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Captain Drent Knight was a captain in the Knights of Redemption chapter, leading the fourth company.


Drent Knight was born on the human homeworld of Terra, there he eventually became a space marine in an unknown chapter. During his time in this chapter, he experienced many battles, but he was eventually transferred to another chapter, the Knights of Redemption. Due to his recorded history, Drent was immediately after his joining given the title of Knight of Redemption.

Siege of Isolum

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Drent Knight was present during the siege of Isolum, leading the fourth company into battle using drop pods. His men were split up over the various Ork bases. Drent led his squad into one of the Ork bases, where they ran into a prototype of the Deff Dread. Drent ordered to secure the vehicle and to move on.

Drent eventually led the squads back together to the main Ork base, where they met formidable defenses. Drent and his marines eventually turned out to be stronger than the Ork defenses, as they charged into the base, killing every Ork on their path. Drent eventually encountered the commander of the Ork forces, a Mekboy. The marines defeated the Mekboy, and Drent executed him afterwards.