Eeben Spicer is currently the CEO and largest shareholder of Interstellar Risk Management Limited, a major galactic- wide corporation masquerading as traders and insurers but are effectively mercenaries and accused brigands.

Originally the scion of a noble Cadian house, Eeben after serving in the Whiteshields and the Interior Guard would be given the rank of Colonel and command the 93rd Cadian for 8 years.

The 93rd Cadian would while be engaged in heavy fighting for 8 years and his combat experience would shape Eeben the regiment would be almost totally destroyed during the Assault on Eavo prison and Eeben would leave the Imperial Guard.

From there he would go on to set up his own corporation, Interstellar Risk Managment Limited. After securing funds, buying weapons and training a force he and his employees would set out into the Galaxy and hire their services out to legitimate Imperial interests or sometimes do pro bono work for the Adeptus Astartes and Ordo Hereticus.

In addition IRM provide insurance against conflict to Imperial interests in which the IRM promises to support their policyholder in conflict.


Early Years


Born in 7 500- 930- M41 to parents Richard Spicer and Evelyn Barlow, both were nobles of Cadia and his father served in the Cadian Shock Troops while his mother served in the Internal Guard both of them as high ranking officers.

While noble he went through much the same educational experience of every other child on the planet, an education in violence. While a greater emphasis on a operational and strategic level of thinking due to his inevitable place as an officer in the Cadian Shock Troops. His education was carried out along with other noble children by members of noble families who were not fighting in the Cadian Shock Troops due to age, wounds or never having been selected.

Taught to march before he could walk and all the other warrior stuff of Cadia. His father was killed when he was 10 during warp transit but he hadn't seen his father since he was 1 so the news of his death made little impact on the young child.

After years of preparation and education he would turn 14 and begin a new phase of his life.


At 14 like every child in Cadia from noble to low he would serve in the Cadian Youth Corp or the Whiteshields. Being a part of the Whiteshields was a complicated issue for Eeben, while he was certain to rise to the rank of Colonel as soon as he graduated from the Cadian Youth Corp due to his family's high standing he was still treated much the same as any other new entry.

Initially as part of the Interior Guard he simply continued military training in discipline and field craft but at 15 he had his first taste of real combat during a raid by the Black Legion which landed down onto the surface of Cadia Secundus, the regiment of the Interior Guard he was assigned to as a Whiteshield would be sent out to hunt down and elimnate the Warband.

After sighting his first servant of Chaos he loosed of a shot wildly before taking another better aimed shot which still went high. The Legionaire irritated by the disturbance from the Whiteshields opened fire with a Bolt- pistol killing 4 of his comrades. After running to cover and loosing off a number of more accurate shots with some of them even hitting the charging Chaos Marine. As he neared the squad's position he killed an additional 2 men of the Whiteshields including the laser-cannon wielder and sergeant.

Grabbing the las- cannon he swung the cannon towards the charging enemy and unable to lift the cannon properly fired at the ground knocking the Chaos marine to the ground as the floor beneath him was pulverised. Eeben dropped the cannon and ran backwards trying to get back while the rest of the platoon came around and launched their own fire at the Chaos marine eventually killing him. Eeben would re- join his regiment in the battle which with heavy casualties was a victory.

His first combat experience had while in his eyes been bad he was well respected for in his encounter managing to survive the attack. Eeben would remain a member of the White shields until he was 18 and fought in another combat with more raiding Chaos Space Marines. After managing to simply hold the line and having reached the age of maturity without dying or disgracing himself he received his regimental markings and joined the Cadian Interior Guard.

As the son of 2 noble houses he would be given the rank of Colonel in the regiment which wasn't resented by any of the older and more experienced officers for his family name was sufficient enough credibility to be assumed a good solider.

With his ascension to the Cadian Interior Guard he was old enough to be married and married Robin Agel who also happened to be his third cousin on his mother's side. Robin became pregnant and had a girl Victoria and then had a boy a year and a half later Henry.

Being in command of a regiment though Eeben spent very little time with his children and after 3 years in the Interior Guard having led his regiment in the constant resistance against raids his regiment was selected to be part of the Cadian Shock Troops and he left his home world for the first time in addition to never returning. Eeben would command the 93rd Cadian Shock Troops.

Service in the Imperium

A million worlds

The 93rd Cadian regiment was straight away shipped off with Cadian Shock Troops being the most desirable forces in the Imperium and he first found himself in combat against the Great Enemy on Forine in a brutal trench warfare between the Imperium against a Chaos Cult, the Lost and Damned and an Iron Warriors war band.

His first offensive was a brutal and attrition offensive on Chaos lines which favoured the enemies numbers and defensive advantages and the offensive was repulsed. Needing to find a better way to break through their lines he began trench raiding, small squad level groups were sent out across no- mans land to simply damage the enemy forward trench. These troops were given las- pistols, combat knives, frag- grenades and a flashbang rather than the other cumbersome equipment.

While he carried this raiding out heavily with most squads carrying out 2 raids a week after a month and a half the desire for the war to be brought to a speedier conclusion was desired. Forced to prosecute a new offensive Eeben changed his tactics and had an artillery bombardment on the trenches while his small first wave went forwards with some of his own men being hit by artillery.

After ceasing fire his first wave equipped as trench raiders ceased the outpost line and then continued to push forwards rather than consolidating gains while the second wave supported by armour crossed no man's land. As reinforcements were attempted to be swarmed into the area the artillery came down en masse on the lines of communications giving them casualties.

This offensive while costly for his regiment did break the enemy defensive line and they flooded through defeating the enemy in field battles. As the enemy pulled back to deal with the armour and mechanised breakthrough the Cadian 93rd would launch another attack on the trench lines 40 miles to the north allowing another breakthrough and a pincer movement to be conducted creating a 40 mile gap in the Chaos lines which they never managed to stem.

After this success he would go onto fight more battles gaining valuable combat experience in a galaxy of war. His regiment would lose half it's number and after 5 years it was merged with 129th Cadian Regiment.

Assault on Eavo Prison

After 8 years since his entry into the Imperial Guard Eeben Barlow was sent to Eavo. Inquisitor Romulus Khalex and his retinue were captured while on Eavo a world which had led by it's Planetary governor gone heretical. The Cadian 93rd were re-dispatched to take the prison containing the Inquisitor and free him. The entry into the system was fine with no ships interfering but the prison itself was well defend. Rather than a drop near the prison and fighting to it a drop straight onto it was necessitated due to speed. While not interfered with they were spotted by the Eavo PDF and mobilised to respond.

The initial flight down went badly with a number of shuttles being destroyed by AA fire and once they made it to the prison landing ground they had to a launch a direct and costly assault on the prison with a lack of assurance as to the location of their objective. The PDF of Eavo sent out a rapid response force to counter- attack.

The Cadians blew down doors and after managing to capture one guard they at gunpoint found the location of the Inquisitor and fought their way down the narrow halls taking casualties as strong points of single men at heavy weapons became almost impassable.

As they neared the prison cell holding the prisoners they were after the Planetary Governor stepped out having been interrogating the Inquisitor when the prison came under assault. Holding a Las- pistol to Romulus head he threatened to kill him unless the Cadians stood down. Eeben quickly came to negotiate and agreed to lay down their weapons. As the Governor relaxed Eeben threw a knife at the governor hitting him in the forehead while the Inquisitor threw him away as the man reflexively pulled the trigger firing a shot missing Romulus barely.

News came over the Vox that the PDF had arrived in force and outnumbered the Cadians defending the landing ground 3 to 1 and were destroying the shuttles. Now having to find a new way off the Colonel, Inquistor and the Inquisitorial Retinue decided to make their escape with Eeben being handed the Regimental banner before the rest of the Regiment decided to pull back inside the easily defensible prison perimeter abandoning the landing ground, the survivors started releasing some of the prisoners and arming them with guards and dead Cadians weapons intending to hold out or make a last stand against the growing numbers of PDF.

They found the Governor's own shuttle and entered it, taking the pilot and at gunpoint forcing him to convince the Eavo PDF that the Governor was still alive they managed to get clear of the AA and onboard the Imperial troop ships. The 93rd Cadian would be wiped out to all but one man but inflicting six fold casualties on the enemy. Colonel Eeben Spicer.

Founding IRM

With the destruction of his regiment Eeben could not face returning home having lost his regiment. Inquistor Romulus both in gratitude for the rescue and the belief that the Emperor was not done with this veteran signed a document realising him of service to the Guard. The Inquisitor advised him to find a new way to serve the Emperor and protect the Imperium.

After sending the Regimental banner back to Cadia and sending for his wife and children from Cadia, Eeben was poor and depressed having lost his real family, the Regiment and being unsure what to do. While sitting in a bar drinking heavily Eeben explained his story to a bar man who suggested he could find him some work with people. After meeting with them they offered him a job as head of security on a freighter.

Yet this started a new chapter in Eeben Spicer's life as he realised that while the Emperor protects all the Imperial Guard did not protect all. There were countless shipping lanes and worlds which were ignored by the vast Adeptus Administratum and Departmento Munitorum.

Assembling funds and weapons

Needing funds to start his new line of work he travelled to the Hive World of Scintilla to Hive Tarus and finally ending his journey at the Goldenhand where he founded the IRM as a company in 8 300 959 M41 and after ambitiously over stating it's value explaining how he expected profits to rise massively due to his vast experience as a Colonel of the 93rd Cadian Shock Troops. Expecting high returns he managed to charge a very high premium for an initial 10,000 shares out of a million shares in Interstellar Risk Management Limited. After selling of an initial 10,000 went well the price continued to rise as he sold more over the next few weeks till he had offloaded 300,000 shares. Having raised a considerable amount of cash initially he was then able to put down a deposit on a loan from a major noble family in Hive Tarsus.

The next stage was purchasing weapons, Eeben the now CEO of IRM travelled to Gunmetal city and Hive Sibellus to purchase weapons, everything from boots to Leman Russ tanks was bought here. He had enough equipment to equip a 3,500 strong force with combined arms having artillery, armour and infantry.

The next issue was transport, Eeben met with the Chartist Captain Ivaoch Eline who held a Free Charter and an Armed Freighter which had capacity for the troops equipment, in addition to having a large weapons battery, 2 torpedo tubes and a hangar containing 6 Starhawk bombers and 12 Fury Interceptors for warding off pirates a Ivaoch spends most of his time in regions affected heavily by piracy allowing him to charge more.

As a resolution the Captain was given 100,000 shares in IRM and agreed to transport and support with it's limited weaponry this new force.


Now having transport and weapons Eeben Spicer needed troops to command. Travelling across the Calixis sector to three worlds looking for recruits. Hive gangers, barbarians and enforcers from Scintilla, Iocanthos and Sepheris Secundus. Having now assembled a force they needed to be intergrated and trained together to fight. Taken out of the Calixis sector to the world of Kyrone a feral- world with a low population density which would serve well for training of the troops.

He still lacked the men to train them who had combat experience and so sent agents to Cadian hospital of the wounded and offered several discharged soldiers jobs in IRM as staff trainers. Several accepted the offer including 2 of the companies most important men Sergeant Major Bracken Hile who had lost his arm to an Ork and Captain Varan Fletcher who was blind and had much of his face burnt off by acid.

Bracken would lead the training of the enlisted while Varan would train the officers.

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