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The Ehrendolch Sector was liberated during the later points of the Great Crusade. During this time the Sector was ruled by Orks prior to it being liberated. It is currently governed by Azail Moriah from the Hive World Solaris.

The sector is also home to the Blood Rangers Chapter. Also it has had minor skirmishes between the Blood Ravagers and the Blood Rangers. And now deals with raids from the Blood Ravagers, A Ork Waaagh!, A Tyranid invasion, and a Eldar problem.

A notable aspect to the Sector is its few amount of problems from Chaos. Instead it has many problems with Orks and Eldar. And recently a Tyranid infestation in 1 of its Sub-Sectors.


Sub-Sector Axon

-Solaris - Hive World (Sector & Sub-Sector Capital)

-Ca-loris - Ag World

-Laurasia - Ag World

-Belarus - Hive World

-Drypso - Forge World

Sub-Sector Lysandro

-Serpens - Ag World (Blood Rangers Home world/ Recruitment world)

-Darin - Hive World (Blood Rangers Recruitment World/ Sub-Sector Capital)

-Etruria - Hive World (Blood Rangers Recruitment World)

-Carlo - Mining World

-Salk-or - Ag World

Sub-Sector Azure

-Lupus - Ag World (Sub-Sector Capital)

-Zarathustra - Hive World

-Betook - Forge World

-Solace - Mining World

-Aesthete - Death World (Blood Rangers Recruitment World)

-Gaelic - Mining World

Sub-Sector Leicester

-Galois - Death World

-Maria - Hive World

-Salish - Mining World

-Aural - Ag World (Sub-Sector Capital)

Sub-Sector Atrial

-Azazel - Hive World

-Strode - Forge World (Sub-Sector Capital)

-Zelma - Ag World

-Typhus - Mining World

-Xenia - Hive World

-Lena - Ag World