Flames of Reason

The Symbol of Epsilus Warband, displaying the Hydra of the Alpha Legion combined with the Mark of Tzeentch.

Epsilus Sacrenus is a "Chaos" Champion who leads a Warband of Alpha Legionnaires, known for their rapid assaults and unknowable intentions. His attacks come without warning, and the few sights of him before his opposition's destruction are of a brilliant blue figure, cloaked in mail, spraying fire and death from his halberd.


Pre Heresy

While most of his life is unknown, Epsilus is rumoured to have lived since the days before the Heresy. Said to have been amongst the first recruited after the discovery of Alpharius, he was commended for his initiative and unorthodox strategies – at least by the Legion. What little information remains from his days serving the Imperium denotes him as a trouble maker and habitual loner.

Already nursing ill will towards the other legions – the Ultramarines especially – for the perceived mistreatment of his Primarch, and the casual dismissal of alternate strategies, he happily through his lot in with Horus. Little is known of his actions during the heresy, as he apparently disappeared after the Drop Site Massacre.

It is rumoured that he took command of his company after the death of Captain Iotus during the heresy at the hands of the Salamanders Legion, though few records exist to prove this.

Post Heresy

He eventually resurfaced in the year 932.M39 at the head of a splinter band of Alpha Legion. Gone however was the free-spirited and somewhat eclectic sergeant the reports speak of, replace by a cold, calculating and haunted individual.

He apparently broke from the legion proper over the increasing connection to Chaos they presented, following the old ways of using chaos as a tool. On the subject of the Imperium, he states only that “a man should not ask a God for anything. If they do not claim it themselves, it is neither theirs nor worth claiming.”

It is ironic then, that Epsilus is marked by the favour of Tzeentch - much to his ire. Though he claims it to be the aging iron halo upon his back, most agree that his seeming invulnerability is more divine than technological. In addition, any gun he raises will launch screeching balls of warp energy at the opponent, though he has taken to hiding this by using only the plasma pistol mounted on his halberd, so few realise the difference. Why the Lord of Sorcery should choose to favour a one who so vehemently denies his connection is unknown, though it could simply be an elaborate prank on the half of Tzeentch.

Powers and Abilities

Epsilus has in recent years been seeking a succession of disenchanted Space Marines, following a twisted logic of his own. During the course of this he has been shown to be able to percieve others' greatest vice, though it is debatable whether this is for anyone or simply his targets. He also claims to have never broken a promise, as he claims the Emperor broke his first.

As with all Alpha Legionaries, he is an unorthodox and subtle commander, able to infiltrate himself or others into secure locations - both Imperial and Chaos - sometimes for weeks or even months at a time. He has also been rumoured to take out a a whole planet's communication systems before the enemy are even aware of his warriors.

He has also shown himself to be a skilled warrior, besting several Astartes Captains in single combat with his halberd, most famously during the sacking of Rythellum IV, where he is claimed to have bested the Chapter Master of the Leopards Lament without drawing his weapon.

As with all members of Legion XX, many tales of his exploits are debatable, quite possibly propoganda on his behalf to unman his enemies.

Profile and Equipment





















Equipment: Power Glaive (str- ap3), Burning Brand of Skalathrax, Mark of Tzeentch, Sigil of Corruption, Bolt Pistol, frag and krak grenades, Power armour

Special Rules: Champion of Chaos, Fearless, Independent Character,Veteran of the Long War

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