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The Dragons Amaranthine are among the few unacknowledged sons of the Primarch Vulkan. Believing themselves to be successors of the vaunted and venerated Salamanders chapter, the Dragons Amaranthine bear their heredity with pride, and keep true to many of the tenents espoused in their primogenitors Promethean cult. The Chapters home system of Jemenaius hosts three habitable worlds, on of which is an adeptus mechanicus forge world, which creates arms and armaments for the chapter and the region. This includes of production of Dreadnought Sarcophagi, which the Dragons possess in great numbers, these have become the saving grace of the chapter since suffering grievous casualties as a result of false information from a excommunicate Rogue Trader.


The Dragons have a long and distinguished history of protecting the Imperium and its citizens, partly due to their claimed primogenitors humanitarian code, and partly due to the horrors they have seen perpetrated against the innocent in the act of war. Where previously line upon line of disciplined, gilded warriors in Amethyst and bone armour would stand and hold the line with burning promethium and artisan crafted weapons, recent decimations to the chapters ranks have forced them to take a more pro-active, pre-emptive strike style of warfare.

M35.674: The Nova Terra Interregnum

Founded during the Nova Terra Interregnum, the Dragons Amaranthine saw significant service during this time against the forces of the Ur-Council. It was that terrible time that ignited their distaste for the Ecclesiarchy and created a deep seated value of human life. Serving alongside other, more bloodthirsty chapters against the Ur-Council, the Dragons saw their Sister chapters cut down all but innocent civilians in the name of the Emperor and faith. Since that time, the Dragons have become reclusive and insular, only trusting those chapters that display great honour and selflessness in the defence of the imperiums citizens.

M35.990: Post Nova Terra Interregnum:

Scarred and traumatised by what they had witnessed their fellow Space marines do to Imperial citizens who had done nothing wrong but be on the wrong planet at the wrong time. Reforging themselves into a weapon of defence, the Dragons Amaranthine take up the mantle of the Imperiums shield. Where Heretics, Xenos and daemons threaten the lives of Imperial Citizens, the Dragons Amaranthine are there, a burning, selfless shield to the Emperors faithful. In the wake of the Interregnum, the Dragons remain in the Segmentum Pacificus, defending the rebuilding worlds from the dangers of the galaxy without, at a time when many would let them suffer.

M36.270: Dragons Apostate:

Already embittered towards the totalitarian Ecchlesiarchy, the Dragons Amaranthine needed little convincing of the heresy and evil that was Gogan Vandire and his reign of blood. However, rather than take part in the assault on the Imperial Palace on Terra, they instead fought against the mad Ecchlesiarchs Frateris Templar as they marauded across supposedly "Heretical" systems. Where the Dragons trod, holy Promethium and deadly bolts swiftly followed, striking down the fanatical templar with righteous indignation.

In the tumultuous time that followed Thors rise to Ecchlesiarch, the Dragons Amaranthine saw little action against the thousands of renegade cults that spread in the wake of Vandires demise. Mainly due to the horrendous losses they suffered fighting in the Reign of Blood against the Frateris Templar.

M37.590: Too few, too far:

As the Age of Redemption sweeps the Imperium and military forces are sent out to stretch and strengthen the imperiums borders, the Dragons Amaranthine are of the few left behind. Unconcerned with the glory of crusade, they instead fear for an imperial populace whose defenders have left vulnerable to attack. Those planets lacking the means to protect themselves are raided by opportunistic pirates, be they human, xenos or otherwise. Spread far and thin across the Imperium, the Dragons try desperately to defend against these attacks, and earn a particular hatred for the Dark Eldar and their murderous, tortuous raids on innocent civilians.

M40.784: Trust no one:

Led astray by the words of the now Excommunicate Rogue Trader Neiro Phospharrion, the Dragons Amaranthine deploy en-masse to the densly populated Grigon System, containing a cardinal world, a Forge world, two Hive worlds and an Agri-world. On the Rogue traders word, the Dragons make warp transit into the system and are immediately ambushed by waiting Dark Eldar warships. Decimated by the attack, the Marines forces present suffer 70% casualties and 20% wounded severely enough to require interment in a Dreadnought sarcophagi. The Dragons beat a hasty retreat, forced to leave the system to the mercy of the Eldar Raiders. The Traitorous Rogue Trader is excommunicated following a summary inquest by the Inquisition, on grounds of making deals with xenos races that are not for the benefit of the Imperium. Following the decimation, the chapter is reduced to a shell of its former might, relying more than nearly any other chapter on its dreadnought ancients. Though their strength has since been rebuilt, they are still heavily reliant on their venerable brethren.

Culture and Beliefs:

The Dragons Amaranthine believe they are first and foremost, sons of Vulkan, and strive to protect the innocent wherever possible, as laid down by their Primarch. They are steadfast and unyielding in their defence of Imperial citizens and excel at not only holding, but pushing forward imperial defence lines, purifying the foe before them with holy Promethium and Melta beams. They are, like the Salamnders before them, artisans and craftsmen, the need to embellish and alter their wargear embedded in their very DNA. This is only strengthened by their Homeworlds population, who are similarly craftsmen of the most exceptional calibre. The people of Jemeniaus mine, refine and craft the precious gemstones and minerals that grow like mountains across the planets surface. This craftsmen background not only breeds people of hardy, attentive manner, but brave as well, for the mineral fields of Jemeniaus, like Nocturne, are home to a menagerie of dangerous creatures, the greatest of the which, the Amethyst Dragons, is the icon of the chapter.

Chapter Organisation:

The Dragons Amaranthine once held true to the teachings of the Codex Astartes, keeping to the set ten companies of a hundred marines, but in recent days, they have had to condense to a mere 4 companies to accommodate their reduced numbers. This lack in numbers is augmented by the calibre and brute force of those left behind. Of the four hundred or so marines that remain, approximately a hundred are interred within a dreadnoughts armoured chassis. The Dragons blessing and curse, that they possess numerous enough sarcophagi to inter near any critically injured enough marine, these ancient brothers called to war more oftenthan any other chapter. Rarely do the Dragons Amaranthine stride to war without their towering brethren marching beside them. While this means that on the defence, the Dragons are all but immovable, bastions of ceramite and adamantium, but on the assault, without the use of drop-pods and Stormravens, they are slow and ponderous. Like a hulking giant, the Dragons move forward like a wave of magma, slow and deliberate, and eradicating all trace of their foes.

The Dragons are craftsmen in soul and heart, and delight in altering, improving and forging their own arms and armour. This craftsmens background pervades into many aspects of their doctrine, including the titles and ranks they bear. Sergeants are instead referred to as "Smiths" who lead a single "forge", or squad. Captains are referred to as Smith Lords, and command Foundry, or Company. In this way, the seventh squad of the fourth company would be referred to as the seventh forge, fourth foundry. The Chapter master is referred to as The Lord of the Foundry, and has command over all ten (now four) Foundries. Apothecaries, Chaplains, and Librarians are referred to as Bone Smiths, Soul Smiths and Aether Smith respectively.

Over the course of their existence, the Dragons have found, reclaimed, bartered and had forged, numerous patterns and makes of Dreadnought armour, their armoury housing one of the largest collections of dreadnought chassis of any Space marine chapter. Akin to the Salamanders, the Dragons specialise in flame based weaponry, purging foes before them and creating unassailable bastions of burning prometheum and deadly fusion. Their Dreadnought brethren bear all manner of heat based weaponry to battle, from lowly melta guns to mighty flamestorm cannons.


The Dragons recruit in much the way most standard astartes chapters do. Young boys from Jemeniaus' population are tested and measured to ascertain whether they worthy and able to become Astartes. Those who pass their tests are rewarded with more, and so are they trialled until they secure the blessed chapter geneseed. From here, the Scout companies and beyond are the goal of these initiates, culminating in their ultimate test, hunting down and slaying a Amethyst Dragon, and taking its crystalline hide for his own. In such an act, do the Scouts become true dragons, and worthy of being called a Dragon Amaranthine.

Notable brothers:

Lord of the Foundry, Delkor Va'Shan:

The immense and venerable Lord of the Foundry, Delkor Va'Shans Dreadnought chassis is an incredible work of not just design and function, but art. Each panel and plate, every rivet and edge, is beautifully crafted and moulded with intricate detail. Precious jewels and golden trim adorns his majestic plate and powerful fail-safes of the most arcane design have been intricately woven into the very fabric of its systems. However, it is no mere work of art. In battle, Va'Shan is an immovable object on the defence and an unstoppable force on the offence. Wielding the twin master crafted power fists Infernus and Purity, Va'Shan wades through incoming fire, even the most powerful of enemy fire bouncing harmlessly from his armoured hide, to incinerate and crush those who would harm the Emperors people. His twin in-built heavy flamers spewing forth a torrent so hot, that when combined and focused, the flames can melt through solid adamantium. Since his Va'Shans interment in the Dreadnought sarcophagus, he has become ever more bellicose and unreasonable, likely due to his constant activity without the blessed rest of slumber. In such turbulent times, the chapter often must look past their Lord of the Foundry, and heed the words of the First Smith Lord.

First Smith Lord, Hesten Jah'Vax

Jah'Vax commands the Dragons Amaranthines first company, and of the Four remaining Smith Lords, is one of the two not interred within Dreadnoughts and the most respected of all four. As an artisan and smith, none are finer within the chapter, and Jah'Varrah has forged and crafted himself artificer armour of a calibre hitherto unmatched. The Power field of his Iron Halo augmented and strengthened, coupled with the protective nature of the Amythyst Dragons hide we wears making his defences all but impenetrable to all but the most devastating attacks. In his left hand he wields the Dragons contempt, a master crafted Flamer that can eject flames that exceed a weapon twice its size, and in his right, he wields the mighty Power sword Imperiums Truth, forged of a single, perfect diamond.

Second Smith Lord, Venerable Leviathan Aerchon Ho'Seth

Exactly how the Dragons Amaranthine came into possession of such a relic is unknown, but it is theorised that it was provided to them by the High Lords of Terra during the Terra Nova Interregnum. The powerful Leviathan pattern Dreadnought chassis is armed with a deadly siege drill in one hand and siege claw in the other, both inbuilt with meltaguns. The twin heavy flamers inbuilt to its chassis immolate those foes unworthy of his mighty close combat armaments. However, despite the fiery, destructive nature of the Leviathan chassis, Ho'Seth is one of the most compassionate and honourable marines of the chapter, frequently using his invulnerability and power to wade through even the most harrowing of fire to rescue trapped or hostage civilians, and guard their retreat to imperial lines.

Third Smith Lord, Venerable Contemptor Phyron Kor'Shen

The mighty Mortis pattern Contemptor Dreadnought Chassis inside which Kor'Shen's remain reside is a towering beacon of burning righteousness. Armed with a Twin linked Lascannon on one arm and a Multi-Melta on the other, and a back mounted typhoon missile launcher filled with unique incendiary missiles for tearing apart hordes of infantry, while his arm mounted weaponry destroy armour both near and far. He will stand as an immovable object, obliterating all that approach with righteous indignation.

Fourth Smith Lord, High Bone Smith Ahzakha Eseron

Fourth Smith Lord and High Bone Smith, it is Eseron who is charged with the sacred duty of training and raising the next generation of Dragons for the Chapter. His peerless skill and enlightened comprehension of the healing arts make make him invaluable on the field, but even more precious off it. It is potentially Eseron alone standing between the Dragons and annihilation, for if he cannot maintain and increase the numbers of the Dragons, they will fall into ruin. As a result, when he strides to battle, the chapter will do its utmost to ensure his safety. Warriors of all levels gladly fling themselves in front of incoming bullets, for they know that as long as he lives, their geneseed will live on. In return for their sacrifice, Eseron puts his skills as a field surgeon to the utmost test, restoring marines other apothecaries could have only saved by interring them within a dreadnought.


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"Dark are the days in which humanities protectors slaughter their charges in the name of protection and purgation. For Every innocent they murder, a dozen vengeful loved ones turn to chaos and heresy to seek their retribution. Only through protecting the Imperium and its people can we hope to stem the spread of corruption. Salvation from chaos lies in kindness brother, not in murder."
—First Smith Lord, Hesten Jah'Vax
"We may be a dying breed, our brethren laid low and our heroes interred within the blessed armour of the dreadnoughts. Made to fight long after they should have returned to the Emperors side. I am sorry, my brothers, but I must call upon you once again. Your power and strength are needed once more."
—Fourth Smith Lord and High Bone Smith Ahzakha Eseron


"Our Violet Scaled brothers are naive in their view of Heresy and the Imperium. They seek to protect and guard those who do not deserve their adoration and trust. Only in the Emperor can we truly rely, and it is their trusting, selfless nature that has cost them time and time again."
—Lophess Ovair, Obsidian Blades First Captain
"You are oh so resplendent, scion of the Artisan, so beautiful in your alabaster indigo armour. Why, when I kill you, I might just take your plate and present it to the Lord of Pleasure, no doubt he will find it a fine gift. Why not be a dear and just die, I dont want to scratch it."
Valkyura Warpschild
"Crystal dragons in the skies, alabaster behemoths with amethyst eyes, kept and bound in Iron cages,forced to serve throughout the ages. A dying breed of hope and light, soon will their beauty fade from sight. "
—Unknown Mortarchs Serpentia Marine
" I envy you, young Dragons. Your father died on the black sands and yet, you still cling to his ideals. It is foolish and will lead only to your ruin. Still, it is admirable."
— Unknown Void Raven warrior speaking to a Dragon Amaranthine during the Nova Terra Interregnum