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"Drown Marines? Whatever remains of their humanity is long gone, all of them are just blooted husks of water and grime, better popped and watch them leak""
—Borias Greggd, Lord General of the Terfallien
Drown Marine

Drawing by KingKatanova of a Drown Marine

Drown Marines are Chaos Space Marines that have given themselves to the Aqua Blood Mutation. So much so that there armor is covered in rust and sea flora, there flesh can become rubbery and squishy. Drown Marines originate from the Cyanic Enforcers Chapter, no records of them within any other traitor legion. The Trademark of the Drown Marines are they crafty Hydro Cannons that can disorientate and distrubt enemy formations and heal other legions around them from the tainted water sprayed.


It is believed that the Drown Marines where created around 634.M41, after the alliegence of the Cyanic Enforcer Space Marine Chapter changed from the imperium of man to the Chaos God Tzeentch and his ancient ally the Tideweaver Artrixxerxx. That they where the first few space marines that gave themselves completely and devoted themselves to Artrixxerxx cause and Tzeentch bestowed the Aqua Blood Mutation apon them. Drown Marines are few in number but they have been used to great effect across the Cyanic Enforcer's campagin's in the name of Tzeentch.


Combat Doctrine



Like most of the Cyanic Enforcers. It is speculated wether they serve Tzeentch willingly or they serve his ally Tideweaver Artrixxerxx. From the belt pendent on the Drown Marines showing a depestion of a Tideweaver some beleive that Drown Marines worship Tideweavers as Gods themselves, Which disgraces Tzeentch name. Still, they show a commitment to Tzeentch and still glady assist the Cyanic Enforcers and the more dedicated Zealots of Change and Sorcerer of the Chapter.