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Erebus is the long standing Chapter Master of The Sons of Erebus, and legendary tactician of Chaos. His ultimate master is Khorne, the Blood God, and he lives to serve.

Erebus, Chapter Master of The Sons of Erebus


Chapter Master


The Sons of Erebus


All races bow down before me

Title held for

200 years

God he Worships

Blood God, Khorne


About 1000

Place of Birth

Barkag System 2nd Planet

Becoming Chapter MasterEdit

Before becoming Chapter Master, Erebus went on a journey to find the Chapter. He searched for many a year, until finally, on the Plains of Darkness, he found the Chapter. The Chapter Master, before Erebus was an expert warrior, better than Erebus, and master tactician called Master Dauog, and he was one of the strongest Chaos Marines. On the Plains of Darkness, in front of the entire Chapter, Erebus fought, and slew Dauog. It was an epic battle, and Erebus was almost defeated, but on a hunch, just as Dauog went for the killing blow as Erebus lay on the floor helpless, he rolled, and kicked out. He got a lucky blow, cathcing Dauog on the knee, almost crumpling him, but not quite. Dauog was surprised, and not ready as Erebus collected his blade from the dirt only a metre away, and swung it towards Dauog'd head. Dauog would have deflected it, except it was a feint, and Erebus's blade slide through Daoug's armour, and went straight through, into Dauog's heart. Dauog died instantly, and as he died, Erebus stood tall, and yelled to the Chapter, 'I am your master. You bow before me, as do every other race!' And that is the reason his Warcry is 'All races bow before me!'

Ensuring LoyaltyEdit

The Main way Erebus ensured loyalty was, once he had taken over, and chaged the name of the chapter, to bring battle to their foes always sooner rather than later, letting the entire chapter fight, and making them thirst for the blood of their enemies. The main problems of loyalty were when Erebus disappeared, because no one knew who would take command, so it was always a battle. The last time Erebus disappeared off the Imperium's radar was about 20 years ago, when he went on a personal quest. Some say it was to kill someone who had killed his family, and some say it was for a relic. The actual reason he left was because, as some of the people said, to find a brilliant relic. It was a piece of brilliant armour, made by the Adaptus Mechanicus, before the Horus Heresey, but lost during it. Erebus went, back to his home planet of Barkag Second, and found it there, on the highest mountain on the planet, but someone had gotten there first, and almost got away with it, until Erebus climbed the ridge, and saw the person.

The man who Erebus saw got away in the last second, because Erebus was surprised. Erebus ran after him, but as he hit the other side of the mountain, the man had disappeared.

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