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Eremai is a Eternity class Grand Cruiser which has served the Imperial Navy for 6 millennia. It has served in hundreds of separate and linked battles and campaigns across the Imperium and beyond. It is still actively fighting today as one of the Imperium's oldest warships still in active service and has only recently fought against Abbadon the Despoiler's force. It is also the only Eternity class ship ever constructed.



The Eternity class warship was designed due to the Nova Terra Interregnum raging and the high lords of Terra tasked the tech- priests of Mars to construct a new Grand Cruiser as they considered the Vengeance class too old to be effective. They produced a brand new and what some considered a bold design due to many of its untried propulsion units.


The Eremai was named after Sarack Eremai the commander of Battlefleet Solar. The warship was constructed over Luna and tens of thousands were enslaved in pulling together the ship in the vast shipyards over Luna. It took 11 years to be constructed and kitted out but was launched in 435.M35. Due to its sudden disappearance it was to be the last Eternity class vessel ever made.

Long road Home

Fully kitted out and supplied it was ready to head into its first battle with its untrained sailors about to be receiving their first blooding. As it jumped step by step towards the front line to join one of the many line breaker squadrons while on it's third and last jump to the front-line where it could start fighting it fell foul to the fast flowing river of the warp.

It was caught by a warp storm and spent 2 weeks floating around in the warp waiting to either be ejected from the warp or for their gellar field to run out thrown thousand of light years across the galaxy and dumped deep in the Eastern Fringe over 270 light years away from the light of the Terra. This left them in a serious dilemma while if they were in the light of Terra it would take them a single jump to get back to Imperial space yet without it they would have to make calculated jumps and so were limited 4 light year jumps and they would therefore likely to have to move through over a 100 systems. They had a far more immediate concern though that they were right in the middle of a system controlled by Chaos and their was a small ragtag armada heading to their position.

While many would have broken down the young Captain Oilstace did not appeared to be worried by anything and ordered the crew to go to battle stations and prepare to engage the enemy fleet.

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