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"These green skins spend so much time fighting each other they have no time, or indeed the attention span to set their eyes on anything beyond their borders. With not a shred of unity or resolve, the Orks of the Drone Conglomerate are even less organised and fracturous than is the orkoid norm. Which in all honestly is a blessing."
—Tyo Kirkas of the Whisper Dragons, Notes on Colonisation

If there can be one place in the Galoric Sector where life can truly be said to thrive it would be the Drone Conglomeration. Some time in ages past Fell Spun, a planet of a great size fell into the grips of the Hive Storm, but for some unknown reason never became consumed by the black hole. Instead, caused by the destructive force of gravity, the planet was ripped apart into hundreds of stony, mineral rich chunks of rock that float in an endless circle around the Hive Storm; never drawing closer nor drifting away. How this gathering of planet parts manages to remain in such a manner is unknown, but for what ever reason has caused the area, known as the Drone Conglomeration for the unexplainable way satellite drones and unmanned craft seem to be drawn to it, to be fought over for centuries by humans and Orks; but has almost always been controlled by the green-skins, who name it Miff Lurk, or "False Danger" in the Orkish Tongue. 

The Realm of Miff Lurk

"Well, der iz us, dem, da uvvaz, dat lot ovah dere, and doze nozy gitz on da hill. Uhh, an' sum uvvaz dat I dun see in agez..."
—Rig-Rig, Flag Waver for NazGobb, attempting to catalog the different tribes in the area.

Made up of a dozen larger skyburges as well as countless smaller islands, the Drone Conglomeration is inhabited by many Orkish tribes of varying size who war over land rights and trade with each other for minerals, space junk and fungi. Each tribe, which usually controls its own rock, lives in much the same way as their terrestrial cousins, as gravity and atmosphere are in some miraculous way still present amoung the shattered remains of the world. And though the terrain demands for a more airborne element, the largest skyburges (which are in some cases hundreds of kilometers across) are covered in a swarm of land-born Ork vehicles and settlements. 


Flash's Backplate

Backplate of Flash Kan-Fing's tribe

"Da home ov manik kingz, git paganz, an' wurr ead' bangaz. Day all a bit bonkaz on da GrimRokk, but ya' gotta admit day av' da best lukk."
— Ga'Nok'Nok, Kaptin ov da Wuzz Sun

Measuring three-hundred-and-fifty kilometers from end to end, the GrimRokk (Literally "Face-Shaped Rock" in Orkish) is the largest and most populated of the Miff Lurk islands and home to the self proclaimed "Big-King" Flash Kan-Fing, as well as the unlikely Orkish folk hero, NazGobb of the Rusty Squigz. Center of the fungi trade in the Miff Lurk, the dry, rocky plains are pox marked with orkish pit-settlements which center around the mass cultivation of fungi, including the rare RagTag Squig for export to the lesser void-settlements. As would be imagined, the GrimRokk is home to a far larger number of Squigs and Snots than would usually be found in the average settlement, as fungi cultivation takes precedent over almost every other pursuit. Taking its name from the rock's strange ork-head shape, the GrimRokk is considered by the Orks to be a very lucky place to live, and it can not be denied that the lives of the Orks of GrimRokk are considerably more "fans'ee an' posh" than other places in the sector; though this luck does not apparently extended to the Snotling workers.

  • Kan Town - Built atop the massive, bugling form of a indigo coloured, dome-shaped fungus, the fortress of Flash Kan-Fing is a sight to behold. A triach of rusty, scrap towers rise from the lumpy fungle mound, surrounded on all sides by jagged curtain walls (Each crenellation topped with a single, purple Space Marines helm in remebarace of the slaughter of the Knights of Twinstar). With in the confines, atop the mushroom hill, lies Kan-Town. A jumble of decrepit shacks and factory-farms cramped together like a tightly packed sardine tin. Here, the indentured orks work tirelessly to please their greedy overlord's never ending lust for rare fungus (and the Teef associated with it). Under watch of "Da Kingz Men", Flash Kan-Fing's  enforcer gangs, the city churns out squigs and fungi of all type, ready for sale to the many merchant tribes that ply the dusty rocks of the Mif Lurk. To guard the enumerable wealth of the city, Big-King Flash built a mighty army of clanking, wiring walkers painted with his trademarked Spanna-Moon, a symbolic remnant of his youth as a Mek's assistant. These Dredds and Killa Kans are never idle, as every year contenders arise to compete with the Big-King for rulership. Though Flash Kan-Fing has survived thirty-six years on the throne through being the most "fighty an' kunnin" ork ever to grace the barrens of the Drone Conglomeration, he has in resent years been challenged not for leadership, but for the ownership of his beloved fungus farms; as the self-proclaimed speaker for the Great Squigly Beast, NazGobb Rusty-Squig, an Ork widely thought to be mad, has gathered a following of zealous gretchin who are making demands for the release of every squig in captivity back to the wilds. At first glance the fungus ridden slum pile of Kan Town may not seem a likely place to find a king, but this assumption is easily disregarded when one meets it's inhabited; the less than imaginatively names "Kan Towneez". The common folk of Kan Town are determined and hard working, knowing that through the king their lives prosper, as having a near endless supply fungus means two things; firstly, there is never a shortage of food; and second, there is never a shortage of hungry tribes looking to steal that food. This ends in the Kan Towneez fighting on a full stomach. Something that, to an ork, is quite agreeable. Clad in yellow and red clothing stitched into hundreds of different patterns, King Flash's tribe appear as strange xeno-jesters with mud covered boots from their farming. From lowly grots wearing simple patterns on their rags, to mighty orks sporting richly ornate (by orkish standards) robes tied with coloured rope and painted metal, each "family" with in the city has it's own particular style. The Flash Painters of Wag Towwa favour stripes of red on white, where the Kingz Men who serve as the kings household guard wear yellow cloth and red armour. This "urban tribal" culture serves an important purpose in the city, as those families who are seen to preform better in farming, society, and war are in turn noticed by the king and benefit greatly.
  • NazGobb's Backplate

    Backplate of the many Squig tribes following NazGobb

    Da Yella' Sandz - 
    The main portion of the GrimRokk island is made up of an oxide desert of great size inhabited by numerous small tribes of Green Skins and uncountable Squig herds. Broken in areas by the lush (by ork standards) mushroom forests, the Yella' Sandz, named for the inhabitance not the colour of the earth, are prime hunting grounds for the outlaw Squig Tribes and their fanatical associates who pray on the cargo convoys traveling the long, windy road from Kan Town to the Away Port. Wild and dangerous, this desert is home to a breed of Squig found nowhere else in the cosmos, the RagTag Squig; a creature that appears as a pile of oil soaked cloth and has the ability to change its colour at will. It is not surprising that these unique specimens are coveted by all on GrimRokk and bloody, inter-tribal wars are a weekly occurrence. These battles are fought between the warriors of the Big-King who covert them for profit and the strange Orks of the Squig Tribes who believe such a special creature to be the favored of their patron daity. Building their homes amoung the vibrant mushroom glades, the Squig Tribes launch raids across the desert against the Kan Town, who in turn retaliate, continuing the endless battle between Flash and NazGobb. Wearing more natural colours, along with their trade marked yellow, the Squig Tribe-orks are both small scale mushroom farmers, and desert wanderers who ply the sands for scraps left behind from raids. Spending the majority of their time on the move, stopping at the mushroom farms for sale and restock, the migratory Yella' Sandz orks cross the wastes in ramshackle scrap trucks filled to the brim with metal and fungus, followed everywhere by a swarm of transports for the gretchin workers.
  • MekStash - Secreted in a canyon in the center of the Yella Sandz desert, the pre-Imperial ruin now known as MekStash is home to a band of ork Meks, who have been driven insane by the constant hum of the exotic machines that lay at its heart. Jutting up from the floor of the canyon, the curiously shaped stone plinth (named 'Wirrgog, or "Strange Power" by the Meks) emits an odd field of energy that causes all who stay with in its aura for too long to loose their minds. The Meks, who idolize the Wirrgog near religiously, maintain the crumbling mosaics and stone devises that surround it; making sure that not a single speck of dust stays upon their charge for more than a few minutes. The mosaics, which display grandiose images of vast cosmic entities surrounded by cadres of reptilian servants, are said to be the history of the "Real Gods", as the Meks of the Wirrgog disowned Mork and Gork as their patrons in favour of their new "pagan masters". This religious division has lead to animosity between the Meks and the rest of Orkdom, who see the worship of other gods as the worst crime imaginable.
  • GorGutz Glade - Deep in the heart of the Yella' Sandz, amid shifting, poisonous dunes lies a glade-swamp of ink-blood fungus trees, and the abode of GorGutz, pain doc extraordinaire. Like a witch from a fairy story, GorGutz lurks through the mires gathering ever more rare and exotic ingredients to be used in his outrageous and rather insane experiments (Usually tested on captured gretchin). Though GorGutz is a figure of terror in Miff Lurk tales, there is never a short supply of willing patients for GorGutz to operate and experiment on (It is rumored that even the Big-King, Flash Kan-Fing himself has sought out GorGutz' services once or twice), as it is common knowledge that if there is an ailments, Gorgutz has an ointment. And despite his techniques that border on deranged (Even by ork standards) Gorgutz proudly has the highest success rate for head-replacement surgery of any Doc in the Galoric Sector.
  • Sneaky Squig Caves - Deep down, beneath the Yella' Sandz cramped, smoky tunnels wind through the darkness, creeping ever onward toward the center of the island. Here, in the depths can be found Da Warrenz. Once the largest mining factorum in the entirety of the Hive Storm Region, these fell caves became home to the Lost'unz, a tribe of troglodyte savage orks known for their habit of eating scrap metal. Built by the Imperials in the time of Daen Galor, the mine works were abandoned for centuries after the orks capture of the Drone Conglomeration, and left for almost a thousand years before being disturbed. The Lost'unz, having spent so long isolated under ground developed a psycho-xenophobic hatred for even other strains of green-skins, and are feared through out GrimRokk for their deadly night raids. Down in Da Warrenz the savages live in rough tents made from squig hide, and hunt the subterranean rivers for food and supplies; emerging only to raid when their need can not be met by their dark home.
  • Da Away Port - The main conduit for trade in the Drone Conglomeration, Da Away Port is a large spaceport on the northern end of GrimRokk in the Mork Mouth valley. Though under the control of the Big-King, the orks of the port are pirates and traders of the lowest caliber who argue constantly over who has rights to which cargo, or which ship belongs to who. The boss clan of the Port, Da Star Gazzaz, are the most far traveled orks in the sector, controlling the majority of the Drone Conglomeration's ports of trade; assuring the might of Flash Kan-Fing though primitive trade boycotts of his enemies.
  • Da Villagez - The GrimRokk is a big place, and a number of smaller settlements exist in the lonely places of the deserts and mountains. These settlements range from tiny hamlets nestled between the cold southern mountains of the Teef Peaks, to the dirty gatherings of Squig farms that spread like pox marks across the desolation of the Yella Sandz. The common orks of the GrimRokk tend toward simple lives and simple dress, as the lack of major conflict has lead most of the population into "honest, law abiding pursuits", though each tribe favours a unique and distinctive attire. The mountaineers of High Hill Town in the south wear the great horns of slain cave beasts on their brows, while the Ruff Hoppaz of Bad Trade paint their skin with grey as camouflage against the evil spirits that roam the dunes throughout the low lands. All in all, the orks of GrimRokk are as diverse as they are enumerable, and nowhere on the Orks Head can there be found a place where a tribe can not flourish.


DuffDreg's Backplate

Backplate of Duffdreg's Bluu Moonz

"A big, spinnin' ball ov spanna workz an' smoke. Deez boyz dun hav anee'fing ovva dan wot day kan steel. But da boss'z ladz ain't gunna let ya take nuffin'!"
— Ga'Nok'Nok, Kaptin ov da Wuzz Sun

Fortress rock of Duffdreg, Warboss of the Bluu-Moonz tribe and arch-enemy of Flash Kan-Fing, the SlagNaz (Wealthy House) is most definitely the richest Ork stronghold in the Galoric Sector. Covered by factories and workers shantytowns, the SlagNaz is dedicated to the gathering of space junk to add to the ever growing Idol of Mork in the center of town. Due to its over built nature and small size, the SlagNaz rotates in a perpetual spiral as the heavy Ork constructions over-balance the fragile gravity of the tiny rock. Spinning along in its infinity, it is not uncommon for the SlagNaz to collide with other skyburges which results in catastrophic destruction for anything in its path. Thankfully for the citizens of the island, the Bluu-Moon Meks long ago installed immense force field generators on either end of the rock - saving it from the worst of the collisions as well as providing a ward against invaders and stray meteors. This protections though comes at a price, as the energy oozing from the shield-machines shroud SlagNaz in a purple-black haze, which blocks out the sun and makes everything "smell funny".

  • Full Moon Keep - Ruling over the smokey sprawl of SlagNaz, Boss Duffdreg of the Bluu-Moonz keeps order in the gloomy slums with an iron fist. His great iron fortress, the Full Moon, stands as a monument to Orkish prosperity, it's walls and towers forming a insanely complex maze of blue and white monoliths to Klan Bluu-Moon's supremely. Second only in size to the temple-factory, "Belly ov Mork", Full Moon keep brandishes hundreds of deadly weapons pointing indiscriminately in every direction; acting both as a fearful shield to keep attackers at bay, and insurance against disgruntled workers who may try their luck against the boss.
  • Da Low Town - Spiraling outward from the Full Moon Keep, the greater part of the Duffdreg settlement
  • Da Belly ov Mork - 
  • Shield Towers - 
  • Spinnaz Maze - 
  • Gor Market - 
  • Da Factoreez - 


Wreck Stone

"If iz sedd it wunce iz sedd it a... a bunch a' timez, stay out'a da Wreck Stones. Doze madboyz wud flat ya out wiv der big 'ammaz da second day look at ya."
—Ga'Nok'Nok, Kaptin ov da Wuzz Sun

Dedd Dark

Razor Fields


"Some what of an anomalous example of their kind, the orks of the Drone Conglomeration are neither as barbarous or prone to large conflicts as their fellows in other places. The xeno-phenomenon of the "Waaagh", a state of holy war seen throughout the galaxy, has not once taken place with in the confines of Galoric in the whole of Imperial history. These creatures, as repulsively uncultured as they are, seem to be a breed apart; petty and fracturous, rather than united in any purpose."
— Khy Chaigren, Terran Scholar; Notes on the Imperial Borderlands

The orks of the Drone Conglomeration number hundreds of tribes who dwell in dozens of environments. From void-born reavers to forest dwelling farmers, the diversity of the Miff Lurk orks is such that (in truly orkish fashion) no warlord may control too much territory, and no tribe is left without allies.

Da Purple Beakies


"Den Gork sayd ta Mork, "smash dem unbeleevaz". So ee did. An' it waz gud."
—TufKrump, preaching to the citizens of Kan Town

Separated for millennia from the greater galaxy, and the orkish race at large, the orks who inhabit the Galoric Sector have diverged greatly from many base aspects of more main stream green-skin "kulture". Where it is the common way of the orks to worship their brother-deities, Mork and Gork, the orks of Miff Lurk have been known to preach any of a hundred gods. Ranging from scraping minor beings invented by warbosses to make themselves seem far mightier than they actually are, to the more potent gods of ork kind: the Great Squigly Beast, the Big 'amma, or Mork's Mouth. And though Gork and Mork have a following that counts almost all orkoids in the sector, many either follow lesser gods as well, or in some cases disregard them entirely in favour of their own masters. The Kult ov da Great Squigly being the most prolific of the "outlaw" sects. 

Due to the highly religious nature of the Miff Lurk orks, there are hundreds of tribes across it's shattered stones both living and dying in the name of their gods. As orks are fractious by nature, even those of the same faith often find themselves at odds. A slightly different interpretation of dogma, or a disagreement on their deities favorite colour are reason enough  for an ork "Krusade" to begin. These holy wars usually end in the destruction of one or more of the tribes involved, a boss rising up and putting the others back in line, or even a few fickle factions changing sides. Anything is possible when it comes to Miff Lurk religion, and so exists a thousand or more tribes scraping a living across the Drone Conglomeration. The numerous religious factions present in the Miff Lurk are constantly at odds with one another, believing that their gods are "da best, an' every wun shud follow em". This over zealous fervor has lead to hundreds of wars over belief in recorded history, and no less than fifteen of these "Krusadez" in the last six years alone. 

Out side the larger religious tribes, the common folk of the Drone Conglomeration are far more likely to take gods as they will, caring not for who they worship as long as it keeps them in the good graces of the local authorities. 

Orkish Deities of Miff Lurk

  • Mork and Gork - The brother gods of the orkish race. Worshiped consciously and unconsciously by all green-skins, despite what some within the Drone Conglomeration would have you believe.
  • Great Squigly Beast - Taking the form of a giant Squig, this sneaky creature is known for it's mischievous toe biting, and taste for Nurglings. Worshiped by many of the downtrodden and dispossessed in the Miff Lurk, primarily in the wastes of Grim Rokk where the great NazGobb holds sway.
  • Wirrgog - A latently psychic monolith of stone within the canyons of MekStash. Possibly a remnant of the lost Old Ones.
  • Big 'amma - "The Hammer of Gork". Thought to be the first WarBoss, and the orchestrater of the Orkish race's first expansion across the stars. Mainly followed by the void-dwelling scions of Wreck Stone.
  • Mork's Mouth - The Hive Storm. Taught by Herdaz from all across the Drone Conglomeration to be the doom of orkish kind. Death Cults exist in dark places across the length and breadth of Miff Lurk.
  • Great Sandy - Desert spirits of 'rim Rock believed to have infinite power, though may be kept at bay through the use of grey and black war paint. 
  • Dark Toof - A shadowy being believed to haunt cities and town across the sector. Believed to be "Mork in a bad mood". 
  • Gark the Grot - A legendary gretchin from the forests of Crag. Believed to be immortal, and can survive any sort of injury. Feared by greedy, tyrannical ork bosses. 
  • Fungus - A creator god. Worshiped along the Great Squigly Beast by some tribes from the Dedd Dark. 


"Wer duz da orkz come frum? Sum wud tell ya dat we waz wunce ruled by da snots, but day waz big smarteez bak den. Ovvaz say dat we waz coffed up frum Mork'z mouth. But ifz ya ask me I wud tell ya dat it dun matter. Now get bak ta marchin'."
— Kaptin GoggTagg instructing the yoofs.

To say just a little on the religious elements of the Miff Lurk is to tell the story of the orks who dwell upon its ruined, stony back. If one was to ask a common Galoric ork where their ancestors originated you may receive any one of a thousand folk stories and tall tales accounting the arrival of the green-skins in the Hive Storm; but sadly, none of these colourful myths would ever come close to the truth. Being that history, or at least the orkish form, is not in any way factual and relies on the telling (and retelling) of events from the mouths of the Herdaz (who all know to be a little too predisposed to fiction), the orks find it impossible to chart their history in an accurate way. Regardless, the vast majority of the basic themes of these tales are based in truth - the sub-psykic imprint on the Galoric Ork racial history is near impossible to erase. Though the ancient (or older than a few generations) history of the Galoric Sector is sparse, the relatively short history of the Drone Conglomeration is by contrast near complete and in every way completely green.

Main Article: Timeline of the Galoric Sector

Ancient Times

  • Unspecified Date - The first green-skins settle the Galoric Sector, building strongholds on almost every terrestrial object. The Black Labyrinth being a the sole sub-sector to remain unoccupied. On the planet later known as Intohimo Secondus, the orks under Boss Huh'Rull found the first interplanetary empire to exist within the Hive Storm Region, conquering the entirety of the Intohimo System, as well as vast swaths of the Tide Stones. In response to this, several warring factions from the now extinct planet of Fell Spun put aside their rivalries to make war against Huh'Rull's empire. In the wake of the war the planet of Fell Spun is cast into the eye of the Hive Storm by the planet splitting power of an armada of Ork Rokks. Neither side is victorious as the different tribes scatter on the winds, having no objective left to focus on. The shattered remain of Fell Spun becomes a hell of fire and warp energy, which for several thousand years remains fearfully unoccupied. 
  • Unspecified Date -




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"Filthy Greenskin scum, this salvage belongs to us!"
—Wez Kesher, Merch-Militant 2nd Class of the Quothian Conglomerate


  • I have used a lot of Ork Lore from the RTE, such as the Great Squigly Beast, Tribe Backplates, and a few other things that have been mostly forgotten by 40K Modern. 

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