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Even when the Legio Cybernetica are given to the lords of the common Imperium seldom is it for the sake of expanding the reach of the Imperium and so thus seldomly is there ever a situation that the Ferineum Mortis would seek to or have the opportunity to join an Imperial Expansion fleet.

However despite seldom ever being called for or seen by the forces of the Imperium, like all Legio Cybernetica, the Ferineum Mortis once taken to the field inspire awe and envy in the hearts of the Imperial commanders who witness such machines upon the battlefield. The raw might of a single Maniple is comparable to several squads of Adeptus Astartes, and to the eyes of a simple guardsman or even a younger staff officer, such machines would seem like war-gods which had come to fight on the fields of battle among them. While relatively unknown those most rare of moments the Ferineum Mortis join the standard Imperial forces in war, they leave their fellow humans wonder-struck and with a new-found envy of the Mechanicum, desiring to possess for themselves the secret weapons which the Cult Mechanicus had been keeping from them. With the political backlash of these few moments it has become near forbidden for the Ferineum Mortis to join a expansionary fleet of the standard Imperium, particularly with Eshmunazar's unpopular beliefs of enlightening the lesser man as questioned as they have become since he first took up the mantle of Magos Dominus.

Inquisitorial Politics

As the Ferineum Mortis oft encounters new xeno races, or previously unrecorded bastions and empires of those races known to the Imperium the Cohort has developed an standing relation with the Ordo Xenos of Holy Emperor's Inquisition. While this relation is primarily founded on the Ferineum Mortis seeing to the transmission of new and pertinent information to the Ordo Xenos the Ordo Xenos has also found themselves responding to the Ferineum Mortis warning the cohort of their own discoveries should the Inquisition find it wise. Also with this growing relation the Ordo Xenos have developed an appreciation for the zealous nature by which the Cohort purges xenos populations from worlds the Mechanicum lays claim to.

While never calling upon the full might of the Cohort, the Inquisition often requests for Maniples from the Ferineum Mortis to launch either alongside their Deathwatch or that one of their inquisitors might have the might of the Battle Automata at his call whenever he should desire. While the secretive nature of most deployments alongside the Ordo Xenos requires the Adepts to have their mind's scrubbed, the Automata themselves often still retain the memories of the events allows the Ferineum Mortis to glen secrets of the foul xenos which the Cohort will then add into their battle stratagems. While many Ordos can easily claim and use Legio Cybernetica as they desire, the ever growing closeness between the Cohort and the Ordo Xenos has gradually brought this Cohort closer to the violence of the inter Ordo politics of the Inquisition and cast yet another layer of suspicion upon the Cohort for their detractors within the Priesthood of Mars to judge the Legio Cybernetica force by.


Command Structure

As a continuously crusading Cohort the Ferineum Mortis pass through the command matrix's of a significant number of high Magos and Fabricator Lords, often joining Exploritor fleets only for so many decades before traveling to the next war-front. As such the Ferineum Mortis maintain a highly efficient command system capable of adjusting their command matrix to that of any command structure by keeping the designators of their units simplistic and easily navigable. However authority and information released is primarily filtered the Mago Dominus of the Cohort, preventing the unworthy of accessing the information of the cohort. The Tech-Adepts of the Cohort are all directly under the the Mago Dominus of the Cohort with the Magos holding direct command over each. From there the Skitarii, lesser engenseers and other menials are directed by the Tech-Adepts, allowing the Cohort a streamlined command structure.

However to protect this Command design the Cohort denies access to their logic engines and data-flows to anyone outside the Cohort, limiting this access to only those with immediate command authority over the Cohort, and the Lord-Magos of Rikthet. Amongst the Tech adepts advancement is limited to battlefield success and the greater Automata take the roles as alphas within the packs of maniples released to the battlefields. With this simplistic command chain the Ferineum Mortis contentiously work to ensure that greater Automata are given to those Tech-Adepts with significantly more talent, experience, and ability than their peers.

The Battle-Manifold

While the system linking the vox-net awareness of the Cortex-Controler active Tech-Adepts of the Ferineum Mortis, is a relatively simple system to update and adjust as battlefield conditions require. Access to the nextowrk is severely limited, and protected by severe protective Sync-Net keys, and highly protective Machine Spirits, hungerily seeking to destroy the minds of any who dare invade the Battle-Manifold of the Cohort. Within the Manifold Tech-Adepts share precise short binary messages to their fellow Adepts and Magos, when properly used the Manifold makes the command and cohesion of the Cohort seem flawless as all members of the Cohort are capable of keeping one another constantly updated on battlefield conditions along all the war-fronts of the Cohort. Due to it's strictly limited access and the secretive nature of those with access to the Manifold. this network also allows the Cohort to commune from nearly any location and rapidly coordinate. When combined with the Cortex-Controlers of the Tech-Adepts command even over individual units within the Cohort can be easily transferred from one Adepts to the next even if the closest Adept is still some distance away from the battlefield.

Supply Base

The Ferineum Mortis draws it's resources from several sources, as the Cohort travels through the galaxy constantly waging war against Xenos and renegades empires, the Cohort finds itself far more dependent on the Benefaction of Fleets and worlds they serve with than the resources contributed from the Cohort's own host world. Despite their seeming shortage of supply sources, the Ferineum Mortis remain well supplied due to effective negotiation tactics, and well calculated resource allocations. Whenever the Cohort returns to Rikthet to renew their oaths to the Edict of Eternal War, the Cohort also takes time to ensure that their resources are stockpiled to maximum capacity, providing the Cohort with the needed resources to maintain their constant wars for as much as another century to come.

Ferineum Mortis Combat Forces


Cataphract Automata

A versatile and popular model of Automata amongst the forced of the Adeptus Mechanicus Forge-worlds, The Cataphract Automata holds the honor as being the third used model of Automata within the Cohort. The Express purpose of the Cataphract Automata within the Ferineum Mortis Cohort is to engage enemies of the Adeptus Mechanicus with a adjustable weapons array, and within spaces other Automata models struggle to enter. Often Cataphract automata will serve as support units for the larger battle-automata of the Cohort with a varying mix of weapons meant to be suitable to nearly any situation.

File:Cataphract robot with firestorm cannon by proiteus-d5npwga.jpg

The most used armament pattern of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort's Cataphract Automata is the Firestorm-Pattern. The Firestorm Pattern Dates back to the Great-Crusade and was used by both traitor and loyalist forces. In the Ferineum Mortis this nearly unchanged Pattern of Cataphract is both a honorable reminder of the Cohort's vast history and of the Cohort's oaths, while still serving a important duty in the fields of battle. Possessing a combination of Meltagun, heavy flamer, and power-blade, the Firestorm-Pattern is limited to closer ranged engagements. However as these units are typically seconded to Automata with superior ranged capabilities, and even greater size, the Firestorm-Pattern finds itself successfully fulfilling it's battlefield role, clearing holdouts of resistance and thinning the ranks of foes who come too close to the Maniple.


Fielded for the express purpose of disrupting hard hitting foes, such as psykers and Warboss', the Disruptor-Pattern is often the most extensively damaged of all the Automata of the Cohort. Despite the extensive damage typically inflicted upon the Disruptor-Pattern of the Cataphract Battle-automata, the Disruptor-Pattern is often looked towards as one of the most vital pieces of the Cohort's forces when engaging certain Xeno races. Armed with two powerfull Shock-Gauntlets, each generating enough power to stop a human heart with a simple touch, and a shoulder mounted Grenade-Launcher the Disruptor is tasked with intercepting the highest risk foes approaching a force of the Ferineum Mortis Automata. The Disruptor-Pattern's granade launcher is loaded with unique ammunitions selected and loaded based on precise calculations to hamper foes, an Eldar Witch could face themselves surrounded in a cloud of highly potent hallucinogens, while an ork trukk could find itself struck by a heywire grenade, followed shortly by a rain of Krak grenades.

Vorax-Class Automata


Extensively used to both run down fleeing foes, and to flank enemy positions. The Vorax-Class Automata has been removed by the Ferineum Mortis Cohort from it's standard role as a hunter-killer within the Forge-Worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and has instead retrofitted the unit for fighting upon the frontier. Foremost in the retrofits, given to the Cohort's Vorax-Class Automata, are a series of rough terrain modifications meant to allow the units to function with less hindrance from the soft and often more uneven terrain of a non-Forge-world planetscape, these modifications include a a alternate stabilizer set, and reserve anti-gravity units. These mobility modifications allow the unit to maintain the speed the Vorax have been infamous for upon Forge-worlds. To better allow the units to use this speed, the sensor units typically used on Forgeworlds have been switched, for units that will better serve the Vorax in the uncertain conditions of alien worlds.

When engaging the enemies of the Omnissiah the Vorax has changed only slightly over the millennia, and many within the Adeptus Mechanicus feel this is due to the machine being near the peek of efficiency and a wonder of the Omnissiah himself. When the Vorax unit was first adopted into the Ferineum Mortis Cohort the machine utilized the standard weapons load of a pair of rotor-cannons, duel power blades, and a lightning gun. However slight technological advancement, and experience has caused the cohort to change these weapons. While the Power-Blades are still used exactly the same as they had been during the Great Crusade the weapons the blades are mounted under, the Rotor-cannons, have been switched out with the Assault-cannons popular amongst the Adeptus Astartes. These Assault Cannons introduced shortly after the Adeptus Astartes had proven the weapon's viability, have proved their combat worth to the Cohort, and with the addition of specialized Dragon-rounds allow the Vorax Automata within the Ferineum Mortis to immolate entire swaths of enemies. Meanwhile the typical Lightning gun used by the Vorax remaind popular for the first several millennia of the unit's service with the Cohort, however on some units the weapon has been switched with either a Las-cannon or a Irad-cleanser as to help preserve the Archo-tech-weapon in light of recent production short-comings and the uncertainty caused from conflict with new races of foul xenos.

Leviathan Conqueror Automata


A Design originating from the late Great Crusade, and implemented into the Cohort after much deliberation and testing. The Leviathan Conqueror Automata is one of the Heaviest Automata units in use among the Ferineum Mortis' Maniples, standing over the hulking Castellan-Class Automata by a full Meter, as such the unit is used to engage enemies of the Omnissiah in frontal assault. With the Leviathan's great size comes a instinctual Alpha-Preditor mentality within the Machine Spirit of the Leviathan, as it strides forward unconcerned with the struggling of it's prey allowing it's thick armor and shields to absorb incoming attacks.

As the Massive Leviathan Conqueror advances it fires a powerful Rotary Mauler Bolt Cannon, often loaded with specialized Bolt ammunition, to thin and weaken it's prey. Once close the Leviathan leaps into close combat with it's prey, allowing a pair of chasis mounted meltaguns to punch through exceptionally thick armor, while the Leviathan's own power-blade quickly seeks out any who would stand against the machine. When this monstrous Automata begins it's slaughter many of the Tech-Adepts assigned to control the unit report difficulty in coaxing the Machine Spirit into ceasing it's destructive tendencies, and often the machine only stops it's assault once every enemy in the immediate vicinity has been laid to ruin.

Castellax Battle-Automata


The most common of the widespread Castellan-type battle-automata in service, the Castellax is a general battle unit developed during the Great Crusade from its ancient forebear. Primarily intended for siege work and shock assaults, the Castellax Battle-automata is a hulking humanoid machine with a notoriously aggressive and responsive machine-spirit, and an enviable reputation on the battlefield. Within the Ferineum Mortis this design competes for the position of the most used automata and often fights alongside the massive Leviathan Conqueror Battle-Automata.

The Ferineum Mortis Cohort utalze their Castellax Battle-Automata much in the same manner as they have been used for millennia, as forward shock forces. However the Ferineum Mortis have made ever so slight adjustments to the Automata to increase the weapon's efficiency. With the addition of Plasma-explosive Bolts and anti-matter fueled Implosion bolts, the Castellax Battle-Automata's Bolt cannon, and wrist mounted Bolter both become weapons capable of causing far more devastation. While the cohort's more aggressive combat matrixes allow the Castellax more freedom to seek out and engage Xenos and the various other enemies of the Omnissiah.


Thanatar Siege-Automata

The Thanatar is a heavy Siege-automata, designed as a mobile artillery platform rather than a general battle unit. It is armed with a Hellex pattern plasma mortar, a terrifying weapon able to launch dense spheres of blazing plasma on arcing trajectories over defensive barriers and into the heart of enemy fortifications, incinerating anything in their blast radius with a liquid tide of sun-hot fire.

The Thanatar’s frame, built to accommodate the huge weapon and the power systems and fuel reserves required to supply it, is considerably larger than even the hulking Castellax. Its frame is also heavily reinforced, both to withstand the stresses of firing its principal weapon and protect it from incoming attacks. This factor, alongside the use of an automatic shielding array, make Thanatars notoriously durable. Such is their resilience that Thanatars are beyond the ability of most small arms, no matter how advanced, to harm.

Non-Automata Forces



While the use of Tech-Thralls throughout the Adeptus Mechanicus has waned significantly since the Horus Heresy, the Ferineum Mortis still make extensive use of these cybernetic soldiers. Taking prisoners, street scum, and various other undesirables en mass, the Ferineum Mortis then use low grade cybernetic cranial augmentation to kill the greater portion of the thrall's self preservation instincts, pain reception, and moral centers within the brain. With the initial cranial procedures complete the Ferineum Mortis install integrated weaponry into the Thrall's body, powerful short ranged Las-Lock weapons, and simple chianswords make squads of these soldiers a worthy protective barrier for the servitors, Skitarii and Automata of the Cohort. Indeed these Thralls are truly lowly creatures in the sight of the Cohort and the Adeptus Mechanicus, seen as more lowly than any servitor, often their existence is far more pitiful and horrific than the vast majority of punishments the Imperium holds. Often the Ferineum Mortis sacrifice the Cohort's Tech-thralls with little thought, their surviving flesh given the honor of being implanted into a servitor, something the Tech-Adepts treat as a blessing unto the Thrall, while their implants are transferred into the next thrall.

Skitarii Oath-Sworn

File:Adeptus Mechanicus, Skitarii.jpg

The Skitarii, the modern mainstay of the Adeptus Mechanicus armies. A advanced, better equipped and generally superior fighting force when placed in comparison to their Imperial Guard counterparts. Since the Edict of Eternal War, the Ferineum Mortis have possessed few Skitarii forces of their own, instead the Cohort is expected to more heavily rely on the Skitarii of the armies they battle alongside. However the few Skitarii that come into the Ferineum Mortis are known as the Oath Sworn as these Skitarii are bound by powerful oaths of personal honor alongside coding which prevent them from acting against the Cohort. Since so few Skitarii come into the Cohort the Ferineum Mortis make due with the Skitarii they do possess, typically seeing that these Skitarrii are given the best possible armor and armed with weapons which are rare even amongst the Cult Mechanicus. Often these Oath-Sworn serve as a elite reserve or as commanders to the Tech-Thralls of the Legion, their highly augmented faces being the closest sight the Thralls would ever receive to that of their Mago Dominus Master, before they are sent to die in the service of the cohort. When not directly serving the Cohort, the Skitarii Oath-Sworn continiusly run simulations and practice preparing themselves to battle alongside the great warmachines of the Mechanicus.

The Cohort's skitarii are typically armored in the best of the Adeptus Mechanicus' Best Crimson Armor, a servo-reinforced armor which is only just short of the superior performance of power armor. Along with a full array of the best possible Cybernetic enhancements, and sever hypno-training and a harsh training regimen from youth mean that these soldiers will certainly outpreform any warrior short of an Adeptus Astartes. The superior armaments granted to the Oath-Sworn by the Ferineum Mortis typically include Phased-Plasma rifles with motion predictor upgrades, Volkite rifles, as well as servo-fists reinforced with inbuilt chain-weaponry, power-swords, and power-fists. All of these extensive modifications transform the Cohort's Oath-Sworn Skitarii into warriors the like of which many a traitor or xeno has dreaded the possibility of facing.


File:Enginseer and servitors by elmo9141-d80lbx6.jpg

Primarily Lathe-Pattern multitask servitors, but also consistent of several Rikthet's Avenger-pattern multi-role combat servitors, and Erioch-Pattern Labor servitors. These Machines stay back from the conflict, remaining dangerously close to the fighting with a courage born of surgery, and will labor to fullfill the needs of their Tech-Adept masters, or the Automata their masters command with a long-suffering patience born of programming. Many of hte biological components used for these servitors are drawn from the flesh of the Tech-Thralls of the cohort. If one of these simple labor machines should suffer catastrophic damage often a Tech-Thrall would be used to replace the machine, even in times where the Cohort has not joined the war against the Imperium's enemies.


The Tech-Adepts of the Fierineum Mortis fulfill their duties and role within the Cohort much the same as the Tech-Adepts of any Cohort. Within the Cohort the Tech-Adepts provide for their assigned Battle-automata giving their war-machines life and purpose, as well as tending to the great machines soothing and mastering their machine-spirits. All of the Cohort's Tech-Adepts are disciples of the Cohort's Magos Dominus and are made privy of many of the cohort's secrets, as each and every Tech-Adept began their life within the Cult Mechanicus from within the ranks of the Cohort. With such beginnings the Tech-adepts of the Cohort are often aloft, and distant from those from outside the cohort keeping their logic algorithms and knowledge to themselves, least they betray the secrets of the Cohort to those outside the Magos Dominus' control.

In battle the Tech-Adepts typically remain only at the safest optimal distance from the Automata they command, for if they die their machines will, if only for a time, lose their guidance and purpose instead acting only on their base programing. As such they remain safely separated from the fighting within shielded and heavily armored vehicles. While out of the battlefield these Tech-Adepts may become boastful of their Automata's combat prowess, the Tech-Adepts are always sure to acknowledge the power of the Machine before their own talents and will dedicate their greatest care and concentration on ensuring the Cohort's war-machines are at their optimal efficiency for the next coming battle.

Personnel of Significant Record

Magos Dominus Salicar Luli


The first Mago Dominus of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort. The records show that Magos Dominus Salicar Luli was an advanced Adept even as a youth, before even taking command of his own cohort Salicar Luli was a non-linear thinker who derived answers to statistical problems through indirect means. Assigned to the fourth fleet and the command of Lion El'Jonson Mago Dominus Salicar's indirect approach saved the Cohort from suffering even more extensive punishment from the Primarch of the Emperor, while slowly transforming his Cohort into a force the Primarch would trust to call upon when certain situations arose. This brilliant Non-linear though however was tampered by a extreme case of over-zealousness and a possessiveness over his cohort. When faced with the possibility of losing his cohort to force redistribution Salicar choose instead to risk the entirety of his cohort in a attempt to retake Rikthet from the dark mechanicus.

While the cohort had retaken Rikthet, their reason for trailing to retake the planet had been lost, and in his zeal the Magos declared the Edict of Eternal War. Salicar would from then on aggressively lead his cohort against countless xeno races purging each of them from existence. While he had been a excellent leader, the immense zeal of Salicar Luli would lead the Cohort into a period recorded amongst the Cohort as the Days of Molten Steel. From the Reclamation of Rikthet until the day a Eldar Light-Lance took his life Magos Dominus Salicar Luli would push his Cohort as fiercely as possible, only allowing them to pause to reinforce when it was absolutely necessary. If not for Salicar's tactical brilliance, many Magos calculated that the Ferineum Mortis Cohort would not have survived long after the end of the Great Scourging.

Tech-Adept Xen-742


Notable in how he shaped the future of the entire Ferineum Mortis by battling against Magos Salicar Luli. Tech-Adept Xen-742 was one of the original members of the Cohort, and had not only survived the aggressive directives of Salicar, but had also been successful often being the Magos controlling the last surviving automata of the Reclamation of Rikthet, and the automata forces crucial to Magos Salicar's war-plans. However Tech-Adept Xen-742 detected growing strain upon the automata as Magos Salicar pushed his crusade further. Initially Xen-742 submitted simple requests to the Magos Dominus, however as the Crusades continued and his requests for additional time to test and repair the machines of the cohort were denied, Tech Adept Xen-742 was pressured into more drastic measures against his Magos. While originally quiet and submissive to his superiors, Tech-Adept Xen-742 became outspoken in his protest of Magos Salicar and seemingly more rebellious.

The tensions between Salicar and Xen-742 reached their fever pitch at the battle of Moltara orbital station six, where Xen-742 turned his maniple against Magos Salicar. Both Tech-Adept and Magos would battle fiercely their machines laying into one another like the great beasts of legends, however neither would leave the battle-field alive. Tech-Adept Xen-742 would pressure Magos Dominus Salicar into a untenable defensive position, however Eldar raiders, whom the Cohort had been sent to battle, broke through Adeptus Mechanicus lines and struck both maniples. Xen turned his maniple to face against the Eldar forces, however driven by emotional hatred over the betrayal, Salicar continued to battle Tech-Adept Xen eventually slaying the dissenter before being struck down himself by a Eldar Light-lance.

Magos Dominus Androkles Argyris


The Second Magos Dominus of the Ferieum Mortis, successor of the successful Salicar Luli, and the fourth ranked most successful Magos Dominus of the Cohort. Androkles time of command over the Cohort was viewed as a grim time for the cohort, despite his many successes and own great talent Magos Dominus Androkles was unfit compared to legacy left behind by Magos Salicar and Adept Xen-742. As such Androkles spent more of his time as Magos of the Cohort not glory seeking but instead, as a supportive leader repairing the damages left by the death of his predecessor and building the Manifold which would later become the standard command structure of the Cohort. While lacking in natural command talent Androkles would lay the ground work for the Cohort's future successes.

Androkles Argyris was a reserved Magos Dominus often electing to take a slower far more systematic approach to waging war against the xenos. Where his predecessor would have destryoed entire habitations with a fiery assault, smashing through what defenders the heathen or xeno would place before him, Androkles would surround the habitation using his weapons to set the land ablaze and allowing the flames to lead his forces deeper into the enemy's land.

Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca


Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca is the current commanding Magos of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort, and by record the third most successful command the Cohort has had after the Horus Heresy. Eshmunazar Barca is a unusual Magos, taking internist in the unenlightened and wishing to uplift those whom seem worthy. As such many of the newer Tech-Adepts of the Cohort are individuals Eshmunazar himself had inducted into the ranks of the Cult Mechanicus. This strange outlook has lead Magos Eshmunazar to occasionally clash with the Magos and Lords of various Forges, however this outlook has also saved the Machanicus from misunderstandings with the ignorant masses amongst the Imperium. The Highlight of this life approach is the Magos Dominus' union with a Ranking Famula Advance of the Adeptus Sororitas, in which Eshmunazar donated his genetic material to the Famula Advance, allowing her to birth two daughters, one of which now serves as a Tech-Adept within the Cohort.

In war Magos Dominus Eshmunazar is also a non-linear tactician, often using deployments and approach vectors which strike unprepared foes. Eshmunazar is methodological in his approach to waging war against the xenos. Neither Combatants, nor non-combatants are spared any form of reprieve or mercy while Eshmunazar's cohort is in the fields of battle and often if a xeno races warriors are known to move to defend their citizenry or any item of notice Eshmunazar will use these factors to create openings allowing him to devastate more of the non-human's forces thus accelerating their extinction. It is noted that Eshmunazar holds a significant hatred for xenos who employ greater Mechanical understanding in their societies, Tau being a notable example as Eshmunazar has pensioned several times to be allowed to wage holy war against these defilers of the Omnissiah's image.

Tech-Adept Yzebel Rhodanus


The daughter of Yelma Rhodanus a Famula Advace of the Adeptus Sororitas, Tech-Adept Yzebel Rhodanus was taken from her mother and sister by Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca to serve as his apprentice at a early age for reasons she has never understood. Perhaps it was Magos Dominus' own interest in the unenlightened and the ways of the humans not within the Cult Mechanicus having a influence upon her, or her own form of rebellion against Magos Dominus Eshmunazar, however Yzebel Rhodanus prefers to imitate the appearance of the uninitiated, keeping her external modifications to a minimum while also acting in a provocative manner. The behavior of Tech-Adept Yzebel has drawn many demands for penance and harsh censer as the Tech-Adept's 'jokes' have included falsifying the appearance of a Eldar within the confines of the Exploritor Fleet, and requesting physical gratification from a Magos of the fleet.

Despite Yzebel's behavioral errors, the youthful Tech-Adept, having been raised amongst the cohort, holds a thorough understanding of the Cohort's Automata. In the war council of the Cohort and within the united battle matrix command structure of the Cohort the tactical observations and combat calculations of Tech-Adept Yzebel Rhodanus are viewed as precise and as effective as those of the Magos Dominus himself. If ever the Magos Dominus was unable to command the cohort, is is assumed that Tech-Adept Yzevel would be able to lead the Cohorts to victory just as surely. For her unusual behavior and tactical brilliance Tech-Adept Yzebel Rhodanus is known as the Beast-of-Mortis, more of a natural force bowed to the will of the Omnissiah than a product of a manufactorum.

Tech-Adept Haggith Barcid


Known as the Reaper of Fio'tak'Aun, Tech-Adept Haggith Barcid, an exceptionally brilliant Maniple commander, has garnered a reputation as the most capable Vorax-Maniple commander to have ever served within the Ferineum Mortis. During the Adeptus Mechanicus battle of Sho'Tak, Haggith Barcid lead a Maniple of four Vorax in successfully bypassing the defense placed by the Tau forces, catching the still evacuating Earth and Water cast Tau before the majority of their population could escape onto proper transports. With a wide selection of targets, Haggith choose to eliminate the Tau transports, and to strike the Tau attempting to escape the xenos habitation units. With the Tau civilians trapped and slowly being massacred, the defenders of Sho'Tak locked in battle with the main-line of the Ferineum Mortis, the planet's Ethereal chose to take his honor guard and a tasking of Battlesuits to engage Haggith. The, as of this point, unproven Tech-Adept was prepared for the coming Ethereal and planned to make the Tau leader his crowning glory in his lone Maniple siege of the Tau habitation. After a full day of swift street to street and highly mobile combat Haggith's Automata drew the battlesuits away from the Ethereal and his bodyguard, allowing Haggith and a lone Vorax to strike the Ethereal's guard and Haggith to claim the Tau leader's head, which he promptly put up for display in the communal center of the Tau city, dismaying the Tau and brining their lines into collapse, though another Ethereal would take command and the Tau would eventually force the Ferineum Mortis off their world, Haggith Barcid became known even to their race.

Out of the battlefields Haggith Barcid is energetic and constantly active, memorizing the rotational speed of his Vorax's Assault Cannons after modification, undergoing tactical data convergences, or simply seeking new ways to further the scope of his understanding of the Omnissiah. Often the Glory seeking, and much more agreeable persona of Haggith Barcid clashes against the seemingly illogical demeanor of his mentor Magos Dominus Eshmunazar, or the Magos favorite apprentice the tactically brilliant, but un-agreeable, Yzebel Rhodanus. While Haggith Barcid seeks to further his standing within the Machine Cult, both his supperiors seem to instead forgo the proper ways of the Mechanicum for fascinations of whim concerning the uninitiated, one taking interests in those individuals outside the Cult Mechanicus, and the other imitating their behaviors. As such Haggith holds himself as properly as his station within the Cult Mechanicum demands, instead seeking to obtain enough glory and recognition to become the logical individual to replace the failing Magos Eshmunazar with. This pursuit has occasionally lead Haggith to lead his Maniple alone against enemy forces and deep behind the lines of the enemy despite official directives with differing intentions, however no mater how far Haggith deviates from the intent of his orders, he always seems to be doing exactly as his rival superiors desire, a fact that has lead Tech-Adept Haggith Barcid into fits of rage in the past.

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Notable Enemies


"These damned machines do not bleed, do not scream, and do not die easily. They are a waste of my time."
—Vladimir Cull, Company Champion of the 3rd Company

The Brutalizers Renegade Space Marine Chapter fought against the forces of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort during a skirmish against the forces of an Exploritor fleet. The battle was for the spoils of the Arfen system, a place home to a small but technologically advanced human civilization. While the initial forces of the Exploritor fleet were no mach for the Brutalizers combined pirate armored regiments and Astartes forces, the Cohort's deadly automatons proved much more difficult for the Brutalizers to overcome. By the end of the conflict the Brutalizers had grown to dread the machines, for their lack of fear and efficiency at killing dissuaded many of the Marines themselves from facing them in direct combat.

Engagement Records

The Reclamation of Rikthet

  • Date: C.15-C30M31
  • Combat: Ferineum Motis Cohort, Skitarii 921st and 630th Legion versus Dark Mechanicus
  • Notable Events: First use of Leviathan Conqueror Automata, loss of several holy STCs, battle followed by declaration of the Edict of Eternal war, Significant Cohort casualties.

The first combat of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort after the conclusion of the Horus Heresy. Automata of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort and the first of the Cohort's Leviathan Conqueror Automata clashed against the severely weakened forces and foul techno-heresies of the Rikthet Dark Mechanicum Traitors. The Dark Mechanicus Traitors had deeply entrenched themselves upon the planet, utilizing the planet's STC derived manufactorum combined with their foul techno-heresies to compensate for their severe losses over the course of the planet's own civil war, the traitors had set up a defensive line with countless combat servitors and madness derived Light-automata soldiers. The siege proceeded for fifteen years, and gradual loss reduced the Cohort to a mere six of the forty Maniples the Cohort had possession of at the time. The two predominate units remaining in the final six Maniples were the new Leviathan Class Automata which the Cohort had decided to test as a provisional unit and the Vorax class automata.

Combining the Automata's preferred methods of attack into a effective stratagem the Cohort lay siege to the final Heretek stronghold, the central manufactorum where the hereteks had been secretly constructing a Feral Titan. With their forces diminished by the years of conflict, the Adeptus Mechanicus forces were statistically under-powered to successfully lay siege to and claim the manufactorum from the traitor forces. Aware of this the traitors waited for their Feral Titan's completion. With the Calculation that the Cohort and the Adeptus Mechanicus Forces would fail should the choas Titan be completed, Magos Dominus Salicar Luli ordered the assault upon the facility, instead of perserving the machines in hopes of redeeming them, the Ferineum Mortis forced their way through the traitor defenses and proceeded the scourge the facility of all life and technology. Seventeen times the loyalists were driven from the traitor Manufactorum, and seventeen times the traitors witnessed the loyalists regroup and strike again destroying more and more vital systems and components each time, turning the manufactorum's creations against it, and sabotaging the assembly lines causing them to destroy themselves. After the seventeenth assault the Cohort with only sixteen Automata left and their Skitarii compatriots watched the now doomed hereteks struggle to salvage their situation, their Savior Titan could not be completed and lay incomplete in it's moorings, and their defenses had been breached repetitively. In the uncertain chaos that followed some of the traitors turned on one anther, while others lead their forces in a desperate attempt to escape, but by the years end the last of the heretek forces had bee quelled and their leaders dismantled.

Xenos Purge 19772

  • Date: C.486M38
  • Combat: Exploritor fleet LR. 134.X versus Eldar
  • Notable Events: First purge of Eldar planetary population by Ferineum Mortis Cohort, Adeptus Mechanicus gains planet-side mineral resources, loss of Exploritor Fleet Skitarii, early termination of Exploritor fleet exploration.

Initiating his command of the Ferineum Mortis as a part of a Exploritor campaign for the first time, Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca swore to ensure the absolute destruction of the first xenos race the Adeptus Mechanicus made war against. As such the Exploritor fleet LR. 134.X, equipped with several legions of Skitarii, the Ferineum Mortis Cohort, proceeded into uncharted territory seeking the expand the influence of the Cult Mechanicus and the Imperium of Man. After a half decade of searching for a world suitable for mining operations to support the material needs for the development of a new Forge-world, a world Rich in mineral resources necessary for the Forge-world's development was discovered. However as the Exploritor fleet approached the world it was soon discovered that the planet was a death-world, filled with ruins and predatory beasts. Initially the Ferineum Mortis were not to be deployed, instead small scout forces would identify proper staging zones for the initial establishment of the planetary mining operations. The Skitarii deployed to defend the Tech-Priests descended upon the planet with the expectation of battling against fierce and wild animals, what they fought instead was far worse. Moving as ghosts, out from the shadowed canopy of the forests Eldar raiders struck the Mechanicus exploration teams nearly destroying each before they could transmit warning to the Exploritor fleet. Alerted to the Eldar threat on the planet beneath the Adeptus Mechanicus prepared the full might of their forces to strike against the Eldar.

Initial clashes between the Eldar and the Adeptus Mechanicus were short and brutal conflicts, early deployers and scouting forces were destroyed entirely by fanatical ambushers, while Adeptus Mechanicus forces consistently pressed against both the Eldar, the fauna and the flora of the harsh world, eventually creating several small fortifications against the planet's resistance. From the central fortification, the Ferineum Mortis deployed their Automata using the Castellax, Firestorm-Pattern Cataphract, Irad-cleanser mounted Vorax to assist in the clearing of the beast and Eldar infested woodlands. While orbital bombardments destroyed regions suspected of housing either heavy Eldar resistance, or beasts which could not normally be dealt with, the Adeptus Mechanicus found their forces rapidly dwindling, due to the horrific raids and ambushes performed by determined Eldar defenders. After clearing several hundred Kilometers of forestry with no sign of the Eldar's fortifications Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca took a gamble which would later redeem the Adeptus Mechanicus war-effort upon the planet.

Dispersing countless servo-skulls and releasing all of the cohort's Vorax in specially prepared hunter-maniples, Magos Eshmunazar ordered the Cohort to find the core of the Eldar force at all cost, before directing the full remaining cohort into the canopy of the woodlands, daring the Eldar to strike against him. Few of the released servo-skulls ever transmitted back to Magos Eshmunazar, and none of the lowly machines reported back anything of note, many of the released Vorax maniples came under intensive attack, and soon the Cohort's main force was trapped in a pitched battle against the Eldar. However the Eldar Exodites had been drawn thin by the immense bulk of the Adeptus Mechanicus armies, and their forces had over-committed themselves sensing that the humans had been on the verge of breaking. Two Maniples of Vorax escaped their Eldar pursuers and stumbled across the home of the Eldar spirit well. Immediately the ten Vorax attacked the Eldar city, unleashing upon poorly prepared Eldar and pushing deep into the city while alerting the cohort of their discovery and location. With the sudden attack upon their home the Eldar were thrown into temporary disarray, allowing the Ferineum Mortis to turn their forces towards the Eldar home and alert the rest of the Mechanicum of the enemy's location. With the Cohort leading them, the Mechanicus besieged the Eldar, orbital bombardment, Automata super-weapons, and sheer mass of Skitarii eventually weighing in upon the Eldar. By the month long siege's end the Skitarii had been thoroughly devastated, not even a half a legion remained, the Ferineum Mortis had been severely bloodied, and the Exploritor Fleet had exhausted the entirety of it's resources. However the world was now in Imperial hands, and the minerals so intensely fought over belonged to the Omnissiah.

The Sho'Tak Raid

  • Date: C.988M41
  • Combat: Ferineum Mortis and 90th Skitarii Legion versus Sho'Tak Sept
  • Notable Events: Tech-Adept Haggith Barcid becomes known as the Reaper of Fio'tak'Aun, Ferineum Mortis driven off world, Sho'Tak Sept suffer losses that would take centuries to recover from, Both Tau and Legio Cybernetica begin considerations for Automata-Battlesuit combat tactics

In response to the third Sphere of Tau expansion the Adeptus Mechanicus deemed it necessary to engage, eliminate and study the remains of Tau battle-suits and to research and destroy the xeno technology of all four castes. Gathering a expansive force from a Exploritor Fleet, and detailed foreknowledge from a Rogue Trader serving as a double agent, the Adeptus Mechanicus launched a minor crusade into Tau space striking against low population worlds, and drawing lesser Tau Septs into fierce skirmishes. Deployed against the Tau planet Sho'Tak the Ferineum Mortis after braving the Air defenses of the Tau, alongside the 90th Skitarii Legion the Ferineum Mortis directly engaged the Tau from immediately outside their earth and water caste habitation. However the Tau had prepared for the Mechanicum forces and had arrayed the Sept fire-warriors outside the Adeptus Mechanicus landing zones where they began to harass the disembarking Admech. However for all the preparation of the Tau Fire-warriors, the Tau were unable to withstand the Automata of the Ferineum Mortis Cohort and the War-Machines forced their way through the Fire-Warriors with little difficulty. In response the Sho'Tak Tau called upon the Sho'Tak Sept's major contribution to the Tau Empire, the sept Battle-suits.

The Ferineum Mortis and the Tau clashed fiercely, Castellax and Leviathan Conqueror Maniples, braving powerful Fusion blaster and Burst rifle fire, charged forwards clashing against the Crisis-suits of the Tau. The champion machines of both armies clashed, while stealth-suits and fire-warriors skirmished against Skitarii, Tech-thralls, and Cataphract Automata. Distant but ever prevelent in these clashes were the Cohort's Thanator and the Tau's own Broadside battlesuits, each threatening the armies of the other faction while attempting to rain down destructive fire on the other. For how climatic the clash of forces seemed, the true objective of the battle was slipping away from the Cohort as more and more of the earth and water caste civilians were whisked away by air-caste transports. Even as Tau evacuations were ongoing, leaving the fire-caste to hold the Admech forces until such a time as the vulnerable citizenry was away, Ferineum Mortis Vorax hunter-maniples skirmished with Pathfinders, stealth-suits, and Tau Devilfish transported reinforcements. While these desperate struggles for field control between the outriders of both armies ragged, and the bloody central battle roared even to the furthest edges of the endangered city, a single Hunter-Maniple breached the Tau lines and entered the city beginning a horrific slaughter of the unprotected and defenseless citizenry which forced the Ethereal leader of the planet to take up arms against this Maniple, a mistake which cast the Ethereal his life and made the leader of this Maniple, Haggith Barcid, famous even amongst the Tau as 'The Reaper of Fio'tak'Aun'.

Once news of the Ethereal's death reached the Fire-caste the Tau lines began to collapse, the Ethereal was dead, the citizens undefended and dying in droves. The entirety of the planet was in Magos Dominus Eshmunazar's hand and the Magos wasted no effort in his destruction of the Tau. The sight of Tau Battlesuits had already enraged the Magos, so the destruction wrought by the Cohort was horrific. Within days of the death of the Ethereal the planet capital was leveled, and every remaining settlement was besieged by Skitarii and Automata. However the cohort's victory was too slow to come, the Tau defenders had rallied with news of a surviving young Ethereal amidst their ranks, and a fleet detachment was on way from previous battles against the humans to rescue the xenos from the purging fires of war. Both victories and defeats would be meet by the Cohort over the course of the next two weeks eventually leading to the entirety of the Tau on planet having gathered, trapped within the confines of their last city, ready for a final stand against the Ferineum mortis and their 90th Skitarii legion allies. Thanators would rain burning death down upon the city, while Automata probed the fire-warrior defensive lines for weakness, and within two days the city would be nearly in ruins. Fortune would favor the surviving Tau at this time, however, as the Exploritor Fleet would return to the system, wounded and in retreat as the Magos Explorator had been over eager for victory against the xeno race, and now his fleet battled with the Tau's rescuers over the planet even as the Tau fleet sent waves of reinforcements to the planet below. Filled with bitter rage of a victory denied, Magos Eshmunazar promised retribution against the Tau before joining the Imperial Fleet in retreat.



"The Xeno is a affront to the Omnissiah, their technology while tempting to the unwise is filled with deceit, and leads to a state of weakened stagnation. To overcome and destroy the Xenos with the blessings of the Omnissiah, to surpass their false knowledge is our greatest calling."
—Magos Dominus Salicar Luli.
"The loss of the Rikthet STCs is a undeniably staggering loss. The XENOS responsible must be hunted to the ends of the universe and put to a end. Any rebellious empire, or entity not blessed to be of the Omnissiah's chosen laid to ruin and their worlds concentrated to the Cult Mechanicus. To allow otherwise is a betrayal of the Omnissiah."
—Magos Dominus Salicar Luli, posturing for the creation of the Edict of Eternal War.
"Species 992271, Archamedus listing: Tytranid. A rapidly evolving, race of bio-crafted attack beasts directed by a the linked-matrix of a collective consciousness. Granting upper tier sentience to the lower units is a series of relay units (see attached microcontent: Synapse) standard Imperial logic dictates that these units requiring more bio-mass are typically the larger targets, and in a erroneous mistake often resources are wasted battling larger units which are incapable of enacting the effect known as Synapse. Altering Machine Spirit combat parameters to identify and eliminate synapse units and Tyranid high threat targets would require continuous input into the Combat-Manifold. Suggested tactic: utalize Tyranid offensive nature against the species, allow Tyranids to advance into Mechanicus lines, Identify and isolate Synapse units, destroy Synapse allowing lesser Tyranid to run rampant, eliminate Tyranid lesser lifeforms as needed."
—Tech-Adept Yzebel Rhodanus in a Tactical Manifold data-share before engaging Tyranid forces.
"To bring more of humanity to the light of the Omnissiah and into the embrace of the Cult Mechanicus is to bring more malleable minds to be shaped into able tools. With new and fresh tools, shaped properly, the Adeptus Mechanicus will overcome any misfortune sent to plague humanity."
—Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca, on his abnormal recruiting habits.
"Only once has the ignorant proposed the concept of peaceful coexistence with the xeno to me. To correct their error I displayed ten millennia of recorded history to them. Ten Thousand years of betrayal, self serving schemes, and war overwhelmed the mind of the dissident leaving him mentally crippled for a full year. Afterwards he never thought of proposing peace with the Xeno again, for peace is nothing more than a weapon the Xeno would use against us."
—Magos Dominus Eshmunazar Barca


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"I enjoy hunting these machines, perhaps more foes should field such things for my amusement."
—Lev Panzar[src]

"We never cease to encounter aggressive and expansionary entities in this galaxy, it aggravates us immensely. If these warriors wish to test themselves against our mecho-organic armies then so be it, they will learn quickly that we are not easy prey."

- Sovereign Kalos Detar of the Sekerran Dominion