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Erlösung XI, born Quintius Caro is the current Arch-Cardinal of the planet Vilgalan and de facto leader of both the planet and the Sephadollion Sector synod. Erlösung although only recently coming to power has already been controversial increasing the power of the Ecclesiarchy within the sector, initiating frequent purges of the citizens of Vilgalan and demanding more tithes to be gifted to the Ecclesiarchy. Erlösung has clashed with the Inquisition and Sector governor Mordred Troy numerous times, but has been endorsed by the head of the Ecclesiarchy himself, Ecclesiarch Decius XXIII.


Early life

Born on the planet Vilgalan into the Schola Progenium, the early life of Erlösung XI (then known as Quintius Caro) was uneventful, with Erlösung taking the mantle of preacher at a young age. Erlösung rose through the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy relatively quickly, becoming infamous for his outspoken views and rousing rhetoric. in 923.M41 Erlösung and his conclave was requested to serve alongside Inquisitor Mikeal Herdron and his retinue.===Travelling with the Inquisition=== For the next decade Erlösung travelled with the inquisitor, cleansing heretics, accompanied by his crusaders and arco-flagellants. Erlösung and the inquisitor had a very tense relationship, with Erlösung often trying to assert authority over the inquisitor. In most circumstances this would have resulted in Erlösungs execution, but Herdron was old and weak willed. Eventually Herdron grew tired of Erlösungs presence and sent him back to Vilgalan.


Stubborn and fanatical, Erlösung has been regarded a zealot, as well as intolerant of all others opinions. Erlösung is also said to be egomainical, and intent on controlling as many people as possible. Erlösung is completely devoted to the Imperial Creed, using it to justify his every action.

Erlösung's inflammatory opinions have caused more then one conflict, with particular hatred nursed towards the leadership of Mordred Troy. Erlösung has reversed many freedoms on Vilgalan, as well as order more purges on the surface of the planet while gradually reducing its interplanetary relations in the sector. Erlösung has also become a reclusive, shying more and more away from the public eye retreating to his private citadel.

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